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Chapter 851

is back!

Abe Zhang was stunned for a moment. Abe Zhang, who had never cried, had tears in his eyes, “Sister Li, what did you say? My mother?” “The road collapsed on the way to the technology company, President Li, President Li I drove into the river…” Beatrice cried!

This is the first time she is so sad!

When she received the news, her sadness came out instantly!

Tina Li has cultivated her to this day, and has placed great trust in her!

This is the feeling that no one else has given her!

However, this person who was so kind to her was so dead!

Abe Zhang knew that he hadn’t dreamed, it was all true, his mother?


Abe Zhang shed tears instantly!

Last time I hurriedly hung up my mother’s phone, and now Abe Zhang regrets it!


I can’t answer my mother’s call anymore



Abe Zhang remembered the words of Coach Qiushui, accidentally never know when he will come over!

“Master!” Beatrice cried.

“My mother’s water is so good, even if she crashes into the river, she will not die, absolutely not! I want to return to the country immediately!!” Abe Zhang wiped away tears!

Mom’s physical fitness, is that top-notch?


Even if a person drives a car into the river, there is a way to save himself, right?


“Master, that river is the most smiling river in Miguo, not to mention that it is more than 20 meters high. If a person rushes down, no matter how high the physical quality is, it is impossible to resist it!” Beatrice did not believe it either!

But this is the fact!

The power of a moment of falling, people can’t bear it!


This is common sense!


“I don’t care, I want to return to the country right now!” Abe Zhang didn’t want to stay for a moment!

“Well, I have already prepared the plane!” Beatrice prepared the plane in advance!

Beatrice knows what Abe Zhang is thinking!

“Okay! Wait a minute, Sister Li!” Abe Zhang ran back!

Lu Youwen, who was waiting nervously for Abe Zhang, suddenly saw Abe Zhang rushing in!

“Abe Zhang, did you solve the opposite person so quickly?” Lu Youwen was shocked!

Too fast?

“No, I’m going back to the country right now! You will handle the affairs of China!” “Okay, Abe Zhang, are you crying? What happened?” Lu Youwen was more shocked.

Why did Abe Zhang, a twenty-year-old man, cry just now when he ran out?

“I…” Abe Zhang’s nose was sour and tearful for a moment!

He doesn’t think men can’t cry!

Especially when something happens to a loved one!

Abe Zhang couldn’t help but want to cry!

“Abe Zhang, what happened? Why are you crying?” Lu Youwen was shocked!

In her heart, Abe Zhang is a super rich second generation!

Good fighting, good psychological quality, this kind of man can cry?

There is only one reason, something happened at home!

“My mother, something went wrong,” Abe Zhang grieved!

Lu Youwen was stunned!

“Abe Zhang…” “I will take you down now!” Lu Youwen was surprised and Abe Zhang went downstairs!

parking lot!

A bullet shot over!

Beatrice’s eyes are cold!

“Young Master? This is?” “Ouyang Fei and the others! Solve them for me!” Abe Zhang didn’t want to stay for a moment!

When we arrived at the river in Miguo, Abe Zhang was looking for it!

As a son, Abe Zhang didn’t want his mother to calm down in the river.

“Okay! Master, don’t worry! Huaxia also has your guards here! They just shot a few times!” Beatrice took out her mobile phone, “Come here for me! On the top of the building, blow me up!!” She ten seconds After that, I made a second call, “Hey, I bought your Lou family master! Don’t ask who I am! You must sell it! The money will arrive tomorrow!” Rumble!

In less than three minutes, cross

The helicopter is flying here!

In the sky, such a spectacular scene, the people below were shocked!

On the plane, a bomb dropped!



The roof of the building burst!

“What happened?” “Oh my god! Have you been attacked?!” “It’s still demolishing the building!!” The people on the street were shocked!

They don’t know what happened!

However, there are so many planes on the roof!

And the sound of explosion!

So scary!

Ouyang Fei, You Tianle is angry!


