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Chapter 133: The Ordinary Little Brother Saved Me

When Wang Xiaoti saw Sheldon, he squeezed inside out of it.

Suddenly scolded contemptuously.

She really sees too many such people.

Don’t care about what’s going on or what’s going on. As long as there are big scenes, there will always be some pretenders, going up and asking about the situation, as if others don’t know how capable he is.

Sheldon is not this kind of person now.

“Yeah! What to pretend? Be careful to put yourself inside!”

“I’m really enough for this dick, just take a look, he really squeezed in!”

A good sister pointed at Cooper Family at this time.

Sheldon didn’t bother to talk to them.

Sheldon came up slowly. Seeing that Li Hongfei had already asked about the situation at this moment, of course he had to follow and get Tenner back.

“Sheldon, the location is already known, brothers are going to get the car, let’s set off right away!”

Seeing the crowds, Li Hongfei just whispered to Sheldon at this time.

But this Sheldon was heard by the proprietress Qiaoqiao.

At this moment, all eyes widened in amazement.

Chen… Sheldon?

Sheldon from Roston Business District?

Damn it!

Their circle has almost spread, and Sheldon, who usually studies at Roston University, is very low-key, and no one knows his identity.

But the reputation is very loud throughout Roston.

As the bosses, how could Qiaoqiao not know.

God! Unexpectedly, Sheldon is Cairu’s student, and he actually asked Sheldon to work for us?

“Sheldon, misunderstanding, some things are all misunderstanding!”

Qiaoqiao quickly explained with embarrassment.

Sheldon ignored them and left directly from the center of the crowd.

Fredrick even coldly snorted, “Take care of your mouth, this matter, I will settle the account for you when I come back!”

A large number of people left in a hurry.

Only Qiaoqiao’s face pale in fright.

“I rely on me! Sheldon actually left with them, what did they say just now? That Feihong brother seems to be very polite to Sheldon!”

In the crowd, although I couldn’t hear what Sheldon said to Fredrick.

But anyone with eyes can tell that Fredrick respects Sheldon.

Wang Xiaoti and the others were a little confused.

“I do not know either!”

Wang Xiaoti said something inwardly.

I don’t know why, just when Sheldon was surrounded by a group of people and left, Wang Xiaoti suddenly felt that Sheldon was particularly handsome and domineering.

Even Wang Xiaoti had a bold guess in his heart.

This guess shook her whole body:

“Could it be that Sheldon is Sheldon?”


how can that be! ?


But at the entrance of the bar, there were a dozen black Rolls-Royce Phantom extended versions parked at the moment.

Sheldon sat in the most central car.

A group of people hurried to a place called Nillen Hotel!

At this moment, Nillen Hotel, in a box.

“No…no, help…help!”

Tenner was violently thrown on the big water bed. She was drunk, she only felt dizzy, and she didn’t have any strength.

Only a little awareness is left.

Is shouting feebly.

“Hahaha! Little beauty, shout, shout, no one will save you even if you break your throat!”

Zhang Dashan took off his shirt and squinted while taking off.

Looking at the stunner on the bed, drooling.

Since he Zhang Dashan has crossed the rivers and lakes, his routines have been many miles away, as long as it is the woman he likes, there is almost no time to run away.

What’s more, this big beauty named Tenner actually beat him in public.

This is simply the first time.

At this moment, Zhang Dashan, in addition to full of desires, also has a pleasure of revenge.

As for Tenner’s best friend Qiaoqiao, hehe, just ask her, is money important or friendship important?

She was in a bar before, just a look in her eyes, she knew what it meant!

After all, she is the biggest investor in the bar that she always publicizes.

“Beauty, I am coming!”

Zhang Dashan was almost drooling, and immediately rushed forward impatiently.

And at this moment.

With a bang.

The hotel door was directly knocked open.

Then, a group of people in black rushed in directly.

“Damn, what are you doing?”

Zhang Dashan was frightened, and hurriedly shrank aside.

However, when he saw Fredrick who walked in, his eyes became flattering.

“Yeah! Fredrick is here, who am I? Haha, the flood rushed into the Dragon King Temple. Doesn’t the family know the family anymore?”

Fredrick’s name in Roston Business District, for Chapman, is definitely an existence under one person and above ten thousand.

This Zhang Dashan often came to Roston, how could he not know that Fredrick was a ruthless person in Roston!

“fu*k your mother, wait until you die!”

Fredrick kicked Zhang Dashan away.

Looking at Tenner, who was seven minutes drunk and three minutes awake on the bed, she couldn’t help but respectfully said:

“Miss Meng, you are frightened. Someone sent us to rescue you!”

