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Chapter 3 Supreme Customer

“Sheldon, what are you pretending?” Marcella said contemptuously.

However, after seeing the black gold card that Sheldon had taken out, Barbra, the shopping guide, was startled.

This kind of supreme shopping card universal in luxury stores around the world can only be owned by big families in the world.

There is no doubt that the real owner is the real rich person!

Rita, who was on the side, had already brought a card reader.

Sheldon entered his birthday password, and sure enough, the card swipe was successful.

Transaction complete!


The whole audience was shocked.

“I’m going, the Urbane Hitch of 360,000! It’s so cool!”

“Is this person an invisible big and young?”

All the girls looked at Sheldon, all at once hot.

Chad’s eyes widened in disbelief.

This is 13 poor, why is he so rich? He felt a pain in his face.

Just now I was still here with knowledge of all kinds of luxury goods.

Looking at it now, it looks like a clown!

The most exciting expression on his face was Marcella at this time.

“You…you… Sheldon, where did you get this card?”

Three hundred and six hundred thousand bags, buy it when you say you buy it, and Sheldon also owns a luxury premium-level global shopping card. This kind of card alone is already valuable! ! !

If this bag is bought for yourself.

Now, wouldn’t it have gathered everyone’s respectful eyes?

Sheldon glanced at Marcella, but he was too lazy to answer.

But I still felt a little painful, and said in my heart: My sister is too much, give me a shopping card, it is actually a limit of 300,000!

“Dear Sir, I will wrap it up for you! Please wait for half an hour!”

This is a luxury product, and the packaging must be particularly sophisticated.

And Sheldon looked at a group of male and female students in shock, very embarrassed.

After saying no, I just took the bag and wanted to go straight away!

“Wait a minute! You stop me!”

Chad, with an ugly expression, was blocked in front of Sheldon at this time.

“What’s the matter with you?” Sheldon said coldly.

Chad snorted and pointed at the black gold card in Sheldon: “I suspect that your black gold card was stolen. Now, it is not difficult to steal someone else’s password!”

After finishing talking, Barbra, who looked aside, said, “Sister Barbra, I advise you to contact your leadership. Once this kind of thing is exposed, it will have a great impact on the reputation of the store!”

Marcella also came back to her senses: “Yes, Sister Barbra, how can such a poor man afford such an expensive bag and such a supreme card!”

Marcella is really unwilling to accept this fact.

When Barbra heard this, it seemed to make some sense.

At the moment, she looked at Cooper Family, “You stay here for a while, our manager will come right away!”

After finishing speaking, it was like anti-thief, blocking the way Sheldon left!

Sheldon didn’t expect that buying a bag by himself could cause so many troubles.

Looking at this posture, even if you want to go, you can’t go.

Can only wait for their manager.

Soon, a woman in her thirties with elegant appearance and excellent temperament in uniform walked over.

Barbra immediately told the manager about suspecting Sheldon as a card thief.

The manager took a look at Sheldon, and then showed a professional smile: “Sir, I’m really sorry, can we check your card?”

She is respectful, whether it is true or not, this manager does not look at people with colored glasses.

Sheldon was helpless and could only give her the Black Gold Card.

I saw the female manager took out a special card reader.

Then skillfully put the card inside.

“Sir, your last name? Can you give me your ID card.”

The female manager asked.

“My name is Sheldon and my sister’s name is Alicia!”

Although these card codes are for her birthday, Sheldon is not sure if she gave them in the name of her sister. At the moment, he also gave her his ID card.

“Huh, you’re so poor, let’s see how he gets planted!” Chad sneered from the side, and took out his mobile phone, ready to call the police at any time.

And the female manager quickly finished the inspection.

A flash of astonishment flashed in his eyes right now, and it showed that Sheldon’s was indeed the holder of the black gold card.

It is a supreme member of the world. And he was born in a super family.

The female manager’s cold sweat came down, and damn Barbra actually offended such a big man!

Then she took the card, walked to Sheldon, and directly bent over ninety degrees.

