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Chapter 861


As soon as these words came out, the atmosphere in the field stagnated.

Everyone looked at the boy Joel Brown.

“What do you all look at me for? The whole Nelshire is rumored like this! They are all saying that Levi is a wild species with a mother but not knowing who his father is! It’s the shame of the royal family Porter family!!!”

Joel was blunt.


Regina had a thump in his mind.

I thought it would be much better after leaving the Porter family.

Unexpectedly, I ran into a wild plant called Brother Levi again.

“You called the wild species?”

Levi said faintly.

“Yeah, I yelled, what’s the matter?”

Joel knew that the Porter family didn’t want to see Levi, but wanted to get rid of him.

So he is not afraid of being held accountable at all.

Even if he fixes Levi, the Porter family will reward him.

“say it again!”

There was a hint of sharpness in Levi’s eyes.

“You are a wild species with a mother and no father, what’s the matter?”

Joel looked at Levi arrogantly, with joking expressions in his eyes.

Even his companions couldn’t stand it anymore.

“Joel, you are a bit too much, he is Regina’s brother!”

Gail couldn’t help but blame.

Joel looked lofty and sneered: “No one knows that Nelshire, Levi is a wild species? I’m not alone!”


As soon as Joel finished speaking, Levi slapped his face with a slap.


He spit out blood, and even flew out with a dozen teeth.


No one thought that Levi would do it.

A slap broke all Joel’s teeth…

“you you you…”

After dozens of seconds, Joel reacted.

“You…you hit…beat me…”

Because of the loss of his teeth, Joel’s words leaked, and his eyes were full of surprise.

“Not only did I beat you, who said me, who I beat! Nelshire scolded me for wild species, then I would beat Nelshire until everyone was scared, and everyone dare not say any more!”

Although Levi’s tone was plain, there was a sense of domineering in it.

Let Joel feel a trace of fear.

“My teeth!”

Seeing the broken teeth, Joel went crazy.

“You… wait for me! See if I can kill you today!”

Joel shouted.

Knowing the relationship between Levi and the Porter family, he was not afraid of the Porter family’s guilt at all.

Being beaten like this by Levi, he is bound to take revenge.

“You have the ability to wait here, I’ll call someone!”

Joel shouted.

Other people’s persuasion didn’t work at all.

“Regina, you should go! Later Joel calls for someone to come, your brother will suffer!”

Gail persuaded.

“It’s okay, I’ll wait for him to come!”

“Whoever scolds me wild species, I will hit whoever! Hit him until he shuts up!”

Levi sat down calmly next to him.

Chapter 862

Gail and the other girl were stunned.

What a domineering man!

The two had never seen such an overbearing man.

“Brother, let’s go, there is no need to get angry with these people!”

Regina was really afraid of Levi’s accident.

“Regina, don’t worry about me, if I can’t deal with a little ba5tard, what is my name Levi!”

Levi didn’t care.

Pour himself wine and drank.

He looked calm and indifferent, as if everything couldn’t make it into his eyes.

The eyes of Gail and Yu Jie were shining, and they looked admiringly at Levi.

Levi’s personality charm is too easy to attract these little girls to like.

Gail and the other girl were looking forward to how Levi would deal with Joel.

After all, they all knew that the Porter family would not help him.

Soon, Joel rushed over with a large number of people, and the group surrounded Levi.

Joel’s mouth was still bleeding, and the pain of losing his teeth irritated him.

“Boy, you have a kind! You really didn’t leave!”

“Very well, you smash all my teeth, then I will also knock out all your teeth! Then shave all your hands and nails, I will let you survive and die miserably!!!”

Joel looked at Levi with anger in his eyes.

“You’re a wild breed of dog, son of a b!tch!”

Joel cursed.



They saw Levi grabbed a wine bottle and slammed it on his head.

Immediately, Joel’s blood flowed from his head.

He almost fainted.

At this moment, on the second floor of the music restaurant and bar, there is also a group of people gathering.

These people have a characteristic, either with bandages on their legs or bandages on their hands.

They are the Nelshire princelings!

The great devil among young people.

Even prince Brian Frank was there.