“That bastard Abe Zhang used this trick!” Ouyang Fei has the strength, but she can’t hold the bomb!


She and You Tianle were looking for a place to hide, one by one bombs, making her two feel embarrassed!


Ouyang Fei screamed!


A blasted rock hit her!


The roof collapsed!

Ouyang Fei screamed, and the terrified You Tianle fell down!

Abe Zhang looked up!

“Let the guards protect Lu Youwen and the others!” Abe Zhang said coldly!

“Relax, Master!” Beatrice drove!

“Ouyang Fei, wait for me, I will kill you myself!!” Abe Zhang called Ouyang Fei!

“Abe Zhang, you f*cking, kind of, actually used a bomb? You!” Ouyang Fei was extremely angry!

She is still alive!

“Wait for me!” After Abe Zhang finished speaking, the phone hung up!

“Lu Youwen, you get off here! I’m going to Miguo!” “Okay!” Lu Youwen got off the car, “Abe Zhang, I don’t know how to comfort you, you, sorrow!” Said Abe Zhang’s eyes were red again.

“En!” Whoosh!

Beatrice has already driven away!

Liu Na came down from the stairs, she smiled enviously, “You and Abe Zhang went out? How’s the talk?” “Hey!” “What are you sighing for?” Liu Na didn’t understand what Lu Youwen meant!

“Abe Zhang is going to Miguo, his mother… something has happened!” Lu Youwen sighed, she seemed to follow Abe Zhang back to Miguo for a moment!

Liu Na was stunned, “Really? How could this happen?” She knew that Abe Zhang is a super rich second generation!

Then Abe Zhang’s mother is dead, what is Abe Zhang?


“I don’t know, I only know that life is impermanent!!” Lu Youwen suddenly sighed.

She seems to have never met Abe Zhang’s mother, but through Abe Zhang, she roughly knows what kind of person Abe Zhang’s mother is!

Such a person is gone if you say nothing!

“Lu Youwen, where is Abe Zhang?” At this moment, Gina Mo happened to be passing the square!

She asked about Abe Zhang!

For a while, Abe Zhang didn’t look for her.

Lu Youwen said about Abe Zhang’s mother, Gina Mo was already dumbfounded, “Then, Abe Zhang, have you returned to the country??” “Yes!” Gina Mo was already stunned, “Is that Abe Zhang very sad? For sure? Yes! Alas! How could this happen?”

Chapter 852

Who did it!


Gina Mo has nothing to say!

She especially wanted to call Abe Zhang to comfort her for a while, but Abe Zhang must be sad to the extreme at this time!

“Unexpectedly, Abe Zhang would have no mother at such a young age, alas!!!” Gina Mo sighed!

She, Lu Youwen, and Liu Na have nothing to say!

The three of them were absent-mindedly busy with their own affairs!

For them, this is a sudden change!

Lu Youwen has only one thought in his mind!

That was when Abe Zhang was sad and returned to Miguo, Huaxia’s business had already developed even greater!


Liu Na has the same idea as Lu Yuwen!

They work hard!

Waiting for Abe Zhang to return!

Gina Mo was absent-minded, and suddenly received a call from Murongqing.

Murongqing couldn’t reach Abe Zhang!

She could only find Gina Mo to see if Abe Zhang was on Gina Mo’s side!

“Hey, Abe Zhang is on your side?” “No, he is back to the country!” Gina Mo sighed.

“Returned to Miguo? Didn’t he just come back from Miguo last month?” “His mother had an accident and he is going back.” Gina Mo said all herself.

“What?” Murong Qing was already stunned at this point!

She never expected that she would have heard the news today!

… “Abe Zhang actually returned to the squint country?” Nora Wan’s eyebrows are erect!

“On the way there, it would be abnormal if Abe Zhang didn’t return to the country! It’s too normal for him to return to the country. Tina Li is dead. As the only son of Tina Li, he won’t go back?” said Nora Wan’s bodyguard. .

“Yes! Okay, I’ll give him a few days off! Take me to other places in China!” Nora Wan missed Abe Zhang!

