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Chapter 131

“What’s your business?”

Sheldon did not expect to meet Wang Xiaoti by such a coincidence.

Said coldly now.

“Hehe, I will ask you, you slapped me in the morning, and now you stand in front of me in this capacity, what is your mood?”

Wang Xiaoti said bitterly.

When he was slapped in the face, Wang Xiaoti felt regret and resentment in his heart, as well as the embarrassment of being slapped directly by Sheldon.

Such emotions troubled Wang Xiaoti all day!

Now, she can’t take revenge back.

“I’m not in the mood, just say something if you have something, I have to be busy!”

Sheldon smiled bitterly.

“Haha, busy, shit, Sheldon, go! Bring me a napkin!”

Wang Xiaoti pointed to the napkin box on the side.

“You are a waiter now, you should serve our customers, otherwise, I will complain to your manager!”

Listening to Wang Xiaoti’s endless chattering voice.

Sheldon was also drunk.

But I think what she said makes sense, now she is just a waiter.

Right now, he picked up the tissue and handed it to her.

“I don’t want to, my shoes are dirty, you shine my shoes!”

Wang Xiaoti is proud like a little peacock.

“Have you heard? Our Xiaoti asked you to polish your shoes, hum, I thought Sheldon in Xiaoti’s mouth must be a tall and handsome boy. Now I am disappointed to see you!”

“Yeah, isn’t it rich? Why did you go to a bar to be a waiter? Oh, it’s the most disgusting boy like you who has no money and pretends to be big money!”

“Hehe, I really made Sister Xiao right, some people are willing to do anything for the sake of face!”

The girls sneered, holding their shoulders.

And Wang Xiaoti was waiting, raising his foot.

But Sheldon didn’t wipe it, just put the tissue aside and said:

“If you want someone to wipe your feet, then leave Roston Business District and go to the bar on the other side of the Red Mansion. There will be anyone who licks your feet!”

After Sheldon finished speaking, he turned and left.

“you you you!”

Wang Xiaoti was furious.

He actually asked himself to find a duck!

But after thinking about it, Wang Xiaoti was not angry again, but rather happy.

After all, the worries that I worries about for a day are finally eliminated, it is as easy and comfortable as a mountain pressed in my heart finally being moved away.

She really thought Sheldon was very rich and very likely to be the owner of Lamborghini.

If that were the case, Wang Xiaoti could almost die.

I offended a real rich second generation.

Even Wang Xiaoti was thinking about being cheap, if the first encounter with Sheldon, how good would it be to be better?

In short, Wang Xiaoti regretted for a day and depressed for a day.

In the end, I came out to relieve my boredom at night and realized that Sheldon was different from what he had imagined. He was just a dick who didn’t want his name.

This is much more comfortable, haha!

“This dick, let him go, come here sisters, let’s continue drinking!”

However, after Sheldon returned to the bar, he finally finished the work of moving his own wine.

The whole process was quite depressing.

I thought it was all right here, so I’d better tell Tenner to go back.

Sheldon came to the box where Tenner was.

At this moment, there is a group of men and women drinking together in the box.

“Come to Lai Lai Meng, you have lost again. Either you have to finish the bottle of red wine in one breath, or you have to take off a piece of clothing. You can choose!”

A pudgy middle-aged man, sitting next to Tenner at the moment.

It’s very close to Tenner.

He said with a squinting face.

“I didn’t lose, you are lying to me!”

It can be seen that Tenner hates this short, fat middle-aged man, and also hates the current atmosphere.

At the moment, strenuously coping.

“Hahaha, you didn’t say that if you fooled you into losing, you wouldn’t be considered a loser. If you don’t drink red wine, then take off your clothes, hehe!”

After finishing talking, the middle-aged short and fat man grabbed Tenner’s skirt and wanted to lift it up.

“You fu*king sick!”


Although Tenner had some waves in the dark, she still divided her against. Her standards are very high.

Right now, he subconsciously raised his hand and hit the short fat man in the face.

He stood up suddenly, picked up the glass and poured a glass of wine on the man’s face.

“Ah! Mr. Zhang! Are you okay?”

The proprietress Qiaoqiao saw the conflict and immediately asked.

At the same time, the whole box was quiet instantly.

To be honest, Qiaoqiao had already seen Mr. Zhang very interested in Tenner.

That’s why two people were brought together to play a game.

As I mentioned before, Zhang always comes from Shanxi, runs a coal mine, and is rich. This bar was also successfully obtained by his husband after Mr. Zhang invested money.

Qiaoqiao knows that Tenner doesn’t have a boyfriend, and she likes money.

One is affectionate, and the other is intentional, how nice it is.

Girls, when you see a rich man, how many of them don’t show up?

But the coincidence was wrong.

Unexpectedly, Tenner was so fierce that he didn’t save Zhang’s face at all, and actually beat him?

“You…you hit me?”

