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Chapter 876

Brian’s threat made the Porter family more puzzled.

What exactly is going on?

What kind of identity is Levi?

It’s surprising.

The princelings not only call him their Lord, but also defend him in this way.

What is going on here?

After Brian finished all this, he continued to kneel in front of Levi.

“Okay, get up!”

Levi said lightly.


All members of the princelings stood up.

At this time, Brandon and others’ brains were blank.

They couldn’t figure out how Levi managed to become the Lord of the Nelshire princeling party.

Brandon and Ian looked at each other.

They reacted.

Some time ago, Qiao Jinqiu went to Jinling.

Could it be that Qiao Jinqiu was abolished by Levi?

But this is just the beginning.

“Lord, the Lord is not doing well, I don’t know what’s wrong, one after another luxury cars came outside! Seeing that this posture is full of hundreds!”

At this time, the butler hurried over and said the news aloud.

“Huh? Someone else will come?”

Brandon couldn’t help being taken aback.

No one is coming from his side.

Is it God of War?

God of War of God of War will never make a posture of a hundred cars.

Who is the one?

“Da da da da…”

At the next moment, chaotic footsteps sounded.

Obviously a lot of people came.

“Look at who it is?”

Everyone looked curiously and excitedly.

Soon more than one hundred people came to the ancestral hall.

Fortunately, the yard is big enough, otherwise it won’t last.

When he saw the first few people, Brandon’s mind almost exploded.


It turned out to be Frank Xiangqian and the others!!!

The top ten royal families of Nelshire gathered…

A lot of people followed…

“Old Frank, didn’t you say that it is not convenient to attend the annual meeting of my Porter family? Why are you here again?”

Brandon stepped forward and asked curiously.

As Nelshire’s local contacts, Brandon must have been invited.

But these big clans all refused on the grounds that the Porter family’s annual meeting and the participation of other families.

But now it appears in the field again.

Make Brandon confused.

“Huh, your Porter family’s annual meeting, what do we participate in in other families?”

Frank Xiangqian snorted coldly.

“Yes, that’s right. What do we get together for the excitement of your Porter family?”

Austin Xuanming, the head of the Austin family, said angrily.

Qiao Huihuang, the owner of the Qiao family, also sneered: “Brandon, are you a fool with us?”


The three families of Frank, Austin and Qiao are among the top three in the top ten royal families of Nelshire.

Brandon naturally did not dare to offend.

He asked cautiously: “Old Frank, is it possible that you are coming for other people?”

“Well, that’s right.”

After finishing speaking, Frank Xiangqian everyone walked in one direction-Levi.


At this moment, the atmosphere in the audience was dead again.

Chapter 877

Frank Xiangqian came to Levi and knelt down with a thud.

At this moment, the hearts of everyone in the Porter family seemed to explode.

This is the No. 1 celebrity in Nelshire!

The Patriarch of the Frank family, the head of the top ten royal families-Frank Lao.

The scene is too shocking!

People can’t bear it!

Just listen to Frank Xiangqian say: “Nelshire royal family Frank Jiaguqianqian pays homage to the Lord!!!”

Austin Xuanming followed closely: “Austin Xuanming of the Nelshire royal family pays homage to the Lord!!!”

Qiao Huihuang also kept up: “Nelshire royal family Qiao Jia Qiao Huihuang pays respects to his Lord!!!”


But this is only the beginning-

“The lord of the dragon family of the Nelshire royal family pays homage to the Lord!!!”

“The lord of the Bai family of the Nelshire royal family pays homage to the Lord!!!”


“The lord of the Wang family of Nelshire quasi-royal family pays homage to the Lord!!!”

“The lord of the Tan family of Nelshire quasi-royal family pays homage to the Lord!!!”

“The lord of the Lloyd family of the Nelshire quasi-royal family pays homage to the Lord!!!”


“The lord of the Confucian family, the giants of Nelshire, pays homage to the Lord!!!”

“The lord of the Nelshire giant Hart family pays homage to the Lord!!!”

“The lord of the Nelshire giants and the royal family pays homage to the Lord!!!”


After Frank Xiangqian took the lead, the patriarchs of Nelshire’s wealthy family knelt down in front of Levi one by one.

Qiqi shouted the Lord.





Patriarchs of the ninety-nine giants all knelt down in front of Levi, calling him Lord.

Nelshire is known as one of the hundred giants.

Today, ninety-nine giants are gathered together.

