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Chapter 327-

Helicopter Team
After speaking, Sheldon walked to the side with a wry smile.

Yes, these former classmates misunderstood themselves too deeply.

Of course, Sheldon didn’t need to explain to them.

“What’s his attitude?”

Zhang Ke’s husband dissatisfied.

“Hmph, ignore him, just a D wire!”

Zhang Ke was also angry.

And at this moment, I don’t know who was the first to shout: “fu*k, there are so many helicopters?”

“Huh? Where?”

“Oh my god, it’s really, it’s a full thirty-six, and it’s still lined up!”

For a while, the audience was shocked.

Although most of the people who come here are wealthy businessmen.

But there are no shortage of young people. Of course, they are surprised to see this kind of battle.

Even Zhang Ke and the others were all attracted by the helicopter.

“Husband, doesn’t this look like a military helicopter?”

Zhang Ke was surprised.

As for Wang Xue, Chen Chao and the others, they were already shocked.

“Of course not. It looks like a civilian helicopter, but it definitely has military quality. In America, there don’t seem to be many that can perform this kind of battle, right?”

Obviously Zhang Ke’s husband was knowledgeable and said lightly.

“Then…who would it be? I’ll go. For such a big battle, he must be the richest man, right?”

Xiaoli jumped in excitement.

I also took out my phone and took pictures.

I’m so excited today.

“Husband husband, look at it, these helicopters seem to be landing on the stadium!”

On the side, the lady who played the crooked ball just now also said happily.

“Yes, it’s no wonder that a staff member came to clear the scene just now. I want to come. This must be someone who is here! Fortunately, we didn’t leave. Fortunately, we have the opportunity to meet the boss!”

The man was also shocked.

Indeed, they also have money, but it is impossible to have money to such a degree!

“This gentleman, I don’t know if you don’t know, which big boss is here?”

Seeing the heated discussion between the man and woman next to him, and seeing the gorgeous clothes of others, it is extraordinary.

Zhang Ke’s husband smiled and asked.

Zhang Ke and the others passed by.

“I really can’t guess it, haha!”

The man smiled.

So Zhang Ke’s husband simply chatted with others about America’s well-known rich and powerful people to start a conversation.

Chen Chao and others admire it.

This is the social interaction between successful people. Simple things can also catch up.

In general, it is the power of connections.

If you are not familiar with Teacher Zhang Ke, how can you have the opportunity to come to such a high-end place?

Including Xiaoli, they are all proud at the moment.

As expected, the helicopter has landed on the golf course in formation.

Instantly detonated the atmosphere of the entire stadium.

Even the people who originally lived in the hotel ran out to watch.

“Look! Someone got off the plane!”

Tianlong and Dihu walked off the plane with a team of bodyguards.

“So handsome, really handsome!”

Xiaoli shouted excitedly.

As for Wang Xue, her eyes jumped slightly.

Obviously he was handsome too.

However, Tianlong Earthhu and his party ignored the others, but walked directly toward Sheldon while wearing sunglasses.


Zhang Ke and the others were slightly taken aback.


Tianlong Earthhu and his party shouted.

“Yeah, you are here!”

Sheldon nodded slightly.

“Chen… Sheldon?”

It was this voice that stunned Zhang Ke Xiaoli and the others.

what happened?

Why do these people call Sheldon and Sheldon?

Also, these helicopters are here to pick up Sheldon?

At the moment, not only did everyone feel pain in their cheeks, especially Zhang Kexiaoli and Wang Xue, the pain in their hearts felt unbearable as if they were being pulled.

You know how much they look down on Sheldon.

But such a person is so beautiful!

“Impossible! How can this be possible!”

Xiaoli said something.

As for Sheldon, he was ready to leave without looking at them.


Xiaoli suddenly shouted.


Sheldon turned his head.

“You…you, the helicopter is here to pick you up?”

Xiaoli said nervously.


Nodding faintly, Sheldon glanced at Wang Xue and Zhang Ke on the side, and said nothing.

Then, with one hand in his pocket, everyone complimented and stepped onto the helicopter.

As for the young men and women, they were almost scared.

God, what did they just do, they want such a big guy to pick up the ball for them, god!

Sheldon was too lazy to look at the expressions of these people.

As for whether to pretend to be 13, Sheldon did not feel as embarrassed as before.

The helicopter started and flew away from the scene directly under the complicated eyes of Wang Xue and Zhang Ke.

Let’s talk about Long Shaoyun’s birthday party.

Because Shannon and Bren were looking for something just now, Long Shaoyun was already feeling angry.

Plus the things of Hou San before.

The more Long Shaoyun thought about it, the more he felt that something was wrong today.

It’s because Sheldon’s people obviously wanted to make trouble, but how come that Sheldon hasn’t come yet.