President Zhang had obviously never been beaten, and he was stunned by this slap and a glass of wine.

“What’s wrong with hitting you, don’t use your hands!”

Tenner said with a cold face in disgust.

Are you so rich? Even if you have money, can you have money with ordinary brothers?

“Huh, bitch, you are the first to dare to hit me Zhang Dashan, shamelessly, if you don’t please me today, I want you not to get out of this bar!”

Zhang Dashan threw the cup angrily.

Beside, four or five bodyguards jumped out.

Surrounded Tenner.

And Tenner was a little scared.

In fact, she regretted the fight just now.

Although he knew VeilBoy’s little brother, he was someone he couldn’t reach after all.

The mountain in front of me is definitely a big rich person.

Now that I calm down, I feel a little afraid.

“Then you…what do you want? I won’t take off my clothes anyway!”

“Huh, it’s okay, it’s okay to take it off, but I want you to blow this bottle of red wine to me in one breath, or else it’s endless!”

Zhang Dashan grinned and opened a bottle of red wine directly beside Tenner.

“Okay, you said it!”

Tenner took a deep breath. She didn’t want to leave her tail anymore, so she just finished drinking the bottle and left by herself.

Just about to pick it up.

“Sister Meng, it’s late, don’t you go back?”

At this time, Sheldon opened the door of the box and entered.

Just now Sheldon listened to the door for a while, and knew the situation inside. This fat man wanted to get Tenner drunk.

As for the address, Tenner instructed two people on the way, don’t call the teacher, the teacher is too bad.

“Damn, the brat from there, get out of here!”

Zhang Dashan saw Sheldon interrupted, and said with a vicious expression.

“Well, I came with Sister Meng, so I have to go back together!”

Sheldon said lightly.

It’s not that Sheldon is benevolent, but that if Tenner was given to him like this, he would be unhappy in his heart.

This is cheap, you should come by yourself if you want to come!

In short, Sheldon doesn’t want Tenner to stay here now.

“Damn, I think you are tired of living, come here, kick him out of me!”

Zhang Dashan tore open his shirt, and the tattoo on his chest was exposed.

Right now there were two or three bodyguards coming to catch Sheldon.

“Wait a minute, Sheldon, you go out and wait for me first. This is my car key. I will leave after I drink. You park your car outside and wait for me!”

Tenner winked at Sheldon.

Sheldon now has a driver’s license anyway, so he can just let him go with him.

When Sheldon saw it, he nodded and agreed. After all, the lady boss is still here, and she has such a good relationship with Tenner, and she won’t see that she is really caught.

He took the car key and left.

Not long after Sheldon came out, the two bodyguards followed Sheldon to the parking lot under Zhang Dashan’s eyes…

Chapter 132 The Bar Was Surrounded

When Sheldon walked down the parking lot, he had already discovered that he was being followed.

It is two bodyguards in black wearing sunglasses.

Sheldon knew what they were here for.

It must have been instructed by Zhang Dashan.

Sheldon didn’t have the strength to follow the two guys to death, and they all seemed to have practiced.

At the moment, he secretly sent a text message to Fredrick, asking him to rush over.

“Boy, stop for me!”

As soon as Sheldon was about to get in the car, the two people flashed around.

“What’s the matter with you?”

Sheldon asked knowingly.

“Haha, what’s the matter? Your kid is really stupid. Tell you, if you’re more acquainted, you can go to a place with us obediently. When our boss finishes things, naturally let you go, and you will suffer less. !”

“Otherwise, interrupt your legs today!”

The two black bodyguards looked at Sheldon like a fool.

This kid was stunned, and there was nothing he could do to measure him.

Originally, the two had already taken the guy with them, and they were going to teach Sheldon a lesson.

But look now, only words can bluff him.

Alas, the two bodyguards are a little depressed.

I was ordered to come and watch this kid, and the other brothers can follow the boss.

Even according to the perverted psychology of the boss, after he finished playing, he might call his brothers to play together.

This is so much missed!

You know Tenner’s woman, both of them have met, she is really beautiful.

However, at this moment, Sheldon smiled bitterly:

“Break my legs? You have to think about it!”

“Damn, stop talking nonsense, get in the car and follow us to the suburbs!”

A bodyguard gave Sheldon a push, and then they all got into Tenner’s car.

Because this is an underground garage, there is a dedicated car elevator.

Sheldon didn’t say anything, because he felt that five or six minutes had passed. This bar is not far from the Emperor KTV, and it should have arrived.


There was a tremor in the elevator, and the elevator door opened.

“Quick, drive me in, and then…”

A bodyguard said coldly, and suddenly his voice stopped.

Then opened his eyes and looked into the elevator.

I saw in the car elevator, at this moment, people in black with knives and sticks were standing all over.

Staring at himself with cold eyes.

“Damn, what’s the situation?”

The two bodyguards were dumbfounded.


Then, at the entrance of the underground garage, footsteps rang.

