His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 1549 – 1550

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Chapter 1549 Want to be independent, don’t rely on it.

As soon as he heard the words former fiance, Luo Youyou felt that his temples were jumping, and he couldn’t believe that the person in front of him actually knew Alisha. .xssodu.

Isn’t this the new leader who came here by air? Why…

And her good friend Alisha have this relationship? Is this world so small! While Luo Youyou was still in a daze, Gulliver Gu blinked at her and said, “Isn’t it an accident?” He seemed to have known her a long time ago.

Luo Youyou took a step back, with a little precaution on his face, “Even if you know Alisha, why would you know me?” “Alisha showed me your picture.”

Gulliver Gu did not hide it.

He poured a cup of coffee for Luo Youyou and put it on the coffee table on the side.

He sat down, waved at Luo Youyou, and motioned for her to come and sit down together, “Talk?” Luo Youyou hesitated and thought. No matter how it is here, it is also a company.

The man in front of him is neatly dressed, he shouldn’t be any weird person, at best he’s a little familiar, and there shouldn’t be anything wrong.

So she went to sit opposite Gu Ye, took a sip of coffee, slowly put it down, and said softly, “Thank you Mr. Gu.”

Gu Ye was happy, and then said to Luo Youyou, “I just took office today. Just click on the names of your employees and you will be seen.” Speaking of this, Luo Youyou was also a little embarrassed, “I don’t even know that I used to work for a company under your name…” “Hahaha.” Gulliver Gu smiled.

I was happier, “I’m also working for my family, it’s all the same.

In other words, I thought you would go to the Luo family’s property…”

“I don’t want to rely on the Luo family anymore.”

Luo Youyou turned her head and looked at the French window, “Some I don’t want to stretch out my hand anymore.”

At the beginning, an unintentional remark caused her and Eldon Sakura to be kidnapped to the present, so that they became enemies and stabbed each other.

This is what she regrets most.

If it can be done again, she would rather not.

Therefore, she didn’t want to accept everything about the Luo family anymore, fearing that she would take away the happiness of the other when she wanted it that day.

So Luo Youyou decided to rely on her own.

The Luo family has always spoiled her, but Luo Youyou insisted that she could only rely on her, so Luo Youyou came out for an internship interview alone, and became stable in this company. ——Who knows, it is…Gu’s enterprise.

Luo Youyou lowered her head and took another sip of coffee, “It’s also good here, at least I am quite satisfied with my work ability.”

Gulliver Gu narrowed his eyes and said, “When I came here today, the people in the department told me that they sent you to take me to get to know you, and take me into the new environment faster.

It seems that you are very popular here.

Luo Youyou smiled stupidly, like a cute little rabbit, “Maybe I look easier to talk.”

Gu Ya was straightforward, “I look so bullied.”


Luo Youyou grinned his teeth, “You Don’t say that, they didn’t bully me either, just…”

Just pushed her out to do this grim and cruel task…

Luo Youyou suddenly raised her head, “I heard you have a bad temper?!” Like a flower, do you start laughing as soon as you enter the door? Where does the bad temper come from? Gulliver Gu stretched out his fingers and tapped on the countertop of the coffee table, “It was pretty bad there before. With a straight face, I would directly scold someone who did something wrong, so the reputation is not very good.”

Chapter 1550 I’m so happy when I see you.

Gulliver Gu said with a suffocating smile, “Your round face is so cute, just like a small animal, I want to laugh when I see you.”

“Ah ah ah ah! The groundhog screamed! Luo Youyou’s face flushed suddenly, “Are you a hooligan?” Language harassment is also harassment! I am your subordinate, please think carefully! “Gu Ye smiled directly so that he collapsed on the sofa next to the coffee table, with his arms around his stomach, stretched out his hands and feet, and said with a pant of laughter, “You are thinking about something in your head.”

“Luo Youyou sat on the sofa, still moved back and moved her position, “Is it because I think too much?” Gu Ye stretched out his hands and said, “No, no, you think too much, I don’t mean that.

Alisha said you are very cute, sure enough. “The shame on Luo Youyou’s face hasn’t faded, and he said incoherently, “I’m sorry, I’m more nervous, because the first time I saw you…”

“Nothing. Gulliver Gu sorted out his expressions so that Luo You took a moment to slow down, “I was abrupt, I thought Alisha told you that I would come over.”

“At this moment it was Luo Youyou’s turn to be at a loss, “Why did Alisha tell me about you…”


Gulliver Gu stared at Luo Youyou’s face in silence for a while, “Let’s put it this way.

I am Alisha’s former fiance, but Alisha ran away with Sherry Xu. “Luo Youyou was stunned, did you just say something like this eldest brother?! Gulliver Gu ignored Luo Youyou’s expression and continued, “Then, Alisha felt uneasy, so he called me to meet you. “Huh? There is this one? But I want to come to Alisha to introduce her to a boy so that she can walk out of the shadow of Eldon.

Luo Youyou feels a little grateful, but she is still a little embarrassed for Gulliver Gu “I’m sorry, you know my situation, I also have a fiance…”

“Well, I learned about this later, it’s pretty good. “Gu Ye said very seriously, “Your fiance is very good at home, and it is estimated that your fiance is also a very strong person.”

“Yes, it’s very strong. Eldon Sakura is very good, but it’s a pity that she is not in love.

Luo Youyou lowered her head, “Well, we still don’t talk about this during working hours. Mr. Gu is your first day today.

I will take you around the company to familiarize you with the whole of our company. Oh, yes, you usually If you have any habit, you can tell me.

I’ll call someone to arrange…”

“How do you look like a secretary.”

Gulliver Gu looked at her and spit out, “Just transfer to my secretary.”

Luo Youyou shook her head frantically. “No, no, no, I’m in a good position now, Mr. Gu has raised it up high.”

As a result, I heard Gu Yao muttering, “The main thing is that the small round face looks good to make people feel good.

How do you talk to the hamster? Same?” Again! Say! she was! on! want! hit! people! Up! what! What Luo Youyou has heard the most since joining the company is—”How are you so cute.”

“You look like a little loli. You are so cute.”

“Why did our company recruit such a pure and cute one,” Isn’t it a child labor, high school student?” “I see her feeling better every day at work.

It’s like a flower.”

“I’ll do it for you, little cute.”

“Will you have lunch together? Eat more to grow High.”

Now there is another description-like a hamster.

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