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Chapter 891


Levi took a deep breath and said, “So vicious!!!”

“The Garrison Family’s move has kept your mother in a small place for a lifetime, in order to isolate any contact with the outside world, so that your mother does not exist, let alone any relationship with the Jingcheng Garrison Family!”

Brandon said.

“Then my mother is really obediently forbidden? Doesn’t it take a step out of that city?”

Levi asked.

Based on his current knowledge of his mother.

Ollie is absolutely not afraid of death.

Even in order to see myself, regardless of all this, I will run out.


Then there is another problem.

“Because the Garrison family has a tombstone in the small courtyard where your mother lives!”

Brandon said.


Levi was taken aback.

Some do not understand what the tombstone means.

“Whose tombstone?”

Levi asked.

“Your tombstone!”

“It says your name-Levi!”

“As long as your mother dares to take a step out of that place, the Garrison family will kill you! That tombstone is to remind your mother all the time that you must never step out of this city in this life! Not to go to find you and expose you The relationship between the Garrison family!”

Brandon said.

“The Garrison Family is vicious enough!!!”

Levi couldn’t help but give a thumbs up.

“So for almost 30 years, the identity of you and your mother has not been revealed at all, as if they had never been related to the Garrison family!”

Brandon smiled miserably.

Levi couldn’t help but ask, “Where is my biological father? What is he doing when my mother is suffering? Didn’t he come out to stop him? Just watch my mother kneel for three days and three nights in the heavy rain? Willing to let my mother stay forever?”

“Didn’t my mother love him very much? He should love my mother very much too!”

Levi wanted to know what his biological father was doing at that time?

“Your biological father was silent all the time and gave full power to the family to manage everything. From the beginning of the whole thing, he was indifferent to the side, no matter what! Let your mother suffer, he watched. He didn’t say a word.”

After Brandon told Levi this fact.

Levi clenched his fists, and his anger was burning.

Is your biological father so hateful?

Turned out to be such a person?

In vain, his mother loves him so much!

“The reason is very simple. He is the heir of the Garrison Family in Beijing! If he has any intention of favoring your mother, the Garrison Family will cancel his heir status, and even deprive him of his Garrison Family status!

So he chose to remain silent all the time and watched indifferently. In order to preserve all his interests! “


After Brandon finished speaking, Levi was going crazy.

His mother was willing to pay the price of her life for him.

What about him, for the benefit of his wife and children?

Chapter 892

How can there be such a guilty man in the world? ? ?

I also blame my mother for being so stupid that she misunderstood this person.

Such people are not worth entrusting!

Get pregnant for him and have children for him.

What about him?


Regardless of.

“After that, did he ever see his mother?”

Levi asked.

“No! He has never been here once!”

“Of course the Garrison Family won’t let him come!”

Brandon said.

“En, it would be weird if he came to see it.”

Levi approached.

“One more news-your biological father married another woman and gave birth to a child! Just after dealing with your mother and you!”

Brandon told Levi the news that his jaw dropped in shock.

“What? He married again and had children?”

Levi asked incredulously.

“Well, that’s right. In terms of time, this kid is only two years younger than you!”

“He married the jewel in the palm of another big family. According to others, it is the marriage of noble bloodlines to create offspring with the strongest genes and noble bloodlines!”

Brandon sneered again and again.

He also understood that Levi hated noble blood the most.

He sneered: “No matter how noble the blood is, isn’t it a human being? Why? You can become a god!”


There was a big rock standing in the field, and Levi smashed it down with a punch, and it was violently shattered.

Brandon was stunned.

Levi was really angry.

This man abandoned his wife and children, turned around and married other women, and gave birth to children!


Extremely angry!

After so many years, has the conscience gone?

Remember the bones and flesh that you abandoned and the woman who suffered for you?

“Wait! I, Levi, will find you sooner or later!”

“My mother’s suffering and grievances, I want you to repay them one by one!!!”

Levi’s eyes shot brilliantly.

Beijing Garrison Family, he will step on their door sooner or later!

And take his mother with him, stand in front of the ungrateful guy, let him watch.

“By the way, do you know where my mother is now?”

Levi asked.

He wants to see his mother now.

Brandon shook his head: “I don’t know, I only know that she is confined in a small place! The Garrison family won’t let us know where it is!”