Haven’t seen Abe Zhang, Abe Zhang is already on his way to Miguo!

“Okay, miss! But, I think the young lady can go home too, and inherit the affairs of the head of the family, and the family will also arrange it!” “Alright! Just go home!” Nora Wan shrugged !

She is boring anyway!


… “Master, President Li fell into the river over there!” Beatrice and Abe Zhang have already returned to Miguo!

Abe Zhang was on the plane and looked down!

The river is so fast that it is terrifying!

Abe Zhang saw this kind of river water, his only hope was gone!

People are always human, how can they survive this kind of water?


Abe Zhang burst into tears. Suddenly, he saw a familiar and lonely figure on the broken pier!


“Master, your father, you have been sitting alone for two days and two nights! No drips!” Beatrice said.

Abe Zhang’s nose is sour!

“Master, don’t worry, this whole river, I have been searched for!” Abe Zhang can see that there are many people by the river!

These are my mother’s people!

All come out to find my mother’s body!

However, two days two

Night, only found my mother’s car!

It’s already deformed!

Abe Zhang himself does not want to believe in the possibility of people surviving under that kind of impact!

Also know it is zero!


“Dad!” Abe Zhang couldn’t stop his tears!

On the bridge pier, Zhang Qingyang trembled, turned his head, two days and nights, he was much older, and his temples had gray hair!

Abe Zhang’s tears couldn’t stop even more!

Father and son hug!

This is a dear, silent comfort!

The father and son sat on the pier!

Abe Zhang was in a daze. He would never be able to answer his mother’s phone calls in his life. It occurred to him that Abe Zhang suddenly received a strange number that morning, “My mother called you five million…” Abe Zhang cried and laughed. !

The appearance of my mother changed Abe Zhang’s decadence!

With the current Abe Zhang!

However, my mother hadn’t enjoyed the blessing yet, hadn’t seen herself getting married, hadn’t had children and grandchildren yet, but she died by accident!

Abe Zhang’s nose is sour!


The father and son sat for a long, long time, and it was dark until dawn!

“Dad, I’m going down to find my mom! If I don’t find my mom, I will never come up!” Abe Zhang’s eyes were red!

Zhang Qingyang shook his head, “Let Beatrice come over!” “Sister Li!” Abe Zhang called Beatrice!

Beatrice ran over!

“Master! Zhang… President!” Beatrice could not say!

She is Tina Li’s confidant, she asked Tina Li to suspect Zhang Qingyang!

“Don’t call me that!” Zhang Qingyang shook his head, “This road was designed by Tina and built by his own people, and it suddenly collapsed. I don’t believe it!” Abe Zhang has also thought about this problem, but this kind of person is unexpected. it is good?


No one can know what will happen in the next second!

Mom, I don’t know how normal!

“Mr. Zhang, what do you mean?” Beatrice thought of the key point.

“This is me. I stayed here for two days and two nights and found something!” Zhang Qingyang took out a piece of stuff from his pocket!

Abe Zhang can’t understand!

But Beatrice found it!

“This is!” Beatrice is very proficient, this kind of fragment left by an explosion!

“Before you came, I sneaked into the water, and found a broken rock at the bottom of the water, with traces of an explosion found on it! So I suspect that Tina did not die by an accident, but someone deliberately murdered!” Zhang Qingyang instantly became murderous. Diffuse!


Abe Zhang is furious!

“Dad, what are you saying is true?” Beatrice is the same, murderous!

“Really! Your mother can’t die by an accident. You haven’t really seen her reflexes! Even if the road suddenly collapses, she can still jump out of the car! However, there is no chance, this can explain your mother. , There is no chance to jump off the car!” Zhang Qingyang said coldly!

Abe Zhang fist tight!

The veins on the arm burst!


“This person is so clever

, I think this person designed the explosion and the way collapsed suddenly, wanting your mother to rush down!

However, your mother’s ability will control the car and get out of the car!

