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Chapter 881

Hope ignited in Brandon’s eyes and immediately looked over.

But let him down.

Not a God of War.

Ian and others were surrounded by one person.

The man was holding a long box in his hand.

Nelshire Porter’s family felt a little familiar, but they couldn’t tell where they were familiar.

“What’s the matter with Ian? Didn’t I ask you to pick up the God of War? What did you pick up?”

Brandon couldn’t help asking.

“No, grandpa, this one is extraordinary, he is here to give things to the God of War!!!”

As soon as Ian said this, Brandon’s expression immediately changed.

He and the ancestors hurriedly greeted them in front.

As long as it has a relationship with the God of War, even a dog is noble.

Ask Brandon to kneel down, he can kneel down.

“Sir, what are you here to give to God of War?”

Brandon asked.

“An ancient bronze sword!”

The man said lightly.

“Huh? Ancient bronze sword?”

Everyone looked at the box carefully, only to realize that this was the gift that the Porter family had given to the God of War.

This also sends a good message.

When the ancient bronze sword arrives, it means that the God of War is about to arrive.

What is Levi by then?

Or he will join the Porter family obediently and contribute to the Porter family.

Either Levi is abolished!!!

Everyone in Nelshire Porter’s family showed ecstasy.

“I don’t know what Mr. wants you to send the ancient bronze sword first?”

Let’s take a look at Porter’s guess.

It must be the bronze ancient sword that represents the God of War entering the arena first.

After that, the God of War really came to the scene.

The man holding the long box ignored them, looked around, and after looking around, suddenly walked towards Levi.


This dangerous signal almost frightened Brandon and his ancestors to the ground.

Could it be that the ancient bronze sword was for Levi?

What is his relationship with God of War?

At this time, the man had come to Levi and handed the long box respectfully.

Levi opened the box and took out the ancient bronze sword to play with.

The old rusty bronze sword became extremely bright at this moment.

This this this…

Is it really brought to Levi?

Is he related to God of War?

Or on behalf of the God of War?

Reminiscing about what he said about Rusten before, he seemed to know the Emperor Tielu well.

Is it possible to be a member of the Emperor Iron Brigade?

Mack saw Levi playing with the ancient bronze sword, he couldn’t help but scolded: “What are you doing Levi???”

“That ancient bronze sword is a gift we gave to the God of War. What qualifications do you have to play with?”

“Yes, put it down quickly! You are not qualified!!!”

Everyone in the Porter family scolded.

Levi played with the ancient bronze sword and said with a smile: “Then have you ever thought about a problem?”


“Am I God of War?”

Chapter 882

Not surprisingly, Levi said something like a bolt from the blue.

The Porter family was silent collectively.

The expression on everyone’s face is frozen, the brain is blank, the pupils are dilated, and the soul is not possessed.

Levi’s question was too shocking.

If all this is true!

The Porter family can’t even imagine the consequences!

That was a devastating blow!

Everyone, can’t think about it, nor dare to think about it!

“Just you? Do you dare to claim to be the God of War? Are you afraid of offending the mighty power?”

Mack immediately questioned.

Ian smiled and said: “Levi, I admit that you are very powerful, and you have conquered even an existence like Old Frank. But you are the God of War? This is impossible!”

“You have been in prison for six years. This is not the case. At that time, the God of War had risen, and you were still in the prison.”

“I guess you met the super boss in prison, right? That’s why you are today! The hundred people of Nelshire obediently treat you as the Lord, is it because of the boss in the prison?”

Ian analyzed.

Levi’s current strength made him unable to see through.

He also couldn’t figure it out.

The only explanation is that Levi got an adventure in prison.

Everyone in the Porter family also recognized this analysis.

After all, they dare not think about other aspects.

Especially the identity of God of War.

Levi smiled and said, “You have a good brain! That’s right, I got a chance in prison!”

Levi was indeed secretly selected by the secret department.

It’s an adventure I got in prison.

“Your kid is also amazing. The background of coming out of prison is now even related to the God of War?”

Ian smiled.

“But, my Porter family still wants to crush you!”

“Not to mention our relationship with the God of War, that is, my Seventh Uncle is a major general under the command of the God of War! Can you compare this?”

Ian asked continuously.