“Well, I will check it myself! My Levi’s mother can go wherever she wants? Who dares to restrict her in this world?”

Levi’s body was full of domineering, a kind of boldness that dared to compare with the world.

If other people said that, Brandon would definitely not believe it.

But this one is Levi.

Who dares to question what he said?

After coming out with Brandon, the Porter family annual meeting ended.

Everyone left.

Levi directly asked Zhuque to check the location of his mother’s forbidden foot.

Chapter 893

Suzaku immediately found the location of Ollie’s forbidden foot.

“It’s a bit difficult. Someone erased all traces so that no one can find it!”

“give me sometime!”

Suzaku frowned.

Levi pursed his lips.

Sure enough, his father had a strong background.

It can make Suzaku feel difficult, which shows how well the Jingcheng Garrison Family has done in erasing information.

Levi was spinning around in the Edburgh Manor, asking Regina to take him to the original residence of his biological mother.

This is a small single-family villa.

The inside is clean and it seems that someone cleans it often.

“Actually, grandpa still loves aunt very much, he has kept everything in aunt’s room!”

Regina sighed beside him.

Levi did not speak.

He also knew that Brandon was a father after all.

Doing this to the biological mother was also because of fear of the Garrison Family in Jingcheng.

Levi went around every corner, looking for the footprints of his biological mother.

His mother Levi must take it back.

Whoever dared to ban her would be an enemy of the God of War!

Levi stood in the room, thoughts full of thoughts.

At this time Sarah actually called.

Although Sarah was angry because of this.

But he was afraid that Levi would be bullied at Porter’s house, so he called and asked.

“The annual meeting is over, right? When will you be back?”

Sarah’s tone was still cold.

Levi smiled, she obviously cared about herself.

“I’ll take care of something here and come back soon!”

“Okay. I’m hanging up.”

Sarah didn’t talk nonsense and hung up immediately.

Levi’s smile deepened, and the woman was obviously still angry.

At this moment, at the gate of Porter’s Edburgh Manor.

But something went wrong.

I saw eight people came carrying a coffin.


With a sound, it fell at the gate of Porter’s house.

The Porter family guards immediately surrounded him: “What are you doing?”

But after seeing the heavy characters embroidered on the clothes of these people, the complexions of the Porter family guards changed.

In Nelshire, the only force embroidered on his body was that force.

“Tell the cheap seed Levi! The Shane family gave his mother a b!tch Ollie a coffin, and hope she will be a b!tch again in her next life!”

The leader said coldly.

After conveying the meaning, they left quickly.

The guards looked dumbfounded at the coffin in front of them.

Someone gave Ollie a coffin!

Also insulted Levi as a cheap species!

Everyone in the Porter family knew Levi’s identity now.

They were all terrified.

Give this coffin a coffin, and what will be the consequences of insulting him?

After looking at each other, the guards quickly reported the situation.

“The big thing is not good!”

“The big thing is not good!”


The voice resounded from Edburg Manor.

This is definitely a top priority.

Soon, Brandon who learned the news immediately found Levi.

“God of War, something…something happened…”

Brandon looked solemn.

Chapter 894

Levi asked faintly: “What’s the matter?”

“PLZ follow me!”

Brandon brought Levi to the gate.

Seeing the coffin at the door, Levi shot two cold lights in his eyes.

“What do you mean? This is for me?”

Levi asked.

“No, it’s for your mother!”

“they said…”

Brandon shivered.

Did not dare to say that sentence.


Levi suddenly raised his tone.

“Tell the cheap seed Levi that the Shane family gave his slut mother Ollie a coffin, and hope she will continue to be a slut in the next life!”

Brandon gritted his teeth and said it.

Sure enough, the next moment, everyone felt the atmosphere in the field changed.

And the surrounding temperature dropped several degrees out of thin air.

Everyone couldn’t help but fought a cold war.

Levi’s eyes fell on Brandon: “Shane’s family should be the person you arranged for your mother in the marriage contract?”

Brandon nodded, “Yes, I arranged for your mother to marry Geoffery from the Shane family!”