It’s just that if your mother came out, she must have been injured, maybe.


If the hand is broken, the head may be broken and bleeding, anyway, the strength of the injury is definitely weakened, in this case!

She is fighting with this designer!

In the end, because of serious injuries and lost!

Pushed down by that person!

Even the car was pushed down!



The corpses were all destroyed, but that person didn’t expect that I would risk being washed away and dive into a river 30 meters deep. I found the big falling rocks and found these traces!

“Zhang Qingyang is already hoarse! When he entered the water, he was almost washed away! However, Tina Li was still underwater, he didn’t worry about anything, Tina Li would protect him! He found these clues with difficulty!!” , How isolated and helpless your mother was at that time!

She would not bow her head to anyone, I think she must have been in pain at the time, was tortured, and was forced to jump off,” Zhang Qingyang was already in tears when he said this!! Abe Zhang was furious, “Dad, what you said about this Who is the person?

Who the hell is it!


I must break this man into pieces!


Chapter 853

of my mother’s vision! Abe Zhang has never been so angry since he was born until now!! My mother was attacked and tortured so much that she was forced to jump out of this rushing river. Maybe it was pushed down! So, when my mother was dying, it was very painful! She died after being tortured! Abe Zhang believes that the strength of his mother cannot be let down by any master fighter in the world. Lost!! However, as I told my dad, my mother broke her hand and was seriously injured?? Abe Zhang’s veins burst out!! A moment of anger was accumulated to the extreme!! “This person is so powerful that he should be with you Mom is on par!

Otherwise it is impossible for your mother to jump from here!

“Zhang Qingyang hit the ground with his fist! Blood, flowing from the back of his hand! “This man is not only a master of fighting!”

He is still a person who has reached the limit, otherwise he won’t be able to sneak attack on your mother!

No sneak attack!

“Abe Zhang clenched his fists! The nails have penetrated into the flesh and blood! What is the tingling?? Abe Zhang is more sober! “Abe Zhang, have you found someone to check the surveillance around here!”

As long as it appears, there can be no traces!


“Beatrice said with red eyes! “This is where her mind is so dense, there is no suspicious person in this place!

Therefore, I would say that this person is about the same as Abema!

“Zhang Qingyang said coldly, “There is no master in the world who is an opponent of Abema!”

There is absolutely no one!

and so……”

“The hidden family?!” Abe Zhang, Beatrice said in unison!


A person who can assassinate his own mother still has the ability to find such a character. It is impossible for ordinary people to do it!

I am afraid that only the three hidden families can do it!




Will Nora Wan do it with his mother?

Logically speaking, Nora Wan has no such motive, right?



Abe Zhang knew that he had fallen out with You Shiwen now, and You Shiwen had already dealt with himself and his mother in an all-round way!

She was defeated in the hands of her mother, she held a grudge, and found someone to save her!

This possibility is too great!


“You are very likely to travel to Shiwen! It is absolutely great! However…Don’t forget, Master, but there are three hidden families! There is another family!” Beatrice meant something!


Abe Zhang knew that the three hidden families, Wanjia, Youjia, and one Zhang family that hadn’t appeared before him!


“By the way, sister Li, how much do you know about this Zhang family?” Abe Zhang asked!

To this day, Abe Zhang has not come into contact with the Zhang family!

Beatrice didn’t remind, Abe Zhang had forgotten that there was a hidden family!

“I don’t know much. In fact, President Li has secretly checked this Zhang family!!” Beatrice said.

“Checked it secretly?!” Zhang Qingyang was shocked!

“Yes, President Li had already begun to secretly collect information about the three hidden families ten years ago, but I haven’t asked how much President Li has collected over the years. Anyway, there are definitely a lot!” Zhang Qingyang’s expression changed. “How many are there? From the Zhang family?” “I don’t know, President Li did it all by herself! No one knows, I only know that President Li is doing this, I don’t know, she was alone in ten. In the year, how much information has been collected about the three hidden families!!” Beatrice said!

