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Chapter 199

Myla’s Affection

“what’s up?”

“Tell me, why did you avoid me the other day? You have to tell me the truth! Is it possible that you still have a girlfriend?”

Myla asked tentatively.

But Myla also knew that Sheldon was in a bad family situation, and just like Tongtong and the others said, this man is so suffocated, how could he have a girlfriend!

“Well, I have a girlfriend!”

Sheldon nodded.

In fact, Myla misunderstood a little bit about herself. Although Sheldon is not narcissistic enough to say that Myla likes herself, it is indeed because of her girlfriend that she avoids her!

“What? You lied to me…”

I don’t know why, Myla’s heart was suddenly hurt.

“I didn’t lie to you, I really have a girlfriend. Her name is Lilla, who is from the Mass Communication department. We have been better for more than two months. Only two days ago, she went to study on Los Angeles Island!”

Sheldon smiled.

“O’ao, that’s it, I said, why are you always avoiding me, it turns out that you have a girlfriend, haha, not bad, this also shows that you like your girlfriend a lot!”

Myla said.

“Yeah, I like her very much, and she cares about me too!”

“Oh, then go to the infirmary by yourself, I won’t accompany you, lest your girlfriend see a misunderstanding, besides, if you beat someone for me, I will also tell my dad and let him settle it. !Goodbye!”

Mylayi waved his hand happily, then turned and left.


Sheldon didn’t know why Myla reacted differently before and after.

But it was nothing, anyway, he was almost in the infirmary, and Sheldon simply went in and bandaged himself.

After the dressing was finished, he called Tianlong and Earthhu specifically, asking them to engage in the so-called Shen family.

Sheldon can also be regarded as a ditch and gain a wisdom. Now as long as he is offended, no matter how big or small things are, Sheldon always likes to take the initiative.

In this way, you can save a lot of trouble.

After treating the wound, Sheldon was also going to go back to the dorm to lie down and sleep.


At this time, the door of the infirmary opened.

It was Myla, she came in with a bag of fruit or something.

“Give you!”

Myla said angrily.

In fact, Myla doesn’t understand her mental state very much now.


Because no matter what angle you consider, Myla doesn’t need to treat Sheldon like this at all.

But I don’t know why, sometimes feelings are incomprehensible and unpredictable.

Myla didn’t know from which moment he had a strange feeling for Sheldon.

Anyway, I just want to see him, get to know him, and want to be with him.

Maybe it was when Sheldon gave himself a jade bracelet. That jade bracelet was his heirloom. He gave it to himself directly, which was equivalent to an indirect confession to himself.

Isn’t “confession” a disguised affection promoter?

It may be a stranger, or it may be a good friend.

As long as the other party confesses, the relationship between the two parties will definitely change quickly.

If the other party doesn’t hate you too much, the relationship between the two parties will involuntarily produce an ambiguous relationship.

Obviously Myla is like this now.

I was grateful and curious about Sheldon, but now that Sheldon’s confession made Myla couldn’t help but imagine the expectation of being with Sheldon.

She felt that Sheldon would be good to herself in every possible way.

But this kind of expectation is in a strong confrontation with reality, and it will make Myla, a very competitive girl, want to fulfill her expectation.

Of course, the main premise of the whole process is that this person can make girls interested.

That’s why Myla got into Cohen’s car yesterday to anger Sheldon.

There was also a little sad scene after Myla heard that Sheldon had a girlfriend just now.

Even now, Myla went and returned to buy fruit for Sheldon!

“You went to buy me fruit!”

Sheldon took it.

“I bought it for you because you were beaten for me. Don’t think too much!”

Myla whited Sheldon and said:

“Let your girlfriend think about it after hearing it!”

“Hehe, it’s okay, I didn’t think much about it!”

Sheldon smiled.

“By the way, Sheldon, since you said that the two of us were friends just now, let me ask you, what do you think of Cohen?”

Sheldon had already left the infirmary at this time.

Myla talked with him while walking.


Hehe, Sheldon can be considered as an instructor. This person is not very good because of what he has on the outside and the other behind him!

What’s more, he can even betray Myla.

Right now he shook his head and said, “Not so, Myla, as a friend, I advise you, you should stay away from him in the future!”


Myla said angrily.

“Because he really doesn’t deserve you!”

“How do I feel that Cohen treats me very well? He will at least not make me chill, nor will I wait for him alone. Every time I say a word, he can immediately appear by my side, and I Believe that he is willing to do anything for me, why is he not so good?”

Myla retorted.

“Anyway, you believe me. Even if you are entangled by Shen Qiang this time, you probably have to do with him. Keep a snack!”

