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Chapter 876

The Zhang family visits! Youjia!!! “Patriarch, Patriarch…” The people of the Youjia rushed in! Basically , The core members of Youjia have all come in. You Shiwen is planning the next direction of Youjia!!! The latest achievements of Youjia are obvious to all! The goal of You Shiwen is also the first family!! Nora Wan! Same woman Of course, You Shiwen will find a way to surpass. This is your goal for yourself! “What’s wrong?

“You Shiwen asked coldly. “Someone from the Zhang family came to visit!”

“An old man said. It’s so weird! The Wan family and the You family are close, but this Zhang family, which has disappeared, hasn’t appeared in recent decades! Why come here suddenly!! It can be said that this matter Let You Jia be surprised! “Zhang Family?

“You Shiwen put down the things in his hands, but also unexpectedly appeared, “Who is coming to visit?”

“The first bodyguard of the Zhang family, Fire Dragon!”

“Fire Dragon?”

This is too insincere!

Actually let a bodyguard come over and set it up, what is a bodyguard?

“Is it possible to let the fire dragon come over to assassinate the Patriarch?”


“The old fox from the Zhang family dare!”


“No, in addition to the fire dragon, there is also the Zhang family reserve, who is also the granddaughter of the old fox from the Zhang family, Zhang Xiang!

“Oh, that’s okay!”

The people of the You family are discussing. The three secret families have been fighting openly and secretly for so many years, and they suddenly visited, the intention is still unknown! “Patriarch, do you want to see the Zhang family?

I suspect they have no good intentions!

“That’s right, the old fox from the Zhang family, uneasy and kind!”

He has been silent for almost twenty years, who

Know what he wants to do?


Many people from the Youjia are opposed to it. You Shiwen meets the people of the Zhang family. Because, You Shiwen is now the pillar of the Youjia!!! What if something happens! What should I do? This is what they did People in the traveller are worried about things. “See you!

“You Shiwen Meimu Shuoshuo! “I don’t have to think about what this Zhang family thinks. Each of our three families has the same idea, and we all want to annex the other two families.

Eventually become the only first!

This is the tacit goal of everyone!

“You Shiwen said. “Yes, our three big families know each other, but we haven’t opened up yet. In this case, the Patriarch must be more careful!


The immortal old fox of the Zhang family is absolutely uneasy and kind!

“Someone also reminded me of analysis. “I want to know what he wants to do, don’t forget, the Zhang Family Patriarch, approaching me, is for him, and I can also speculate on his Zhang Family’s situation through the people who come!”

Let them both in!

“You Shiwen said. This sentence instantly convinced the people of Youjia. They immediately arranged! “Zhangjia?

Zhang Xiang?

“You Shiwen Meimu Shuosuo!” Patriarch, people have already been brought in!

“Someone came to report back! You Shiwen nodded and went out with them! A large room! There is a thick bullet-proof glass! The fire dragon is standing, and there is a person next to him! This is a forty-year-old woman who has a relationship with Zhang Qingyang. You Shiwen watched, this Zhang Xiang, she had never been in contact. But the gossip said that this woman’s private life was chaotic and she was still a shrew. “So this is the new owner of the You family. Sorry, my Zhang family has been too busy recently. Now I have time to come over today. Congratulations, and I hope you don’t mind!


Zhang Xiang smiled slightly. Full of sincerity! “You are polite,” You Shiwen shrugged! Fire Dragon was secretly surprised. The first time I saw You Shiwen! This woman’s eyes were not worse than Wan Jia Nora Wan’s eyes! With such a gaze, this is a powerful woman! As the number one master of the Zhang family, he feels like this!! “How are you Zhang family Patriarch?

“You Shiwen asked. I heard that the head of the Zhang family seems to be a centenarian. This life span is rare. “My grandpa, I can eat and drink!”

not bad!

“Zhang Xiang said. The people of the Youjia naturally don’t believe it! It’s almost a hundred years old, and both feet have stepped into the coffin. It’s not bad? Who believes it?? “That’s good, your Zhang family suddenly came over, what’s the matter? ?

You can speak straight!

“You Shiwen went straight back and forth. “Well then!

I don’t want to waste your precious time, my grandfather would like to invite you to meet alone!

Zhang Xiang said. “Why meet alone?”

Can’t see you here?


What attempt?

