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Chapter 886

Levi laughed and said, “Hahahaha… Isn’t your Porter family noble? Why did you kneel to me one by one?”

“I really want to draw your blood to see what color it is!”

For a long time, the Porter family has a noble blood, and Levi is a wild species, a lowly race.

Levi was very disgusted.


Porter, Tim’s grandson, started crying.

He just told Levi about the bloodline.

“Aren’t you very cocky? Why did you kneel down for me a wild species?”

Levi smiled.

“We were wrong!!!”

Thousands of people from the Porter family kowtowed their heads on the ground frantically.

The bleeding did not stop.

They only hope that Porter’s line will not be extinct.

The next second, the audience fell into silence.

Everyone is waiting for Levi’s punishment.

At this time, Regina asked suddenly: “Brother Levi, can you be punished lighter, everyone is relatives after all…”

Levi smiled and said, “Well, if it’s on your face, then the punishment should be lighter.”

“Do you recognize what Brandon did?”

Levi looked at Brandon.

“I admit it, I admit it! Even if I die!”

“I am not interested in your life! But I want you to hand over the position of Patriarch! From now on, you will let the position of Patriarch and Regina take over! No one can object!”

Levi deprived Brandon of his status as Patriarch.

Or let it to my least favorite granddaughter.

This is more uncomfortable than his death.

But the order of God of War War God, he couldn’t help it.

The rest of the Porter family also looked incredible.

Regina, who is usually the most bullied, becomes the owner of the family?

They cannot accept it.

But if you don’t accept it, you must accept it.

Regina looked surprised.

Is she the head of the Porter family?

“Sister Regina, I have checked you. I have all the abilities and visions and are completely competent! In addition, continue to maintain your kindness, and my brother will drive you out of all darkness!

Levi looked at Ian’s three people again: “You are already a capital offense for hiring a killer, but I will keep you alive! Let’s stay in prison for life!”




Several people vomited blood.

All retribution came too soon.

This is worse than death!

“Rusten pretends to be a major general, I will deprive you of the Porter family’s identity, and let me fend for myself in the future!”

Levi approached.

“Tim, you secretly used tricks on me, and you can’t escape. If you are fined to take half of your property for charity, I will follow it up!”

“The other families of the Porter family should also contribute to the development of their respective cities. I will be watching.”


Next, Levi punished these people one by one.

Fortunately, he is not a murderer.

Otherwise, most of the Porter family will die today.

Levi suddenly heard a question and couldn’t help asking: “By the way, what’s the matter with you calling me wild species?”

Chapter 887

“Huh? This question!”

The Porter family was terribly scared.

Is it going to be punished again?

“It’s not… we were wrong…”

Brandon was about to cry.

It turns out that it would be great if it were his grandson.

But he doesn’t cherish it himself.

“I asked you to explain why! My mother Ollie is your daughter, and you call me wild species. Does that only explain the problem with my biological father?”

Levi asked.

He always thought it was strange.

It’s okay for others to call him wild.

But the Porter family also called him wild species.

Is this weird?

After all, his biological mother is Porter’s family.

Brandon glanced at everyone and said, “Can God of War take a step to say it?”

Brandon disliked too many people.

“it is good.”

Levi agreed.

He followed Brandon to a remote corner.

“God of War, next I will talk about your mother.”

“She, in fact, is the most talented and capable of my children. I have devoted my resources to nurturing her, and I am going to let her take over as the head of the Porter family. I have paved the way for him, and even arranged a marriage contract for her. .”

“But before getting married, after she went to the capital and came back, she became pregnant.”

“It made me furious and almost didn’t kill her…”

Having said that, Brandon glanced at Levi quietly.

Seeing that he wasn’t angry, she continued: “I kept asking whose child it was, but she didn’t say anything! I didn’t say how to beat him!”

“Seeing that the wedding date I arranged for her was approaching, she was discovered by the husband that she was pregnant! At that time, there was a lot of rumors in Nelshire, saying that your mother was pregnant without marriage and that your father was not a fiance. The child in the belly is just a ba5tard!”

“She has also become the biggest shame of the Porter family! In my anger, your mother will be ejected from the Porter family permanently!”

