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Chapter 431:

Sheldon Is Sheldon

“Who is it?”

Everyone looked at each other.

“Manager Hu!”

At this time, Manager Hu also took advantage of this gap and came to the VIP reception area.

Yang Yuting said with a smile immediately.

“Excuse me, Mr. Yang, there are too many things today, and the hospitality is not good, so take care!”

Manager Hu said.

“You are joking, Xinfeng is so busy every day, you also took the time to come here, thank you so much!”

Yang Yuting said.

“Oh, but Mr. Yang, I also asked about the matter you mentioned. As for the bidding proposal, Mr. Zhao, who is above us, has no time to watch these few days, I am afraid I will have to wait!”

“Okay, everything depends on Manager Hu!”

Yang Yuting had to go down and down.

Manager Hu looked at his watch.

Can’t help but wonder: “It’s weird, Mr. Zhao said that it should have arrived long ago, why haven’t he come yet?”

Manager Hu looked towards the door.

“Manager Hu, who are you waiting for?”

Asked Xiao Liu, the lady at the front desk.

“Yes, I happened to be looking for you. You can go to the front desk to check for me now. Has Miss Perl arrived?”

Manager Hu suddenly remembered, is it possible that Miss Yang had already arrived?

That’s the question.

“Miss Perl?”

Xiao Liu at the front desk was taken aback, then looked at Perl who was standing aside.

And Yang Yuting and Guo Ru were even more surprised. I went, what did Manager Hu do with Perl?

“Manager Hu, she…her name is Perl!”

Xiao Liu pointed to Beckham and said.


Manager Hu’s expression changed in an instant, and he hurriedly walked to Perl.

“You are Miss Yang, General Manager Zhao Osborne is with you…?”

“Hmm, yes, I’m here to find Mr. Zhao Osborne Zhao!”

Perl nodded and said.

A big rock in my heart finally fell to the ground.

Yes, how could my cousin make such a big joke with himself? He said that if there is a way, there must be a way.


Manager Hu slapped his thigh, “Ms. Yang, I didn’t expect you to have come early. I was specially ordered by Mr. Zhao Osborne to come and greet you!”

At this moment, everyone was stunned.

Guo Ru’s mouth can be stuffed into an egg.

“Manager Hu, you are sure that you are right, the group is really called Zhao Osborne?”

Guo Ru finds it difficult to channel.

Yang Yan and Yang Ye were jealous and looked at Perl.

“That’s one of our bosses. It’s not usually high-profile. Besides, Mrs. Guo, it’s not good to call our boss by name, right?”

Manager Hu’s face was startled.

There are several bosses in the group, and they certainly won’t reveal their identities to the bottom employees casually.

This is how the so-called behind-the-scenes boss comes.

“I’m sorry, I’m really sorry! I just remind you, don’t make a mistake, this Perl is just a small employee of our company, why should Manager Zhao Osborne specially receive her?”

Guo Ru said.

“Then I have to ask Mr. Zhao, Miss Yang, are you here to talk about the project?”

Manager Hu smiled respectfully.

Perl nodded heavily.

“Hehe, that’s fine, Mr. Zhao Osborne has prepared the signing ceremony for you upstairs. If you are okay, let’s go up and sign the contract?”

“Huh? Sign the contract now?”

Perl was also a little dumbfounded.

Originally, it was because the cousin had a classmate relationship like Yang Ye. After he came, he had to work hard to elaborate and negotiate.

Unexpectedly, it went so smoothly.

And the cousin’s relationship is actually one of Xinfeng’s bosses?

A lady of etiquette had already come over to take over Perl’s bag, and then a group of people went straight upstairs.

“Mom, did they make a mistake?”

Yang Ye finds it difficult to channel.

“That’s right, it’s Sheldontuo’s relationship. Sheldon actually has such a relationship? How is it possible?”

Yang Yan was also jealous.

Obviously, now everyone looks at their family members with a little joke.

Because of this face, he was hit too hard!

As for Guo Ru, he thought of Sheldon’s direct contribution of 7.6 million yesterday.

And some things that his son Yang Ye said.

Sheldon’s dressing problem.

Now, Sheldon can directly trust Xinfeng.

Even if he was a fool, he felt that Sheldon was definitely not easy at this time!

“Wait a minute!”

Guo Ru interrupted Yang Yan’s mother and daughter who seemed to be barking at their tails.