“I think, today Sheldon is here to grab the relatives, he must come to grab Miss Myla!”

“Yeah, Ms. Myla is so beautiful, and the Cooper Family has had a lot of grievances with the Long family before, so it’s no wonder that Sheldon is in such trouble!”

Everyone talked.

“Brother Sheldonyun, what…what should I do?”

At this time, Wei Mengjiao also came over.

After all, I’m sorry to Sheldon, except for Long Shaoyun.

That was Wei Mengjiao.

So seeing this scene, she was also a little scared.

Because Sheldon himself was good to him, for the sake of his own face, he went to his party.

I really feel ashamed.

But there is no way, who made Sheldon not have the Long Family background, of course he had to help Brother Sheldonyun.

Seeing the scene was quite embarrassing, everyone did not dare to say anything.

The high-level Long Jinnan from the Long Family spoke.

“Everyone, today is Shao Long’s birthday. Now, even Mr. Chapman came to congratulate him. This in itself is a very happy thing. Now, I have one more happy thing to tell you, that is our The Long Family officially announced that the purchase of the Hot Spring Resort will serve as the basis for our investment project in Roston, and our Long Family will also show you the commercial layout of the Long Family in Roston next!”

Long Jinnan glanced at Chapman faintly, and then continued.


Everyone also understands that it seems that the Long Family is officially and began to report the hatred of being cast out of Roston like a dog by Miss Alicia.

And Long Jinnan, dare to say such things under this situation, there must be the confidence of their Long Family.

what is it then?

Just when everyone is curious.

Long Jinnan patted his palms.

Then, somewhere in the villa, a buzzing sound suddenly sounded.

Immediately afterwards, I saw that a full six helicopters lifted up from the Roston Villa.

Under the helicopter, the long red of Longjia project management hung.

It’s like six red dragons rising to the sky.

“What! The dragon family’s flying dragon fleet was also sent by the dragon family? I wiped it, no wonder, this is the fleet used by the dragon family. It is rarely used in normal times. Only big events will the dragon family’s grandfather dispatch this. Six helicopters! Each one is almost priceless.”

“No wonder! No wonder, Long Jia has such confidence…”

Chapter 328


Wei Mengjiao was worried at first, but saw six helicopters taking Changhong into the air at the same time.

I was stunned.

Seeing everyone’s expressions, the Long Family finally got back a little bit of face.

Long Jinnan also smiled slightly.

But soon, what surprised everyone was.

After the six extraordinary helicopters took off for a short time, Changhong had not had time to launch.

It began to land quickly.

“Huh? What’s the situation?”

Someone asked in surprise.

“I’m going! Look at you!”

Someone shouted again and pointed to the air aside.

It was shocked to see that not far away, the black was crushed.

Is coming towards the Heaven Brick Residencia.

Nothing else, it was the 36 helicopters that Sheldon brought.

And none of them seemed more luxurious than the six of Long’s.

This is a total of 36.

“What’s the situation? This…Whose is this?”

The whole audience stood up, their faces full of incredible.

No wonder the six helicopters that lifted off landed directly.

Long Jinnan also looked at it in doubt, and Long Shaoyun’s face became paler.

Not to mention Marcella.

After yelling, I leaned forward and stood up.

After all, the Yanjinglong family is a big family.

Very strong financial resources.

That’s why we have six luxury helicopters.

It’s still used for reliance on pomp.

She Marcella was lucky enough to do it once.

After all, this kind of helicopter of Long’s family, where is the price of ordinary helicopters on the market comparable.

But I didn’t expect it to be even worse.

“who is it?”

Everyone was shocked.

But Myla alone has tears in his eyes at this moment.

She knew it must be him, Sheldon is here.

The helicopter, one of them, landed directly at the entrance of the venue.

The door of the plane opened, and Sheldon slowly walked off the plane.

And the one that came down, there were Heavenly Dragons and Earth Tigers, of course, and Hou San.


Some people couldn’t help shouting, “It’s actually Sheldon, my God!”

Sheldon smiled faintly. There were originally several bodyguards of the Long Family at the door, confronting Sheldon’s people.

But as soon as Sheldon arrived, these people subconsciously avoided it.



Many wealthy businessmen stood up and shouted.


And Myla also yelled softly.

Sheldon was a little surprised when Myla was here.

Originally, today he just came to trouble Long Shaoyun.

I didn’t expect Myla to be there.


Sheldon nodded lightly, and then walked over.

The audience was also momentarily silent.

Today, the Cooper Family’s strength has been thoroughly demonstrated.

Simply too strong.

“Young Master Long, let me let you know, I have something to say!”

Originally, Long Shaoyun sat at the core of the audience.

And Sheldon walked over, patted Long Shaoyun on the shoulder, and directly asked him to stand aside.