Levi looked at Rusten who was trembling, and he smiled.

“All right, then I’ll wait!”

Levi continued to play with the ancient bronze sword.

The Porter family was still anxiously waiting for the arrival of God of War.

Everyone was in a hurry.

Finally remembered the sound of footsteps.

Bert bends in front to respectfully ask.

There are a few people behind.

One of them knows Porter’s family.

Du Guangsha, commander-in-chief of the Hua Navy District

This one is here.

The God of War must be here!

There are five people beside.

It is the Five Great Kings under the command of the God of War.

But Porter’s family did not know him.

Thought the God of War was among them.

“God of War is finally coming!!!”

Brandon cried with joy.

The ancestors and senior Porter family came forward to greet them.

However, the six Du Guangsha did not pay attention at all, and they turned to the side.

It is exactly where Levi is!!!

Chapter 883

“Isn’t it? Isn’t it…”

A bad idea came to Brandon and others.

I thought there was a God of War among these six people.

Unexpectedly, it is not!

Especially from their epaulettes, it can be seen that these are five major generals.

Five major generals, everyone quickly thought of the five kings under the command of the God of War.

Thousands of eyes from the Porter family stared in the direction of the six Du Guangsha.

Sure enough, they came to Levi.

“See General!!!”

The six shouted together.


At this moment, it was as if thunder was spreading in the sky, and lightning tore everything apart.

Ian was dumbfounded.

Bert was dumbfounded.

Allan was dumbfounded.

Brandon was dumbfounded.


Thousands of Porter’s family members seemed to be struck by lightning at this moment.

Everyone stands in place, like a statue.

His eyes are dizzy, his consciousness is gone, his brain is blank.

It even became a walking dead without a soul.

Of the six major generals, five of them are the five kings.

Who else do they call generals?

God of War!!!

Levi is the God of War!

This is a fact, and it will not change.

Levi smiled and said, “Go, bring me that chair, I’m tired of standing!”

With a word from Levi, all of the thousands of eyes in the field gathered on the chair in front of the ancestral hall.

Everyone clearly remembers that not long ago, when Brandon arranged this chair, Levi said that he would sit in this position.

It’s just that the Porter family didn’t talk about it in every way, but also all kinds of mockery.

It now appears that no one but Levi dared to sit in this position!

This position is arranged for him!

Wesley quickly moved the chair to Levi’s presence.

Levi sat down and said with a smile: “I said that this chair was prepared for me, but you don’t believe it!”


Brandon’s heart was sweet, and he couldn’t help it anymore, and a mouthful of blood spurted out.


Bert’s legs softened and fell directly to the ground.

Ian knelt to the ground.

Mack also knelt on the ground.

Their scalp is numb, it seems to be splitting bit by bit, just like their heads bursting.

The God of War turned out to be Levi!!!

Here comes the thing they most dare not dare to.

It turned out to be true!

After thinking about it, they were wrong just now.

Can the people who can order Velador’s top 100 giants and Nanhong sect be ordinary people?

What big guy can do this step?

The boss who can do this kind of action can’t go to jail either!

Suddenly Ian realized something that made his scalp numb.

Isn’t Levi’s six years in prison just the time for the rise of God of War?

The timeline fits perfectly!

Why didn’t he think of this just now.

He slapped his head.


Also spit out blood.

Chapter 884

too frightening!

The main reason is that they don’t dare to think about it at all.

Why did the killer king disappear?

Can ordinary people make him disappear?

Qiao Jinqiu was abolished, the princeling was abolished, Frank Lao did not leave Nelshire for 50 years, went to Jinling and returned without success…

Doesn’t a series of reasons just show that he is the god of war of God of War?

Brandon looked at Levi incredulously and said, “When…the Warlord Lamar was…the mistake was catching… he caught you…”


The Porter family laughed.

Smile for the Warlord Lamar.

Laugh at his bad luck.

In any case, he did not expect that the person sent to commit the crime turned out to be the God of War.

“No wonder you refused the Porter family’s repeated invitations! It turns out that you don’t like it at all!”

“It’s not that you are arrogant, but that none of us can enter the eyes of your law!”

Brandon smiled miserably, his face had long since disappeared.