“Dear Mr. Sheldon, please forgive us for the offense just now! This is your own black gold card!”


Everyone was stunned.

Barbra was still in a pose of reaching out to stop Sheldon from leaving, which was extremely embarrassing at the moment:

“After…Manager, you can’t make a mistake, right? This person…is really a black card holder?”

The female manager suddenly raised her head and slapped Barbra on the face: “Don’t put your hand down yet!”

Barbra covered his face and stepped aside.

Chad and Marcella were a little dazed at the moment.

The female manager knew that the two of them should know Sheldon, and she ridiculed Sheldon everywhere.

I thought it would be better to give Mr. Sheldon a favor to eliminate his bad impression of our Urbane Hitch branch today!

She walked up to Chad and Marcella: “Excuse me, both of you, what do you mean by inducing our shopping guide to offend our valued customer?”

Chad stared at him, “I just asked you to make sure, it’s kind!”

“Okay, we appreciate your kindness, but now, if you two don’t buy anything, please go out!!!”

The last four words of the female manager almost uttered sharply.

Directly issued the chase order!

Marcella motioned to Chad in her eyes, hoping that he could go on top.

But Chad was sweating profusely, even if he was ruthlessly buying a ten thousand bag now, he wouldn’t even be a fart in front of Sheldon!

He is a supreme customer!

“let’s go!”

Chad’s face was already sore, gritted his teeth, and then dragged Marcella away unwillingly.

Barbra also bowed slightly to Sheldon, “Mr. Sheldon, I’m sorry!”

She regrets that her intestines are green, this is obviously his client!

Sheldon turned a deaf ear to Rita and smiled at Rita: “Miss Sister, I’m sorry to trouble you today, but I don’t need to wrap it up. I have something to do, goodbye!”

Facing all the female students in the audience looking at him with fiery eyes, Sheldon was embarrassed and went downstairs.

This was the first time he used money to pretend.

In fact, he doesn’t agree with his character and spends extravagance. I am afraid that only his sister can do it.

Sheldon only hopes that he can be an ordinary person who doesn’t have to worry about money!

After leaving the store, Sheldon’s phone rang again, this time it was from Kristine.

Kristine’s anxious voice came as soon as he was connected: “Sheldon, come on, let me tell you, I don’t care what others think of you, anyway you are my iron buddy, you must come for my birthday! Your dorm It’s all here too!”

Sheldon smiled and nodded: “I’m going right away!”

“By the way, look good. Today I want to introduce a young lady and let you know me by the way!”

Kristine exhorted Sheldon again.

Sheldon replied helplessly. He couldn’t just carry the bag. Sheldon simply went to the nearby supermarket and bought a big red plastic bag for two cents and packed it in.

He hurried to take a taxi and went to Big Munch Restaurant.

At this moment, inside the box of Big Munch Restaurant.

Kristine hung up the phone and smiled at a girl with long hair sitting beside her who was definitely a goddess:

“Shelly, Sheldon is a good friend of mine. He is a very good person, and he studies hard. When I come, you will know each other!”

Shelly was still wearing earphones, with his calves cocked, shaking.

Very beautiful and pure.


Shelly and Kristine grew up in primary school and both went to the same university, but they were not in the same department.

Today Kristine’s birthday, Kristine called Shelly’s dorm roommates and Sheldon’s dorm roommates.

It’s a bit of fellowship in the dorm!

At the same time, Kristine knew that recently, Shelly, who has been single since high school, decided to find a boyfriend.

Shelly drank the juice gracefully at this moment.

The door of the box opened…

Chapter 4 Birthday Gifts

It’s just that after the door was opened, it was not Sheldon who came in.

“Dawson! What are you doing here?”

Kristine’s expression changed as soon as she saw Dawson.

Although she was a classmate, Kristine had called Dawson beforehand.

But early this morning, Kristine knew about Dawson playing Sheldon, so Kristine scolded Dawson.

Unexpectedly, this guy is so thick-skinned, he is here!