Long Shaoyun glared.

Long Shaoyun, when was he treated like this?

He also asked him to stand aside in public, obviously humiliating him.

But Long Jinnan grabbed Long Shaoyun’s arm and pulled Long Shaoyun aside.

The scene before him was very obvious. At least now, the members of the Long Family of them couldn’t beat Sheldon and the others.

As for Sheldon, he also glanced at Wei Mengjiao, who was pale, and smiled faintly:

“Everyone, today is Long Shao’s birthday. I’m here. I have nothing else to do. I just want to give Long Shao a few birthday gifts! Of course, I also give it to Ouyang’s people who had a big misunderstanding with me!”

“Ah? What birthday gift?” Everyone was puzzled.

And sitting next to him are people from Ouyang’s family, including Ouyang Ru.

At this moment, Ouyang Ru looked at Sheldon with some hostility, but the Ouyang family didn’t say anything from beginning to end.

The Cooper Family is looking for trouble, and it is not their Ouyang family home.

“I had some misunderstandings with Ms. Ouyang before. I believe some people have heard of it, and many people want to know what is going on. Let everyone see now!”

Sheldon smiled.

The big screen in the venue was directly controlled by Sheldon’s people.

Then a video appeared.

The scene is at night, a car parked on the moat bridge.

Long Shaoyun and Wei Mengjiao were standing on the bridge.

After a while, a car came, and it was the president of Roston Shi*.

“Mengjiao, your cousin Ouyangru will be left to you. You are responsible for getting Ouyangru and Sheldon together, creating opportunities for Sheldon and Ouyangru to be alone in the room, Liu She, as for the exposure work, leave it to you. You’re here! As for the rest, don’t worry about it, I have my own arrangements! I promise that Sheldon will not be able to clean up even if he jumps into the Yellow River.

“No problem! Young Master Long!”


Next, a few people talked about something else.

Ouyang Ru, and the Ouyang family, all stood up angrily at this moment.

As for Ouyang Ru, she even looked at her cousin Wei Mengjiao coldly.

Wei Mengjiao was already flushed at the moment.

Long Shaoyun also paled.

This matter is so secretive, how could Sheldon find someone to shoot the video in advance?

how is this possible?

Long Shaoyun looked at it immediately and saw that among the group of people who came with Sheldon, it was President Chapmanu.

“Liu Songtao, you!”

“What are you? You a farm animal, you have long seen your kid not a good person!”

Liu She sneered.

He is also considered a good individual, so naturally he has to prepare with both hands, not to mention working with someone like Long Shaoyun.

“Long Jinnan, Long Shaoyun, Wei Mengjiao, our family Ru’er almost suffered humiliation. Our Ouyang family will not let it go. Sheldon, I am really sorry for the previous misunderstanding! We are leaving!”

The Ouyang family stood up and left angrily.

Ouyang Ru was also taken away.

“I’ll rub, Young Master Long is such a villain!”

A group of wealthy businessmen and celebrities also said.

“I think you are going to die!”

Long Shaoyun was angry, and couldn’t help but rushed towards Sheldon.


A silhouette flashed past, and Long Shaoyun was kicked directly by Tianlong.

Almost vomiting blood.

“By the way, I still have a gift for you wealthy businessmen!”

Sheldon smiled.

Follow the video to the other end.

This section was apparently taken secretly at night by someone lying on the window.

There are some inappropriate plots in the picture.

And then, a wealthy businessman who was present got angry.

Looking at the beautiful young wife beside her, she slapped her face.


No need to say anything.

In short, some of the disgusting things Long Shaoyun did were completely revealed today.

Even the faces of the people of the Long Family headed by Long Jinnan were green and red.

Today’s face is completely ashamed.

The face of the Long Family was also completely lost by Long Shaoyun.

“Today I would rather die than ask your Long Family to give me an explanation!”

The wealthy businessman shouted angrily.

In addition, other wealthy businessmen were also deeply infected, and looked at Long Shaoyun with some hatred.

“Uncle Nan, save me, I was pitted, pitted by others!”

Long Shaoyun shouted in fear.

“Shaoyun, I always thought you were the smartest among the three young masters of the Long Family. I didn’t expect that you disappointed us too much. I will tell the master about this matter!”

Long Jinnan’s mouth twitched.

“O’ao, by the way, there is also your Long Family. I will show you another video. This is very hot. Your old Long Family may be more happy if you watch it!”

This time it is Hou San.

Finish talking now.

The video is cut again.

“Grandpa, I’m a beast!”

“Grandpa, I’m a beast!”


Long Shaoyun in the video is kowtow while calling grandpa.

Long Jin Nanqi’s face instantly turned pale.

“you you you……”

Pointing to Long Shaoyun, his fingers were shaking.

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