His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 1661 – 1662

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Chapter 1661 His behavior is the violation.

When I heard that Hara Eldon was not helping at all, Hara Sakurako yelled from the side, “You are my brother, how can you not help me! Christian is my future husband…”

??” Yuan Eldon has no feelings for this distant sister.

He knows why she did this today.

The man squinted and smiled, “I went back to China for this. People knew you were at his house.

I wandered around, okay?” Hara Sakurako knew how to pretend, “But everything I do is for our family, what position do you have to blame me!” “Family family family.”

Hara Eldon felt that the woman in front of her was really It’s so boring, it can’t be compared with Ameli Su and Alisha at all.

A woman with self-independent thinking and this kind of woman who is full of brains only for family inheritance is basically a difference between the sky and the underground.

The more so, the more he missed the woman who broke free from the greenhouse.

Hara Eldon looked at his so-called younger sister, saying, “If you only have a family in your mind, then Hara Sakurako, you are just a tool in your life.”

“There is no family without you.”

Hara Sakura Zi scoffed at this, “You are all born to parents, so what if you listen to your parents? I just want to get Christian, you don’t want to stop me!” Yuan Eldon felt speechless, “Dead. With this heart, I will call someone to take you back.”

“No!” Hara Sakurako insisted on her own thoughts.

She felt that Hara Eldon was the most unreasonable one. Obviously the family gave him everything, and he actually violated it now.

The orders of the elders are simply unfaithful and unfilial! What happened to the marriage was arranged, not to mention that she felt that if she and Christian could also be arranged for marriage, it would be a kind of happiness to her. Who doesn’t like marrying Christian? “Don’t think about disturbing Christian’s life anymore.”

Yuan Eldon stepped forward and grabbed Yuan Sakurako’s shoulders and held her to the elevator. “It’s really shameful, really.”

“Christian will be sooner or later. Mine, you let me go!” Yuan Yingzi gritted her teeth, her pretty face was full of reluctance, “Ameli Su is not worthy of being with Christian, she does not have a mother, and children born from single-parent families are unhealthy. , Especially at the beginning, she lacked fatherly love in childhood, and her mental state must be very bad! And my parents are still there, and Christiancai is more suitable.”

“Maybe your family is even more unfortunate than a single parent.”

Yuan Eldon couldn’t bear it, “I’m here to take you back this time, so don’t cause trouble to the original family!” “I asked, the highest elder allowed me and Christian.”

Yuan Sakurako laughed and even started not to use it. “Brother” is used to refer to the man who is dragging him away, “Hara Eldon, if you want to resist the family so much, how about giving up your position?” “Let it out? Give you a big silly fork?” Hara Eldon seemed to hear a joke, but in addition to his anger, the emotions in his heart were more sad. People who think like this are almost gone in the original family. More people are like Hara Sakurako.

They are born for the family, and die for the family. Everything they do is for the family. From the moment they are born, they are one Tools, continuation of the glory of the family, even love, marriage and childbirth, are all written on the ending, and you can’t help but feel your own feelings.

I have never lived for myself for a moment.

In their minds, this is normal. On the other hand, Hara Eldon’s behavior was already a violent act.

Chapter 1662 Take a bit of hardship, she will understand.

If they were born from this environment, if no one reminded them, they might not know what is the right way to live for themselves.

At least Hara Eldon felt that he was lucky. When he was young, he met Christian, who was shining in the eyes of the same young age.

He was moved by the tacit understanding between him and his father that no one could shake. What did he know? It is the real personality and self. During that time, Christian trusted Yuan Heize unconditionally, just as Holmes trusted Watson unconditionally.

At a certain moment, perhaps Yuan Heize’s life was also saved by Christian.

The relationship between them is like a life partner at a deeper level, except for hurting friends. Just like in a foreign country back then, he and him looked at each other with vigor, rubbed shoulders with death, and wrestled with gangsters.

These experiences created an unshakable bond between the two teenagers, just like now he knows to entangle Christian.

Ren is a distant sister who has a blood relationship with him, and can still pull her away from Christian’s eyes without mercy. “Don’t want to dispel my thoughts.”

However, Yuan Yingzi didn’t realize how much trouble her behavior caused to the people around him, “I am also a member of the original family anyway, and I still have confidence in the face of Christian. “You can go back.”

Yuan Eldon’s tone was a little impatient, “Don’t waste your effort.”

“I told my family, they support me.”

Yuan Sakurako’s face was smug, but Being dragged all the way to the security pavilion by Yuan Heize, she anxiously raised her head to look at the distant villa, “By the way, you lied to me, Christian said he didn’t break up with Ameli Su.”

What’s the relationship.”

Yuan Eldon rolled his eyes, “Even if he is in love with me, he won’t fall in love with you.”

Hara Sakurako gritted her teeth with anger, “It’s okay, I don’t mind.

I want to be Christian’s wife, what if I tolerate a few juniors outside, I’m very generous, this is the aura of the palace.”

She is proud of her idea, and feels that this is new Women of the century.

It doesn’t matter whether the husband is loyal or not, as long as the family looks like a family. “Silly fork.”

Yuan Eldon dropped the two words neatly, “You are not saved.”

“It is you who are not saved.”

Yuan Sakurako smiled fiercely, “Live in a dream, feel that love is still Be pure? In fact, what can be better than benefits?” “You will eventually be overwhelmed by your own thoughts.”

Yuan Eldon’s eyes were heavy.

He looked at his so-called sister for a long time, then turned his head for a long time, “Don’t be embarrassed here anymore, no one should Pay for your ideas.”

“This is not to pay, it is a win-win situation.”

Hara Sakurako wanted to say something, but Hara Eldon was stuffed into his car parked outside, her voice was top-notch, “Why do you want Pull me away, you!” However, Yuan Eldon locked the door when he got in the car.

It was almost a hard strap.

He took Yuan Yingzi away from Christian’s door.

After a long time, he received one from Christian. Facebook. (Tighten your sister tighter in the future. 】 Yuan Eldon frowned.

He also had a headache for his sister to disturb others like this, but he couldn’t really find a rope to tie her up.

That would be too trampling on human rights.

He could only do ideological work for Yuan Sakurako, or let her If you really suffer, maybe you will understand.

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