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Chapter 866

“You will talk less to me later, or stop talking! Hide in the corner!”

Brandon came up specially to exhort.

Since he couldn’t get rid of Levi, he could only control him.

Brandon can only do some measures to prevent other Porters from humiliating too much!

In the ancestral hall of the ancestral house, a courtyard that can accommodate a thousand people.

Representatives of Porter’s families from all over the country gathered.

In front of the ancestral hall, there is a Grand Master’s chair.

Sitting on it was an old man with gray hair and skinny, as if a gust of wind could blow him down.

But the old man’s gaze was awkward, but full of energy, and his eyes carried a kind of compelling aura.

He is Allan Porter, the oldest and oldest elder in Velador’s Porter family. He is now 123 years old.

He is the most respected and revered generation in Porter’s line!

No matter how powerful Porter’s line is, the ancestor’s words must be listened to!

There are four chairs next to them, and Brandon, Tim, and others are sitting respectively.

They are the eight strongest Patriarchs in Porter’s line.

Thousands of other people stood in the yard one after another, all lined up according to seniority.

Levi was also among them, but was deliberately arranged in the corner so that no one could see him.

Allan sat in the middle chair, leaning on crutches, and said: “Huh? Not bad! Porter’s descendants are all dragons and phoenixes! Velador is not much stronger than our Porter’s line!”

“Especially the two of Brandon and Tim have gained a lot in the past ten years, from the quasi-royal to the royal level! There are also eight other giants who have been promoted to the quasi-royal level! I am very satisfied!”

“Revered ancestor praised, the ancestors who lived in the East Velador Sea are blessed with life than Ravendel! I also wish the Porter family a strong and long life, and stand for thousands of years!”

Brandon and Tim immediately got up and said.

The people below also shouted together: “I wish the ancestors a good life in the East Velador Sea, and long life! I also wish the Porter family a long-lasting vigor and stand for thousands of years!”

Allan smiled and said: “Next, let’s introduce your achievements over the past ten years!”

Brandon and Tim crushed the audience!

Attracted repeated praise from the ancestors.

Tim said with a look of shame: “Revered ancestor, I have a little regret from the Porter clan in Saintberg! The business sector has reached its peak, but the military and the political sector has never been impressive!

The son is not talented, and it’s just a district chief. I really can’t get it!

My son is just a major! It’s far from eye-catching!

In other words, my brother is okay, the second-in-command in Saintberg will only become the first-in-command next year. “


As soon as this was said, the audience took a breath.

The Porter family in Saintberg is really terrifying.

Talents from the three sectors of business, military, and politics are abundant.

That’s the case, but last week Tim was comparing with Brandon.

Because he understands that in terms of business, the two parties are similar.

In terms of military and political affairs, it absolutely crushes Nelshire Porter’s side.

Chapter 867

“Okay! Really deserve to be the descendants of my Porter family! Well done! Worthy of the ancestors of the Porter family!”

Allan applauded.

Immediately, he looked at Brandon.

The meaning is very simple, he wants Brandon to talk about it.

Brandon glanced at Tim and said: “My Nelshire Porter clan is not as good as Saintberg, and there are not many talents! The only one who can take action is Rusten!”

Tim immediately said: “Oh, I heard that Rusten’s prodigal family, you can’t bear to send it to the army. How is it now?”

“Rusten, this kid was really bad in character in the past, he was a complete prodigal! But who knows that this kid has changed himself after going to the barracks to reform!”

“Now he is serving in the pro-army of the God of War-Emperor Iron Brigade, the rank of major general! He is a strong general, and even the right arm of the God of War!”

Brandon said vigorously.

“What? The rank of major general of the Emperor Iron Brigade?”

Tim’s eyes stared out.

If this is true, his achievements in the Saintberg line are all in vain.


In the huge field, he heard Brandon say.

Everyone was holding their breath, and the atmosphere did not dare to breathe.

This is also terrible!

That is the pro-army of God of War.

The status is definitely higher than the major generals of the same level!

After all, behind the God of War!


At this moment, someone suddenly laughed in the corner.

It was Levi.

Rusten, a dude boy, didn’t think of himself as a soldier after he went to the barracks. He ate and drank every day.

Became a deserter, was captured as a prisoner, and almost leaked secrets.

How come in Brandon’s mouth he became a major general of the Emperor Iron Brigade?