“You’re welcome! You Shiwen’s beautiful eyes are shining, “Meet alone?”

I don’t have many personal relationships with your Patriarch, so there’s no need to meet alone!


” “Ugh!

Actually, our Zhang family, and the You family owner’s You family, have to form an alliance. This is what my grandpa meant.


Humph, this is looking for a backer!

“That is, your Zhang family is the worst among the hidden families!”

The famous name is the alliance, isn’t it just looking for a backer?

You Jia laughed at it up and down. “You Jiazhu, your You Jia treats guests like this?”

“Zhang Xiang’s face was wrong. “I’m not interested in alliance matters!”

You Shiwen refused. “Really?”

You Jiazhu, let’s take a look at this first!


“Zhang Xiang took out something.

Chapter 877

of the alliance plan Zhang Xiang took out a tablet! “You can take a look first!”

Let’s talk about the alliance!

“The people from Youjia immediately let someone scan it to see if there is anything. I’m sure there isn’t. Bring it to You Shiwen! Ten seconds! Only ten seconds! You Shiwen’s face changed! The people at the top and bottom of Youjia saw it too! His complexion changed!! “I think the Master You has already seen clearly, my Zhang family has been silent for many years, there is really no way, because of the strength of the Wan family, my Zhang family has to be silent!

“However, in the silence, my Zhang family didn’t do nothing!”

Twenty years ago!

Wanjia has already deployed!

What is the purpose of this layout, I don’t think I need to say more, you also know about it!


“I heard that when Nora Wan inherits, he will do something that convinces Wanjia!”

No one knows what to do!

But, it’s not difficult to guess what she is going to do!

“Yes, this is the strength of Wanjia!”

More powerful than on the surface!

You Jiazhu can see clearly, I think this alliance will be reconsidered!


Zhang Xiang said a lot. Your face changed up and down. He was talking in a low voice! You Shiwen put down the tablet. “So, this is your Zhang family, who has collected Wanjia’s dynamics over the years?

You Shiwen asked. “Right!”

“Two-thirds of them, our Youjia also knows, but one does not know!”

“This is the reason why You Shiwen’s discoloration has changed! She doesn’t go to the house to eat anything! Wanjia’s strength is terrifying, and Youjia knows, how can you not prevent it in advance? “Oh, which one is it?”

“Everyone is stronger than the surface, Wanjia is, the same is true for your Zhang family!”

It’s the same with my travel home!

Don’t exaggerate!

“You Shiwen shrugged and said! Zhang Xiangliu frowned! “The thing I don’t know about You, is that you Zhang Jiaran has collected so much!

“You Shiwen shrugged and said. “Haha, Patriarch You, it seems that you didn’t tell the truth!”

I’ll do well for the things that you don’t know. It’s about Wan’s heir

The Nora thing, right?

This is a bit unexpected!

You Jiazhu never knows!

“Zhang Xiang is confident. You Shiwen glanced at the tablet again, “So?”

“So, my grandfather invites you to chat privately, just for the alliance’s affairs!”

after all.

The strength of the Wan family, if you destroy my Zhang family first, and eat my Zhang family, what strength can you still survive?


“No alliance, my Zhang family will indeed be the first to be eaten, however, your visiting family is also the second!

“Hmph, you are too underestimating my wandering home!”


“An old man said coldly! “Don’t you underestimate Nora Wan?”


Zhang Xiang asked directly. The old man is angry! You Shiwen Meimu Shuoshuo! “The alliance is fighting against Wanjia!”

Annihilated the Wanjia, you travel the house, I Zhangjia, and divide the world equally!

Zhang Xiang said. You Shiwen glanced at her, “Is this the alliance you are talking about?”

“Yes, you can consider it!”

By the way, there is still something in this tablet that you haven’t read yet!

Take a look first!

I’ll go back and wait for the owner of You Jia to reply!

“Zhang Xiang left! The fire dragon followed! Everyone in Youjia looked at each other! Nothing stopped! You Shiwen didn’t say anything! “Patriarch, the old fox of the Zhang family, this is to use my Youjia!”

“As far as the strength of the Zhang family is concerned, isn’t it just looking for a backer?”

What shameless!


“That Zhang Xiang didn’t say it all by himself, and admitted that her Zhang family will be destroyed by Nora Wan. They are breaking the jar, and they are going to die anyway. They will drag us to die together!