After Fredrick finished speaking, he waved his hand.

Immediately, a female doctor came over, and she didn’t know what she had surrounded Tenner, and wiped Tenner’s face with a wet towel.

In less than half an hour, Tenner was already sober for the most part.

“Mr. Lee, thank you!”

Tenner tidied her clothes in shock, and said in surprise:

“Mr. Lee, who asked you to save me?”

Tenner stood up and asked a little nervously and excitedly.

Of course I am excited!

At this critical moment, the famous Fredrick from Roston Business District rushed in with a group of his men to save himself.

And Fredrick was so respectful to himself.

He was instigated by others, indicating that the person who instigated him was even more important.

As for her bubble girlfriend Qiaoqiao, Tenner automatically PASS off.

Faced with such a dangerous situation, she couldn’t get rid of the relationship.

Besides, even if she found her conscience to save herself, she would definitely not be able to make Fredrick treat herself so respectful!

Therefore, the first thing Tenner wakes up is to ask clearly.

“As for who it is, I have nothing to say, but he has explained. If you ask about this, tell you that he is a person who likes the ordinary!”

Fredrick said.

“Ah! Ordinary brother?”

Tenner suddenly realized that she jumped up with excitement.

People who like ordinary people are ordinary brothers?

Moreover, I don’t know any big people at all, except ordinary brother!

In this way, everything seems to be right.

Wasn’t someone guessing what the ordinary little brother is, Sheldon?

Many people do not believe it.

But looking at it now, the only ordinary little brother who can make Fredrick like this is the so-called Sheldon.

This must be the case. Today the bar opened, and the little brother VeilBoy also came to play and saw a scene of himself being bullied.

Therefore, I immediately called to send someone to save myself.

It must be so!

The despair and panic of Tenner just now seemed to disappear completely as this scene happened.

“Miss Meng, I told you that we will send you back to school safely. You should go back first. As for the rest, just leave it to our subordinates!”

Although I don’t know what Tenner has to do with Sheldon, Sheldon is willing to save her. It is not wrong to be careful to please yourself!

Fredrick thought to himself.

“Okay Mr. Chapman, but before I leave, can you do me a favor?”

Tenner glanced coldly at Zhang Dashan in the corner of the wall.

Fredrick nodded: “Say!”

“Let your man, lend me the electric baton in his hand!”

While talking, Tenner glanced coldly at Zhang Dashan’s lower body, causing Zhang Dashan’s heart to fall to the bottom…

“You, you… what are you going to do?”

Chapter 134 How Could The Power Bank Be In This Car


A terrible scream resounded throughout the restaurant. This was definitely the last time a man screamed so generously and powerfully.

Yes, this is the last time for a man!

After doing all this.

Tenner took her bag and walked out of the room.

In the corridors of the hotel, there are neat rows of bodyguards standing on both sides.

Tenner was almost dazzled by excitement.

When I was rescued, I acted vigorously, cool!

When he retaliated, Zhang Dashan didn’t even dare to resist, and he was directly shocked by himself.

And now coming out, two rows of bodyguards stand respectfully, just to wait for themselves.

It’s so cool.

Is this the feeling of getting backing? Is this what it feels like to be with ordinary brother?

Glory and safety.

This is really unmatched by ordinary people!

“Miss Meng, please get in the car!”

At the door, Fredrick personally opened the door for Tenner and invited her into the car.

The entire team left in a mighty force.

Where is Sheldon?

In fact, Sheldon also followed just now. When Fredrick confirmed the room and took people up, Sheldon almost went up.

However, Sheldonsitated.

After going up by himself, she must face to face with Tenner.

What will you say by then?

Isn’t his identity as Sheldon exposed?

What’s the point of hiding yourself for so long?

Besides, Fredrick can handle these things himself.

It didn’t make much sense not to go up by himself, so he explained a few words to Fredrick, and then Sheldon took a taxi and left.

That’s why Fredrick told Tenner that paragraph.

“Mr. Chapman, thank you for today’s affairs. I will tell VeilBoy about your hard work!”

In the car, Tenner tilted Erlang’s legs and said to Fredrick in the co-pilot.

The voice was no longer as polite as before, but it was a bit holding.

Hehe, Fredrick is so awesome, he is just the Ma Tsai of ordinary little brother, if he treats him so respectfully, wouldn’t it be a price cut?

“Thank you Miss Meng! Also, please inform Chen now… Mr. VeilBoy, we can also complete the task!”

Fredrick could only laugh with him.