At this time, the sound of the bottle smashing attracted their attention.

“Huh? See what’s going on?”

Brian ordered.

Everyone looked over.

“Oh, it’s the Brown family’s Joel teaching people!”

When Brian saw this, he suddenly saw a familiar face.

Immediately, the pupils dilated infinitely.

The whole person jumped up immediately.

“It’s the Lord of our Nelshire Garrison Clan-Levi!”

Brian shouted, taking a breath.

Everyone saw that it was so.

It’s Levi!

Really their Lord!

“Damn, Joel is looking for death!!!”

Everyone got up angrily and all rushed down.

After Joel was knocked on a bottle below, the whole person looked at Levi incredulously and said angrily: “You! Looking for death!”

“Brothers, kill him for me!!!”

“I will bear all the consequences!!!”

Joel roared.

He was like a demon.

With terrible anger!

Chapter 863


At this moment, someone stepped forward and slammed a wine bottle on Joel’s head again.

Blood splattered, glass dross burst, everywhere.

Joel suffered a severe blow to the brain and the bottle was smashed into pieces.

He suddenly turned his head and said angrily: “Who the hell is?”

“it’s me!”

The person behind answered coldly.


Joel was about to get angry, but saw a face that made him extremely frightened.

Brian, the princeling boss, and prince!

“Mr. Austin and all of you?”


Joel called out the names one by one.

He unexpectedly discovered that there were thirty or forty people in the princeling party here.

They are all young and old who are among the top princelings.

The family behind is also quasi-royal or even royal.

“You… Are you here?”

Joel was terrified.

Although he is also from a wealthy background.

But compared with the princelings, he is a younger brother.

He usually avoids these people when he sees them.

He met them all today.

“What? We can’t be here anymore?”

Leo asked coldly.

“Ok, Ok…”

Joel was scared into a cold sweat, and even numb to forget the pain.

But he was puzzled, why the princelings came to him.

Also hit him a bottle.

“What are you doing here?”

Brian asked.

Joel smiled and said, “Prince, I’m teaching someone! It’s Levi from Porter’s family. He dares to do something with me to see if I don’t kill him!”

Having said that, Joel also pointed to Levi.

But the next moment, what happened, shocked everyone.

They saw Brian and all the members of the princeling party step forward, kneeling in front of Levi, and shouting together: “Brian pays homage to the Lord!”

“I pay homage to the Lord!”

“I West pay respects to the Lord!”

“I Hart pay homage to the Lord!”


All the princelings, including the prince, kneeled in front of a stranger and shouted at the Lord.

This scene is too shocking!

Gail was dumbfounded.

Regina and Joel are dumbfounded…

This…what is going on?

How did this Porter become the Lord of the princeling party?

Are we dreaming?

Regina opened her mouth wide, it seemed a little clear.

No wonder Levi dared to yell at Porter’s family, it turns out that he has enough confidence.

Even the princelings call him their Lord.

But Joel didn’t think so. He felt that Brian had made the mistake of the situation.

“Prince, what’s wrong with you Lord Austin? He is a wild species of the Porter family! Why are you calling him Lord? Is something wrong?”

Joel widened his eyes and asked curiously.

Suddenly Brian looked at him sharply.


He kicked Joel out.

Chapter 864




He knocked down seven or eight tables in a row before stopping, with blood gurgling in his mouth, half of his life was kicked away by Brian.

“Who the hell dare to say that the Lord is a wild species! I will destroy his whole family!”

Brian roared.

“Yes! In Nelshire who dares to mention that the owner is a wild species, my princeling will definitely investigate it to the end!”

Others also spoke out.


The few short sentences shocked everyone present like a bolt from the blue.

It is also equivalent to realizing Levi’s identity!

He is really the Lord of the Nelshire princeling party!

“For… why…”

Joel, who was lying on the ground, struggled several times without standing up.

The whole person is going crazy.

He couldn’t imagine that a wild species could have such an identity?

“To tell you the truth, not only is the owner of our princelings, but he is also the owner of the top 100 giants in Nelshire!”

Brian said a word like a sharp sword pierced into a person’s heart.

It was shocking.

