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Chapter 329

Myla’s Request
As for Marcella, she didn’t expect this to happen.

Originally, she wanted to take this opportunity to show off.

Even if Sheldon did not come, she would still be able to show off.

Unexpectedly, now, the whole is overwhelming.

“Hmph, Long Shaoyun, it’s really shameful for you to do this kind of thing!”

Marcella was furious.


Unexpectedly, Long Shaoyun, who was red-eyed, went up and hit Marcella with a big mouth.

Marcella was directly pulled down on the table.

“Bitch girl, your mouth keeps talking and talking, I have tolerated you for a long time, who do you think you are, dare you teach me and tell you, I recognize you as my sister-in-law, you are my sister-in-law, I don’t recognize You, you are a dog from our Long family!”

Marcella’s mouth was bleeding.

“You…do you dare to hit me?”

Marcella covered her face and said.

As for Long Jinnan, seeing this scene, he didn’t say anything.

The Long Family’s family is very large, but similarly, since it is a big family, there are three young sons, and the distribution of power within the family must be very complicated.

As for Long Jinnan, he didn’t belong to any faction of the three young masters of Long Family.

On the contrary, this time the clan sent himself over to take charge of some things, and seeing Long Shaoyun like this, although Long Jinnan was very angry, it was more because Long Shaoyun lost his clan.

And if Long Shaoyun fell out of favor from then on, this would be some hope for Long Jinnan.

As for Marcella, it has nothing to do with him.

Sheldon looked at the scene before him, but looked at it coldly.

He and Marcella no longer have any relationship, and now they don’t feel any self-blame for her, there is no need to feel guilty for this girl anymore.

At most, I hope she will not enter her world anymore, and she will still live well.

Obviously, this bowl of rich rice is difficult to serve.

“Damn, eat our dragon family’s, use our dragon family’s, if you a bitch listen to me, where are the current things, all things, blame you!”

Marcella got another mouth.

Seeing no one helped me, only my sister stood aside in fear.

Marcella covered her face and looked at Sheldon.

As for Sheldon, naturally he glanced elsewhere.

it is good! I understand!

Marcella nodded fiercely.

Then he cried and ran away.


At this time, a wine bottle was knocked directly on Long Shaoyun’s head.

Naturally the rich businessman rushed to fight Long Shaoyun desperately.

Sheldon and Chapman looked at each other and smiled.

Shaking his head faintly, Sheldon and the others simply stood aside watching the excitement.

“Sheldon! Thank you for what happened today!”

Myla walked towards Sheldon at this time.

“Thank me, thank me for what?” Sheldon smiled faintly.

“Thank you for helping me!”

“You misunderstood, I didn’t help you today, I just wanted to clarify it for myself!”

Sheldon smiled.

Then, he left with someone.

Sheldon knew that talking to the Long Family was just the beginning.

Chapman also told himself the grudges he had with the Long family before.

Now, my sister is not here, and the Long family must be trying to avenge the revenge.

Buying the Heaven Brick Residencia and Long Shaoyun framing himself in various ways is a signal.

The main purpose of coming today is to deter them.

Let them know, plant the flag here and weigh your own weight.

Now that the goal was achieved, Sheldon left.

This time Sheldon went back in the car.

On the road, there is always a car following Sheldon.

Sheldon looked through the rearview mirror and knew who it was.

But still don’t want to bother.

When Sheldon was about to enter the hotel entrance.

The girl also chased.

“Sheldon! Do you really want to ignore me at all?”

This girl is Myla.

“There is no need to contact, that Long Shaoyun should not pester you anymore, so great!”

Sheldon said.

“Can we not even do it with friends?”

Myla asked.

Like Sheldon, she felt unwilling, even more unwilling.

Sheldon paused slightly, not talking, and turned to leave.

In fact, Sheldon was quite unhappy in his heart.

After all, Myla is really good, and good to herself.

But it is precisely because of this that Sheldon must be resolute.

It can’t be the same as before.

“You bastard, stop!”

Zhao Tongtong angrily ran to Sheldon.

“Sheldon, you are not a thing. How could you treat Xiaoya like this? Do you know that Xiaoya always talks about you on our lips? Indeed, this time you have an accident, Xiaoya misunderstood you, but you know How sad is Xiaoya, even if it is sad, Xiaoya went to the Ouyang Ru, hoping that Ouyang Ru can forgive you and stop pursuing this matter. Although Ouyang’s family did not agree, you can’t treat Xiaoya this way. !”

