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Chapter 1 Sister’s Call

At nine o’clock at night, college campus, male dorm building.

“Sheldon, go to dorm 226 on the first floor and bring my computer to me!”

A guy with yellow hair in the dorm next door kicked open the door of Sheldon’s dorm, dropped a dollar, and went back with his pocket.

“By the way, Sheldon, stop by the supermarket downstairs and buy me a bottle of mineral water!”

The yellow-haired student went back and forth. This time he threw down three dollar, two dollar for water, and the other dollar for Sheldon’s running errands.

“I said Gerard, why do you always let Sheldon run errands for you in your dorm? Is there such a bully?”

The people in Sheldon’s dorm couldn’t stand it anymore, and asked coldly.

“Heh! Sheldon, in your dorm, haven’t you counted it yourself? You can eat this stuff if you give him money!”

Gerard finished sarcastically, and left with a smile.

Sheldon turned a deaf ear, but blushed.

He bent down and picked up a few dollars from the ground, and said to himself:

In this way, I made two dollar, enough to buy three steamed buns and a bag of pickles, so I don’t have to go hungry!

“Sheldon…Don’t go, if you don’t have any money, our brother will lend you, don’t pay back!”

The president couldn’t help but said sympathetically.

Sheldon shook his head with a wry smile, “Thanks to the president…”

After speaking, he turned and walked out.

The people in the same dorm, looking at Sheldon’s back, shook their heads with pity.

In fact, Sheldon didn’t want to run errands for others, and wanted to live happily in college like others.

However, it would be nice to be able to continue studying in university.

He is really poor!

Although the roommates treat him very well, the more he does this, the less he wants to be helped by them in this way, otherwise, the best friendship will sooner or later create a gap.

Apart from these roommates, Sheldon has almost nothing in college!

“Sheldon, I heard Gerard say you are going down, right?”

At this time, a gorgeously dressed student came out from the dorm next door.

His name is Dawson. He is the head of Gerard’s dorm. The family has a factory. He is very rich and tall and handsome. He is an idol of many female students.

It’s just that he has always looked down on Sheldon, and he usually feels ashamed to look at Sheldon.

Sheldon didn’t know what he called himself.

Sheldon nodded, “Well, go down!”

Dawson smiled lightly. He took out a box of Du** from his pocket and threw it directly to Sheldon.

“It just so happens that a buddy of mine is going to work in the grove in the east today. You send him this box of things, promise, this is ten dollar!”

Dawson is a playboy, and he usually asks girls out.

There are also many friends and friends.

However, Sheldon didn’t think too much about who was making errands.

He took it and walked downstairs, but when Sheldon turned around, he seemed to hear Dawson’s laughter faintly behind him…

Sheldon went downstairs, and when he was about to return from the Enjsxe, he brought Gerard’s computer and mineral water.

The small woods outside the campus, Sheldon knew, it was a famous place for snowy nights, also called a field concentration camp.

Soon, Sheldon came to the place Dawson said.

At a glance, I saw a man and a woman sitting on the promenade in the woods, talking and laughing.

However, when Sheldon sees the faces of men and women clearly through the moonlight.

The whole body was shocked!

It’s Marcella!

Sheldon’s eyes turned red at once, and the Enjsxe in his hand suddenly fell to the ground.

Marcella is the ex-girlfriend of Sheldon. It has only been three days since the two broke up. Of course, it was Marcella who dumped Sheldon.

When breaking up, Marcella said that she wanted to be quiet and quiet by herself, but after only three days, she was asked to come here!

As for the appearance of Sheldon, both of them obviously paid attention.

Their looks are wonderful.

“Sheldon… why are you? You you… don’t get me wrong, I’m with Chad…”

Marcella said in a panic, she knew a trace of shame anyway, and hurriedly lowered her head.

On the side, the rich second generation named Chad released Marcella, glanced at the Enjsxe that Sheldon had fallen on the ground, stood up and laughed:

“Damn, Dawson just knows how to play. I asked him to send me Enjsxe. I didn’t expect him to let you send it. Exciting, really exciting!”

Chad is also a rich second-generation. Sheldon knows him. He is Dawson’s friend. He has several restaurants at home, and he usually drives a BMW three-series to school.

And listening to Chad’s words, Sheldon’s fists were clenched tightly.

It turned out that Dawson played with himself deliberately!