“Kristine, are you still angry? Yesterday I just joked with that Sheldon. Who would have thought that he would actually send it away!”

Dawson smiled cheerfully.

Several of his roommates also came, and they were buying gifts.

Speaking of it, Kristine’s family is actually quite rich, and has tried to help Sheldon countless times, but Sheldon is unwilling.

And Dawson is Kristine’s high school classmate.

“Kristine, the Sheldon was talking about is Sheldon you want to introduce to me? What happened?”

Shelly asked slightly with wrinkled eyes.

As soon as Dawson saw Shelly, both eyes were shining. In fact, he wanted to contact Shelly a long time ago. She is the faculty member of the school’s Mass Communication department.

This time he brazenly came to apologize to Kristine. To put it bluntly, he knew that Shelly would come for Kristine’s birthday.

When hearing this, Dawson immediately said: “Aoao, Shelly beauty, Sheldon is in our class, very poor, yesterday…hahaha!”

Thinking of Sheldon sending Enjsxe to help his ex-girlfriend yesterday, Dawson was almost laughing to death, and immediately said the matter in a few words.

“Shut up!” Kristine was furious, glaring at Dawson.

And the faces of Shelly and her beautiful roommates became strange.

There are still such poor and embarrassed people?

Sheldon’s roommate also had an ugly face, and Dawson could hardly vomit ivory.

“Well…I won’t say anything!”

Dawson laughed and said, “Kristine, see what gift I bought for you…”

At this moment, the door of the box knocked gently.

Then the door opened, and this time, Sheldon came in with a red plastic bag!

“Sheldon, you are here!”

Kristine immediately stood up with a smile.

Sheldon nodded, and of course he saw Dawson who was looking at him with a sneer.

If it was before, I would feel very humble when I met this rich second generation, but now… Haha.

Is Sheldon?

Shelly also raised his eyes to look at Sheldon.

In fact, Shelly really wants to find a boyfriend. This person probably doesn’t have to be too rich at home. It doesn’t matter if he is ordinary, but he needs to have good looks and have the characteristics to attract himself.

At the moment, she saw Sheldon’s appearance is more delicate, but the clothes she wears from head to toe will definitely not exceed one hundred and fifty dollar.

Extremely ordinary!

Especially when I think of the deeds of Sheldon mentioned by Dawson just now, my impression of Sheldon has reached its lowest point.

Shelly’s face was full of disappointment.

“Sheldon, this is Shelly, this is Shelly’s roommate, you know!”

Kristine introduced with a smile.

Sheldon nodded, “My name is Sheldon, take care of me from now on, classmate Shelly!”

Sheldon politely stretched out his hand.

But Shelly didn’t even look at it, turned his head and drank a glass of juice.

Sheldon’s hand was hanging in the air, and he had to take it back in angrily.

Kristine knows that her best friend has always had such a personality, so she just talks a little bit more if she sees her eyes.

Sheldon didn’t say much about this.

Just about to sit down.

At this time, Dawson moved his gaze to the red plastic bag in Sheldon.

Immediately sneered: “Yeah, Sheldon, Kristine’s birthday, what kind of gift are you buying? Take it out to open your eyes!”

The head of Sheldon can’t stand it anymore: “Dawson, what are you doing against Sheldon all the time?”

Dawson laughed loudly and ridiculed others, always making him very present.

At the moment, he glanced at Sheldon coldly and took out his gift first.

It happens to be a black brand-name bag.

“Kristine, I gave you this, Urbane Hitch!”

When Dawson took out this bag, it immediately attracted Shelly and her beautiful roommates.

“Urbane Hitch? The market price of this package is 8,999, right?”

The eyes of those beauties looking at Dawson changed.

This person is too generous.

Even Shelly, the goddess who has always been cold, couldn’t help but glance at Dawson.

“It’s not that expensive. My dad knows the area manager of Urbane Hitch very well. He won it at 7999. They are all acquaintances!

Dawson smiled, enjoying the worship gaze that everyone looked at him.

