His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 1965

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Chapter 1965

surging emotions made Ameli Su unable to maintain her sanity. She felt that her brain seemed to be broken into pieces, and they were constantly merging, and all the fragments were swallowing each other in chaos. So, it seems that whoever swallowed everything else, then whoever stayed last.

Ameli Su hugged her head, feeling that her consciousness was like a paste, and there seemed to be various sounds in her ears that could not be stopped. From this chaotic gap, she spied the vortex of memories.

“Little brother.”

“Aunt Lisa Tang, I hope you can be happy.”

“If you don’t go, believe it or not, I will kill you?”

“Yao Yao, don’t die.”

“Thalia Xu, I will kill you!”

Ameli Su whole body She curled up on the sofa, her eyebrows were frowning, as if she was enduring great pain, but in fact, the chaos brought her little child, and it was even more unbearable. Instead, it was the flood of memories that went violently. It’s almost reaching the limit.

She alone…can’t hold it…

Marven Su looked distressed from the side. He used to squat down in front of the sofa, “Yan Yan…If you feel uncomfortable, dad won’t force you, OK? You don’t have to be with Christian… Dad just wants you to be safe and happy in this life…”

Ameli Su’s tears fell down her cheeks, she couldn’t control herself, and all her emotions pushed her to the brink of collapse, but it was strange. Yes, she also began to feel that her body was gradually becoming complete, as if she had experienced intense pain, and the broken limbs were slowly healing themselves.

“I want to create a world where she can cry out loud.”

“I love you.”

“Give me a chance to let me die in your hands.”

There seemed to be a sudden burst of white light before her eyes, and Ameli Su couldn’t see it in the white light. Knowing anything, but it’s not darkness anymore, and it’s not darkness anymore that swallowed her-it’s light.

The name of that Dao Guang was…


Ameli Su’s eyes were full of tears, and when she slowly opened her eyes, Marven Su could see the redness in her eyes, which was enough to see how intense the emotion she had just exploded.

Marven Su stretched out his hand to hold his daughter, trying to give her strength, “Yan Yan…”

Ameli Su didn’t speak any more, and fainted the next second.

Christian heard that when Ameli Su rushed to the hospital, his face was anxious. He opened the door of the ward, just as Ameli Su was leaning on the bed with his upper body, and looked up from the ipad especially quietly.

For an instant, Christian suddenly felt a trace of electric current running through the depths of his heart.

“Yan Yan, you…”

“It’s okay.”

Ameli Su smiled weakly, her face is not very good due to her poor mental state these days, but she can feel her strong vitality already exuding, Christian stepped forward He rushed to her, “Are you okay? Huh? What else is uncomfortable… Why don’t you notify me

as soon as possible ?” “The personality in my body is slowly fusing, the doctor said, maybe just give me some time I can recover.” Ameli Su looked at Christian, “I don’t want to worry about you, besides, someone won’t let me find you.”

Christian glanced at Ameli Su, and suddenly understood what she meant, “Is it that little bitch? ? “

Ameli Su blinked,” she told me in my head said the last sentence is short-changed after you told me, she was leaving, she said I do not need her. ” “

stay away, go Before “Christian stretched out his hand to touch Ameli Su, thinking that the darkened personality who didn’t know the height of the sky and earth like him might never appear again, but it is also possible that she changed to another method and will exist forever. In Ameli Su’s body.

It has become the hardest and most powerful fortress in the depths of her personality and soul.

His nose was sour, “I am all to blame. If it weren’t for me, you wouldn’t have a split personality.”

“Everything is destined. I will travel around the world after I am discharged from the hospital. I will slowly relax. Maybe time will heal everything.”

Ameli Su lowered her head, did not resist Christian’s touch, but did not obey. Christian, you should go back to your own right. Uncle Elbert Bo’s company still needs you to inherit.”

“I have been taking care of the company.”

Christian heard the sober Ameli Su saying this, suddenly I feel that the sky is falling down.

The tender farewell is the cruelest.

“Where are you going to travel, can I arrange it for you?”

“Are you busy.” Ameli Su said, “It’s okay. The relationship between our two families has always been very good. When you need my help, just call me.”

Now personality After the fusion, Ameli Su doesn’t seem to hate him anymore, but she doesn’t seem to love him anymore.