Abe Zhang didn’t expect it!

My mother did these things silently ten years ago?

The point is that none of the three major families have found it?


Abe Zhang was shocked!

That’s right, my mother collects silently by herself, and the three hidden families are unlikely to know!

Who knows that there are so many ghosts!

Mom’s vision is too strong, right?

When I was in Wumen, the only requirement left was to let everyone in Wumen take a shot!

This is twenty years ago!

However, this is one of them. Ten years ago, when others did not know the hidden family, she had already secretly collected information!

this is too scary!


What other vision does Mom have?


“It should be a lot anyway. By the way, I remember once, President Li came back at night and didn’t sleep all night,” Beatrice suddenly thought of something!

“Why? Why doesn’t my mother sleep?” “I heard it, and Mr. Li said the words Zhangjia… It seems that Mr. Li’s expression was dazed and painful at that time… Maybe it was that night,

The gathering is here, what news about the Zhang family is unknown!


“Zhang Qingyang was surprised, “Zhang family?”

What does she know about the Zhang family?

” “do not know!

I know that President Li must have paid special attention to the Zhang family later, but she never mentioned this matter to me again… I also suddenly thought of this matter, so I felt that this Zhang family is also possible!

Even if the Zhang family has not appeared, the Zhang family may have discovered that President Li collected their information and wanted to kill President Li!

This possibility is also not low!



It is absolutely impossible for the Zhang family to do this!

Absolutely impossible!


“Zhang Qingyang hit the ground with his fist! There is already more blood!! Beatrice was taken aback, “Mr. Zhang?

Why are you so sure?


” “I.


It won’t be the Zhang family!

The Zhang family has not appeared, they will not do anything to Tina!

“This is hard to say!”

What if it was the Zhang family and wanted us to deal with You family or Wan family at this time, deliberately?


“Zhang Qingyang was asked this question, and there was nothing to say. Abe Zhang also felt that this possibility is also possible. 90% of people who can find someone to assassinate his mother are hidden families!!! All three families are possible!! Zhang Qingyang’s expression is painful. “Impossible, it must be impossible…” “Dad, are you okay?

“Abe Zhang asked. Dad’s expression is not right! “It’s okay, Beatrice, go ahead!”


” “it is good!

Maybe you don’t know what the ultimate goal of President Li is. She told me that she wants Master to be the richest person!

“Beatrice said. Abe Zhang was jealous and moved! “The Hidden Family is an obstacle to General Li, not an obstacle!”

Mr. Li has always been people who do not offend me and I do not offend people. If people offend me, they will be repaid a hundred times!

She took precautions and collected the news of the three hidden families first, just to let the young master do this position one day!

Because Mr. Li said, inheritance!

The first three years of her business were for herself!

After having the young master, everything in the future is for the young master!

She feels that only by being the richest person, after President Li returns for a hundred years, the young master can be stable!

She doesn’t have to worry about it anymore…” Abe Zhang was already in tears! “It’s just that President Li passed away suddenly. She collects things from the three hidden families. No one knows where she is. And she can’t help the young master become This lifelong wish of the richest person, I think… When President Li closed his eyes, I want to say sorry to Master!

Mr. Li also left unwillingly…” Beatrice couldn’t speak, she cried again! She followed Tina Li longer than Zhang Qingyang and Tina Li! She knew Tina Li’s thoughts too much! After that, Abe Zhang will be everything to her! Otherwise, Tina Li would not have

After working so hard, she would have enjoyed the blessing long ago, and her money would never be used up for ten lifetimes!

However, she still did not let go for Abe Zhang’s future!

Isn’t Abe Zhang crying?


My mother did too much for herself, and Abe Zhang suddenly felt that she was too unworthy to be her son.

If my mother doesn’t think like this, then she might still be alive!


“Three hidden families! I am Abe Zhang, and you are incompatible!” Abe Zhang was furious!

Chapter 854


Three hidden families!

Abe Zhang came into contact with Wanjia, Youjia!

