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Chapter 197

“Chen… classmate Sheldon?”

Shannon and Bren were taken aback.

No one thought that Sheldon would also come.

And Shannon almost yelled out.

Therefore, this group of rich second generations moved toward Sheldon excitedly.


The people waiting to see the excitement were all startled.

“Um… this is not a big problem. Originally, you all came to play for fun. Besides, none of you need money for repairing the car. Just forget about it, how to play or continue. play!”

Sheldon gave a bitter smile, the matter was over, and he couldn’t help it.

“Yes, Sheldon is right, yes, we were here to find happiness, why have to find this bad luck! Hahaha, then Sheldon, let this matter go, let’s go in for a drink later Two glasses?”

Shannon touched his belly and smiled shyly.

“Okay, I’ll find you over for a drink in a while!”

Sheldon patted Bren and their shoulders with a smile.

“Goodbye Sheldon!”

“Goodbye Sheldon!”


The rest of the rich second-generation generations did not dare to haha ​​with Sheldon and bowed respectfully to say goodbye.

It made the people on the sidelines even more stupid.

What the hell is this?

After waiting until Shannon and the others left like this, many people did not respond.

The first is Li Mei, Wang Liang, Li Mei’s mother and them.

To be honest, from the very beginning, no one took this Sheldon in his eyes. He just thought it was a little cock who was eating and drinking, but he didn’t expect that he knew so many rich and young?

In a few words, just let the rich and the young go?

And those people seem to be afraid of him.

Li Mei and the others were surprised.

Even at this moment, Elma’s mother looked at Sheldon with admiration, and couldn’t help standing closer to Sheldon.

It seems to be telling others, hum, this is my daughter’s boyfriend’s good buddy, not your Li Mei boyfriend’s good buddy, hum!

The most surprising one is Arlene and Rosemarie at this moment!

Yes, it seems to be confirmed by some speculation.

The two girls suddenly paled.

It seems that what happened last time was not accidental, Sheldon was really unusual, it was true!

And it seems to be much better than Ding Hao.

Think about it, those rich and young do not look down on Ding Hao at all, but they are so respectful to Sheldon.

And the little girls are very careful, they can see clearly, just now some rich and young girls bowed to Sheldon and said goodbye!

This is damned!

The atmosphere solidified at once.

Sheldon just smiled awkwardly and said, “Okay, it’s okay, let’s continue playing!”

After finishing speaking, take Vern and the others forward.

“fu*k, who is this young man?”

“I don’t know? It looks pretty awesome!”

“So many young and old look at his face, I guess he is a big man!”

A group of people also started to discuss.

“Sheldon, you… do you drink milk tea? I’ll buy you milk tea…”

One of Li Mei’s best friends said shamefully at this time.

“Thank you, I’m not thirsty!” Sheldon replied.

“Hehe, who do you think you, any girl who buys milk tea for Sheldon, will he drink it?”

Rosemarie glanced at the girl, then handed Sheldon the milk tea that she had not drunk.

“Sheldon, look at you, your lips are a little dry, how can you not be thirsty, you are just too careless, you don’t love yourself at all!”

Rosemarie said actively.

On the surface, it was for that girl, but in fact, he was acting in front of Sheldon.

I had a little misunderstanding with Sheldon before, but now Rosemarie must solve it!

And Sheldon didn’t know what to say.

Fortunately, at this time, his cell phone rang.

It was from Chapman.

“Sorry, you guys have fun first, I’ll answer the phone, and I’ll look for you later!”

Sheldon found an excuse and slipped out.

Came to the lake.

“Sheldon, I would like to ask you for your instructions. I have initially made an investment plan for the investment in your hometown Ping’an County as mentioned by the Huang Ju. One set is a starting investment of 6 billion, and the other is a starting investment of 8. One billion, relatively speaking, eight billion, will also drive a part of the township economy and involve a wider range of areas. What do you mean?”

Chapman asked as soon as he came up.

“Then eight billion dollars, after all, the purpose of agreeing to the Yellow Bureau to do this is to drive the entire urban and rural construction!”

“Okay, I understand Sheldon, I will start the layout immediately!”

After speaking, Sheldon hung up the phone.

Turning back now, ready to go back.

But as soon as he turned his head, Sheldon was stunned.

Because I don’t know when, Shelly actually stood behind him.

And at this moment, she was staring at herself dumbfounded, and it was obvious that Sheldon had heard all the conversation just now.


Shelly started breathing quickly.

Just now, when Sheldon interacted with the group of rich and young, Shelly only expected that his guess might be right.

