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Chapter 871

“Levi, what are you doing?”

Bert immediately stopped him when he saw it.

“Of course I have to sit in the place reserved for me.”

Levi said lightly.

“Are you mentally ill? Look at so many elders standing, what qualifications do you have to sit there?”

Bert said angrily.

“I say Brandon’s grandson is ill? Or is he arrogant? He is qualified to sit in this seat?”

“Yes! Being so rude again and again in front of the elders, what do you mean Brandon? On purpose?”


When everyone reprimanded Levi, they also shifted their target to Brandon.


Brandon was going to explode.

Levi was just as bad as his brain.

In this kind of scene, there are repeated grandstandings.

The Nelshire Porter family looked at Levi as if he were an enemy.

If it weren’t for Levi, this time the annual meeting, their Nelshire Porter family would be the most shining.

Among the crowd, Kelvin pulled Regina and said, “Regina will definitely not interact with Levi in the future! Otherwise, he will kill you!”

“Huh? Brother Levi is very good to me and won’t kill me.”

Regina smiled.

“You are still young, what do you know? He’s just trash.”

Kelvin hated Levi extremely.

Regina argued: “Dad, you don’t know. If the identity of Brother Levi is revealed, it will definitely shine in the audience. No one can be compared to him!”

Kelvin glanced at her and said, “Is Levi pouring you ecstasy soup? You are so optimistic about him!”

She smiled triumphantly: “Dad, you will know soon.”

Meanwhile, Tim suddenly said: “Brandon, what do you mean by this other seat? Could it be true that you prepared it for your grandson?”


The whole audience laughed.

Brandon felt a trace of shame.

“Brandon, tell me, who is this position for?”

Even the elders began to care about this seat.

Brandon knew that he couldn’t hide it. He could only say: “Elders, I wanted to surprise you at the last moment. I didn’t expect this to be the case, so I have to tell it in advance.”

Tim’s heart sank.

He understood that Brandon had definitely invited heavyweights to sit down.

He wanted to fix the status of Nelshire Porter’s family in one step.

At this moment, Tim was a little panicked.

He was not prepared at all.

Looking at Nelshire Porter’s family, everyone looks happy and confident.

Obviously this character has a huge background and can establish a position.

The Elder was also very curious and couldn’t help asking: “Huh? I want to hear what is sacred? Can you surprise me?”

Brandon smiled and said: “ELders I will tell you! This position is for the God of War!!!”

Chapter 872

The language is not surprising and endless.

As soon as Brandon said this, the audience took a breath.

Like a bolt from the blue.

Except for the Nelshire Porter family, one by one was dumbfounded.

Tim has guessed that he is a big man.

But he never guessed that he was such a big figure!

That’s the God of War!

Old Allan cried with joy and lost all the crutches in his hand.

“Really? Is it true that the supreme God of War will also come to our annual meeting?”

The Elder’s body was obviously shaking.

“Elder, yes! To be honest, God of War has long been the backer of my Nelshire line!”

“Remember that we were threatened by the Warlord Lamar? It was the God of War who came forward to solve it!”

After getting an affirmative answer, the ancestor happily shouted: “My Porter line is about to rise another level! From now on, the Velador Porter line will all listen to your Nelshire line!”


This news was a huge blow to Tim and others.

But for the Nelshire line, it is definitely great news.

Although Levi’s appearance humiliated the Nelshire line, he even made the Elders angry.

Fortunately, they still have a trump card-God of War.

Brandon almost cheered.

From now on, all Porter families in Velador will obey his orders.

He already has a grand blueprint in his mind.

Using the power of the entire Velador Porter family to create an immortal royal family, not only to reach the top of Nelshire, but also to be at the forefront of the entire Velador.

“When will God of War arrive?”

The ancestor asked impatiently.

“This person’s schedule is not something I wait for mortals to consider, but he promised, he will definitely come!”

Brandon affirmed.

At this moment, none of them noticed Rusten trembling.

Why didn’t he expect that the God of War would come in person?

Isn’t his identity revealed by then?

As the right-hand man of the God of War, a major general, does not even know the God of War?

