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Chapter 11: Why Are You Suddenly Rich

Sheldon could hear that the photos she was talking about should just be an excuse for herself.

In fact, Sheldon really didn’t want to see Marcella.

He was heartbroken for the girl he once loved.

But it must be a lie to say that he didn’t feel anything towards her.

Hearing Marcella’s voice at the moment, Sheldon relented and agreed.

He got up and found out the photos he carefully cherished from his cupboard. They were taken by Marcella and Sheldon by the small lake on the campus.

At that time Marcella held her arm affectionately, and Sheldon also smiled sweetly.

But now that it has developed into this, Sheldon’s heart is aching.

At this time, Sheldon saw that he had withdrawn one hundred thousand dollar from the bank early this morning.

Actually, when he withdrew the money today, Sheldon wanted to take the money and spend it with vengeance.

But now it seems that he is a little too naive.

He doesn’t need cash at all, just the older sister’s cards can do anything!

It is not a solution to put so much money in the dorm. What should I explain if I let them see it?

Over the years, because of my poverty, I have these sincere buddies.

Now, telling the truth, Sheldon feels that he will lose something!

“Go down and see Marcella, and deposit the money back by the way! Alas!”

Sheldon couldn’t find the bag for a while, so he took a black garbage bag from the dorm, packed the money, and went downstairs with a picture of Marcella!

Campus small lake.

“Little Sheldon, over here!”

As soon as Sheldon walked over, Marcella waved on her heels and Sheldon far away.

Just like when you were in love before.

In fact, today, Marcella is the most uncomfortable.

You know, this morning, Sheldon bought a 360,000 dollar bag as soon as he shot it!

Three hundred sixty thousand!

How long do ordinary people earn?

Especially since he just dumped Sheldon, he became so rich! It is not a taste to make Marcella think.

That’s why she remembered that she wanted to use the photo with Sheldon as an excuse.

“What’s the matter?” Sheldon felt sad, but when he saw Marcella, he was still cruel.

Marcella glanced at the black garbage bag Sheldon was holding.

Suddenly said: “I thought you came to see me, you have to get something else!”

Marcella was a little disappointed.

She was still imagining that Sheldon was standing in front of her holding the 360,000 dollar brand-name bag, begging her for a reunion scene.

Unexpectedly, he would throw a trash when he came down.

Sheldon took out the photo: “Marcella, I will return the photo to you. Starting today, the two of us have no connection at all!”

Sheldon originally wanted to take photos as memories, but now it seems that he doesn’t need it anymore!

Marcella was a little anxious. She stomped her feet fiercely and hammered Sheldon in the chest again.

“You, idiot, you are such a idiot! Humph, do you think I asked you to come down because I wanted to ask you for a photo?”

Sheldon made a surprised look: “What is that?”

“Oh, how can you understand, Sheldon, you don’t think I really have something with that Chad?”

Marcella said:

“Fool, these are actually tests for you!”

“Test?” Sheldon smiled bitterly.

Running to the grove, you feel breathless again and again, but in the end it is a test of yourself?

Sheldon didn’t want to say anything.

“Test whatever you want, I’ll return you the photo, and I will owe you nothing from now on, goodbye!”

Sheldon shook his head, turned and left.

“You, you, Sheldon, stop for me. If you don’t stop, I will jump into the lake from here!”

Marcella didn’t expect that Sheldon, who used to listen to her words and thought about her own feelings, would become so indifferent now.

She was cruel, and she stood towards the lake as expected.

Sheldon knew she wanted to lie to herself again.

I wanted to go straight away.

However, seeing Marcella’s figure slanted, she fell towards the lake.

Sheldon’s eyelids twitched fiercely.

He rushed over and hugged Marcella.

Tears in Marcella’s eyes crossed, “Don’t stop me, if you don’t believe me, just let me die, let me die!”

Sheldon took a breath, and to be honest, he really didn’t believe Marcella.

Especially today, I learned the whole story from that Harold’s mouth.

But now Marcella jumped into the lake again in search of death, still playing it for real.

Sheldon couldn’t say anything. At the same time, he was a little moved. He said hurriedly, “I’m done, I believe you!”

Marcella broke her tears into a smile: “I know, you love my Little Sheldon! I jumped into the lake, not because you bought the bag today, nor because you have money or not, but because it proves that I treat you. Love is real!”

“From beginning to end, Marcella, I am not a person who loves money, otherwise we would not talk for so long!”

Sheldon didn’t say anything.

At this time, Marcella looked at Sheldon suspiciously: “By the way, Sheldon, I am really curious, why are you so rich all of a sudden? You actually spent 360,000 to buy a bag?”

Marcella couldn’t help but asked.

Sheldon knew she would definitely ask.

But right now, Sheldon is no longer the one who said everything to Marcella.

Similarly, Sheldon wanted to test Marcella.

“Oh, it’s like this. I rescued a little girl who was hit by a car on the street a few days ago. I didn’t expect that the little girl’s family was very financially rich, but because of the rush, they gave me a one-off The shopping card! Said it is very valuable, and expressed their gratitude!”

Marcella’s beautiful eyes turned:

“In other words, that Supreme Shopping Card is a one-time use, it will be used up?”

Sheldon nodded.

“Then that… that bag, if that bag is sold, it will definitely be worth a lot of money!”

Marcella was a little disappointed.