Brandon lowered his head and said, “That’s why the Porter family is so hostile to you, not because of you, but because of your mother.”

Levi asked, “Then I want to ask, is she willing to arrange a marriage contract for my biological mother?”

“This… this is not… She is extremely unwilling. She threatened to pursue her own happiness and marry someone she likes! She said that for your biological father, she would give up everything, even if she died!”

Brandon said.

“This matter is not in my biological mother, but in you!!!”

Levi said coldly.

What’s wrong with pursuing your own happiness?

Was scolded as a b!tch in the end?

The child was scolded as a wild species?

Levi was moved in his heart.

It turns out that there is a reason why my biological mother has not come to see me for so many years.

Her life was also very bumpy, not much better than herself.

“Is my biological mother alive?”

Chapter 888

Originally, Levi didn’t touch his biological mother and father in any way.

They don’t find themselves, and they treat themselves as if they don’t exist.

Both parties are strangers.

But now hearing the tragic story of his mother, Levi was very touched.

It turns out that they abandoned themselves for a reason.

So Levi wanted to know a little bit of their information.

“Well, it’s still alive!”

Brandon turned around and said, “It’s better to be alive than to die…”

The birth mother is not as good as death!

Levi’s eyes were cold!

What happened to him was bad enough, but he survived.

But the birth mother is not necessarily.

It is estimated that he is still suffering.

Especially when he heard Brandon’s words, Levi’s heart followed.

“Life is better than death? What do you mean?”

Levi asked.

“All of us thought that your biological father was an ordinary person. In order to retaliate against us, your mother randomly found someone to get pregnant and rebelled against the marriage I arranged.”

“But where do you know, your biological father has a great background! Not to mention my Porter family, that is, the Frank family of the first Nelshire family, and he looks like an ant in front of him. Up to now, I only know that he is from Beijing and his surname is Garrison. Other information Do not know at all.”

Brandon was extremely shocked.

“Oh? You can’t even find the information?”

Levi was amused.

The Porter family is a royal family, and even the information can’t be found.

Is the background of your biological father so strong?

Later, he asked Suzaku to check to see how strong his biological father’s background is?

“go on!”

Levi approached.

“Shortly after I expelled your biological mother, suddenly one day, a Lord came to Porter’s family and killed hundreds of Lords in Porter’s family! He came to Porter’s family to warn me that he is not allowed to contact your biological mother in this life. If there is any contact, the Porter family will be annihilated!”

“And block all news of your mother’s pregnancy, so that no more people can know! It’s strange to say that after that night, Nelshire didn’t have any news about your biological mother, as if she didn’t exist!”

Brandon exclaimed.

It will allow Nelshire to ban the quarreling things overnight.

This must have a very strong strength!

“My biological father did it?”

Levi asked.

“Yes, exactly what your biological father’s family did.”

“The reason is very simple. Your biological father’s family is too big. In their opinion, your mother’s identity is no different from that of a country girl. Marrying the Garrison family will bring shame to the Garrison family!”

Brandon laughed at himself: “I still remember the words that man brought to me and your biological mother–

Ollie, you are humble and low-blooded. You are not worthy of my son, let alone stepping into my Garrison family’s house. Don’t even think about the status of Garrison family’s daughter-in-law in your life!

And the child in your belly is a wild species, and was born to pollute the noble blood of my Garrison family! “

Chapter 889


After Brandon finished saying these words, he felt a terrible breath.

Levi was angry.

Bloodline again?

Noble blood?

People are divided into three, six or nine classes?

I don’t care about other countries.

In Velador, everyone is equal!

Both shoulders and one head!

Who is more than who?


Why is your blood noble than others?

Is your blood golden?

In the future, all those who advocated inheriting the noble bloodline and dividing people into different ranks, Levi will see one by one!!!

“You, keep talking!”

Levi said.

“Obviously, your biological father’s family doesn’t look down on your mother, and they won’t let her marry into the Garrison family! Even if she is pregnant with the Garrison family’s child, they won’t let her step into the door of the Garrison family! I will never admit that the child in my belly belongs to the Garrison family!”