If you don’t cooperate with me, when my Zhang family is eaten, you will not escape to death!


“Hey, this is their shamelessness. His Zhang family was really eaten by Nora Wan, and his strength must be greatly increased!”

When Nora Wan eats Zhang’s family, my visiting family will be in jeopardy!


“So, what do you mean, our You Jia must cooperate with his Zhang Family?”


“Is she!”

The old fox of the Zhang family, I want to kill him!

If you don’t work hard, you know how to pull others into the water?


“Patriarch, how do you think about it?”

“Someone asked. You Shiwen was silent for three seconds,” Zhang Family suddenly opened the skylight to speak brightly, which made me feel.


“What do you think?”

“What’s wrong!”

How could the fox of the Zhang family be so active?

This is not his character!

“What is his character?”

People like him are extremely shameless!

I think, it’s not that we don’t want to cooperate with the Zhang family, just eat the Zhang family, digest the Zhang family, and still have no strength to fight against Nora Wan’s Wanjia?


“Hey, this is a good way!”


“What a hairy!”

any solution?

It’s not too difficult for me to kill Zhang’s family, but Nora Wan will watch us eat Zhang’s family?

This may?


When the time comes, the abdomen will be attacked and the death will be faster.

Maybe Nora Wan

I just want to watch a good show. When we fight the Zhang family, we will take advantage of it!


“What should I do?”

“Cooperation, no, no cooperation, no!”

You Jia fell into silence! The words were open, and things came, and so did the crisis! “Patriarch, what do you think?”


Everyone is looking at You Shiwen! You Shiwen is looking at the information in the tablet! Suddenly, what she sees, the beautiful eyes suddenly shimmer!!

Chapter 878

will agree! “Patriarch?”


“You Jia! You Shiwen’s silence makes You Jia anxious. What is You Shiwen thinking about!! “Patriarch, do you really want to agree to the alliance?”

That old fox from the Zhang family did it on purpose!

You Jia Xia Shang is already annoyed! “Let me think about it!”

Go out first!


“You Shiwen said so, You Jia can only go out! She stared at the tablet! She fell silent! … Zhang Family! “Grandpa, I saw You Shiwen!”

Zhang Xiang said. She, and Huolong, have already returned. “What did You Shiwen say?”

Zhang Family Patriarch asked. Abe Zhang came back yesterday and talked about the method of this alliance and introduced Shiwen out! The Patriarch Zhang felt that there was no other good solution, so he agreed! Looking at it now, You Shiwen is still under consideration. Now. Zhang Xiang said everything about the Youjia! Patriarch Zhang’s eyes were cold, “You said, this You Shiwen is about the same as Nora Wan?”


“Yes, it feels like this to me, You Shiwen is very calm!”

Not much different from Nora Wan!

To tell the truth, this woman will not destroy her as soon as possible. If she waits for the Youjia to be brought up, it will be as dangerous as Nora Wan!


Zhang Xiang said. “Really?”

What do you think of the fire dragon?

“The Zhang Family Patriarch asked. Fire Dragon was silent for three seconds. “How to say, this You Shiwen really gave me a feeling of Nora Wan. The heir that You Jia looks for this time is very good. It is necessary to destroy her!”


It’s…” “What is it?

“Zhang Family Patriarch sits upright. “Will You Shiwen agree to this alliance? And, even if you agree, Abe Zhang, can you kill her?”

These are all bottomless things!

“Huolong said. He felt that You Shiwen had this kind of strength. It would be difficult for this kind of woman to control her and kill her. What’s more, even though Abe Zhang is Tina Li’s son, his strength is far worse. Count on him??? Hope is slim!! “Zhang Xiang, what do you think?

Zhang Family Patriarch asked. “Grandpa, I also think this You Shiwen is much stronger than Abe Zhang. To kill Abe Zhang, we have to exert a lot of effort, otherwise we won’t succeed.”

“This is Zhang Xiang’s idea. The Patriarch Zhang’s face is ugly, “Look first.

If You Shiwen agrees to the alliance, then she will come over and talk to me, which can be regarded as a way to lead her out, if you disagree, what you say now is nothing!


“Yes! The eight characters have not been written yet! What did you say so early! He listened to Zhang Xiang, and Fire Dragon commented on You Shiwen! He has no bottom in his heart. “I think Abe Zhang’s method is not good, and You Shiwen is not good. If we are fooled, we should think of another way!