She really thought Sheldon got rich overnight.

But when I think about it, there are 360,000 bags.

Sheldon said, “Wrap me as a birthday present for Kristine!”

“What?!!!” Marcella was shocked: “You gave away the 360,000 dollar package? In other words, you have nothing now?”

Sheldon nodded:

“Sheldon, I didn’t expect you to be so uninterested in money, and you really love me, Sheldon, we…”

Sheldon wanted to pull Marcella’s hand as he spoke.


“fu*k you, who really loves you as a poor man!”

And Marcella, who knew everything, went up and gave Sheldon a mouthful.

“Damn, I wasted so much time that I almost jumped into the lake! Stupid, you idiot!”

Marcella shouted at Sheldon disgustingly.

Ha ha……

Sheldon looked at Marcella like this, completely giving up.

It turned out that this is Marcella’s true face?

“Sheldon, I am completely disappointed in you…” Sheldon almost had tears in his eyes.

How good two people used to be.

“You poor love is disappointed and not disappointed, waste my time, fu*k you, people like you should pick up the trash!”

In order to vent his anger, Marcella grabbed the garbage bag in Sheldon.

Just want to throw it at Sheldon’s face.

As a result, one hundred thousand dollar was thrown so hard.

All red banknotes!

“Huh? This…”

Marcella’s eyes widened, staring at the scene in disbelief…

Chapter 12: This Bag Is Real

Marcella saw the money scattered all over the place.

Suddenly confused.

She never dreamed that Sheldon’s garbage bag was actually a pile of money?

“Huh? The money…”

Marcella’s face hurts fiercely: “Sheldon, where did you get the money?”

Sheldon ignored Marcella.

Instead, he squatted down and gathered the 100,000 dollar again:

“What do you care about this? Just like you said, I am not good enough for you!”

After speaking, Sheldon turned and left.

Marcella was impatient.

If Sheldon had no money to break up and broke up, even if he bought a bag with a one-time shopping card and he gave it away, Marcellada felt it was a pity, so forget it.

She Marcella won’t regret it too much!

But now, Sheldon actually has one hundred thousand in cash…

“Sheldon, stop for me, today you must explain this matter, or I will call it!”

Marcella jumped anxiously.

She must figure it out.

I don’t know why, she is especially afraid that Sheldon will become rich, especially afraid!


Ha ha.

Sheldon smiled bitterly: “Just do whatever you like?”

“Ah! Come here, some people are strong women! Someone is strong*!”

Marcella actually shouted.

Although it is getting late, there are still many campus couples who come out to play together on campus.

Hearing the sound, they all looked towards the lake.


Sheldon complained for a while, he would never have thought that Marcella would scold him for being strong.

“Marcella, what do you want? I’m afraid of you, okay?” Sheldon hurried back and asked Marcella to shut up.

“Huh, Sheldon, I only want you to tell me what is going on with this 100,000 dollar? You have to tell me!”

Marcella frowned.

Now Sheldon has no hope for this woman.

I don’t want to have anything to do with her again.

How about continuing to tell a lie and let her give up?

“Oh, this one hundred thousand dollars is to be returned to others. Didn’t I save the girl before? They gave me ten thousand dollars in addition to that very expensive card, but They played too much at the time, so they gave 100,000, and I am going to return 90,000 back!”

Sheldon said sincerely.

And Marcella finally understood it thoroughly.

First, this Sheldon is not good at lying at all.

Second, if Sheldon really got rich overnight, as he had guessed, how could he still dress like this now?

He doesn’t look like a nouveau riche…

And after Sheldon’s explanation.

Everything seems very logical.

“I understand, that is to say, you have nothing more than ten thousand dollars now!”

Marcella took a deep breath, and finally let go of her hanging heart.

“If it’s okay, then I will leave!”

After Sheldon finished speaking, he left with one hundred thousand dollar.

“Hmph, the poor will always be the poor, or go back to my Chad!” Looking at Sheldon’s back with contempt, Marcella left angrily…

After Sheldon went to save the money, he didn’t feel happy.

Marcella changed, he didn’t recognize him at all.

Marcella, Marcella.

If you really didn’t care about your bag or your money just now, even if you can continue to install it.

I, Sheldon, will also promise you. Now, not only do I have 10,000 dollar in my body, but I have countless 10,000 dollar in my body!


Sighing, Sheldon was about to go back.

At this time, the phone rang.

It was from Kristine.

“Sheldon, do you eat cake? If you eat, come downstairs in our girls’ dorm and I will send you downstairs!”

Kristine has always cared about Sheldon.

How should I say, Kristine and Sheldon are at the same table, and they are together with Sheldon, Kristine feels very relaxed and happy.

You can also talk to Sheldon.

Unlike other stinky boys, as long as they are with girls, they have the purpose of having sex, and they feel disgusting when they think about it.


“Cake? I’m not eating anymore…”

Sheldon laughed. For his only female friend, Sheldon is also very rare.

“Okay, okay, no matter what happened today, Sheldon, we are both good friends. I like the bag you bought for me too!”

The two said a few more words, and then Kristine hung up the phone.

At this moment, many people came to her dorm, all her friends.

“I said Kristine, what do you do to such a person so well!”

“Shelly, I know you look down on Sheldon, but you believe me, he is really not the kind of person you imagine!”

Shelly also came.