When this kind of scene comes out, will it make him look good?

The more he thought about it, the more he was afraid, Rusten was shivering.

He even got scared to p33.

“How did you shake the dragon like this? What are you afraid of?”

Brandon was surprised.

A strange color flashed in his eyes.

Why did he mention a God of War, and he is so scared?

what happened?

Old Allan smiled and said: “Don’t you understand Brandon? Rusten, as the right arm of the God of War, is naturally excited when he hears the name God of War!”

Brandon suddenly realized: “Oh, oh, that’s it! What I said.”

But at this moment, a different voice sounded in the field: “No! He is scared!”

“He is afraid that after the God of War comes, his identity will be revealed if he doesn’t recognize him!”

Chapter 873


It’s Levi again!

Brandon’s heart is bleeding!

Originally, Rusten was shivering, but Levi didn’t expect Levi to mention this topic again.

He began to look at Levi in horror.

Does he really know something?

He didn’t dare to argue with Levi.

This is a strong fear!

“Levi, what nonsense are you talking about? Rusten is a real major general of Emperor Iron Brigade. Can his identity be fake? Isn’t it funny?”

“Yes! Levi, did you deliberately? Sabotage deliberately?”

Nelshire Porter’s family was completely angry.

If it wasn’t for the occasion, they would definitely kill Levi first.

Tim and the others are happy to see this kind of scene.

What if Nelshire Porter Family is better?

What if there is a major general in the family?

With Levi in the wild, everything will be covered up.

He is the shame of Nelshire Porter’s family!

It is equivalent to nailing Porter’s family to the pillar of shame!

Tim asked, “Levi, how do you know that he is a fake? Is there any other secret?”

Rusten panicked, his face pale, and a thin layer of cold sweat appeared on his forehead.

“Because I know everyone in the Emperor Iron Brigade! But he is not!”

Levi smiled.

Brandon scolded angrily: “What do you know? Do you think you are also from the Emperor Iron Brigade?”

As soon as Levi was about to speak, Brandon interrupted: “I have investigated everything about you very clearly! Except for six years in jail, you are in Case York! What contact can you have with the Emperor Iron Brigade?”

Brandon also spared no effort.

Not afraid of other people’s jokes, he threw out Levi’s jail time.

The audience was in an uproar!

Brandon even said to his ancestors: “The ancestors are not afraid of your jokes when they say it. You also know the shame of my daughter Ollie, but his son is even more a shame! If it weren’t for Tim’s spread, I wouldn’t recognize him. !”

“Today I will say something in front of your old face-he is not worthy to be my grandson of Brandon! Even if he enters the door of Porter’s house, I will not admit this grandson in my heart!”

The ancestors, Tim and others were stunned.

Brandon had spared it.

“Want me Brandon to recognize you? Yes! Bring your true ability! Either the rank of a military major, or a cadre, or hold billions of assets! If you do the same, I will recognize you?”

“But what about you? Do you have these achievements? You are just a gangster, a total loser! Or a criminal who has been in jail, with a criminal record! Are you worthy of being in the Porter family?”

Brandon was so angry that he kept asking questions.

At this time, someone ran in from outside.

“Lord Ian, Lord Mack, the princelings are here!”

Chapter 874

“Huh? The prince are they here?”

Ian and Mack were taken aback.

Although they had said hello beforehand, Brian and others ignored it at all.

Is it here now?

But it’s a good thing to come.

At least cheer them on.

After all, the status of the princeling is not low.

Everyone represents the top giant in Nelshire.

When they thought of this, the two were extremely pleasantly surprised.

The two hurried out to greet.

“The ancestors are Ian’s contacts, and their youth organization is called the princelings! They are all heirs to the top giants in Nelshire!”

Brandon smiled.

“Okay, the Nelshire princeling party is very famous. I have heard about it a long time ago. It’s good that young people have talents.”

The ancestors can’t help but admire.

Regina’s eyes were very bright in the crowd, with a smile on his lips.

She muttered to herself: “Sure enough, Brother Levi is about to make a move.”

She really wanted to see the brilliant and stunning side of Levi’s brother.

What kind of face would Porter’s family be like at that time?