At this moment, the many questions in their hearts were all explained clearly.

Why did they accept the ancient bronze sword they gave, and it appeared in Levi’s hands again?

It turns out that the God of War is not their patron.

It was because of Levi.

Leading them to think that God of War is helping them.

Combined with Rusten in the Emperor Iron Brigade, they became more and more convinced that the God of War was their backer.



What’s wrong with Rusten?

Isn’t he the right-hand man of God of War?

At this time, the Porter family’s thousands of eyes all looked at Rusten.

At this moment, Rusten was trembling all over, and he was about to cry when he lowered his head.

He also understood that as soon as God of War appeared, his identity would definitely be exposed.

Where is he major general?

Not even a soldier from the Emperor Iron Brigade!

He is a deserter!

He is a captive!

“Rusten, what’s the matter with you? God of War is here, but you can’t come?”

The ancestor shouted.

It’s just that Rusten’s body curled up into a ball, trembling wherever he was.

He didn’t dare to come over at all.

“You… what’s the matter with you?”

“Isn’t it a major general of the Emperor Iron Brigade?”

The ancestors and others are anxious.

“Let me speak for him! Rusten is a deserter, he almost leaked his secrets after being captured by the enemy. After being rescued by the Emperor Iron Brigade, he was imprisoned.”

Levi smiled.

“What? So you are a deserter? No wonder there are no signs on your clothes!”

“You are a deserter! Why did my Porter family give you such a shame!!!”

Brandon stepped forward, picked up the walking stick and beat Rusten severely.

Originally Rusten was the only hope, but the hope was shattered.

“Don’t fight! The rest of your Porter family are not much better!”

“What do you say about assassinating me???”

Suddenly Levi asked.

Chapter 885


At this moment, I heard this sentence.

Brandon’s eyes went dark and he almost fainted.

Is God of War?


Brandon knelt on the ground.

The other Nelshirezhou family members all followed suit, kneeling to the ground one by one.

Kelvin and Regina also knelt on the ground.

Kelvin’s mood is different from others.

He was a little excited.

The daughter believed in Levi so much.

Even the only person recognized by Porter’s Levi is his daughter.

Doesn’t it mean that we are going to take off in the future.

At least they have improved their status in the family, who would dare to provoke them?

This is the real sister of God of War!

“Daughter, your vision, dad, I won’t learn in my life!”

Kelvin smiled.

“No, Dad, it’s because you think too narrow and profitable. How can Brother Levi be our relatives, and treat him well, I didn’t know his identity before.”

Regina said.

Kelvin understands a truth-kind people will always be favored by the world.

“Stab… assassination?”

When the ancestor heard this, his eyes almost didn’t fly out.

Brandon is too courageous, right?

Assassinated the God of War?

“Yes, I did it twice in succession! I invited the killer king of Northern Europe! I also did it twice to my wife!”

Levi said lightly.

After hearing this, the ancestor came to Brandon angrily.

“Boom boom…”

The leading cane in his hand smashed Brandon on his head.

Bleeding came.

He still doesn’t stop.

“I also heard that you retrieved your grandson before to send it to the Warlord Lamar to suffer! You are still not a human being?”

“You are trying to push Porter’s family on the road to absolutes!”

The ancestor beat Brandon like crazy.

Levi saw Regina at a glance and smiled and said, “Regina, come to me. You don’t need to kneel!”

Regina came next to Levi under the gaze of thousands of people.

Levi stepped aside and let Regina sit down.


Envy of the audience!

The girl could sit next to the God of War.

What a blessing it must be!

Nelshire Porter’s family was dumbfounded.

Regina, who they had been bullying, eventually became the most powerful person in the Porter family.

Kelvin regretted a little.

If he didn’t come forward to stop it.

Will the effect be better.


Endless regrets!

“The Porter family assassinated me twice and deliberately embarrassed me twice. How do you say this crime?”

Levi asked faintly.

But this sentence is extremely overbearing.


The ancestor knelt down first.

Tim and the thousands of Porter’s family members present all knelt down.

This is not just a matter for Nelshire Porter’s family.

This is about the fate of the entire Porter family in Velador.

“God of War, I am waiting to confess my guilt! I only want to leave the seedlings that will continue the incense! Nothing else!”

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