To say that the most uncomfortable mood today is Shelly.

I wanted to find a suitable male friend to get to know, but I first encountered a dick like Sheldon and then a short-lived scum like Harold.

Thinking of the embarrassing situation of being stopped at the villa but unable to get in.

Oops, it’s so uncomfortable.

She felt that her bad luck started from getting to know that Sheldon!

So at the moment, I am very contemptuous of Sheldon.

“There is this bag. I don’t think about this bag. I don’t think Sheldon is disgusting!”

Shelly saw that Kristine was still holding that fake bag as a baby.

Angrily took it and threw it into the trash can.

Kristine is going to pick it up.

“Kristine, happy birthday!!!”

At this time, the door of the dorm opened, and some good sisters in the dorm next door also came in with a big cake.

“Ah, beauty Marcella! You are here!”

Kristine hurriedly said hello.

And the roommate Marcella who came in with Marcella.

I saw Marcella. Although Kristine didn’t contact Marcella very much because of Sheldon, she still greeted her with a smile.

“Ah! I said Kristine, why don’t you have so many gifts? You threw such a beautiful bag in the trash can? Oh my god, or Urbane Hitch?”

At this time, Elsa said jokingly.

Elsa is definitely a goddess level, and Shelly can definitely be regarded as two beautiful red flowers in the entire dorm.

Shelly looked at Elsa, whose temperament was not weaker than his own, and couldn’t help but feel striving for beauty.

“Huh, what about Urbane Hitch? This is just a poorly bought fake, and it’s disgusting to see it!”

Shelly frowned.

And seeing this bag, Marcella standing next to Elsa’s face changed directly.

She naturally recognized that this was the bag Sheldon bought for 360,000 dollar in the morning!

After seeing it, she still felt uncomfortable.


Elsa picked up the bag and looked through it carefully.

After a while, she suddenly appeared surprised, and suddenly turned the bag over!

“This… doesn’t seem to be a fake, but a genuine one!”

“Authentic?” A group of girls in the dorm were suddenly surprised: “How could it be possible that Sheldon’s poor man, how could it be possible to give the original?”

“Huh, this bag is a classic, and the market costs more than 300,000 dollar!”

Shelly also contemptuously said.

I don’t know why, Shelly’s heart jumped fiercely when Elsa said the genuine product just now.

“It’s really genuine. I’ve personally touched it before. This texture is incomparable to those fakes. We have it in the Urbane Hitch luxury store at the entrance of our school. It happens that I have the phone number of the manager there. If you don’t believe it, we can. Ask her to check on her behalf. Has this collector’s edition been released?”

Elsa held it in her hand very cherished.

These words made all the girls open their mouths.

With that, Elsa was about to call.

“No need to fight…” At this moment, Marcella frowned and stood up. To be honest, if it weren’t for this step, she would never want to tell the truth, because Sheldon bought the most expensive thing, 360,000 dollar. , Actually gave it to someone else!

But Elsa was about to call, so Marcella would just say it directly:

“This bag is indeed real. When Sheldon bought the bag this morning, Chad and I… were both present! He paid 360,000 dollar on the spot!”



The atmosphere of the entire dorm was frozen!

Chapter 13

At the moment, Marcella told the girls in the dorm what had happened this morning.

“It’s actually true! Three hundred and sixty thousand bags, my God!”

“Sheldon, a poor ghost, has been living on poverty subsidies issued by our department. I didn’t expect to have such good luck to get a shopping card like this!”

“Damn, if Sheldon is willing to give me this bag, I would be willing to spend the night with him!”

“One night? If Sheldon gave me this 360,000 package, I would be willing to be disheveled by him for a month!”

“Oh, I’m ashamed!”

Although everyone knows that Sheldon’s card is a one-time use, it is clear that the 360,000 Urbane Hitch is still a big shock to everyone.

Even if you sell this bag, it is worth at least two to three million.

This is all money!

Shelly’s face was very ugly at this moment.

She never thought that Sheldon would buy a 360,000 dollar bag as a birthday present for Kristine.

Thinking of my contempt for him today, as well as the envy and admiration of many girls for this Urbane Hitch at this moment.

Shelly always has a feeling of being played around.

She was even more angry.

“Haha, even if it’s really 360,000, doesn’t Sheldon know that shopping cards of that level can be resold? Now it’s a good idea, just use it directly. This can only show that this person’s mind There are bubbles in it! Humph!”

Shelly said.

Marcella also nodded: “Yes, Sheldon definitely has a problem with his brain!”

“Haha, don’t be sore there, don’t worry about it, these three hundred and six hundred thousand famous bags were given to Kristine by Sheldon, Kristine, you must treat him, three hundred and six hundred thousand!”

Elsa giggled.

She has a very good temperament, and she is not only a beauty vase, but a live broadcaster.

It can be said that I have seen a lot of the world.

“Yes, yes, Kristine must be a treat!”

“Kristine, and this bag, can you lend me one day, just one day!”

All the girls begged.

Kristine was shocked now. Why should I borrow it? The first thing she thought of was that Sheldon might not know the origin of the card, and the shopping guide was fooled.

After all, Sheldon has never touched the level of this luxury.

“No, I have to return this bag to Sheldon. Once it is sold, it will be at least more than 200,000 dollar in cash, which is enough for him to end his life in the university carefree!”