“When Geoffery found out that your mother was pregnant, Geoffery almost killed your mother, and even spread the news throughout Nelshire, insulting your mother as a b!tch, and you in his belly as a wild species! “

“At the beginning, QuanNelshirecheng was insulting your mother and Porter’s family. Every day at the gate of Porter’s family there were filthy things thrown away by people, and even the words such as bitches and bitches were written on the walls…”

“At that time, the Porter family was a joke for the entire Nelshire! Your mother became the first disgrace of the Porter family! But any appearance will inevitably attract thousands of people to insult and even throw things away!”

Levi took a deep breath and said, “So the Shane family is the culprit of all this?”

“Yes, that’s right! After knowing that your mother was pregnant, Geoffery’s idea was very simple, destroying your mother and Porter’s family! Let your mother become a shame to the entire Nelshire, a stinking stinker for thousands of years!”

Brandon said.

“It’s vicious! Mother suffers not only physically, but also mentally!”

Levi said coldly.

“If the Garrison family hadn’t warned, I’m afraid your mother’s deeds could be passed on to the present!”

Brandon said.

Levi changed his words: “So now, Geoffery wants to transfer his hatred of his mother to me and take revenge on me?”

Brandon lowered his head and tremblingly said: “At present, it should be like this. The Shane family probably heard that you are back, so they have come to retaliate against you!”

Brandon sneered in his heart.

It’s a pity that the Shane family made the wrong person.

This is the devil!

They would never have expected that the cheap and wild species they talked about would turn out to be the god of war in a country!!!


Levi suddenly looked up to the sky and laughed.

“Well, you Shane family, dare to provoke me?”

Chapter 895

From the time Levi uttered these words, the Porter family had already foreseen the fate of the Shane family.

Who is not good for?

Want to mess with this guy?

Levi continued to ask, “How is Geoffery? It makes sense for my mother not to marry him?”

Brandon paused and said, “Yes! That’s right! At the beginning, Geoffery was a playboy, a famous dude. Your mother even saw him sleep with other women!”

Having said that, Brandon didn’t dare to say anything, and lowered his head.

He already felt Levi’s anger.

“Then you still marry your mother to such a person?”

Levi said angrily.

“I can’t help it! For example, the marriages of wealthy families are basically determined by family arrangements, and they have no choice! What’s more, Geoffery fell in love with your mother and wanted to marry forcibly. I can’t help it either.”

“At the beginning, the reason why I agreed to marry your mother to Geoffery was to use the Shane family to make the Porter family stronger through marriage!”

“This is the worst decision I have made in my life!!! Hey!”

Brandon sighed.

“Is the Shane family very good?”

Levi asked.

In his cognition, the strongest Nelshire is the Frank family, the head of the royal family.

“Awesome, even better than the Frank family! Frank Xiangqian is the No. 1 local celebrity in Nelshire, but not the strongest in Nelshire!”

“The strongest in Nelshire are the three great heroes and Phillip’s Peace Hotel.”

Brandon took a breath.

“Tell me!”

Levi approached.

“Zhugeqing’s Peace Hotel has existed for too long. There is a legend in Nelshire-no matter what major incident you commit, as long as you enter the Peace Hotel, no one at any level can move you!

Brandon said.

“Oh? The Peace Hotel still has this ability? Even if I killed hundreds of people and fled to the Peace Hotel, I am safe? No one dared to move me?”

Levi asked.

Brandon nodded: “It is true! So everyone ranked Phillip, the owner of the Peace Hotel, first in Nelshire!”

Levi smiled: “It seems that the Peace Hotel is quite capable? Keep talking!”

“Nelshire’s second is the three great heroes! The tycoon is Jon, the second is Marshall Lloyd, and the third is Irving.”

“Geoffery is the son of the tycoon Jon! That’s why I would try to fawn and use your mother to marry the three great heroes!”

Brandon explained the power of the Shane family.

Levi smiled: “That’s why the Shane family dared to send the coffin to the door of Porter’s house. The reason is that Porter’s family was not in the eyes at all?”

“Yes! The Shane family launched a ruthless move, and the Frank family didn’t take it seriously, let alone my little Porter family.”

Brandon said cautiously.

So this annual meeting is particularly important, Brandon wants to reach the top in one fell swoop.

“I don’t care how strong the Shane family is and insult me ​​and my mother, then I will settle the account!”

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