After Tenner uttered, she thought that she had forgotten to contact VeilBoy because she was excited.

I opened Instagram and started chatting with VeilBoy.

“Popular brother, did you save me? Love you, love you to death!”

Sheldon, who didn’t drive Tenner’s car, left the car at the bar and returned to the dorm to rest. After receiving the Instagram message from Tenner, she knew that she was completely fine, so she was relieved and replied. word.

“You are so touched today that I don’t know what to say? Well, I won’t say anything to thank you, ordinary brother, remember that becoming your woman in the future is my goal for Tenner!”

Tenner excitedly typed this sentence and sent it over.


Inside the dorm, Sheldon directly uttered a shocked roar.

“Ah? What’s up, Sheldon? Sleeping in a daze?”

“It’s okay, just startled! I fell asleep, tired!”

Sheldon fell asleep.

“Miss Meng, school is here!”

Fredrick walked down to open the car door for Tenner.

Tenner snorted before getting off the car.

As for Sheldon, who took her to the bar, she seemed to have forgotten about it.

In fact, when he first left the hotel, Tenner thought of Sheldon.

His car key is still in his hand.

He also planned to let Fredrick send someone over to pick him up.

But then I thought about it, Sheldon’s kind of LOW goods, if you let others know that he is his own student, how shameless?

Therefore, Tenner didn’t notify Sheldon, and planned to send Sheldon a text message after he got home, asking him to take a taxi back.

As for his car, he still don’t drive!

A look of disgust!


When Tenner got out of the car, she seemed to be squeezed by something, touching her butt in pain and grinning.

“What’s this in your car? It hurts!”

Tenner said bitterly.

Afterwards, Tenner was dumbfounded by digging under her ass. Damn it! It’s actually a power bank!

“You are such a luxurious car, what are you doing with such a broken power bank! Don’t throw it away!”

Tenner took it down, very angry, and the image of a lady almost disappeared.

When I lift it up, I want to throw it directly into the trash can.

But then she stopped.

“Hi? No! This power bank?”

Tenner’s eyes widened, and she took a closer look at the moonlight.

Suddenly took a breath.

“Gosh, isn’t this your own power bank?”

Yes, this is my own power bank. I bought it for more than 300 dollar.

Why is it so sure? Because this power bank also posted a photo of yourself!

If it weren’t for the photo of her own photo, Tenner didn’t think about it elsewhere.

This power bank is usually placed in the car.

When I went to the bar this afternoon, didn’t Sheldon’s cell phone run out of power, so he lent him the power bank and let him use it all the time.

But… how could this power bank come to Laozi Royce’s car in a daze?

Did you accidentally drop it?

how is this possible? Today Sheldon only met with himself, and did not rely on himself for more than one meter.

Even if he secretly returned it to himself, it was impossible at all!

Besides, he will pay it back, how could he secretly?

In other words, this did not fall by itself at all.

But Sheldon did not know what was going on and left the power bank in the car…

The more I thought about it, the whiter Tenner’s face became.

But why did Sheldon appear in this car?

What is his identity?

This…what’s going on?

Is it…?

Tenner felt her head noisy.

“Mr. Chapman, I want to ask you, do you know Sheldon?”

As if thinking of some possibility, Tenner asked with wide eyes.

“I don’t know, what’s the matter?”

Fredrick replied subconsciously, and at the same time Tenner suddenly called out Sheldon’s name, making Fredrick a little nervous.

“O’ao, it’s like this. Sheldon is one of my students. I lent this power bank to him in the afternoon, but why did you run into your car?”

“Yes, this is the power bank you lent to Sheldon. How could it appear in my car?”

Fredrick swallowed without a trace.

How did it appear?

It must be Sheldon who accidentally left the power bank in the car when he left!

“I ask you, Mr. Chapman!”

Tenner seemed eager to know the answer.

“O’ao, it’s like this. When we got you in trouble, we went to the bar to find you. But, we didn’t see you, so we asked around and looked around, wanting to know what you look like, and finally someone said, photo stickers. The picture above is yours, so I took the power bank with me…”

Fredrick is an absolutely upright tough guy doing things. It is really hard for him to tell a man like him to lie.

“O’ao, I understand!”

Tenner weighed the power bank in his hand, and it seemed that Sheldon gave it to him.

Then he said goodbye to Fredrick and went upstairs by himself.

But the more I thought about it when I went back, it always made Tenner feel that something was wrong.

Fredrick seems to have lied, and, in the last paragraph, it looks like that, but it is full of loopholes, OK?

wrong! ! !

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