Kristine thinks differently from others, she is most worried about Sheldon’s future life problems.



Unexpectedly, as soon as they finished speaking, Marcella and Shelly almost spoke in unison.

Marcella thought to herself, if it was returned to Sheldon, wouldn’t Sheldon have two or three hundred thousand in cash? Marcella didn’t want to see this situation.

After Sheldon was dumped by himself, he was not as good as a talented person.

How could such a leisurely life be possible?

However, Shelly simply disliked Sheldon.

“Kristine, he gave you this, why should you give it back to the poor?”

Shelly frowned.

Elsa smiled and said:

“Such a Urbane Hitch bag, you can’t waste it! I want to start the live broadcast and show it to my babies! Kristine, don’t you mind?”

Kristine nodded with a smile.

Although she agreed, she already wanted to understand that by tomorrow, she would have to return the bag to Sheldon, and take him with him to return it to the luxury store.

Even if the original price is not available, 100,000 dollar is better than this!

“Crack, click!”

A group of girls in the dorm have also rushed over to take pictures.

Finally, the bag was in the hands of Elsa.

The same city live broadcast on her mobile phone has already started.

“Hello babies, I haven’t seen you for a day, Marcella missed you again. Besides, today I will bring the babies late-night benefits, so many beauties! What!”

Elsa smiled cutely.

In an instant, the popularity of the live broadcast room reached 3,000 people.

Elsa has been broadcasting live for a year.

Because it is live broadcast in the same city, the main fans are all from classmates, and even from the entire Roston University students, a very small number of people in society.

As soon as Elsa appeared, the discussion in the live broadcast room instantly became lively.

“Damn! It really is a welfare, there are too many beauties, I like that tall girl with red hair!”

“Wow, who is the tall red-haired girl, please Instagram!”

“I’m going, Marcella actually knew the goddess Shelly from the broadcast host department?”

“Shelly, the Mass Communication department, don’t thank you for taking it away!”

On the side, Shelly, who had always been a little cold, asked his name again when he saw the public screen.

The depressed mood of being compared by Elsa just now improved a lot.

To the fans on the public screen, he nodded slightly.

“Hmph, don’t the babies just look at other beauties, don’t you like to see me? Hmph, so sad!”

Elsa rubbed his eyes and made an aggrieved expression.

By the way, a pop-up window was sent from the crowd at home.

“How come, it’s my wife, a piece of love!”

At this time, the live broadcast room prompts:

The top rich and young Steven is now online!

The super rich little Dong has been online!


Many classmates saw Elsa’s pop-up prompts all coming.

Even Sheldon’s roommate Vern, the head of the room, came over.

Elsa is a big beauty. When broadcasted, she is very s*xy, and she can sult her.

Is the dream lover of many boys.

But in the same way, Elsa’s vision is also surprisingly high.

Chad and Dawson in the next class had both pursued them before, but they undoubtedly failed. This is why Chad and Dawson are all in Elsa’s family.

Have spent a lot of money.

“Baby, you love others, I’m almost crying, won’t you give me some gifts? Look, I let you see so many beauties at once!”

Elsa said aggrieved.

Sheldon’s roommate Vern, who has always been in love with Elsa.

At this time, ten roses were delivered in one breath.

The price of a rose is one dollar.

“Wow, thank you Vern, okay!”

Vern: “The goddess is so beautiful. By the way, isn’t the bag you took as a gift from Sheldon to Kristine?”

At this time, Vern typed on the public screen.

Immediately aroused heated discussion:

“Damn, I haven’t found out yet, is it Urbane Hitch, or is it a collection of three hundred thousand bags?”

“I’m so awesome, are you being taken care of, oh! My little heart!”

Dawson: “Hehe, this should be what Chad told me. Sheldon got a one-time shopping card, and he bought a bag for Kristine, right? Haha, I’m so funny!”

Netizen: “I’m going, it’s brain-dead!”

Obviously, Marcella had already told Chad about this, and Chad had told Dawson and the others.

The next topic revolved around Sheldon.

Chad: “Hehe, I really stimulated a lot of fools today. Marcella, who hurt me, even had a fight for a whole day, and this night was wasted for nothing!”

But Vern saw that they all satirized Sheldon.

In order to change the subject, he brushed up ten roses one after another.

Dawson: “Damn, Vern, what does your broken gift show up here? Is the rose embarrassed to brush it?”

Just finished typing.

Dawson: “Send a rocket!”

A rocket, one hundred dollars.

“Dawson sent a rocket!”


“Dawson sent a rocket!”

Five consecutive brushes!

Elsa was already boiling, and even Marcella, Shelly and others were slightly excited. It was too easy to make this money.

Not to be outdone, Chad directly sent ten consecutive brushes.

One thousand dollar.

He wanted to wipe out all the bad luck he got from Sheldon today.

A hint of pride flashed across Marcella’s face, this is her husband!

Dawson: “Haha, Vern, your dorm is combined with Sheldon. It’s simply the Big Six. Come on, do you want to compare in the live broadcast room? I’ll let you do the same with me!”

Vern was suffocated.

At the same time, Sheldon dorm.


Sheldon sneezed heavily, and then he woke up when he fell asleep.

Only then did I see that the messages in my class group were one after another, all in chaos.

When I opened it, I discovered that the class group was actually discussing about buying a bag by myself, and also talking about Elsa’s live broadcast.