But at the time, she didn’t say a word.

Instead, he has been paying attention to Sheldon.

Until Sheldon answered the phone just now, God walked over mysteriously.

Shelly quietly followed.

If it weren’t for the quieter scene, Shelly heard it really, it would be hard for her to believe that everything in front of her was real!

Sheldon is rich and young, and almost certain, he is Sheldon!

Eight billion, without blinking!

Shelly is shaking all over!

This guy who was put together by Kristine to become boyfriend and girlfriend from the beginning, and then looked down upon by him, is actually a great god!

“Have you… heard it all?”

Sheldon asked a little awkwardly.

“Hmm, I heard it all!”

Shelly blushed and nodded.

“You are Sheldon, Sheldon who owns countless properties?”

Shelly asked in shock.

“I…I am not, and I don’t have much money, you got it wrong, Huh? Vern called me!”

Sheldon reacted, if he really admitted it, wouldn’t the low-key during this period of time be wasted!

I want to bugger right now.

“Sheldon, I have already heard it, why don’t you admit it?”

But Shelly stood in front of Sheldon.

“Why can’t you tell me the truth? Can you tell me the truth?”

Shelly grabbed Sheldon’s shoulder with red eyes.

“You really got it wrong, I am a poor man!”

Sheldon was speechless.

Now break free and run back.

However, after two steps, Sheldon turned his head and was startled.

Shelly actually walked towards the lake step by step!

Damn it!

“what are you doing?”

Sheldon is really speechless, this is not too similar to Marcella!

He ran over and took Shelly back.

“Let go of me, you let me die, I used to treat you like that, you will never like me again, let me die!”

Shelly is really regretful now and really doesn’t want to live anymore.

But luckily, Sheldon took him back to the shore.

“Sheldon, do you still like me, right? I know, from the very beginning when we met, did you like me?”

Shelly cried his nose and held Sheldon’s arm tightly.

“Um, yes, you looked down on me at first, but I was just hurt by Marcella at that time. When I saw you, I really liked you. I felt that no matter how you look down on me, as long as you can see When I reach you, I am still very excited, but the feeling is long gone. I only have Lilla in my heart. Thank you so much!”

Sheldon can only tell the truth.

At that time, I really liked Shelly for a while, and Sheldon admitted it.

But when Shelly heard this, his heart was not so sad.

She really wanted to say that once, there was a sincere relationship in front of me…

Chapter 198

I Want to Ask You One Thing
After finally getting rid of Shelly, the crowd began to play around at the celebration.

As for Sheldon, he couldn’t bear the inquiries from everyone, so he simply found an excuse to slip away in advance.

Anyway, the goal has been achieved. Elma’s mother now looks at Vern like a baby bump.

Sheldon directly took a taxi back to school.

“Driver, stop!”

But as soon as he arrived at the school gate, Sheldon saw the scene before him and asked the driver to stop the car.

It is almost night now.

I saw a few luxury cars parked on the roadside at the school gate.

And a few boys like ruffians are surrounding a girl who wants to go to school, obviously trying to block her and not let her go.

The girl looked very angry and shook a boy’s mouth.

They have become even more vigorous, and they just have to do it directly.

“Oh, nowadays, some of the small, rich and young, relying on the wealth and power of the family, are no longer lawless, young people, if you are more acquainted, leave it alone. Some people are something we can’t afford to offend!”

The driver also looked over there, and couldn’t help but shook his head with a wry smile.

However, Sheldon directly handed over a one-hundred-hundred-year-old. After saying something, he didn’t need to look for it. He pushed the door and got off the car.

Walked towards the girl who was surrounded.

The driver couldn’t help but glanced at Sheldon’s back with sympathy: “Oh, boy, I hope you are lucky!”

After talking about the accelerator, he drove away.

“Ms. Myla, don’t embarrass us. Our boss said, you must be invited over today and you can have a drink. There is nothing wrong, right?”

Several little ruffians opened their arms and half surrounded Myla.

There are people passing by, but no one dares to care about such things.

“Go away, I don’t know your boss! Why do you want to drink with him!”

Myla cursed coldly.

“Haha, Ms. Myla, our boss is Shen Qiang. You should have heard of it. Speaking of it, you and Brother Lawrance are really fate. Before, Brother Lawrance met you once at a business exchange meeting. I can’t forget, but I can’t find your contact information in a hurry!”

“As a result, the fate is here today. A kid actually has your photo on his phone. When I inquire about it, I really find it. Our strong brother has set up a table for you. If you don’t appreciate your face, we will be over!”