The Emperor Iron Brigade can never make a fool!!!

Especially deserters like Rusten are even more impossible!

Even if the opponent has 100,000 people, there is only one person on the Emperor Iron Brigade.

Always charge!!!

To die on the way to charge.

Because the field was very quiet, Levi’s laugh was amplified.

Suddenly, everyone’s eyes looked over.

When they saw Levi, Brandon and others were so red with anger!

This kid is here for sabotage, right?

Have to kill them?

When Tim saw that it was Levi, he was happy.

But there was a serious face on his face: “At such a sacred moment, there are still people who can laugh? Are you polite, have you put the Porter family rules in your eyes? Who is it? Come out for me!”

“Yes! Who is so rude?”

Even Allan was sullen.

“The ancestor of the enlightenment is Levi, the grandson of the Brandon Patriarch of the Nelshire Porter family!”

Below, someone immediately replied.


Suddenly, the audience boiled over.

There was dead silence in Brandon’s eyes.

“Levi, right? Stand up for me!”

Chapter 868

Allan said sharply.

The cane also knocked on the ground.

He is the most prestigious person in the Porter family.

Being hit like this makes him angry naturally.

Especially on such serious occasions.

The younger generation should look like a younger generation!


In an instant, hundreds of gazes in the field looked at Levi.

The Nelshire Porter family bowed their heads one after another.

The moment of shame is about to begin!

It’s because Levi is alone!

Put Nelshire Porter’s family to shame!

Levi didn’t move at all after hearing the sound.

Allan’s sharp eyes fell on Levi’s body.

“I’m calling you to stand up! Can’t you hear?”

Allan suddenly lowered his voice and said.

Levi turned a blind eye!

He does not admit that he has a relationship with the Porter family.

So even if Allan has the prestige and ancestor status, he can’t be controlled!

Being ignored again, Allan was angry!

Brandon and others looked ugly.

This Levi is really their plague god!

It will only bring shame!

Allan looked at Brandon: “This is the good grandson you taught? Ignore what I said? Or is he deaf?”


Nelshire Porter’s family shivered all over.

The ancestors blamed them.


“stand out!!!”

Brandon shouted vigorously.

Other people around also shouted together: “Levi! Stand up!”

Levi ignored it and even smiled: “You are not qualified to order me!”


Everyone was dumbfounded.

Looked at him incredulously.

Isn’t it rude?

It’s too arrogant!

In front of Velador’s Porter Clan’s hundred great clans, in front of the old clan, how harsh and domineering?

Who doesn’t care about it!

“Brandon is really your great grandson!!!”

Allan said angrily.

Just as Brandon was about to explain something, Tim’s voice sounded: “Revered ancestor, as far as I know, this grandson of Brandon was abandoned on the street since he was a child. He grew up in the market, and he is inevitably contaminated with some bad habits! Nowadays! He seems to be totally incompatible with the noble blood of our Porter family!”

“Yes, that’s right! There may be half of the noble blood of the Porter family in him, but he is a lowly person in his bones! Where is such a person worthy of appearing in my Porter family?”

“Where can I stand in front of the ancestral hall! This is an insult to pollute my Porter family bloodline!”

Brandon’s grandson, said angrily.

Levi’s face was gloomy, and he said: “The blood is noble? Then you have to see where the blood is noble on your body? I will draw a few pounds of your blood to see what color it is?”

With that, Levi walked towards the man step by step.

“What? What are you going to do?”

The audience was in an uproar, and the scene was extremely chaotic.

Especially watching the murderous Levi, Brandon finished with a secret cry.

Chapter 869

Although it didn’t take long to know Levi.

But he knew that this kid was a cruel man.

no sooner said than done!

He absolutely dared to take a knife and cut Porter’s body to draw blood!!!

If Levi and Porter had a complete conflict, then the Nelshire Porter family would be over.

This shame is added to the body and will never be erased.

“Presumptuous! What are you going to do?”

Porter felt the horror of Levi, and he retreated subconsciously.

Others also scolded: “You are too courageous, right? Dare to make trouble on this kind of occasion!”

Old Allan was even angrier, and hit the floor with crutches.

“Why is there such a ba5tard in the Porter family?”

Seeing that Levi was about to come to the man.

“Why are you so noisy?”

At this time, a voice came.

They saw a man wearing military green clothes and carrying a military green long bag walking in.