Even the beauty mentor Laura cursed a fool.

what’s the situation?

Sheldon was dumbfounded, was he shot while lying down?

Seeing the discussion in the class, Sheldon thought that it should be Elsa’s live broadcast.

Think of yourself as live content?

Thinking of this, Sheldon hurriedly downloaded a live broadcast in the same city.

Then I found Elsa’s live broadcast room.

It happened to see that Dawson, Chad, and their dog-legs were mocking their roommates who were in their early days!

“Are the six poor?”

Sheldon smiled coldly…

Chapter 14

Just when Chad and Dawson were pretending to be aggressive in the live broadcast room.

“VeilBoy sent on an international cruise ship!”

“VeilBoy sent on an international cruise ship!”

“VeilBoy sent on an international cruise ship!”


Direct ten consecutive brushes!

And the price of a cruise ship is one thousand dollar!


Elsa in the live broadcast room covered her mouth in surprise.

“Brother VeilBoy, what! Brother VeilBoy, I love you!”

Elsa cheered.

The girls in the entire dorm also looked towards the public screen.

One shot is ten thousand, which is too rich.

Both Shelly and Marcella were slightly surprised.

I’ve heard of live streaming to make money a long time ago, and I have seen it thoroughly today.

“Brother VeilBoy, are you from our school? Which department?”

At this time, many beauties came up to ask.

At the same time, Chad and Dawson in the live broadcast suddenly languished.

They have 10,000 dollar, and each of them has a living allowance of 20,000 to 30,000.

But if you swipe 10,000 down all at once, this rich person must be several times more than their face.

Almost no limelight can be earned!

Don’t mention Elsa’s excitement: “Yes, Brother VeilBoy, I also want to know, which department are you from?”

Ordinary: “I am from the English Language Department!”

“Huh? English Language Department? Isn’t that our department!”

“Apart from Chad and Dawson, who else is such a tyrant?”

“I haven’t heard of it!”

The beauties were surprised.

If it really is, then you have to dress up in the department carefully in the future. What if you get the favor of this ordinary brother?

“Brother VeilBoy, which class are you in? I don’t know if you have a girlfriend? If not, I can introduce it to you!”

At this time, Marcella couldn’t help but walk up to chat.

First of all, she is also an extremely beautiful beauty.

Long legs, net red face.

I also thought about making money from live broadcasts, and hooking up with a rich person can also prepare for the future.

She couldn’t help but asked curiously.

Ordinary: “No girlfriend!”

“VeilBoy sent on an international cruise ship!”

“VeilBoy sent on an international cruise ship!”


Boom boom boom.

It is five consecutive brushes.


Elsa is almost crazy.

All the people present also took a breath.

Elsa excitedly said: “Brother VeilBoy, if you don’t have a girlfriend, I can find it for you. We are all in the same department. Have you seen these beauties behind me? Of course, Elsa, you want Which Austrian?”

Elsa actually regretted starting the live broadcast in front of so many beautiful women.

Sharing a boyfriend is very awkward.

Sharing the rich persons also made Elsa a little uncomfortable.

Moreover, she glanced at the ordinary account, and after only a while, she was already a supreme member.

It shows that he has recharged at least one hundred thousand dollar! This icon is only available.

If it is convenient, Elsa is really going to have a private live broadcast for VeilBoy alone!

It’s just that there are so many beauties, so many beauties, and the interactive effect is still excellent.

“Brother VeilBoy, what do you think, which one do you want to be your girlfriend?”

Marcella teased.

“Is there a boyfriend behind you?”

Ordinary typing.

And behind Elsa is naturally Marcella.

“Ah! I, I, I… You guessed it, ordinary brother?”

Marcella swallowed in surprise.

But she knew that Chad might still be in the live broadcast room, so she didn’t act too explicit.

“VeilBoy sent an international cruise ship!”

“VeilBoy sent an international cruise ship!”


It’s him again.

At the same time, the management of the live broadcast platform immediately captured the hotness of this live broadcast room because of the intensive use of the 20th consecutive international cruise ship.

It was promoted on the homepage, and more and more schoolmates joined in.

The popularity has reached more than five thousand.

VeilBoy typed at this time: “I don’t guess, just tell me!”

Marcella took a deep breath, her pretty face flushed: “I…”

She just wanted to gritted her teeth and said no.

Elsa was very jealous and said, “Huh, she has. Her husband is Chad who just used the rocket!”

Marcella blushed, thinking Elsa, what’s so great about you. When you look back, you can also broadcast the live broadcast yourself to see whose popularity is high.


Ordinary: “Hehe, the Rockets are too embarrassed to take it out? By the way, your bag looks worth a lot, more than 360,000? Someone gave you it? That person seems to be the real rich person!”

Elsa raised her Urbane Hitch in her hand.

“Brother VeilBoy, do you also think this bag looks good?”

Elsa then began to show off the bag.

At this time, standing beside Elsa, Shelly said without a word:

“Brother VeilBoy, you have misunderstood. The person who gave the package is not a rich person, but a dick from your English Language department!”

When I heard someone actually misunderstood that Sheldon was a rich person.

Shelly quickly explained it to others almost subconsciously!

“poor? If in the future you find out that the person who gave you the bag is not poor? Or a real rich person, what will you do? You know, people are not good-looking!”

Said ordinary.