The Lords invited by Joel also knelt to the ground, shivering.

“I told him – anyone in Nelshire who would dare to call me wild, I would beat them until they are scared, until they wouldn’t dare to say so!

Levi said lightly.

“Understood! I’ll do it right away! I want to see the people in Nelshire who dare to insult the Lord? I see one by one!”

“Joel, tell you, the Brown family is over!”

Brian will naturally solve everything.

Soon Joel and others were thrown out.

Quiet again in the music bar.

“Don’t worry, you guys go on!”

With Levi’s words, everyone put down their guard.

Gail and her friend looked at Levi admiringly.

Quiet like a gentleman, moving like a devil.

It’s so charming.

The two also secretly asked Regina: “Is your brother married?”

“No, but soon.”

“Not married, it means we have a chance.”


In the evening, Levi refused the kind invitation of the two girls and returned to Porter’s house with Regina.

Porter’s family is ready, just wait for the annual meeting to begin.

When he came back, everyone didn’t look good.

“Levi, why are you going out now? Don’t you know that everyone in Nelshire now says you are a wild species, right?”

“The face of my dignified royal family Porter family has lost because of you!”

Ian said angrily.

Now all Nelshire knows that Brandon has such a wild grandson.

The streets are spreading.

All laughing at Porter’s family!

Everything is because of Levi.

Therefore, everyone was extremely angry with him.

There are murderous hearts.

Brandon said, “Levi, you have become Porter’s family. I’ll make a rule for you. From now on, I will keep you in Porter’s family. You will not be allowed to step out of Porter’s family for the rest of your life!”

Chapter 865

He really can’t afford to lose this person.

The streets and alleys of Nelshire know that Levi is here.

Whenever he walked on the street, the impact on Porter’s family would be too great.

The family didn’t want to see it.

They could only think of this way-to permanently ban Levi from going out of Porter’s house, so that he could not take a half step out of this house.

Although everyone in the world knows that Levi has come to Porter’s house, if he does not go out, it is equivalent to not having this person.

The impact and losses on Porter’s family were greatly reduced.

Brandon also learned this trick from others.

Because Levi’s mother Ollie was permanently restrained in one place and could not take a step in her life.

Up to now, she has been shut down for nearly thirty years.

Since Levi was born, he has been banned!

If it was before, Regina would still be worried.

But after just experiencing those things, she knew the identity of her brother.

Even the Frank family, the head of the hundred giants, recognizes him as the Lord.

He naturally didn’t look at a Porter family.

So she was relieved.

When conflicts arise, her brother will never suffer.

She hoped that Levi could suppress the flames of Porter’s family.

Levi smiled: “As far as the sun and the moon are, wherever the river reaches, there is no place where I can’t set foot!”

“No one can control where I want to go!”

“What’s more, there is no cage in this world that can control me!”

“Then you just wait and see! See if my Porter family can trap you!”

Brandon dismissed Levi who was talking big words.

He had to wait after the annual meeting before torturing Levi well.

Brandon still has an idea, if Levi can’t be shut down.

Then let Rusten come back and take him to the barracks for training.

This is actually good for the Porter family’s reputation.

Also dealt with the trouble of Levi.

If the 100,000 soldiers of the Emperor Iron Brigade were to know about this, it is estimated that they would have to laugh.

Let a deserter captive take the dignified God of War to the barracks for training?

Isn’t this a joke?

In the evening, Levi called Sarah.

As a result, Sarah, who was angry, did not answer, and directly hung up the phone.

“Huh? What’s wrong with Sarah?”

Levi quickly figured out the reason.

Sarah thought that he must have compromised with the Porter family when he came to attend the annual meeting.

“Sarah, you have a big misunderstanding! What Porter family do I rely on? As long as I want, the entire Nelshire hundred giants will have to crawl under my feet! Not to mention a small Porter family!”

He smiled helplessly.

No words for a night.

On the second day, the annual meeting of Porter’s once every ten years began.

Levi followed Porter’s family to the family’s ancestral house early.

Porters from all over Velador and even overseas came one after another.

Porter’s annual meeting is finally about to begin!!!

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