Only Porter’s family was left alone.

In other words, all the giants of Nelshire’s 100 giants, except for the Cho Porter family, worship Levi as their Lords.


How is this going?



At this moment, Brandon’s faith completely collapsed.


His heart is sweet, and a mouthful of blood has reached his throat.

If it weren’t for force, I’m afraid I would vomit it out.

The audience was silent.

Even the breathing is gone.

“Tick to tick…”

Only the sound of sweat drops falling to the ground.

None of my family members did not sweat.

They were all sweating profusely, and the clothes had been poured thoroughly.

Even Regina, who knew a little about Levi’s identity before, was short of breath and sweating.

I thought it was awesome enough to be the Lord of the princeling!

Unexpectedly, it was just the beginning!

Except for the Porter family, the top 100 giants in Nelshire regard him as their Lord!


Very shocking!

The scene in front of him was beyond the imagination of everyone in the Porter family.

Their hearts thumped and throbbed.

Extreme congestion.

As if to explode at any time.

His breathing was rapid, as if his neck was strangled by a rope, and he couldn’t breathe at all.

Is this the end?

Do not.

not yet.

“Fu Canglong, the dragon head of Nanhongmen, and the four heavenly kings are here!!!”

At this moment, another voice came from outside.

Chapter 878


It was a bolt from the blue again.

Brandon and the others seemed to have been attacked by waves of fierce thunder.

Needless to say, Fu Canglong and the Four Heavenly Kings must have also come to Levi.

next moment.

The dragon head Fu Canglong entered together with the four heavenly kings, and there were six major servants behind.

After the eleven people arrived, they rushed directly to Levi.


Everyone knelt down in front of Levi.

Everyone shouted: “Mr. Garrison!”

Everyone was stunned again.

This is Fu Canglong, the leader of the same fame as Old Frank.

Even the four heavenly kings behind him are all lords.

Kneeled down to a hairy boy?

It’s too incomprehensible.

What is the identity of Levi?

Isn’t he the wild species and gangster in Porter’s family?

Can a ba5tard have this kind of identity?

The ancestor and Tim all looked at Brandon.

The look seemed to say-is this the jerk in your mouth?

His current status is stronger than that of all Porter families combined.

With such an existence, Brandon actually said that he was not qualified to enter the Porter family’s gate?

He Brandon will never recognize his identity?

Three conditions have been established?

Even the Porter family must look up to his current identity.

Are those three conditions required?

Nelshire Porter’s family is a bunch of idiots!

Brandon is an idiot among idiots!!!

The ancestor flushed and stared at Brandon.

Such a talent is kinder to him, isn’t he a member of the Porter family?

With his abilities and connections, leading the entire Porter family can definitely rise to another level.

But Porter’s family had formed such a relationship with Levi, and their enemies met each other.

Now an enemy!

To let the ancestors know that the Porter family also assassinated Levi again and again, it is estimated that they would take up the crutches and knock Brandon alive.


The atmosphere in the field eased a little, and then everyone gasped heavily.

too frightening.

Everything they have experienced today is something they will never forget in their entire life.

“you you you…”

Brandon watched Levi’s approach for a long time, but he couldn’t say a word.

Everyone in the Porter family was extremely shocked.

Some of the original misunderstandings can be solved.

Why would Porter Xiaotian be beaten and disabled, why Qiao Jinqiu became an eunuch, why all the princelings were abolished…

Why was there even the Tu Emperor Chu Bawang being taken away? And why did the killer king suddenly disappear?

I thought it was a coincidence that I touched the God of War, but now it seems that it was all because of Levi himself.

He himself is strong enough.

“Want to ask me why?”

Levi smiled.

“I told you earlier that I didn’t pay attention to the Porter family at all! I even disdain you for acknowledging my relationship!”

“Because I am better than you!”

“Is it better than us????”

Chapter 879

Ian’s mind is clearest in the field. He smiled and said: “I admit that you are strong. I don’t know why you have such a strong strength. My Porter family is indeed inferior to you!”

“But my Porter family still has a strong backer! As long as he appears, everything about you will be a bubble!”

Ian said.

This said, the audience was in an uproar.

Everyone has reflected on it.

It was just shocked by Levi’s contacts.

I forget that the Porter family still has an extremely important backer.

After Ian’s reminder, everyone suddenly remembered–the Porter family still has the God of War.

Thinking of this, everyone breathed a sigh of relief.