“Huh? It’s my Rusten! He is back!”

Brandon said excitedly when he saw the man.

Bert, Kelvin, Ian and others all showed ecstasy.

The great hero of the Porter family is back!

This is a real major general!

It was the pro-army Emperor Iron Brigade under the command of the God of War!

At this moment, everyone’s eyes were on Rusten alone.

“Dad, I’m back!!!”

Rusten said excitedly.

Brandon hugged his son fiercely and looked up and down.

It’s time for Rusten to come back!

“Huh? Son, why is your military uniform wrong?”

Brandon asked in surprise.

It turned out that Rusten’s military green uniform had no signs.

The armband was removed, the epaulettes were not even there, and the numbers and other signs were all blank!

Because he was a deserter, he almost leaked secrets.

He had been expelled from everything long ago.

Therefore, there are only clothes and no signs.

Rusten’s blank clothes surprised Brandon and others.

In their imagination, Rusten must appear in a major general uniform.

The star on the epaulets definitely shines in the audience.

However, the reality is not!

Let them be disappointed!

They even have to doubt Rusten’s identity!

“How about your military uniform? Isn’t it the rank of major general?”

Brandon asked.

The others looked at Rusten in doubt.

“Well, our Emperor Iron Brigade has strict discipline. On this occasion, we must not wear full military uniforms! All the epaulets and armbands must be taken off! The low-key is the best!”

Rusten’s face did not change his expression and his heartbeat.

He didn’t dare to tell Brandon the facts, or he would be killed.

“Oh, that’s the case, I’ll just say it!”

Brandon smiled.

“F*rt, that’s the rule? Why don’t I know?”

Levi said suddenly.

Chapter 870

Levi had never set such a rule for Emperor Iron Travel.

Instead, Levi would encourage his soldiers to wear military uniforms with armbands of the Emperor Iron Brigade when they go home.

Because this is a matter of glory!!!

No matter what family, as long as there is a soldier in the Emperor Iron Brigade, it is definitely a kind of supreme glory!

With a word from Levi, everyone’s eyes returned to him.

Rusten also looked over, and looked at Levi disdainfully and said, “Who are you? Do I know you?”

“Are you from the Emperor Iron Brigade?”

Levi asked.

“Yes, that’s right! Emperor Iron Brigade, Major General Rusten.”

Rusten replied.

Levi was happy: “You are from the Emperor Iron Brigade, don’t you know me?”

Other troops may not know him.

But every member of the pro-military Emperor Iron Brigade remembers his face.

It is impossible not to know.

If you don’t know you can only say that you are not from the Emperor Iron Brigade.

“I don’t know you! You…are you also from the Emperor Iron Brigade?”

Rusten was a little panicked.

If the lie is exposed, Brandon will kill him.

“Don’t listen to his nonsense, he is Levi, the son of your sister Ollie!”

Brandon reminded.

Upon hearing this, Rusten let out a long sigh of relief.

He glared at Levi and said angrily: “Are you from Emperor Iron Brigade, do I still know you? What are you?”

Levi smiled meaningfully: “If you are really from the Emperor Iron Brigade, you do not know me!”

“Father, this kid is too rude, right? Doesn’t look at the elders?”

Rusten glared at Levi fiercely.

“Don’t worry about him!”

“Come on, go ahead and greet the Elders!”

Rusten followed his father to Allan.

“Revered Elder!”

Allan stood up and looked at Rusten excitedly: “I have a real dragon from Porter’s line!!!”

“What about the wealth of seas? What about the wealth of an enemy country? None of them can compare to you!”

“You are the right-hand man of the God of War, the Emperor Iron Traveling Tiger General! I am so proud of you!”

Nelshire Porter’s family was up and down, with a look of ecstasy.

In the Porter clan, he was recognized by his ancestors.

That is the supreme glory that other families envy.

Sure enough, Tim and others’ faces changed.

“Come on, give Rusten a seat!”

Allan shouted.

You know, except for the heads of the major families, no one else can sit.

But it happened to be a chair for Rusten.

It can be seen that they attach great importance to him.

Brandon arranged two chairs, one for Rusten to sit on, and one chair was obviously reserved for the heaviest person.

That is the God of War!

When Levi saw the empty chairs in the field, he smiled and said, “Count the Porter family’s acquaintances, and leave me a chair!”

With that, he was about to sit on it.

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