Sheldon is also not good at telling the story about Cohen today, after all, whether it was he himself or seeing it with his own eyes.

But this product is definitely not a good thing, that’s for sure.

But Myla was angry.

“What do you mean? You mean, no one is really good to me. I can’t find a guy who is really good to me, right?”

“That was not what I meant!”

“I think that’s what you mean. Don’t worry. Soon, I will find a guy who is really good to me. When that happens, I will take him to show you, not just you, but for…”

Myla wants to say, it’s not just you, you are willing to hesitate for me!

But when I think Sheldon has a girlfriend, what’s the point of saying these things by myself!

As for Sheldon, he didn’t know what to say.

By the way: “Then I wish you find a boy who truly loves you soon!”

“Thank you!”

Myla took a breath and turned around to leave.

“I can’t eat these fruits. Would you like to take them back to your dorm to eat?”

“No, if you can’t eat it, give it to me!”

After speaking, Myla snatched the fruit from Sheldon and threw it directly into the trash can next to it.

“In addition, as a friend, I also hope that you don’t just give your most valuable things to other girls. It will misunderstand other girls. Of course, I will not misunderstand you, but it is inevitable that you will encounter women in the future. Children will misunderstand you!”

After speaking, Myla left directly.

As for Sheldon, he understood.

It turned out that Myla was talking about her jade bracelet. Hey, I had known that I would not lie in such a big circle.

Sheldon returned to the dorm.

Lie down and rest.

Tomorrow, the exam is about to come. As for the future, who can know.

Just about to sleep.

At this time, a few messages came up on my Instagram.

“Asleep? I want to talk to you again, I can’t sleep anymore!”

“I feel I was a bit too much to you today, I shouldn’t throw the fruit in the trash!”

“But I was really angry at the time!”

“Are you there? Sheldon.”


Chapter 200:

On the Way Home

“After the exam tomorrow, shall we have a meal together at noon? Huh, I am waiting for you!”

Myla sent a series of messages to Sheldon.

Sheldon naturally saw it all.

After thinking about it, I replied: “Thanks, I’m not going anymore. After the exam is over, I have to hurry home!”

Due to the scattered examinations of a few subjects before, the so-called final exam will leave the last two subjects tomorrow morning.

As for Sheldon, he didn’t want to entangle Myla any more.

Just reply directly, after replying, turn off the phone and rest early.

The next day, Sheldon finished all subjects.

I packed my luggage.

Put his blanket or something into a snakeskin bag.

According to Chapman’s intention, of course, he sent a special car to Sheldon to Ping’an County.

After all, the project in Ping’an County has been ready to start since the call yesterday.

Chapman and Zhao Zixing who stayed behind were naturally busy and had to toss back and forth.

But Sheldon didn’t want to be so high-profile.

After all, after he went back, the first thing he did was to visit Uncle Wu and Aunt Wu.

For investment matters, Chapman and Zhao Zixing can do it themselves.

It was precisely because of this nearly three-month summer vacation that Sheldon settled down and read a book to learn something.

When the summer vacation is over and I come back for three months, I will start my internship.

It was really busy then, now let’s relax if you can relax!

When I turned on the phone, it was naturally the message from Myla on Instagram.

Sheldon replied: “I have returned to my hometown, goodbye!”

“O’ao, okay! Then I won’t disturb you!”

Sheldon didn’t reply, and Myla didn’t continue talking.

Anyway, I thought, I should never see you again in the future, right?

Sitting in the Golden Dragon bus like this, Sheldon rarely looked at the scenery outside the window quietly.

Could not help but fall into melancholy.

Think about it, a few months ago, when I took the Golden Dragon bus, I only had two hundred dollars on my body. At that time, I thought about how to deal with future life and tuition, and it was about to be Marcella’s birthday. , How can I pool the money to buy her a birthday present?

And I still remember that when the bus came to school that day, it was raining heavily and sitting in the car by herself, Marcella did not forget to call herself and said that she had already arrived at school and was waiting for her to eat together. dinner.

She brought delicious food from home.

At that time Marcella was still a pretty good girl.

But this time I went back by car and so many things happened.

I accidentally learned that it was actually a rich second-generation, quite rich kind.

As for Marcella, she also changed, and the two broke up.

But one thing remains the same. When I went back to school for a few months, I thought about how to spend the money. Now when I go home, I still think about how to spend the money!

Ha ha!

Sheldon was looking out the window in a daze.


At this time, a female voice rang next to him.

Obviously, she only recognized Sheldon.