Even Marcella broke up with herself, and then was with his buddy Chad again. There… I’m afraid Dawson’s figure is indispensable!

“Marcella, I know you think I’m poor, but you don’t have to be with this kind of person, don’t you know how many girlfriends he has changed?”

Sheldon roared.

He loves this girl very much, so much.

Marcella heard Sheldon’s reprimand, and she was anxious, “Sheldon, whoever you fu*king thinks you, come and teach me, I broke up with you, I want to be with whomever I want to be with, use your poor Forced to control?”

“Chad can buy me good-looking cosmetic masks and Apple mobile phone brand-name bags, can you?”

“And…” Marcella was also furious, and looked at the Enjsxe that Sheldon had fallen on the ground, “You fu*king came to disgust me on purpose! Get out of me!”


After speaking, Marcella went up and gave Sheldon a mouth!

Chad smiled happily, “Haha, Marcella, don’t let him roll, let him watch here!”

Marcella blushed with shame, “Chad, I am not interested in seeing this poor man!”

After speaking, she broke free of Chad.

Sheldon didn’t know how he got out of that wood, his brain was completely blank.

The money, in the final analysis, is because Sheldon has no money!


When he returned to the door of the dorm, Sheldon was awakened by the laughter of his classmates in the corridor.

Ricky was holding his belly, his face almost smiling.

Obviously, Dawson told all his classmates about it.

“Haha, Sheldon, what did you see when I sent the Enjsxe?”

Gerard asked with a smile.

“Damn, Marcella’s beauty body is so good, maybe Chad has already started when I go there!”

Dawson grinned.

Sheldon clenched his fists and his eyes were red. He really wanted to kill Dawson and die with Dawson!

“Why! Why do you want to fix me like this!!!” Sheldon hissed angrily.

Dawson laughed, “Yes, yes, look, I’m so angry, I’m so scared!”

“Tell you, you stubborn, what I look down on the most in the class is you. Everyone is innocent and guilty of their crimes. Marcella, this beauty, is with you. It’s a waste. Why don’t I let my brother play for a few days… …”

“By the way, you don’t know, you chased Marcella for a year, and my brother Chad added Instagram to it in half an hour, hahaha!”

Everyone is laughing, no one cares about his Sheldon’s dignity!

“I did it for you!”

Sheldon rushed towards Dawson.

The result was a brutal beating from Dawson’s buddies!

Finally, Sheldon was taken back to the dorm by his roommates!

Lying on the bed, Sheldon covered himself tightly with a quilt, sobbing.

“Why? They bullied me and trampled on my dignity! Why!!!”

“Just because I am poor, in their eyes, I don’t even count people!!!”

Sheldon struggled inside, tearing his hair fiercely. The scenes with Marcella seemed to be still in sight.

I don’t know how long he has been crying, but crying and crying, he huddled in the quilt and fell asleep.

Perhaps he is the most peaceful in such a dark and silent night!

When I woke up early the next morning, there was no one in the dorm. Sheldon knew that the head of the house did not want to wake him up. What happened last night, staying in the dorm is much better than going back to the classroom!

Only when he picked up his mobile phone, Sheldon found that his mobile phone had received a lot of text messages and missed calls.

To Sheldon’s surprise, these are all foreign phone numbers.

There is also a newsletter to transfer money to your bank card!

“[Rich West Bank] In 19 years… your account with the end number 107 has a balance of 1000,0005.00 dollar…”

Looking at this series of numbers, Sheldon’s brain buzzed, completely dumbfounded.

Ten million!

Who transferred ten million to himself?

Sheldon hurriedly called the bank to confirm, and after the confirmation was correct, he was completely confused.

At this moment, the phone rang again.

It’s still a foreign phone number.

Sheldon answered immediately.

“Sheldon, have you received the money? I’m your sister!” A familiar voice came on the other end of the phone.

“Sister! What the hell is going on? Don’t you and your parents still make money in foreign labor services? Where does so much money come from?”

Sheldonxin was almost reaching his throat.

“Ahem, although according to our dad’s intention, we will be hiding from you for two years, but I understand that you are always bullied in school, so my sister plans to show you in advance, our family is rich, and our Cooper Family’s wealth In the world, do you know the place in Africa? Let’s put it this way, 80% of Africa’s gold mines and petroleum minerals are ours!”

“Not including those industries in America and overseas!”


