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Chapter 896


The luxurious Long Villa on the outskirts of Nelshire.

At the entrance and in the villa, there are hundreds of patrolling guards, and the defense is airtight.

This is where the three great heroes of Nelshire are located.

In the hall, four people are playing Cards.

The three elders have gray hair but are full of energy, and the light flashing in their eyes from time to time makes people shudder.

This is the three thousand and three people of Nelshire’s three great heroes.

Another is a middle-aged man, dressed luxuriously and exquisitely, not greasy at all.

He is Geoffery Shane.

On the surface, he was so gentle, he looked like a university professor.

But he is a Lord who eats meat without spitting out bones.

At this time, a young man ran in.

“Father, the coffin has been delivered to Porter’s house!”

He is Trevor Shane, Geoffery’s son.

“Good good!”

Geoffery smiled.

“Trevor, what are you talking about?”

Jon Shane couldn’t help asking.

“Father, the ba5tard that Ollie gave birth recently was found by the Porter family, and he also participated in the family’s annual meeting!”

Geoffery said.


Hearing this, Jon suddenly smashed Cards on the table.

“What? The ba5tard that Ollie gave birth to was retrieved? He also participated in the Porter family’s annual meeting?”

Jon was extremely angry.

Together with Marshall and Irving, they were also extremely angry.

“What does Brandon mean???? Didn’t you put our three great heroes in the eyes?”

“Yes! brought this cheap species back to participate in the annual meeting. Doesn’t that mean admitting the identity of this cheap species?”

“Is the Porter family sincerely humiliating our three great heroes? Is the family looking for death?”

The three great heroes refused to agree.

More than twenty years ago, Ollie became pregnant, which brought an indelible shame to their three great heroes.

They must have killed Ollie and the child in his stomach.

Later, the Porter family and Ollie cleared their relationship, she disappeared and the child became an orphan.

Only then did the three great heroes give up.

Now that the Porter family takes the children back, in their opinion, they are humiliating their three great heroes.

They are naturally angry!

“Anyway, this ba5tard has been taken to the Porter family’s Edburgh Manor, and the Porter family definitely recognizes his identity.”

Geoffery continued: “I asked Trevor to give this cheap species a coffin just now!”

“This warning to the Porter family is still insufficient! Trevor, what do you mean by going to the Porter family and asking Brandon? I want him to kneel and give us a reasonable explanation!”

Jon said angrily.

The entrance to the Edburg manor.

Levi and the others are discussing how to deal with this coffin.

At this time a few cars came.

A few guards got off the car, and a young man came to the court surrounded by them.

When Porter’s family saw the man, his face changed.

“Who is Levi, the cheap seed?”

Trevor shouted and asked as soon as he got out of the car.

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