Shelly said:

“Brother VeilBoy, you are very mature, but that person is really an out-and-out dick! As for what’s going on with this bag, that’s a long story!”

I don’t know why, I just chatted with the rich person VeilBoy through the public screen.

Shelly had a feeling in his heart.

That is this ordinary, very mature and stable. Although he is a rich person, he is definitely not the very dull and rich second generation.

If it is convenient, Shelly really wants to meet.

“VeilBoy sent on an international cruise ship!”


It is five consecutive brushes again.

The scene was shocking again.

“Brother VeilBoy, let’s add a Instagram account for the two of us. From now on, will Elsa broadcast it to you every day?”

Excited Elsa hurriedly said to the public screen.

But after a long time I didn’t see VeilBoy’s answer, and looking at it again, it turned out that VeilBoy was offline!

Elsa sighed dejectedly. But she brushed 20,000 dollar.

Elsa was already very excited.

At the same time, many girls in the dorm have already downloaded this live broadcast software and found the rich person in the Elsa live broadcast room, and want to chat privately…

Including Marcella…

Male dorm.

Sheldon listened to Dawson in the dorm next door constantly yelling at being rich.

He threw the phone aside lazily, with an unspeakable bitter smile on his lips.

Sure enough, as long as you have money, everything is right!

As long as you have no money, everything is ugly!

Ha ha……

The ordinary just now is naturally Sheldon.

Seeing Chad and Dawson pretending to be coercion inside, and insulting himself and his roommates, Sheldon charged 150,000 in.

Sure enough, the two people shut up.

Hearing that Dawson, who is next door, is still scolding, it is probably because his pride has been hurt…

And just now, he deliberately tried Marcella.

Unexpectedly, Marcella didn’t really let herself down, she turned into a realistic girl who greeted vanity.

Sheldon, completely gave up on her! Really tired, Sheldon continued to sleep.

the next day.

Roommate Vern ran back to the dorm to sleep over the wall at 5 o’clock this morning.

Because they are going to class today, they rushed to the teaching building after breakfast.

“Sheldon, stop for me!”

As a result, as soon as she left the cafeteria, she was sternly shouted by a girl!

Chapter 15 The Idea of ​​Buying a Car

Sheldon heard the voice and turned his head.

I saw a tall, white-skinned beauty wearing denim tight cropped trousers and small high heels standing in front of Sheldon.

She hugged her shoulders and looked at Sheldon with contempt:

“Sheldon, you are really okay. While holding the subsidy given to you by our department, you actually bought a luxury product of 300,000 dollar? I tell you, based on this fact, this year’s student subsidy Don’t want subsidies!”

She said coldly.

“Nimra, it was Sheldon who saved people. In order to thank him for the shopping card, why did you cancel Sheldon’s poverty allowance? Is it great if you are the chairman of the student union?”

She chief Vern couldn’t help but say when he looked at the cold-tempered girl in front of him.

“What’s the matter with you? Sheldon’s student subsidy is applied for by our student union every year. It is for his honesty, but it’s okay now. I actually bought a package of 300,000 dollar. Who is in the whole school? I don’t know that there is a big idiot in our department!”

“Just so damage the reputation of the department, this crime is enough to cancel his poverty subsidy!”

Nimra glanced at Sheldon in disgust. Obviously, when Elsa was broadcast live last night, almost everyone knew that Sheldon bought a package!

And she is the chairperson of the student union.

It can also be said to be one of the few chairwoman in the school.

She has a very wealthy family background, and she is pretty good at coming. Almost all the rich and powerful students in the department and school are playing very well.

Teachers in all departments are also very familiar with her.

The typical big sister’s demeanor.

Therefore, for Sheldon, a scumbag who wants money and no power, he doesn’t look at him at all.

However, Sheldon has one characteristic that is obedient. In the past, Nimra used poverty subsidies to let him do this and that.

The other poor students don’t need to act as free labor for Nimra like the subordinates.

This is why Vern can’t understand Nimra.

“Huh, Sheldon, what do you think about this matter?”

Nimra shrugged her shoulders, arrogantly said.

Sheldon frowned. To be honest, he does not need to rely on poverty subsidies anymore.

But in the final analysis, although Nimra has always looked down on and bullied herself, the poverty subsidies in the past did come from her.

Sheldon asked, “What do you want?”

“Huh, how? I tell you, if you want to continue to receive poverty subsidies, you have to do one more thing for me. As for the loss of reputation you brought to our department, I can forget it!”

Nimra was talking about Sheldon buying a bag, and then being scolded by everyone as a fool.

Nimra made her teeth ticklish with hatred when she thought of it.

One is that he hates how lucky he is so poor, and he was given a shopping card like that.

The second one is that Sheldon gave the 360,000 dollar package as a birthday present.

Three hundred and sixty thousand!

If you give it to yourself, it will save you much face.

But Sheldon didn’t say anything to himself. Well, it depends on what you do with your next poverty allowance?

Big silly hat!

Nimra said inwardly.

“What do you want me to do?”

Sheldon’s face was rather calm.

“Simple, next week our department will hold a big event. The venue needs to be cleaned up. Go and clean the venue! In this way, I can continue to apply for your poverty allowance! Tell you Sheldon, don’t say I don’t take care of you! Don’t go to class this morning, I have written all the false notes for you!”