Several ruffians smiled.

“Get out of here, if I don’t want to go, I won’t go, so I will call the police!”

Myla bit her lip and said.

“Ahem, since Ms. Myla is so innocent, we are not welcome, and we can only ask you to come by force, but after you meet our strong brother, you will fall in love with our strong brother, hahaha! “

“Brothers, please get Ms. Myla in the car!”

As the leader of the ruffian finished speaking, two or three younger brothers came directly behind and took Myla’s arm and dragged into the car.

“What are you doing, let me go! Help!”

Myla shouted in panic.

She seems to have heard that Shen Qiang is a very powerful gang-related organization.

And it’s just a wandering boy.

What you have done is as disgusting and disgusting.

Myla didn’t know how he hit her own idea, but once he was caught, the consequences could be imagined!

Struggling in despair right now.

boom! boom! boom! boom!

And at this moment.

Suddenly there were several explosive noises in succession!

Then I saw that three or four ruffians had flowers on their heads.

Full of blood.

The person who rushed through was naturally Sheldon.

After he saw that the girl being molested was Myla, he got out of the car and turned out two thick and strong tree trunks from the side of the road, no matter what it was.

Coming over is a smash hit.

There are five ruffians in total.

In the blink of an eye, Sheldon stunned four of them.

“fu*k, who are you?”

The leader of the ruffian panicked, and immediately said in surprise.

“I killed you so much!”

If Sheldon didn’t say anything, he would fight when he went up.

And the ruffian seemed to fight often, and when he touched the bricks from the ground, he fought with Sheldon.

But in the end, he couldn’t beat Sheldon and fled in embarrassment.

“Sheldon, you, you… are you okay!”

Myla was also terrified.

“I’m fine!”

Sheldon wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth.

“Ah! Your head seems to be bleeding!”

Myla suddenly said nervously.

Maybe he didn’t notice just now, Sheldon’s forehead was scratched.

It was sneak attacked by that kid.

“It’s just a small wound, why did they come to pester you?”

Sheldon wiped the wound on his face, and it was the first time that he fought like this today.

Thanks to his strength, Sheldon didn’t care, and greeted him to death.

“I don’t know. I just came back today. Then they first called me to harass me, and then they came to the school to stop me. They had to go to dinner with that Shen Qiang. I didn’t know him, and I didn’t know who made it. I gave him my contact information!”

Myla looked at Sheldon who was fighting for herself, and she was touched in her heart.

He said with red eyes.

“It seems to be Cohen’s bastard!”

Sheldon murmured in his heart.

Of course, Sheldon knew the cause of today’s matter. Cohen was taken away by Shen Qiang at noon, and Sheldon didn’t know how to teach it. But this time, Shen Qiang set his sights on Myla, and he must be inseparable from Cohen. Related!

Although he had been hiding from Myla, Sheldon had subconsciously regarded Myla as his friend.

Especially after knowing that Myla was kind to herself some time ago, and then betrayed her friendship, Sheldon always felt guilty towards Myla in his heart.

That’s why Sheldon just saw something happened to her, that’s why he fought hard.

Originally, Sheldon saw that Myla was okay, so he wanted to go back to the dorm to dress up.

But for Myla, she had to let Sheldon go to the infirmary with her.

And along the way, Myla held Sheldon’s hand tightly.

I don’t know what Myla was thinking. Sheldon was nervous a while ago, but before Sheldon said anything, Myla suddenly released Sheldon’s hand and let Sheldon go by himself. .

“what happened?”

Sheldon was taken aback.

“It’s okay, I’m just thinking, why should I be nervous about you and treat you so well, after all, you treated me like that before and didn’t consider me a friend at all!”

Myla said suddenly and full of grievances.

“You know, several times, I personally made it for you at home and brought it to you. I want you to go to the cafeteria and let us eat together! I want to study with you, but you, I kept avoiding me, and my mother was sick, and you didn’t have a word of concern. I only knew at that time that I took myself too importantly. In the future, you will…you will treat me as a friend, and even think …Hehe, but I think too much!”

Myla said.

“You shouldn’t save me today, I’m already very sad for you, but you, now I am very grateful to you, even I am very touched, what do you want?”

Myla stomped anxiously.

“I just don’t want you to be hurt, I really take you as my friend!”

Myla can be regarded as a girl she rarely sees, who doesn’t worship gold, and she is kind-hearted and beautiful, and good to herself, of course Sheldon has made her a friend.

“Okay, let me ask you one thing…”

Myla said something moved, and stared at Sheldon closely.

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