“Zhang Xiang said annoyed. The more I think about it, the more wrong. You Shiwen is not stupid! Why is it fooled?” “Wasting time, I still believe in Abe Zhang too much. I didn’t expect it to disappoint me!”

“Zhang Xiang said. The Zhang Family Patriarch’s face is ugly! “Fire Dragon, now you let Abe Zhang come over!”

“Yes, Patriarch!”

Huolong called Abe Zhang. “Patriarch, Abe Zhang said, he is almost here.”

Fire Dragon said. “Huh, he still has a face to come over?”

Let me go for nothing,” Zhang Xiang said coldly. Although it is Abe Zhang’s Abe Zhang, she doesn’t recognize it! Zhang Family Patriarch looks ugly, “Let him speak for himself!

“Grandpa, you just believe him too much, I see him, it’s just a rubbish of wine and rice bags!”

No tactics,” Zhang Xiang said in disgust. “Just like him, if he weren’t Qingyang’s son, he wouldn’t be qualified to enter the Zhang family!


“Stop talking for now, after he comes up, see what he says!”

“The Zhang Family Patriarch also thinks that it doesn’t work. Let’s see if Abe Zhang has other ways! No, then continue to be Tina Li’s replacement chess pieces obediently!! Ten minutes! Abe Zhang will come up alone! “Abe Zhang, You said so well yesterday, saying that You Shiwen will definitely agree with the alliance!

I just came back, her performance didn’t mean any consent, and it exposed my Zhang family!

“Zhang Xiang said angrily. The more I look at Abe Zhang, the more unhappy it is! Abe Zhang also has the blood of the Zhang family, why are you so rubbish? “You follow what I said, go and say, there will be no problem, You Shiwenhui promise!

“Abe Zhang shrugged. This is the situation at the moment for the three hidden families! The most direct way to elicit You Shiwen by the alliance method. “Promise a fart, you are not on the scene, you see the shrewd You Shiwen Look like!

I think she will never agree!


Zhang Xiang said angrily. “Abe Zhang, you can’t do this!”

“The Zhang Family Patriarch said. “Why not?”

She will consider such an important matter!

Give her some time, but in the end, she will agree!

“Abe Zhang still said that. “Huh, I really don’t know where your confidence comes from!”

Okay, even if You Shiwen agrees, how are you going to kill her?

Just your little strength, don’t be ashamed!

“Zhang Xiang is really angry! His brother Zhang Qingyang is so good,

How come the son who was born is dying of rubbish!


Chapter 879

“How do I kill her, don’t worry about it! You just need to do your own thing! Perform your own duties! This is cooperation!!” Abe Zhang said coldly!

“Well, you little boy, do you dare to talk to me like this? Fire Dragon, catch him for me!” Zhang Xiang was annoyed.

A rubbish that can’t enter the gate of Zhang’s house, how can I say that?


Fire dragon nodded!

She has to listen to Zhang Xiang’s words!

Abe Zhang is unmoved!

“I said, give You Shiwen time to consider!” Abe Zhang repeated.

Fire Dragon looks at the Zhang Family Patriarch!

“Then how long does she have to think about? Is it possible that I should wait for her for ten days and a half month?” The Zhang Family Patriarch does not have so much time to wait!

Nora Wan will soon inherit the Wan family, she will definitely make big moves!

“It doesn’t need to be, You Shiwen’s action ability and execution ability are very strong! At most one day, she will reply to you!” Although You Shiwen has become cold and insidious now!

However, in terms of execution ability, she will not degenerate after sitting on the head of the family, and will consider issues faster than before.

“You said one day is one day? Don’t think that you know You Shiwen, you are amazing, you think you can eat her, you can see through her? What!! People are now the head of the second family What are you?” Zhang Xiang said angrily.

But she didn’t finish her words!


The phone is calling!

Zhang Xiang took it out, his eyebrows were upended, and he was not ready to pick it up because it was a stranger’s number!


“I think you should pick it up! Maybe Yu Shiwen’s?” Abe Zhang shrugged.

“You said yes? If this call is from You Shiwen, I will kneel for you today! If not, you f*cking kneel for one day!” Zhang Xiang was angry!

How could it be You Shiwen’s call!

How long have you been back?


She herself feels that You Shiwen is so smart that it is impossible to agree to the alliance!