Zhang Family, Abe Zhang hasn’t been in touch yet!

However, Abe Zhang will find a way to find out who did the death of his mother!


No matter who it is, Abe Zhang will definitely get you out!


Abe Zhang’s hatred, at this moment, reached the extreme!

“Master! This matter is still to be discussed in the long term, President Li was assassinated…” Beatrice is reminding Abe Zhang not to be impulsive!

She worried, if the person who assassinated Tina Li came out to assassinate Abe Zhang again?


Tina Li can’t handle it, Abe Zhang, isn’t Zhang Qingyang more dangerous?


“Sister Li, I know! I won’t be impulsive!” Abe Zhang knows what the consequences of impulse are.

I can never avenge my mother!


Beatrice is pleased!

She has followed Tina Li for too long, and sincerely hopes that Abe Zhang can survive!

“Dad, what are your plans?” Abe Zhang asked.

For a long time, my father has remained silent.

Abe Zhang is strange!


“I…” Zhang Qingyang paused.

“My plan is to find Nora Wan! I want to ask if she did it!” Abe Zhang said coldly!

“Master, don’t do this, it will irritate Nora Wan!!” Beatrice worried.

She felt that the possibility of Nora Wan was still not as high as that of You Shiwen.

Doesn’t Nora Wan like Abe Zhang?


Would you find someone to kill Abe Zhang’s mother?

This is not logical!


“I will test her!” Abe Zhang has decided!

That is, Abe Zhang wants to know where his mother has collected the news of the three secret families for ten years!

My mother never mentioned this!

Means, never found?


My mother’s ten years of hard work was not in vain?

Abe Zhang is heartbroken!

“Master, I think it’s better for you to take over everything from President Li first. Now that the country has spread, President Li has passed away, and President Li’s industry is spread all over the world. This impact is huge!!” Beatrice felt that Abe Zhang To inherit everything from Tina Li!

Otherwise, there might be someone who is interested, but take this opportunity!

“I know, I won’t let my mother’s hard work for so many years be taken away by anyone! No!!!” Abe Zhang said coldly!

Beatrice is relieved for the time being.

Now Abe Zhang’s focus in the past few days is on this, inheriting everything from his mother, and letting her know


Then find the murderer who killed my mother!


“Then, Master, it’s okay to take over everything from President Li with me now,” “Okay!…Dad, what are your plans?” Abe Zhang asked.

Dad’s expression is very silent!

“Don’t ask, I won’t let your mother die in vain!” After Zhang Qingyang finished speaking, he patted Abe Zhang on the shoulder, “Cer, in this life, I am most sorry for your mother. Now she is going…I will Let her walk at ease!!” Zhang Qingyang looked directly at the thrilling river in the distance, and in his heart, he made any decision!

Abe Zhang wanted to stop, but he didn’t move.

Abe Zhang is sad, and Zhang Qingyang is even more sad, but what does Zhang Qingyang want to do?

Abe Zhang felt the cold in his eyes!

This is a big thing to do!


“Dad, what are you going to do?” Abe Zhang asked.

Dad suddenly has a different momentum, just like a volcanic eruption that has been silent for many years!

“Assassinated my wife, I will let you know how wrong this is! Abe, be careful!” Zhang Qingyang left.

“Dad, it seems different,” Abe Zhang muttered to himself.


Master, your father has always been hiding himself!


Beatrice knows this!

“I think, my dad, do you want to do something?” “It’s possible Mr. Zhang! Master! You should be more careful,” Beatrice wanted to tell Abe Zhang.

“What are you careful?” “Oh, nothing.” Beatrice didn’t want to say more. President Li didn’t mention it during his lifetime. Why did she mention it?


“Master, let’s go!” “Wait a little longer, I want to stay here for a while!” Abe Zhang was reluctant to give up here, sitting down and already crying.

The people below are still searching, and there is no trace of it!

Abe Zhang is guilty and unfilial!

I can’t let my mother rest in peace at all!

Beatrice only sighed!