“You said, is it because Sheldon we investigated in the past was wrong? Is he not a poor man? Otherwise, how could he be so generous and have such a strong network?”

Guo Ru said solemnly.

With this sentence, no one said anything.

Although I don’t want to believe this is true, the facts are right before my eyes.

“This is unlikely, I don’t believe it anyway!”

The second aunt shook her head sharply.

“Yes, we don’t believe it either!”

Yang Ye Yangyan said.

And Guo Ru, he belongs to that kind of person.

At the moment, she didn’t know what she was thinking.

After thinking about it for a long time, I suddenly covered my mouth, as if I was scared by something.

They also surprised Yang Yuting and Yang Ye.

“Mom? What’s the matter?”

Yang Ye asked hurriedly.

“Yes, Sister-in-law, why are you surprised? Maybe Sheldon may be kind to others, and they can repay him. This is also possible, right?”

Said the second aunt.

“No!” Guo Ru shook his head abruptly, “Don’t forget the incident that happened today, the old lady’s birthday banquet, you received nearly one billion gifts!”

Guo Ru said with his eyelids jumping fiercely.

“The mysterious Cooper Family, Sheldon sent a gift?”

A few people suddenly stopped talking.

“Yeah, Sheldon Chen, Sheldon also has the surname Chen. If Sheldon is Sheldon, everything can be explained?”

Guo Ru was scared by this conjecture.

Everyone was silent again, their faces ugly.

“Impossible, absolutely impossible!”

Said the second aunt.

“But Perl must know something. I think you shouldn’t guess about it. You guessed Sheldon so well. If Perl can’t talk about it, then it’s clear!”

Yang Yan said.

“Okay, then we will wait for Perl to come down!”

Forty minutes later.

Perl came out.

It’s just that compared to before going up, there are five more file pockets in his hand.


At the door, the eldest mother and the others were still waiting for her.

When they saw Perl actually holding five contracts in their hands, they just stayed.

“You… have you signed?”

Guo Ru finds it difficult to channel.

“Yeah, I won a total of five major engineering projects of Xinfeng Group this year and next year!”

Perl was also excited.

I thought to myself, see how you bully our mother and daughter in the future.

After speaking, Perl wanted to leave despite the surprised aunt.

“You stop me!”

Guo Ru said.

“What are you doing?”

“Heh, don’t think you will be stunned with so many projects. I ask you, where does Sheldon have such a strong network? How could he know Mr. Zhao Osborne?”

Chapter 432

“I don’t know, I have to ask my cousin!”

Perl said.

Then Perl left directly.

“It’s over, Perl has given the greatest credit this time!”

Yang Ye hated.

“What’s the rush, I don’t believe that Perl can turn the sky over. The biggest problem now is not Perl, but Sheldon, the son of that bitch woman. You must figure out what strength he is!”

Guo Ru just finished.

A notice suddenly came from the family group.

It is the family meeting notice issued by the housekeeper. One hour later, the family meeting room will gather.

“Have you seen it? Perl will immediately take credit for it. It must be a matter of this project!”

Said the second aunt.

Guo Ru hugged his shoulders and sneered: “Let’s go back first, I want to see, Perl, what kind of waves can you make!”

Yang family meeting room.

Generally, this kind of meeting is initiated in the name of the old lady and it is not allowed to ask for leave.

So soon all the members of the family came.

The old lady Yang was sitting in the first seat, with a bright face at the moment.

“I believe you have all heard about it. What is the purpose of calling everyone here? Yes, here is the emphasis on praising Beckham. What I said this morning, Beckham immediately took care of it in the afternoon, and it was done and brought to our Yang family. Five engineering contracts came, and an in-depth cooperation agreement was reached with Xinfeng Group! This time, Perl has made great contributions to the Yang family!”

Old lady Yang wrinkled her face with a smile.

Everyone also looked at Beckham with an incredible look.

“Next, I want to announce one thing, that is, Perl will become the general manager of the five projects, as well as the general manager of the company’s project department, and part-time vice president of Yang’s Construction Group!”

Mrs. Yang said.


There was a commotion directly below.

Especially Yang Ye, even more drunk.

Because as early as before her birthday, grandma had already announced that she was about to become a construction group under the Yang Group, serving as the vice president, and will be announced after the birthday banquet.

But now, directly replaced by Perl?

Guo Ru’s mouth twitched slightly, and Perl was about to be on an equal footing with himself!

“Perl, continue to maintain a good relationship with Xinfeng, grandma believes in you!”