I saw that a large group of people were also surrounding him.

There are definitely no less than a hundred people in this battle!

Headed by Fredrick, his eyes were like arrows, and he swept across coldly.

“Boss, what do you mean? Do you want to tell the boss, this is Roston Business District! It looks like it’s coming for us!”

The two bodyguards were terrified.

“Yeah, get out of the car and ask what’s going on first! The rules on the road, forgive them not to break!”

The two got out of the car.

Sheldon also got out of the car with a wry smile.

“See Sheldon!”

Fredrick saw Sheldon and immediately bowed.

At the same time, more than a hundred people also spoke.

Loud and neat voices shouted in the underground garage, deafening.

Both bodyguards were almost paralyzed by fright.

“Chen… Sheldon?”

At this moment, the two bodyguards looked at Sheldon with horror on their faces.

Isn’t he a small working man?

It’s actually Sheldon?

Damn, two people almost kidnapped Sheldon?

“Fredrick, do you know someone named Zhang Dashan? He told one of my teachers… Uh, my friend may have some ideas, please help me bring her out!”

Sheldon also didn’t expect that he just sent a text message saying that it was a bit troublesome in the underground garage and asked him to bring a few people to help.

However, Fredrick actually called a hundred or two hundred people in one go.

Had it not been for some bodyguards, Sheldon, he would have been shocked.

I thought Zhang Dashan couldn’t commit such a big battle just to deal with himself?

At the moment, Sheldon told Fredrick what had just happened.

“Okay, Sheldon, I will contact you immediately!”

Fredrick nodded.

Then I called.

Uh, hung up with two beeps.

The expression was a little nervous: “Sheldon, that Miss Meng, seems to have been driven away by Zhang Dashan!”

“Damn, where did you take it?”

Sheldon’s eyes widened.

As I said earlier, although Sheldon hates Tenner very much, he should also punish her by himself, not to mention that the two of them came to the bar together.

She was given to someone like this, Sheldon felt a little unbalanced!

“Give me five minutes, Master Sheldon, I will find out!”

There is absolutely nothing trivial about Sheldon’s affairs with Fredrick.

What’s more, this happened on the Roston Business District. If he didn’t do anything wrong, then Fredrick should really die.

After the promise was finished, he pointed to the dumbfounded bodyguards and said:

“Do you know where Zhang Dashan Hotel is?”

“Fredrick, I don’t know, we really don’t know! There are several hotels where Zhang Dashan stays! But Fredrick, as long as you don’t deal with us, we can help you find a way to find Zhang Dashan!”

The two bodyguards said lightly, with a threat in their tone. After all, the two of them are also ruthless people in the arena and have experienced some scenes.

“Hehe, there is no need for you to think of a solution! Come on, kill me these two people!”

As soon as Fredrick waved his hand, several younger brothers immediately came over, surrounded them and chopped them off!

After that, Fredrick led people to the bar again, and a group of two to three hundred people rushed past the bar.

The scenes were mostly sensational.

The entire bar was dumbfounded.

“Damn, isn’t this Fredrick?”

“How did this bar provoke Feihong? Want to come here to do business?”

“No, no, no, just now Fredrick brought people over. I heard that Fredrick is here to find someone. Hush, don’t talk too much! Be careful of getting into trouble!”

At this moment, the dynamic music in the bar is also turned off.

The staff, as well as customers and so on, all surrounded the lobby, wanting to know what happened.

Some daring still wanted to take photos and videos, and were frightened by the cold-blooded eyes of a bodyguard and hurriedly shrank their hands.

In short, the atmosphere is particularly depressing.

“You guys, come over and squat down!”

Then I saw that a dozen bodyguards grabbed several other Zhang Dashan people and brought them to Fredrick.

It also includes the lady boss named Qiaoqiao and her husband.

The two of them were very scared.

Facing Fredrick’s domineering questioning, he didn’t know what he was explaining to Fredrick. In short, the one named Qiaoqiao cried.

“Sister Xiao, what is going on? Who is this young man? How domineering!”

Wang Xiaoti and the six girls also gathered around to watch.

Seeing this domineering scene, the girls’ hearts of several girls are about to commit.

Girls, don’t you like heroes?

“It’s Fredrick from Roston Business District! Roston’s most domineering man, Mr. Chapman Zhenshan’s subordinate, belongs to Roston Young Master Sheldon!”

This Xiao Jie obviously knew a lot of the truths in it, and she explained with a bit of arrogance at the moment.

“Oh my God, it turns out to be Fredrick and Sheldon’s person? No wonder!”

Several girls reverently said.

Wang Xiaoti is also very respectful. What she hopes most is to meet such a domineering person?

At the moment, she stood directly on the table, watching the scene quietly.

Suddenly, a figure walked past her and was squeezing into the crowd.

And Wang Xiaoti happened to see this figure.

“Damn, Sheldon, you squeeze a fart inside!”

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