His complexion eased a lot.

They haven’t lost yet!

In other words, the Nelshire Porter family is about to really start.

“Yes, we still have the God of War, don’t be proud of Levi!”

“Ginger is still old and spicy! You are still too young, you can’t beat us!”

Brandon smiled and began to frantic again.

The ancestor also temporarily forgave Brandon.

With the presence of the God of War, all gaps can be smoothed out.

“Has the God of War arrived? It’s only a few minutes before the annual meeting actually begins.”

The ancestor began to urge.

Tim doubted: “You said God of War will not come, right?”

“Impossible! A god of war in a dignified country is bound to keep saying everything!”

Brandon said immediately.

“Then why didn’t you come? It’s right to say nothing! But sometimes the Porter family really doesn’t seem to be in the eyes of others!”

“People won’t come if they don’t come, what can you do?”

Tim’s reminder made Brandon feel cold.


No matter what, the Porter family’s God of War in God of War is always light-hearted.

They won’t come if they don’t come.

What can you do?

At the critical moment, Brandon looked at his son: “Howl Dragon, can you contact the God of War? Quickly ask where is it?”

“Huh? This…”

Rusten looked embarrassed.

He is a fake at all.

It has nothing to do with God of War.

Where can he contact?

Rusten touched his head and said: “Dad, you may not know. The schedule of the God of War is confidential, and the password must be changed every day.”

Brandon immediately said: “Ian, quickly call Commander Xiang and ask, why isn’t the God of War coming?”

The Porter family was anxious.

Sweat again one after another.

If the God of War really doesn’t come.

That week, the family was completely finished.

The ancestor ordered: “You, turn on the hands-free.”

“Hello, Commander-in-chief! This is Ian…Is the God of War arrived? I haven’t seen it here!”

A loud voice came from the other end of the phone: “God of War has already arrived at the scene, why? Didn’t you see anyone?”

Chapter 880

As soon as he said this, Ian was so scared that his mobile phone fell to the ground.

The God of War has come?

They don’t know anything.

Isn’t it there?

Where is the shadow of God of War?

Except for Levi, Nelshire Top Hundred Giants and Nanhongmen, there were no other people present.

Where did the God of War come from?

“Commander Xiang, the God of War hasn’t come at all, are you making a mistake?”

Ian couldn’t help asking.

“Maybe it’s on the road, I’ll ask again.”

Brandon’s expression eased a lot: “Ancestor, the God of War should be on the road!”

“Yes, it must be on the road. I will send someone to meet him.”

Ian said.

“No, in order to pay attention, you all go!”

Brandon ordered.

Bert and Ian all came outside to meet the God of War in person.

“Levi, I don’t care what you have in the sky, but you still don’t use it in front of my Rusten!”

“Rusten is a major general of the Emperor Iron Brigade, backed by the God of War! No matter how powerful you are, it is useless!!!”

Brandon said angrily.

At this time, the ancestor stared at Brandon fiercely and said: “How do you…how do you speak? Do you have to force people to become an enemy? This is your grandson! With half the blood of my Porter family, this It’s a member of my Porter family! What are you doing?”

Old Allan’s eyes fell on Levi’s body and said: “My child, it was a misunderstanding before! They didn’t know your identity, so they would treat you like this.

If you know your identity earlier, you will definitely be treated differently, and you will even be trained as the next head of the family. You kid, why are you hiding? Should I have said it long ago? “

The purpose of the ancestors is simple.

Lobby Levi to resolve the misunderstanding.

Let Levi join the Porter family.

Even the hundreds of people in Nelshire regard him as their Lords, and these forces are fused together.

It’s definitely a strong alliance.

In the future, the Porter family will definitely have a place at the top of Velador.

After seeing such a talented talent, the ancestors naturally didn’t want to let it go.

“Yes, yes, I used to be bad, I didn’t recognize your talents. Wouldn’t it be enough if you explain earlier? Grandpa will pick you up personally!”

Brandon understood the intention of the ancestor and said immediately.

Levi laughed.

“Then what if I don’t have this level of identity? Would you still take me as Porter’s family? Brandon, would you still pick me up in person?”


Brandon was speechless.

The same is true for the ancestors.

If Levi didn’t have this level of identity, everyone would still treat him as a wild species.

“Hehe, tell you, I still look down on a Porter family!”

At this moment, Ian and Mack returned with a few people.

“Huh? Is it the God of War coming?”

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