“Okay, then you pick it up!” Zhang Xiang answered, and three seconds later, she was shocked!

Twenty seconds, already staying even worse!

The fire dragon’s color changed!


The Zhang Family Patriarch looked moved, “Zhang Xiang, whose call is this?” “Dad, You, You Jia!” Zhang Xiang was shocked!

“What did you say?” The Zhang Family Patriarch has already stood up!

“They said, You Shiwen agreed to the alliance!” Zhang Xiang couldn’t believe it!

Is this call true or false?


“Really!” Zhang Jiajia took the initiative!

Fire dragon is very surprised!


How could You Shiwen agree!

“Really, but the people of the Youjia said, ten days later, we will only meet alone!” “Why ten days? Not now?” Zhang Patriarch became cold!

Abe Zhang’s spirit flashed, revealing a mysterious look… “The people of the Youjia say no!” Zhang Xiang didn’t understand for ten days.


Why ten days?

How much has changed in ten days?

“Fire Dragon, what do you think?” Zhang Family Patriarch asked.

“I think this is normal. A woman like You Shiwen will definitely be cautious, and it’s normal to spend ten days to prepare!” Huolong felt so!

Everyone has time to be careful.

What’s more, is it still such a major event?

Patriarch Zhang’s eyes were cloudy and cold.

Such things will really be considered!

“Abe Zhang, what do you think of ten days?” Zhang Family Patriarch asked again.

“You don’t need to look at it, she agrees. I will be ready in ten days, and you are also ready!” Abe Zhang shrugged.

In ten days, Abe Zhang thought of it?

You Shiwen will mention so!

As for why, Abe Zhang also thought about it.

“I hope that in ten days, you will be able to get me the lower ten texts!” Zhang Family Patriarch’s eyes shone!

This day, I have waited too long!

The pattern of the Hidden Family for so many years is finally about to change!

“Of course, I will be ready!” Abe Zhang’s eyes were cold!

In ten days, Abe Zhang will prepare everything!

Make sure to be foolproof!


“Okay, you did a good job this time!” Zhang Family Patriarch said.

In this matter, even he hadn’t thought of this so-called alliance plan!

Abe Zhang thought about it, and succeeded.

“What I should do, this is cooperation!” Abe Zhang shrugged.

“Grandpa, I think we need to re-plan here. In ten days, there may be many changes.” Zhang Xiang suggested.

“Well, let you and Huolong take care of this matter!” “Yes! Patriarch!” “Yes, Grandpa!” Zhang Xiang was cold, “Abe Zhang, what are you doing here? Don’t prepare? Forget, ten days is not too much for you, because You Shiwen’s ability surpasses you too much!” Yes!

You Shiwen is the owner of the You family!

What is Abe Zhang?

Not on the same level!

If you don’t prepare in advance, the chance of success will be very low!

“I will prepare, you seem to have forgotten something,” “What? I have not forgotten anything! You can leave! Fire Dragon, you and I go out to prepare!” Zhang Xiang left, but Abe Zhang stepped forward!

Huolong said coldly, “Abe Zhang, what are you going to do?” Zhang Xiang was angry, this wild species, dare to stop his crying?

court death!

“You said, kneel for me, you forgot about this! Now I remind you, then kneel for me now!!” Abe Zhang said!

Chapter 880

is pregnant with ghosts!

“Let me kneel? Do you feel it?” Zhang Xiang said angrily.

The fire dragon’s eyes are chilling!

Patriarch Zhang’s face is also ugly!

“Suffering! Kneel down as you said! Don’t you remember? I remind you again, kneel down for me!!” Abe Zhang said


“Do you know who I am?” Zhang Xiang was extremely angry!

Zhang Qingyang is her younger brother, so who is Abe Zhang?


But she personally doesn’t recognize it!

Because of Abe Zhang’s mother, Tina Li is just a pawn of the Zhang family!

The son of a chess piece, still want her to recognize?


“Abe Zhang, you go back! No need to mention this!” Zhang Family Patriarch said.

What is it for Zhang Xiang to kneel to Abe Zhang!

Where is Zhang’s face going?


“Don’t mention it? I didn’t say that she must kneel to me today!” Abe Zhang had no room for negotiation!

Patriarch Zhang’s face was ugly, “Abe Zhang, don’t push your nose on your face!!” The fire dragon is ready to attack at any time!