Sheldon swallowed fiercely, if it weren’t for this ten million is real, he would not believe Sheldon to death.

He absolutely thought his sister had a cramp!

“I know you don’t believe me, Sheldon, just accept it slowly. At the beginning, my sister was also raised poorly, but now I am gradually familiar with the life of the rich. By the way, a courier should have arrived at your school this morning. Some of your things, don’t care about money.”

“I don’t know what the prices of Figora Nor are now. You can spend ten million dollar first, and I will call you next month!”

After hanging up the phone, Sheldon’s mood couldn’t calm down for a long time.

He has been in one environment since he was young, and that is poor!

but now……

I don’t have to be poor anymore?

Chapter 2 The Surprised Marcella

It turned out that my parents and sisters were all cheating themselves when they went out to work.

Next, Sheldon gave it to his parents. They were first angry at the news that his sister told Sheldon in advance that he was a rich second generation, and then they apologized to Sheldon.

The father also said that it was just such a son, of course he had to train him carefully. In short, the father said a lot!

Until finally Sheldon took out one hundred thousand cash from the bank, and some of the supreme-level shopping gold cards that his sister had mailed to him.

Sheldon was completely convinced.

This is not a dream!

Sheldon’s heart is full of flavors:

“Heh, Marcella, if you haven’t broken up with yourself, maybe you can get whatever you want now, right?”

“And DawsonSteven, you two rely on the money in your family. A group of people circled around you and insulted me several times. I don’t know what will happen in the future?”

Sheldon smiled bitterly.

It was almost noon when I got out of the bank and went to the school gate.

At this time, Sheldon’s cell phone rang, and he saw that it was the head of the call.

“The head of the house!”

“Sheldon, are you okay, why aren’t you in the dorm?”

“Oh, I’m out for a stroll!”

“A few of us are scared to death. By the way, today is Kristine’s birthday. She couldn’t contact you, so I asked you if you were going to celebrate her birthday. She said she mentioned her birthday to you a few days ago!”

Sheldonard this and turned over the missed calls. It turned out that many missed calls, including Kristine’s.

Kristine is Sheldon’s deskmate, she is also very beautiful, and has an excellent relationship with Sheldon.

Speaking of, apart from Marcella’s former lover relationship, Sheldon is Kristine’s only female friend.

She did tell herself that she had to go for her birthday, but at that time, it was a problem to eat on her own, so she didn’t express her position.

But now… Sheldon decided to live like a normal person and have his own circle of friends.

Why not go?

“Got some gifts, right?”

After hanging up the phone, Sheldon glanced at it. Among the surrounding gift shops, there was only one “Urbane Hitch” branch that attracted the most attention.

This is a world-famous luxury store. The things in it are expensive, but it attracts a lot of rich second-generation campuses to come, mainly because of face!

Sheldon didn’t plan to go, but thought of the universal global supreme shopper card that my sister mailed to her today.

Could not help but be moved.

Reluctant to spend money, spend a shopping card, Sheldon feels less guilt!

Immediately, Sheldon took a deep breath and walked into the Urbane Hitch Tower.

“Hello sir, what can I do for you?”

The beautiful waitress inside is very nice and greets Sheldon politely.

However, when she looked at Sheldon’s clothes, although she was polite on the surface, there was still a trace of imperceptible contempt in her eyes.

She knew when she came in to see the world, but she wore rotten street clothes, would she also want to come in to see the world?

“I’ll take a look at it first…” Sheldon said, the first time I came to this kind of store, I really didn’t know what to buy.

But the attitude of the current waitress was a little cold, and she gave Sheldon a blank look.

“Chad, can you buy me a bag?”

At this moment, a voice familiar to Sheldon sounded, and a tall, handsome girl appeared in the shop holding the boy’s arm.

Sheldon turned his head to look, his face suddenly changed.

Yes, the people here are Marcella and Chad.

“Huh? Mr. Chad, is this your girlfriend? It’s so pretty!”

As for the waitress beside Sheldon, when she saw Chad, her attitude suddenly changed 180 degrees, and she greeted her with a smile.

Chad has money in his family, no matter where he goes, he is eye-catching. He smiled at the waitress now:

“Sister Barbra, this is my girlfriend Marcella, take her to see and buy a bag!”

A blush flashed across Marcella’s face, and it was indeed Chad, who had face everywhere she went.