Zhao Tongtong said.

Indeed, when Sheldon’s accident happened that day, Myla did go to Ouyang Ru, but how could Ouyang’s family casually not pursue this matter?

“Also, you know how there are rumors in Roston City now. They all say that Xiaoya is your girlfriend. Today, you went to a big Long Shaoyun birthday party for Xiaoya. Yes, these rumors are not for you. What is the impact, but have you ever thought about Xiaoya, what would the Long Family and Qin Family think, what would you ask Myla to do?”

“Okay, Tongtong, stop talking! I understand what Sheldon meant!”

Myla said.

Then wiped away tears, stared at Sheldon again: “I know I have some selfish thoughts, but Sheldon, I want you to do me one last favor. I remember when I was kidnapped and hospitalized, you treated me I have said that you can do something for me. As long as you can do it, I want to know if this sentence counts?”

Sheldon nodded, “Yeah, of course it counts!”

Sheldon also remembered that it was Myla looking for herself in order to escape the marriage, but when she returned to Roston, because she did not care about her, she was kidnapped.

When Myla was hospitalized afterwards, because Sheldon was quite self-blaming at the time, he told Myla that he could help her and do anything he could do for her.

At that time, Myla also said naughty that this was what you said, I took it seriously!

Sheldon said, of course it is true.

In fact, Myla and Sheldon didn’t think much at that time.

but now……

“Speak up, as long as I can do it, I will help you!”

Cooper Family, after all, had promised, and now he felt a little intolerable towards Myla, Sheldon didn’t know how to refuse her.

“Okay, but you can rest assured that after doing this, I will never pester you again, I will disappear in front of you!”

Myla bit her lip and said.

“What is it?”

“I want you to make a kiss with me!”

“Huh? Dating?”

Although Sheldon was somewhat mentally prepared, his eyes widened in surprise after hearing this sentence.

“Hehe, don’t be afraid. I didn’t say that I really asked you to be married to me. I want you to pretend to be married to me and show it to the Qin Jialong’s family. Is this always okay?”

Myla said.

Chapter 330

Marcella’s Moth
What Myla thought was very simple.

If you just ended the relationship with Sheldon completely.

From a girl’s psychological point of view, it is impossible to say willingly.

No matter how bad he is, is it so bad that he can’t even look at me more.

And precisely, if Sheldon did something for herself, Myla would feel better in her heart.

It’s not a conspiracy.

Just wanting Sheldon to do something for himself, to prove that he still has weight in his heart, maybe he will be content.

That’s roughly it.

But Sheldon was hesitant now.

In the past, it was enough to pretend to be a boyfriend. There was nothing to do. As a friend, it was not impossible for me to help.

However, assuming pro, this is very embarrassing for Sheldon.

But he refused, he had promised Myla before.

After all, he has no hatred with Myla, plus some things, Sheldon still has gratitude and guilt towards Myla.

“Hehe, I’m just assuming dear, I didn’t ask you anything else, at most I was wasting your day. Does this request not satisfy me? I said, you just need to help me, and from then on, I won’t disturb you!”

Myla said with tears in her eyes.

“Ok… alright!”

After struggling for a long time, Sheldon still nodded.

“But I have a condition!” Sheldon said.

Myla bit her lips slightly, “Say!”

“That is, except for the Yanjing Qin family, don’t say too much!”

Sheldon naturally had his own considerations when he said so.

How can this matter be publicized.

“I promise you!”

Myla took a deep breath, and then said indifferently, “Then Young Master Sheldon, I won’t bother you. As for the time, it’s tomorrow. I will arrange this when I go back!”

Afterwards, Myla left with Zhao Tongtong.

After returning to the hotel, Sheldon lay on the bed. He was very tired today and wanted to rest for a while.

At this time, there was a knock on the door.

Sheldon got up and opened the door.


“Old Uncle Qin, why are you here again?”

Sheldon smiled helplessly.

The old man in front of him is not someone else, but he is the old beggar from before.

Because last time, Mr. Zhuang saved himself once.

Therefore, Sheldon was also very kind to him, not only promised to send him back to his hometown of Shuchuan, but also gave him a sum of money so that his subordinates could settle him down.

Of course, after meeting him, he also knew his name. He said it himself, his name was Tyrone, and his name sounded pretty grand.