Offending the majesty of the Zhang family, he will take action at any time!

Abe Zhang?


A person who can’t even hold two hundred kilograms!

To be honest, there is no right to let him take action at ordinary times!

Just now!

Three percent!

You can solve Abe Zhang!

It doesn’t take much effort!

Just a punch!


Fire Dragon is so confident!

“I’m pushing my nose to my face? You’re pushing my nose? This is what she said herself, isn’t that the way your Zhang family speaks?” Abe Zhang said coldly.

Patriarch Zhang is angry!

“Kneel! Did you hear that!” Abe Zhang became cold!

Zhang Xiang is annoyed, “Let me kneel, you are not qualified yet! You can’t stand it either, you have to know that I am you…” “Zhang Xiang!” Zhang Family Patriarch looked ugly!

Zhang Xiang knew that she almost missed her mouth, she was so annoyed!

“I will make you kneel!” Abe Zhang left after speaking!

“Little bastard, you let me kneel? What kind of dog are you? If it wasn’t for you to be Qingyang’s son, our Zhang family would have killed you!” Zhang Xiang was extremely angry!

“Aren’t you going to prepare?” Zhang Family Patriarch was also angry.

“I know Grandpa! This Abe Zhang, I think he will die in ten days too! Grandpa, do you think it’s okay?” Zhang Xiang asked.

For so many years, since she was a child, she has been so angry?

Abe Zhang, she wants Abe Zhang to die!

Want to kneel yourself?

Ridiculous to the extreme!

“This is ok! If Abe Zhang can’t kill You Shiwen, then I will let them both die together!” The Zhang Family Patriarch has already planned this.

A replacement pawn must have the intention of being abandoned by the master at any time!

“That’s good! By the way, all of Tina Li’s family properties will be given to Abe Zhang, and when that time comes, we will also take over everything of Tina Li. Although not much, it can barely enrich our Zhang family!” Zhang Xiang Said.

Kill You Shiwen!

Zhang Family will take over everything about the Youjia!

Abe Zhang inherits everything from Tina Li, and he will take over the Zhang family’s big fish and small fishes!

After eating Youjia and Zhangjia, strengthen the strength of Zhangjia!

Isn’t it more certain to deal with Nora Wan?

“That’s natural, the next ten days,

Prepare well!

You Shiwen will also prepare!

Success or failure in one fell swoop!

“Zhang Family Patriarch’s sinister look, Shuo Shuo. Zhang Xiang, Fire Dragon is also looking forward to it! The death of You Shiwen means that the situation is about to change! It also means that the first family is his Zhang family!! “This Abe Zhang thought he really cooperated with us, as everyone knows, he is still a pawn!

“Zhang Family Patriarch smiled slightly! What Abe Zhang said last time was not enough to convince him! He agreed to cooperate! It’s just a trick! Cooperation is clear, using you is real! You stupid thing!!! You were sold, not yet I know, I thought I was complacent? I thought I was convinced? Sure enough, it’s right to not let you enter the Zhang family tree! This kind of idiot will pull down the whole Zhang family!!!… Youjia! “Patriarch, why are you? agree?

Doesn’t this fall into the trap of the old fox from the Zhang family?



“You Jiaxia and Shang felt that it was not good for You Shiwen to do this! This is to pull your Youjia into the water! Faced with You Jiaxia and suspicion! You Shiwen was plain, “The old fox of Zhang family, no matter what you think, this The second league is also for himself!

is this right?

“That’s right, that old fox just got it right, pulling our alliance!”

“You Jia sighed up and down. Use Nora Wan as a threat! What can You Jia do? I’m caught in the middle, unable to move! On the Zhang family’s side, they are forced to die. You Jia can only agree! There is no other way to go. “That’s right, the Zhang family is sure that I will cooperate with him!

Then why didn’t I follow what he meant?


“You Shiwen said suddenly. “Patriarch, what do you mean?”


“You Jiaxia and Shangxia, a little dazed. This is being forced, and you still have to follow the meaning? You Jiaxia andxia are helpless! What is going on! Being led by the nose by the Zhang Family? “Meaning, I disagree, why See the old fox from the Zhang family?

How did I kill him without seeing him?

I want to seize this opportunity to destroy the Zhang family in one fell swoop!


Because I hate being threatened by others!

“You Shiwen said. The eighty-first

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