“Sister Li, tell me about my mother’s things for so many years. I don’t know too much about her hard work.” “En.” Beatrice sat next to Abe Zhang and told Tina Li’s experience for so many years. Work hard!

Hard process!

Abe Zhang didn’t know how his mother persisted as a woman!

Abe Zhang’s fist is clenched!

The one who killed my mother, wait, wait!


When Abe Zhang burst into tears, someone appeared behind him, Olena Jiang!

She did not disturb Abe Zhang who was in a sluggish state!

She watched quietly!

Then, another person appeared, Maya Tang with red and swollen eyes… “What’s the matter with Abe Zhang!” Wan Jia!

Nora Wan’s lazy inquiry!

“Abe Zhang has been taking over everything about Tina Li these days! In two days, with Beatrice’s help, they have all taken over!” said his bodyguard.

“Oh, that’s very busy.” “Miss, you are even more busy. You will inherit the Wanjia soon, and then…” This ceremony!

Wanjia held vigorously!

Patriarch of the first family, how

Can people in the other two families not know?


“I will let Abe Zhang come over! I want him to see how awesome I am who likes him! Everything in the world belongs to me!” Nora Wan’s beautiful purpose is fiery, reaching the extreme!


“That is, after Miss inherits the Wan family, Abe Zhang will understand this!” Her bodyguard smiled slightly.

“Let Long Yi come over, I have something to ask her!!” Suddenly, Nora Wan said!

Chapter 855

The Insidiousness of Nora Wan!

“Miss, what do you want Long Yi to come over?” Nora Wan’s bodyguard asked.

Long Yi, the number one master of the Wan family, returned after the mission was completed.

“Yes! I suddenly thought of a question!” “Wait a minute, I will let Long Yi come over and see you!” He went out!

After a while, Long Yi with short hair appeared.

“Miss! Are you busy?” Long Yi smiled slightly.

“A little bit! After you killed Tina Li, the clues were clean or not?” “Anyone can do nothing to eliminate the traces 100%! It depends on whether others can find it,” Long Yi said.

Certainly not one hundred percent.

“Then, might they find a clue?” Nora Wan frowned.

She suddenly thought of this question. Abe Zhang is not stupid. How many people can kill Tina Li in the world?


Obviously, Abe Zhang’s target will be targeted at the three hidden families.

“Possible, impossible!” Long Yi still smiled slightly.

She is thoughtful, and there must be no clues left on the scene, and there must be some kind of dark ones.

However, in this case, 99.9% of people cannot find it!

This is enough!

“Dad Abe Zhang, how much do you know about Zhang Qingyang?” “I didn’t pay much attention!” Long Yi did not pay much attention to Zhang Qingyang!

“If I told you that Zhang Qingyang is a member of the Zhang family of the third secret family, would you be surprised?” Nora Wan smiled.

She has been investigating this matter for a long time, but she has not said it!

Long Yi’s face changed, with such a rare surprise, “Really?” “Yes, the Zhang family made a good calculation! I know what the old fox, the head of the Zhang family, thinks! What a pity, Tina Li has lived for so long She had been strong for a lifetime. She was actually a chess piece of the Zhang family and was manipulated at will. She didn’t know about this matter until she was dying. From this perspective, Tina Li was actually a poor woman controlled by others! “Nora Wan shrugged, saying something trivial.

“Yes, when Tina Li died, I remember the look in that look. It was indeed pitiful! That old fox from Zhang’s family has a deep layout!” Long Yi smiled slightly.

Nothing can affect her.

Because her strength lies here, when Tina Li died, she

It’s the world’s number one fighting master in the true sense!


“Yes!!!” “So, miss you are asking me to solve Zhang Qingyang?” Long Yi asked.