But to be honest, Sheldon thinks that Qin may be older and a little confused. Sometimes he doesn’t know which sentence is true or which sentence is false.

Somewhat pitiful.

But unexpectedly, this hasn’t gone yet.

Moreover, Old Qin is really unpredictable, and he can find himself accurately every time.

“You said you want to take me home!”

Old Man Qin said with a smile.

“I… okay, but if I go to Shuchuan, it will take a day or two!”

“That’s okay, I’m waiting for you, hey, don’t think I am cumbersome, maybe I can help you!”

Old man Qin smiled again.

“It’s alright, I know, thank you, Old Uncle Qin, by the way, you go back and rest first, I will pay you the food expenses these days!”

Sheldon smiled bitterly and shook his head.

“Okay, then I’ll wait, let’s set off in a few days!”

Old man Qin left happily.

Of course Sheldon would not really let Old Man Qin look for him.

He helped himself two or three times, and Sheldon was very grateful.

For example, the last time I was surrounded by people, if he suddenly rushed over to relieve himself and pulled himself away, I really didn’t know how to end that day.

However, at his age, his speech is still a bit upside down. If he really follows, I am afraid it will be a burden at the time. This is not rude, but Sheldon really can’t bear to toss him!

Waited until early the next morning.

Sheldon received a call from Zhao Tongtong.

Of course it was supposed to be a relationship with Myla.

In order to prevent proliferation, Sheldon didn’t even talk about Shannon Bren Chapman.

Sheldon at Myla also understood, and mainly wanted to tell Yanjing Qin Family and Long Family.

“Sheldon, I picked you up downstairs!” Zhao Tongtong said.

This format is also very simple. Everyone just goes to the hotel to have a meal. In this way, the people of Myla can also settle down.

“Okay, I’m going down right away!”

Sheldon said with a wry smile.

When Sheldon got downstairs, Zhao Tongtong was already waiting.

Then Sheldon prepared to pass.

At this time, Sheldon saw a car parked beside the hotel.

In front of the car, Yang Lu was standing.

Seeing Sheldon, Yang Lu ran over.

“Sheldon! I came to you, but your bodyguard wouldn’t let me in, huh!”

Yang Lu said.

Of course, Sheldon’s bodyguard also knew about sister Marcella.

So Yang Lu is here, so naturally she won’t let them in, letting you talk about it.

There is no news from the bodyguard.

“Are you looking for me? What are you doing?”

“Hurry up and save my sister, my sister is going to commit suicide by swallowing medicine! Since last night, I can’t persuade her. Now only you can help her!”

Yang Lu said anxiously.

“Oao, let her make trouble, how can I persuade her~?”

Sheldon smiled bitterly.

“Hmph, you have no conscience. Why does my sister do so much? Isn’t it to make you face her, and do you know why Long Shaoyun beat my sister at the Long Shaoyun banquet yesterday?”

“Because Long Shaoyun once asked her sister to lie to you, and then wanted to disadvantage you, my sister didn’t agree to him. Now you are all right. My sister is irritated and is about to have an accident. You actually turned a blind eye!”

Yang Lu said.

“I said, she has nothing to do with me, and you can give her a word for me, if you want to make trouble, don’t have any trouble in my villa!”

After Sheldon finished speaking, he sneered and was ready to leave.

“You, you! You are so jerk you, Sheldon, you are a beast, and now you have to rush to make a marriage with others, regardless of my sister’s life or death~”

Yang Lu shouted.

“Hehe, who told you I went to make a kiss?”

“Don’t pretend, the Long Family already knows it, and you have swallowed a bad breath, you still want to lie to me!”

Yang Lu said.

“You love to know or not, I don’t have time!”

Yesterday Marcella was indeed embarrassed. He was beaten and insulted like that by Long Shaoyun.

But before, Sheldon might feel sorry for her.

Not anymore now.

Then, he left directly with Zhao Tongtong.

After Yang Lu stomped angrily, she left.

Genting Villa.

“Miss, the second lady is back!”

Said a maid.

Marcella, who was lying on the sofa, stood up: “Huh? Is Sheldonre yet?”

“The only one I saw was the second lady, and I didn’t see Sheldon?”

“Huh, how is it possible!”

Marcella said anxiously, and then pushed the maid away and walked to the door to look at it. Sure enough, she saw Yang Lu coming up by herself, and there was no trace of Sheldon.

“This bastard, is he really so cruel?”

Marcella said dejectedly.

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