“After that, the Garrison family’s idea was very simple, that is, to let your mother abort and never let the child be born! This kind of cheap species that pollutes the Garrison family’s blood is not allowed to come into the world!”

Levi smiled.

Almost, he will not come to this world?

“After that? Why didn’t my biological mother have an abortion!”

Levi asked.

“It’s your mother, begging not to move the child, and vow to give birth to the child! She even said that she can die, but only begged them to spare the child and let the child be born!”

“After that, the Garrison Family made a request, as long as your biological mother kneels in front of the Garrison Family’s gate for three days and three nights, you will spare your biological mother and your life!”


Hearing this, Levi felt a little moist in his eyes.

There are no parents who do not love their children.

If so, I’m afraid there are difficulties.

There is absolutely no unfeeling parents!

Tiger poison does not eat seeds.

Levi understood at this moment.

Mother is not abandoning herself, but she has given too much for herself.

It turns out that the greatest kindness his mother bestowed upon him was to let him come into this world!

Even if you don’t hesitate to die with your own life, you must let yourself survive.


Levi’s lips squirmed.

“and after?”

“Your mother just knelt in front of the gate of the Garrison family. Heaven was not beautiful. It happened to be heavy rain in those few days! Your mother knelt for three days and three nights in the heavy rain, and she stood firm with her unyielding will, and her body took it. To the limit!”

Speaking of this, Brandon was also tearful.

After all, it is his own daughter.

“After that time, she suffered from many incurable illnesses, and she was ten years old. As long as it was cloudy and rainy, she would suffer unbearable pain. The doctor said that her physical function was completely reduced, and her life expectancy was short of 30 years… …”

Brandon didn’t want to go on.


Levi clenched his fists tightly.

Chapter 890

A pregnant woman knelt for three days and three nights in the heavy rain!

What a strong will is needed for this? ? ?

Can you kneel for three days and three nights in such a harsh environment? ? ?

Just to protect my children!

It’s too hard to imagine.

It’s incredible!

The female is weak, but the mother is strong!

This is a mother.

An ordinary mother.

One of thousands of mothers…

Parents in this world.

For your children, turn into angels in times of crisis!

Shelter from the wind and rain for your children, even if the sky falls!

There are no gods who descend from the sky, only ordinary parents who come forward!

Brandon wiped a tear and continued: “Later, the Garrison family kept their promises! They promised to let you and your mother go, but there are conditions!”

“Huh? What conditions?”

Levi asked.

“It’s okay to give birth to you! But you can’t be raised by your mother. You must abandon it on the street, and your mother should ignore it!”

“Their idea is very simple! This child must have nothing to do with Jingcheng Garrison’s family. It is guaranteed from the source that there is no connection at all. He is an orphan abandoned on the street!”

“Your mother survived for you, so she can only agree. After giving birth to you, the child will be abandoned in a place at will! We did not expect that you would be adopted by the the city Garrison family on the streets of Case York!”


Levi’s fist kept clenching.

He stepped on his feet.

The blue brick floor under my feet shattered one after another, spreading out like a spider web.

The entire courtyard could accommodate hundreds of people, and the ground was completely shattered…

Such scenes shocked Brandon.

Is that human being? ? ?

Levi was very moved.

The birth mother did so much to survive for herself.

It can almost be said that she has spent all her life for herself.

Even if I haven’t seen each other for so many years.

But everything was for him to survive.

He believes that his mother in another place will miss him at this moment, right?

Want to see her son?

“Then where did my mother go? Jingcheng Garrison’s family wouldn’t let her go so easily, would it?”

Levi asked.

“Yes, that’s right. In order to isolate you from the Garrison Family in Jingcheng, they erased any traces of you. Naturally your mother is the same, and the Garrison Family is most afraid of such worries.

In case your mother suddenly came to the Garrison family one day, or suddenly announced her existence, this is not allowed by the Garrison family, and most unwilling to see it! “

Brandon analyzed.

“So, what did they do?”

Levi took a deep breath.

Brandon said–

“So they forbid your mother to fend for herself in one place!”

“And it’s still a lifelong restraint, your mother can’t take a step out of that place in this life!”

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