Sheldon turned to look and saw a beautiful woman about twenty-five years old sitting on the seat next to the bus aisle.

She wears light makeup and looks pretty.

“Teacher Liu?”

Sheldon never expected to see acquaintances in the car.

And also an English teacher in my high school.

Her name is Liu Min. She was a substitute English teacher in high school. She taught Sheldon for two years. She was very young and beautiful. She had just graduated from university and taught in high school through her family.

The reason why Sheldon was so impressed with her.

It is because this teacher Liu has almost all the characteristics of modern girls.

For example, dressing is very revealing. At that time, I wore miniskirts and clothes with navels to teach students.

And because of her beauty, everyone knows that she has found a particularly rich boyfriend, and her boyfriend also bought her an Audi A6. It’s so awesome!

Of course, the most remarkable feature is that she is a little bit too poor and loves the rich.

It’s almost the same as his instructor Tenner.

Rich students are buddies and sisters.

No money and no power, die wherever you like.

Sometimes words are careless and piercing, so Sheldon is very impressed by her.

“I’m going. It’s such a coincidence. The first time I took a bus when I was young, I ran into you!”

Liu Min gave a wry smile.

She seemed to be the kind of woman who would often take a bus for fear of others.

“Minmin, who is he? Your student?”

Beside Liu Min, a handsome young man in a suit said.

“Yeah, I told you before that there was a poor student in the class I brought, and he brought two steamed buns and a bag of pickles to school every day, and he only had one meal, you know!”

“Oo, I remember!”

“Well, it’s him! Speaking of it, I haven’t seen him for almost three years! The university I took is not bad, I went to Roston University to study!”

“Alas, there was a guy named Mullen in our class at the time. In fact, that kid was really good. Unfortunately, the university didn’t go well. If God has the eyes, he should be admitted to Roston. Unfortunately, he didn’t go and he shouldn’t. Go! Really!”

Liu Min said dissatisfied.

“But Sheldon, let alone, I haven’t seen you in two or three years. Your temperament has improved quite well. You don’t have the inferiority complex that you used to have in your eyes. It seems that the big cities are still great for you to exercise!”

Liu Min said lightly.

“Thank you Teacher Liu, so are you, you are more beautiful than before!”

Sheldon replied.

To be honest, he had a bad impression of Liu Min.

But it doesn’t matter anymore, it’s a teacher after all, is there any feud in the world.

“Hehe, I have learned a slick tone, you, be more pragmatic, be honest, don’t learn those words, they are also complimenting words. If you boast from your mouth, I don’t hear it!”

Liu Min slammed his face.

If the rich praise you, you have strength; if the rich people praise you, you have little sense of accomplishment.

This is not simple.

Sheldon thought to himself.

But the topic turned aside: “Ms. Liu, what did you do during your trip this time?”

“Hehe, we, we are traveling abroad, otherwise do you think we will come back by bus, really! Anyway, tell you, you don’t understand!”

Liu Min kindly took the arm of the man in the suit.

And Sheldon nodded.

Seeing that Liu Min stopped looking at herself, she stopped talking, turned her head out of the window, and continued to squint for a while.

Soon, the bus arrived in Pingan County.

The passengers got off the bus one after another.

Sheldon also carried his own luggage, ready to call home.

“Hey, isn’t Sheldonre? Just let him carry our suitcases to the exit. Your driver is also true. You can be late for this matter. You can turn around!”

Liu Min and her boyfriend share the same suitcase, and it seems that neither of them wants to carry it.

I always feel that I might lose face when I mention it.

Just seeing Sheldon, Liu Min waved to Sheldon:

“Sheldon, come over and help us lift the suitcase! I can’t lift it!”

Liu Min didn’t wait for Sheldon to speak, so he pushed the suitcase in front of Sheldon.

Can’t mention it? I can’t mention you to die!

Sheldon cursed, but forget it after thinking about it. Helping the teacher carry a baggage, he is indispensable.

He carried his own luggage in one hand and the suitcases of the two in one hand, and walked behind them towards the station.

“My dear, you said this time the Ping An County financing, can your family get the investment? If you do, then you will really get rich! Haha, think about it, Ping An County will become a county-level city in the future. Just excited!”

Liu Min said while holding her boyfriend’s arm in one hand.

“Hehe, it’s definitely okay. My dad’s company is considered to have more potential in Ping An County!”

The boyfriend said proudly, “Huh? Why are there so many cars parked outside the station? They are all private cars in the county. It seems that these leaders are here to pick up people, right?”

“Yeah, isn’t that Jiang **? He is here too?”

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