At the moment Marcella pointed to a famous brand, “Young Master, I want this!”

The bag is placed in the cabinet, it looks very luxurious and grand.

Shopping guide Barbra smiled and said: “This bag is a collector’s edition developed during Urbane Hitch’ 200-year history celebration. Only two hundred sets have been produced worldwide. If you want to buy it, you have to at least 360,000!”


Marcella was so scared that she covered her mouth.

Chad’s eyelids also twitched slightly. He smiled and said, “Sister Barbra, if I’m not mistaken, this is handmade by Urbane Hitch, with excellent workmanship. It just came out the year before and won the top ten in the world luxury goods list. ?”

Barbra was slightly surprised, “Mr. Chad, it seems that you know a lot!”

Chad shook his head: “I just like to study luxury goods, I can’t understand it.” After speaking, he looked at Marcella: “My dear, you also have a foresight. You saw this at a glance. Let’s change a few, five or six thousand. Anything is fine!”

Let Chad buy a bag for 360,000 dollar and kill him!

Marcella curled her lips, “Maggie in our dorm, her husband bought her a bag of more than 8,000!”

“Okay, I will spend more money on living next month!”

At this moment, many people heard Chad and Barbra’s introduction just now, and they were surrounded by this luxury bag.

They are all young male and female students who are very yearning for luxury goods.

Chad simply started to understand, and discussed with Barbra about the name-brand luxury goods starting at 30,000, or even two to three million.

It makes people feel too knowledgeable!

Seeing that the shopping guide ignored him, Sheldon wanted to leave now, and he didn’t want to stay too long when he met Marcella.

At this time, a somewhat young shopping guide came over and bowed to Sheldon.

“Hello sir, may I ask… I… What can I do for you?”

She looks like a new shopping guide.

Somewhat timid.

But this politeness gave Sheldon a warm heart.

“Oh, I want to buy a gift for someone!” Sheldon replied.

“Sir, do you have a shopping card for our shop? If you have a shopping card, you can get a discount?”

Sheldon can be regarded as her first customer, and she did not slap her face in Sheldon’s dress, but communicated with Sheldon through training.

“Oh, yes, can you see this?”

Sheldon took out the Global Supreme Shopping Card given by her sister.

When I saw the eyes of the shopping guide, it widened.

“This, this… black gold card?”

She looked incredible. How can an ordinary student, not a well-known rich man, have a black gold card?

Sheldon was startled: “What is a black gold card?”

“It’s a supreme-level card. The consumption amount in it can be overdrawn to 30 million, and the minimum consumption is 300,000 starting! Dear Sir!”

Sheldon was even more confused. He knew that his sister was very extravagant now, but he didn’t expect to be so extravagant!

“Sir, the configuration of our store here, except for a collector’s edition bag, basically other luxury goods, you can’t consume! I’ll take out that collector’s edition bag and show it to you!”

The waiter bowed again and again, which made Sheldon embarrassed to leave.

Over there, Marcella watched Chad introduce these luxury goods with a look of admiration.

I saw a small shopping guide who took the key to pick up the collector’s edition package.

Shopping guide Barbra frowned, “Rita, what are you doing?”

Rita pinched Nono and said, “I will show the bag to the customer!”

“Is this kind of stuff seen? Who wants to see it!?”

Barbra frowned.

Rita looked at Sheldon respectfully, “It’s this gentleman!”

Chad Marcella heard the words and looked at it, but at this time, everyone’s eyes were startled…


Chad laughed directly when he saw Sheldon.

If he could, he lay on the ground and laughed.

“What are you talking about? This person wants to see this collector’s edition bag?”

Chad pointed to Sheldon.

It seems to have encountered a big joke.

Marcella also looked at Sheldon contemptuously. In front of so many people with identities, this Sheldon was really shameful.

The shopping guide Barbra’s face also pulled down: “Rita, I think you are dizzy, can this kind of person afford our bags? What are you kidding?”

“No, he has a black gold card in his hand and is our supreme customer!”

“Puff!” Chad smiled directly, “Also supreme-level customers, this is what our school is famous for!”

Marcella even cursed at Sheldon: “Sheldon, if you still know the shame, get out!”

Ha ha……

Sheldon listened to the ridicule of several people, and even a shopping guide looked at him despisely.

At the moment, while feeling ridiculous, he strode towards the counter and slapped the black gold card on the table.

“Buy this bag today!”

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