Christian couldn’t help his tears. He seemed to be more fragile than Ameli Su. “Really… won’t you come back?”

Ameli Su smiled softly, “Remember what Lisa Tang said? After a hard life, the most should be Proud should not be love. Christian, you still have a lot of things worthy of you to do, and these things are only you dare to do and can do. I think the significance of these things is more important than our love, like taking down Jammy is the same.”

Christian shook his head, where is he willing? He wants to have a home with Ameli Su, “But I…”

“I will be discharged from the hospital in three days. The first stop is to go to Paris. So I say goodbye to you in advance and treat Aunt Lisa Tang well, and I’m not too angry. Uncle Elbert Bo.” Ameli Su put his hand in Christian’s, as if clenching it for the last time, “I have always believed in you, a genius boy, is amazing. I have never regretted those things.” I was able to meet you. That’s great.

Christian’s tears blurred his vision, but he couldn’t say a word. He couldn’t refute it. It turned out that love is the most useless and useless. He couldn’t even say a word to keep it.

Going back that night, Lisa Tang heard that Ameli Su was going to travel around the world alone, but his son came back in frustration.

He was very surprised, “Why did you come alone?” “Mom, did I fail? I made too many mistakes. , I have done too much sin, and now I can’t reunite with Ameli Su in a broken mirror like this. Isn’t it retribution?”

Lisa Tang looked at Christian seriously for a long time, and sighed, “Did Yan Yan tell you exactly when she will leave? Where?”

Christian nodded.

On the edge, Elbert Bo slapped his face and covered his face, “I gave birth to a genius son, this is a stupid man.”

Christianyi looked puzzled, “What do you mean?”

“I told you to leave in three days, the first stop in Paris. , If you have a bit of brain!” Lisa Tang poked Christian’s forehead with his finger, wishing to pierce his brain to see what he was thinking, “Just buy a ticket! Understand it! You bastard! No matter how long it takes No matter how many years it will take, stay with Ameli Su for me! It doesn’t matter if you get married or not, let me stay with her until she is 50 or 60 years old!”

Ameli Su packs her luggage at the airport, Marven Su as a father Lie round the pool were crying, “you say you stopped the boyfriend is not stopped, hum hum ……”

“I had not a ……” Lie pool helpless smile, “I am a former boyfriend, how could Can you stop it, oops, uncle, don’t you cry, do you want a tissue?”

Marven Su wiped his nose vigorously, “daughter, remember to go home and see, your father is getting old and needs someone to push a wheelchair. …”

Luo Youyou also looked dismayed, “Go to every country to send me souvenirs.”

Alisha Lan was the one who cried the worst. She had a big belly, “I can’t do it, Ameli Su, I will Come with you if you have a fetus!”

Sherry Xu was so scared that he almost knocked his head , “Wife! Reluctant, reluctant! You just beat me, don’t beat the child!”

Ameli Su subconsciously glanced into the distance, and there was no such thing. Human figure.

Then she drew her gaze back and laughed at herself.

“After the security check, you all go back.” Ameli Su waved, “Oh, don’t cry, really, I will definitely fly back to accompany you when you have a baby.”

Several people left reluctantly, and Ameli Su stood. I waited in place, as if I was waiting for something, but nothing happened.

She picked up the suitcase and smiled, “Okay, goodbye.”

All the way was unimpeded, Ameli Su sat quietly in the first-class cabin, waiting for the next arrangement of fate.

As a result, at this time, a man sat down on the edge of the first-class cabin.

Every gesture is as elegant and noble as the young emperor. He wears a peaked hat with the brim of the hat pressed extremely low, so he sits on the edge of Ameli Su.

The flight attendants looked sideways, “There are handsome guys!”

“I’m still a rich second-generation!” Ameli Su was stunned, and didn’t react for a while.

“I’m ready for the suitcase, too, and I plan to run with you.” The man hooked up the brim of his hat, and then revealed his delicate and beautiful face.

He is the light, the god, the savior-the devil.

He smiled, that smile turned the world upside down, “Would you like to get to know it from the beginning? My name is Christian, who is by the side of the heart, my mother said this means’mere, and hope’.”

Fate sent you, Come to be my only hope.

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