Nimra threw the fake note to Vern and asked him to take it back.

After a faint glance at Sheldon, he stepped on small high heels and left.

“Damn, this woman, is she really bullying!”

Vern cursed.

Roommate Liyan is also very angry: “Don’t be afraid of Sheldon, don’t go, how big the venue is, let Sheldon clean it. Let’s go to class!”

He patted Sheldon on the shoulder.

“But don’t go, how about Sheldon’s poverty subsidy?”

The roommates became a little worried.

Finally, Vern clapped his hands:

“It’s okay, let’s go to the venue together and help Sheldon clean!”

“Ok! This is also a way!”

Several roommates nodded.

Sheldon’s heart felt warm.

Really, this is why Sheldon has suffered humiliation in college in the past three years, but he is still very optimistic.

Because of his poverty, he met a bunch of real brothers.

Brother who really considers himself.

But how could Sheldon let them be punished with him.

To be honest, now Sheldon really wants to tell them all at once that he is actually a rich second generation.

However, Sheldon didn’t know whether this friendship could continue after he said it.

Because in Sheldon’s heart, this kind of feeling is the real wealth!

“Forget it, I can go by myself. It’s not the first time I clean the conference hall. You are not as skilled as I am. Going will be unhelpful!”

After thinking about it, Sheldon decided not to reveal his identity for the time being, go!

Said jokingly now.

After speaking, he walked towards the conference hall.

“Sheldon, why did you come here? What a special offer? Buying a bag is great?”

As soon as Sheldon entered, he heard Nimra’s cold contempt.


As soon as this remark came out, many boys and girls rehearsing in the venue suddenly laughed.

Because there will be a show next week.

So Nimra led a performance team in the department to rehearse here.

“Don’t say that. After all, someone who can afford 360,000 packs is not something we can compare!”

“Yes, be careful when you speak, Chairman, after being careful, Sheldon rich person will use money to cry you!”

A group of girls looked at Sheldon and laughed while covering their mouths.

But a group of boys, with strange glances, sneered at Sheldon.

They are actually a little jealous, jealous of Sheldon’s luck.

If these three hundred and sixty thousand dollar were given to them, buying a bag would directly smash Chairman Nimra on the bed!

But Sheldon turned a deaf ear, he didn’t want to say anything.

Now, prepare the broom to clean up the mess they left behind.

“Go away! Don’t be here, do you really think you are a rich person? Big idiot!”

At this moment, a tall boy came over and pushed Sheldon away rudely.

Almost knocked Sheldon down.

His name is Storen. Of course Sheldon knows him. He is the vice chairman of the student union in the department and the captain of the basketball team.

The family is a trader and is very rich.

In the past, Sheldon had not been ridiculed.

“Storen, why did you come?”

Nimra was still cold.

But after seeing Storen, her face instantly improved a lot.

Because Nimra likes Storen’s handsome and handsome style. He plays basketball well, is tall and handsome, and has money at home.

It’s hard not to let girls favor it.

At the same time, many girls from the troupe looked at Storen with cheeks.

“Oh, don’t mention it, I went and modified the car early today!”

Storen took a sip of the mineral water.

“Car? Ah! Did you buy a car?”

Some girls asked in surprise.

“Hehe, just an Audi A6, it’s just a handyman!”

Storen chuckled.


All the beauties are envious.

Even Nimra, who has always had a peculiar eye, is slightly moved at this moment: “Domestic or imported?”

In fact, whether it is domestic or imported, it is quite powerful.

“Imported, my dad’s friend, it’s a drag relationship! It’s a hundred thousand cheaper! Haha!” Storen smiled faintly.

At this moment, even Nimra’s expression was a little strange.

And Sheldon was cleaning aside, and when he heard that he was buying a car, he couldn’t help but listen.

In fact, Sheldon has always had a small dream, that is, to start a car.

No need to consider the brand or something, as long as it is a car!

Why is it a dream? Because in the past, when Sheldon bought a car, he really could only think about it in his dream.

So he listened to their discussion curiously.

At the moment, he was distracted.

I swept the broom under the skirt of a girl sitting under the podium without knowing it.


Until the girl screamed.

Chapter 16

Sheldon accidentally swept the broom on the girl’s feet.

She was wearing a pair of small white shoes, her white calves were picked one by one, and she was listening to Storen talking about cars there.

Is paying full attention.

Unexpectedly, the dirty broom swept her shoes, smearing dust.

I couldn’t help but screamed immediately.

And this voice obviously attracted the attention of StorenNimra and the others.

“Lilla, what’s the matter?”

Nimra hurried over and asked with concern.

Storen rushed over in three steps and two steps.

“it’s okay no problem!”

Lilla tucked up her hair, knelt down slightly, took out the wet wipes, and wanted to wipe the dust off.

But the more you wipe it, the dirtier it gets.

Lilla has a habit of cleanliness, her eyebrows can’t help but frown.

“Sheldon, did you stain Lilla’s shoes?”

Nimra glared at Sheldon immediately.

Aggressive look.

And Storen was full of anger:

“Damn! Do you know how much Lilla’s shoes cost? I can’t afford to sell you!”

After speaking, he came over and grabbed Sheldon by the collar.

“It’s okay! It’s not him!”

Lilla saw that Storen was about to fight, and hurriedly stood up to dissuade him.