“I don’t have any good feelings for this kind of person. Tina Li is dead. He hasn’t revealed his identity yet. It’s just a cold-blooded rubbish. I don’t bother to deal with him! He will die in front of me by himself!” “Oh, So, miss, do you want to destroy the Zhang family?” “Of course, the Zhang family who has been hiding, of course I will destroy it! What do you think the old fox of the Zhang family is making? He is not going to destroy my Wan family! Everyone agreed, but for that old fox, he is not qualified to be my opponent!” “Yes! Miss, you are incomparable!” Nora Wan’s bodyguard interrupted.

The first expert Long Yi appeared, he could only stand aside.

But, flattering goes to flattering, Nora Wan is indeed the strongest person in the Wan family in a century!

High-minded, cruel!

When he was five years old, he was already decisive!

Destined to be a big thing!


Now that he is an adult, Nora Wan has been determined.

There are still a few candidates without Youjia, because no one in Wanjia dares to compete with Nora Wan!

Long Yi glanced at Nora Wan’s bodyguard, smiled and asked, “The young lady, what do you need me to do now?” “You don’t know? Your ingenuity is more than that!” Nora Wan said.

Long Yi still smiled slightly.

If you can reach the status of No. 1 master in Wanjia, your IQ will definitely not be low!

“I want you to test Zhang Qingyang!” Nora Wan said.

“How to try?” “Zhang Qingyang has been able to tolerate for so many years, this kind of person’s city will not be low, maybe he has discovered some clues, so I let you try him, what on earth know, I will not let any one possible Appear!” If Abe Zhang knows, he gave the order to kill Tina Li.

Then it will never be possible between the two!

“Okay! Miss, don’t worry!” Long Yi shook his long legs and walked outside!

“Wait a minute!” “Miss, what do you want to tell me!” “Zhang Qingyang, this person is not bad, absolutely not bad!” “I know, Tina Li’s vision is not too high, but he will definitely not look for it. A rubbish, I just heard you say that, Miss you, I am interested in this Zhang Qingyang!” Long Yi smiled slightly, his eyes shone!

“The test came out, if you know, then send him a ride too!!” “If you don’t know?” “It depends on your mood.” “Haha! My mood is uncertain,” Long Yi smiled slightly.

“Look at you!” “Miss, I don’t know if I should say something!” Nora Wan Meimu Shuosuo, “Say it!” “Should I try Abe Zhang?” “No! Abe Zhang, don’t you Move him!” “My

Means, I helped Miss remove the people around Abe Zhang. Doesn’t he have a wife?

I’ll give her a ride too, this is still very simple for me!

“”Olena Jiang?”

This woman, say it’s an eye, an eye, say it’s not an eye, it’s not an eye!

But, of course it’s best to die!

But don’t do it these days, try Zhang Qingyang first!

” “it is good!

Don’t worry, Miss!

Long Yi had already walked to the door. Suddenly, Nora Wan had a phone call, and it was Abe Zhang! “Wait!”

“Nora Wan frowned, and Long Yi’s long legs stopped. “Abe Zhang came to look for me at this time. There is no need to try. Zhang Qingyang should analyze it and kill him directly for me!”


“Nora Wan’s beautiful eyes flashed fiercely! “Okay!

“Long Yi shrugged, Tina Li can kill, of course Zhang Qingyang won’t be too difficult, just redesign it. Nora Wan answered the phone. Ten seconds later, Nora Wan hung up, “He said he wants to see me!”

Long Yi, see him with me!

Get ready to fly out!


“Nora Wan’s bodyguard will do this right away! Long Yi smiled slightly, “Kill Tina Li, goodbye her son, it’s still a bit weird!”

“He wouldn’t know it was you!”

“Nora Wan shrugged. “Of course,” Nora Wan drew a light makeup and went out to meet Abe Zhang! She went out by plane and reached the top of the most luxurious hotel! Nora Wan, Long Yi, and her bodyguards Wait on the roof! “Go, prepare the best food and drink!

“Nora Wan still wants to have a meal with Abe Zhang! “Yes, miss!”

“Long Yimei’s eyes shimmered, she hasn’t seen Abe Zhang yet! Within ten minutes, Abe Zhang came up! She smiled slightly, and she looked like Tina Li as expected!!

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