Mrs. Yang said.

At the meeting, many other things were discussed.

It was announced that the meeting had ended.

And Perl also left.


Guo Ru stayed.

At this moment, he whispered: “Perl is indeed amazing and worthy of encouragement, but do you really intend to let Perl be the person in charge?”

Mrs. Yang said: “The project is from Little Bella, so naturally let her be in charge!”

“That’s right. I even agreed to promote Perl as the vice president, but mom, have you ever thought about it, no matter how good Perl is, she is a girl after all, let alone whether she can do it, how old is Perl, for the past two years She is going to marry someone. Once she is married, she will belong to someone else’s family, so then…”

When Mrs. Yang heard this, she was a little calm.

“Also, Perl has been training at the bottom level. She hasn’t practiced at the top level like Yang Ye. Some promoted her to the top level. I am worried that Perl can’t handle it, at least he can’t handle it now!”

“Hey, look at Yuting, you are usually so shrewd, and you haven’t been calculated by the Long Family! And Perl, that person is so kind!”

This said, Mrs. Yang thought a little bit.

Then he said: “Asheng, go and call Beckham back!”

“Yes, Chairman!”

As for Guo Ru, he met his son Yang Ye triumphantly.

“It’s so angry!”

Beckham returned home.

Very angry.

Sheldon is on the balcony with scissors to trim flowers and plants.

“what happened?”

“Guo Ru, she is really insidious. Grandma said that I was in charge of the project. I thought I could get a chance to exercise. But, I don’t know what Guo Ru said to my grandma, so I told Yang Ye instead. He is always in charge of this matter. Yang Ye treated me and my mother like that, why should he be!”

Beckham said angrily.

“Just because of this, don’t forget, you now have the initiative. The Xinfeng Group is cooperating with you, not Yang Ye!”

Sheldon reminded Beckham.

“Yeah, then I’m not afraid!”

“By the way, cousin, I think you have prepared a gift box over there, why are you going there?”

Beckham on the sofa looked at Cooper Family.

“I will wait for you to finish the meeting and plan to visit grandma again!”

After speaking, Sheldon wiped his hands and raised the gift.

Sheldon had planned to go this afternoon, but he caught up with the meeting.

Sheldon didn’t want to see his aunt and others, so he didn’t go.

“Why, you thought it was my birthday present for you?”

It was Beckham’s birthday two days later, Sheldon remembered it in his heart, and smiled bitterly now.

Perl stuck out his tongue, “How can it be!”

“Okay, I’ll visit grandma first, she recently took a rest very early!”

Sheldon was also anxious to discuss the matter with his grandmother.

So I went.

“Sheldon, what are you doing so late?”

When I went there, I happened to bump into Yang Ye who was walking with his mother Guo Ru.

At the moment, both mother and son are extremely jealous.

“Come and find grandma!”

Cooper Family.

“Hmph, the old lady is resting, what are you doing, discuss it with me!”

Guo Ru hugged his shoulder and said.

“I can’t discuss it with you!”

Sheldon said coldly.

Just leave.

“Stop for me, what do you say?”

When Guo Ru saw that he was in front of him, Sheldon didn’t give himself any face, and he became angry.

“what happened?”

Sheldon turned around and asked coldly.

When Guo Ru looked at Sheldon’s eyes, he suddenly felt choked up: “Nothing…”

Afterwards, he watched Sheldon enter.

“Mom, this country boy is getting more and more unruly, why were you scared by him just now?”

Yang Ye dissatisfied.

“What? Am I scared by him?”

Guo Ru finds it difficult to channel.

Yang Ye nodded.

Yes, when Sheldon turned his head and glared at himself just now, Guo Ru was indeed stunned.

People sometimes have strange emotions.

You said that when you saw Sheldon a few days ago, he also looked like this indifferently.

At that time, I thought he was not pleasing to the eye, stepped on him if he wanted to, and ridiculed him if he wanted to ridicule, and didn’t take him seriously.

But now, it’s only a few days.

Sheldon is still the same Sheldon, still the faint look.

But now I ridiculed him, even insulted him, lacking a lot of confidence, even when Sheldon just saw it, I actually felt a little scared.

Why is this?

Guo Ru couldn’t believe it!

“Chairman, Master Sheldon is here!”

Mrs. Yang is about to rest.

I heard Ah Sheng say that.

Mrs. Yang was startled, then after thinking for a moment, “Let him come in!”

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