She is looking forward to it?

Kelvin said in surprise: “Daughter, what are you talking about? What does this have to do with Levi? What are you talking about?”

“Dad, wait and see.”

Regina smiled.

Kelvin heard the clouds and mist, but still looked towards the field.

Soon, the two brothers Ian brought everyone from the Nelshire princeling party.

Headed by them were Brian and Leo.

“Ancestor, Brian headed by is the heir of the Frank family of Nelshire First Clan, and the Leo next to him is the heir of the Austin family of Nelshire Second Clan…”

Brandon began to introduce the identity of the princelings.

“Okay, with such help, my Porter family will definitely be able to go to the next level!”

“Brandon, you didn’t let me down, and the juniors in your line didn’t let me down!”

“Sure enough, the hope of my Porter family’s future lies with you!”

The ancestor said excitedly.

The other Porter family members were envious.

“Frank Shao, Austin Shao, let me introduce to you, this is…”

When Ian was about to introduce his ancestors to the princelings.

Unexpectedly, Brian took the princeling members and left suddenly and walked in another direction.

“Huh? What’s the matter?”

The audience was puzzled.

Ian was even more stunned.


Isn’t this here to cheer yourself up?

Why did you run away?

Could it be that they have other intentions here?

Looking at the direction where Brian and others came.

Kelvin’s heart was throbbing, and his heart was hanging in his throat.

Is it true that my daughter was right?

He took a deep look at Regina.

Regina’s eyes were bright, and his face was full of confidence and pride.

Thousands of people in the audience stared at the movements of dozens of Brian.

Dozens of people from Brian walked quickly to Levi, and they all knelt down with a puff.

Chapter 875

The Nelshire princelings all knelt down in front of Levi, yelling together: “Nelshire princelings meet their Lord!!!”

The shocking voice resounded through the audience, like thunder rolling in the sky.

At this moment, the audience was silent.

As if time is still, space is frozen.

Everything is frozen at this moment.

Ian was dumbfounded.

Brandon was dumbfounded.

Allan was dumbfounded.


Thousands of people in the Porter family were all stunned without exception.

Everyone is struck by lightning.

It was chopped to the outside and tender inside.

Because Kelvin’s father and daughter were too close, Kelvin saw this scene at close range, and the blood supply to the brain was insufficient, so he would fall to the ground upright.

Fortunately, Regina caught him.


At this time, someone could not accept this fact and fell to the ground with a loud noise.

This sound also brought everyone back to reality.

Everyone responded one by one.

“Huh, huh…”

Almost everyone was breathing heavily.


The world collapses!

In any case, they can’t accept this scene before them–

The Nelshire princelings actually knelt down in front of Levi? ? ?

This…what’s the situation?

Is this still that wild species?

Is this still that gangster?

Is this still the criminal who spent six years in jail?


What qualifications does he have to make the Nelshire Princely Party kneel down at him?

A series of questions makes people’s heads explode.

This scene is unexplainable.

Everyone was puzzled and puzzled.

I don’t know where the problem is.

Except for the sound of breathing, there was no other sound at the scene of a thousand people.

Obviously everyone can’t accept the scene in front of them.

Ian and Mack couldn’t help asking: “Prince, Austin Shao, are you worshiping the wrong person? Our ancestors have the highest status today, where is it?”

Hearing this, Brian looked up at Ian and said: “If you are still a member of the princeling party, then run over and kneel together!”

“Ah? Kneel down? Give him? Impossible! I can kneel down for anyone in my life! He alone is impossible!”

“Yes, what to say, we won’t kneel down for a wild species!”

The two brothers Ian expressed their intentions.

Brian stood up suddenly and came to the two of them.


Two slaps slapped them on the faces fiercely.

“Whoever in Nelshire dares to call his Lord wild, I will hit whoever!”

Brian said angrily.

“Listen to you two! From now on, you will be expelled from the Nelshire princeling party and no longer a member of the princeling party!”

Brian made another decision.

The audience was shocked!

The two brothers Ian were expelled from the princeling party.

“I will kill you if I hear you scolding the Lord wild species in the future!”

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