Although Kristine hates Dawson very much now, she still takes it without hitting the smiley.

“Hitch Ventra is the latest famous bag launched by Urbane Hitch. It is very popular in Los Angeles, New York and Ontario. The price of the same style over there is around 12,000!”

Shelly took a look and said.

Dawson raised his eyebrows: “Shelly, a beautiful lady, don’t you think you have done so much research on luxury goods?”

Shelly looked at Dawson and finally showed a faint smile: “I wanted to buy this one before, but the price is slightly more expensive…”

Dawson said hurriedly: “Shelly beauty, I will give it to you when you celebrate your birthday, eight or nine thousand, all these are small money, plus the Urbane Hitch store in front of our school, all acquaintances and friends!”

Shelly was silent, but smiled slightly.

She didn’t know Kristine’s high school classmate Dawson before, only that he was a swinger.

Unexpectedly, he was so bold and generous.

Shelly couldn’t help but impressed him a lot.

Next, the head of Sheldon and they gave gifts one after another.

Naturally not as expensive as Dawson’s luxury goods, but also three or four hundred.

Sheldon didn’t know what to say, and planned to give this Urbane Hitch to Kristine after he was done.

At this time, Dawson looked at the red plastic bag in the Sheldon and smirked:

“I said Sheldon, just now I beg you to let us see your gift. Now you can show it to everyone. Look at the bag you took, how festive!”

“Dawson, shut up, Sheldon, I’m very happy what he gave me!”

Kristine warned Dawson again.

However, Kristine still looked at Sheldon with some hope.

Sheldon regretted a little.

In order to be in a hurry, I didn’t wait for half an hour and asked the shopping guide to pack this bag.

But who knows, I thought it was a simple gathering, but Dawson, the bastard, has also come!

“Kristine, I bought you a bag!”

Sheldon stood up and pulled his red plastic bag from the top.

Shelly frowned tightly, and her roommate was also contemptuous.

This person is really too dick! The price is too low!


But when Sheldon took it out, Dawson yelled:

“Urbane Hitch, hahaha, Sheldon actually gave it to Urbane Hitch! Luxury goods!”

“Sheldon! Tell me, which stall did you buy this bag from? Isn’t it expensive?”

Dawson’s words made all the girls laugh.

Shelly shook his head slightly.

She originally thought that although Sheldon was poor, he should be very honest. To be honest, Sheldon still has some qualifications to be an ordinary friend.

But now, Shelly already looked down on Sheldon very much.

“This is the collector’s edition of Urbane Hitch 200th Anniversary Celebration. There are only 200 pieces in the world, and one piece is worth more than 300,000!”

Shelly took a look and recognized it.

“There are imitations on the Internet, and the price is around 150 dollar. But even if it is a dick with great vanity, no one will buy it and take it on the street. This high-end luxury product is embarrassing to carry it out!”

Shelly was not polite, looking straight at Sheldon, the person in front of her made her feel sick!

Kristine thought Sheldon would buy some gadgets for herself, but she did not expect to buy such a big fake for herself.

However, Kristine was still very happy and said, “Sheldon, no matter what, thank you for the gift you bought me, but don’t spend any money in the future, more than 150 is quite expensive!”

Sheldon wanted to cry without tears. He really wanted to say it was true, but looking at Shelly and her roommate’s contemptuous look at him.

I guess I don’t believe it when I say it, it will make them even more despised!

Shelly looked at Kristine and said:

“Kristine, when did you meet such an unreliable person?”

Kristine saw that Sheldon would not be able to get off the stage immediately, so she hurriedly changed the topic:

“Okay, okay, today I have my birthday, everyone is friends, come here, let’s have a cup together!”

Shelly and her roommates looked at Sheldon with disgust and did not respond.

Dawson and the others sneered.

Sheldon looked embarrassed when Kristine was caught between her roommate.

So he got up and said, “Kristine, I wish you a happy birthday today, but I remember that there is something in my dorm, so I will go back first. Have fun!”

Sheldon knew he was superfluous.

Get up and leave.


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