In fact, Lilla had been paying attention to Sheldon for a long time, and she found that this person was a little different.

It can be seen that he should be quite poor.

That’s why Storen and the others drank it.

However, Lilla didn’t see the slightest expression of inferiority because of poverty in this person’s eyes, so he was very indifferent.

Especially, Sheldon’s somewhat delicate and sincere face.

It made Lilla want to lose her temper, but she couldn’t express it.

Therefore, Lilla saw that Sheldon was about to be beaten, and hurriedly stood up to dissuade him.

“Lilla, don’t worry about it, at least you have to let this poor force pay you for a pair of shoes!”

Storen said viciously.

Although Lilla is not from the English Language department, but from the Mass Communication department next door.

But she and Nimra are very young.

Today I came here specifically to play.

Storen likes Nimra, but compared to Nimra’s best friend Lilla.

“No, I really don’t need it, I’ll just go back to the dorm and change a pair!”

Lilla said hurriedly.

He also nodded slightly to Sheldon.

“Lucky for you kid!” Storen was quite satisfied with what he showed in front of the two beauties today.

Now he looked at Lilla who was about to leave:

“By the way, Lilla, after you finish changing your shoes, let’s go out and get together. Everyone is tired from rehearsal these days. Today I have a treat, Charm Orchard!”

“Wow! I heard that the fruit salad and steak in it are really delicious, but they are expensive!”

“Chad, we have to go too!”

As soon as they heard the charm of the orchard, all the beauties cheered.

“Success!” Storen clapped his hands.

Nimra pulled Lilla’s arm and smiled, “Lilla, let’s go downstairs in your dorm and wait for you!”

It can be seen that Lilla didn’t want to go.

But just now Storen almost clashed with this man named Sheldon for himself, and everyone was willing.

If you can’t say it by yourself at this time, it’s definitely a disappointment to everyone.

Lilla nodded.

“Okay, I’ll drive! Waiting for you guys!”

Storen’s strategy succeeded, and after a glance at Sheldon, he went out excitedly.

Nimra stared at Sheldon at this time:

“Sheldon, what are you looking at? Why? Do you think you have your share? I tell you, your bursary is not over yet. You will stay with me and clean up the hygiene of the venue, and wait for me to come back. Look, if it’s not clean, hum, just wait and see!”

Oh shit!

Sheldon listened to Storen and Nimra taunting herself in tandem.

In fact, it’s so hot.

But now if I get angry, I can get almost nothing except being beaten up by Storen.

It’s not counseling, it’s really unwise to know that you have to be beaten up.

“Come on, Lilla, let’s take Storen’s A6 and feel it!”

After glancing at Sheldon contemptuously, Nimra took Lilla’s arm and left.

The others also walked out one after another.

One car is definitely not enough. But how they got there, Sheldon didn’t know.

Sheldon was thinking about cleaning up the mess they left behind.

Do I have to start a car?

Just thinking.

When Sheldon finished cleaning, it was almost noon.

At this moment, Sheldon’s cell phone rang.

At first glance, it was Vern, the head of the house, calling.

“Sheldon, are you finished?”

Sheldon nodded: “It’s over!”

“Damn, Nimra is so crazy, if she dared to ask you to apply for bursary this time, our brothers have discussed it, and we will go to the department head together!”

Sheldon felt warm in his heart: “It’s okay to take care of you!”

“By the way, Sheldon, if you are fine now, let our roommates go out for dinner at noon!”

Suddenly, Vern’s conversation turned, especially the last few words, and he spoke a little softly.

There was a sense of embarrassment in the tone.

Sheldon, who is familiar with Vern, would naturally be able to hear it.

This old man is usually very charged.

Why are you talking like this this time?

“Is there someone else?” Sheldon couldn’t help but asked with a wry smile.

“Bingo! Sheldon, do you still remember Kristine’s birthday yesterday, sitting with Shelly, her roommate Elma?”

On his birthday yesterday, all the beauties from Shelly’s dorm came.

Elma Sheldon has some impressions, short hair, and looks like a pure cute style.

However, she is similar to Shelly. Yesterday, she gave Sheldon a blank eye.

Just kept silent, somewhat calm.

“Yes! What? You asked her out?” Sheldon was still a little surprised.

“Hey, when I went back to class this morning, I happened to ran into her on the road. Her mobile phone was lost in the cafeteria, so I went back to help her find it. Fortunately, I was very familiar with several window owners in the restaurant, so I adjusted the monitoring and helped smoothly. She found it!”

“This is fate. Actually, when I met yesterday, I was quite acquainted with her, and then I mustered up the courage to say something, if I want to come out for a meal at noon, she agreed with one bite!”

Vern said with excitement.

To be honest, Sheldon was really happy for Vern when he heard this.

But because of some things with Shelly, Sheldon really didn’t want to stay with Shelly’s friends.

The main reason is that they can’t stand their blank eyes!

“That’s good, or you go, I won’t be a light bulb for you, I wish you success!” Sheldon said with a smile.

“Damn it, fu*k me, Sheldon, you are too unjust, we can all go, besides, Kristine will also go, and there is a particularly important person who will be there, Kristine is sincere this time. If you can really seize the opportunity, you will turn over in an instant!”

Vern also considered for Sheldon.

“A particularly important person?”

Sheldon changed his mind and understood: “Damn, won’t Shelly also go?”

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