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Chapter 433

“Grandma, you are not in good health recently, I bought some supplements for you!”

After Sheldon came in, he put aside the gift he had prepared.

“Hmph, it’s hard for you to be so interested!”

The old lady said with a serious face.

After all, on his birthday today, Sheldon came empty-handed.

Actually, although she has severed her relationship with Vicky.

However, how can the blood problem be cut off?

Especially Sheldon and Alicia are his own grandsons.

The old lady also wanted to contact Sheldon as a grandma.

But seeing Sheldon’s desolate appearance reminded the old lady of the country boy Donald.

The father and son are so alike.

The personality is also very similar.

It’s the kind of honest countryman who doesn’t fight back and scolds.

“Sheldon, your mother, how have you passed these years?”

After a long silence.

The old lady suddenly asked.

“I’ve been doing well. In fact, my mother has always missed my grandma!”

Sheldon sat down and said.

“Huh, you have a good life? Can you live well with someone like your dad? Actually, I also know what you want to do. The Yang family has always had no habit of dividing out. Don’t even think about it. For more than 20 years, this girl has not heard from her. I’m afraid she would have died a long time ago as her mother!”

The old lady said angrily.

Sheldon laughed and said, “Don’t say that. In fact, Sheldon didn’t come for the property of the Yang family this time. More importantly, he wanted to ease the grievances between you and your mother!”

“Relaxation? I can’t live long. Is easing useful? Besides, this girl escaped from marriage and made the original Li family madly target the Yang family, which caused the entire Yang family to go from the head of the four major families to the end of the present! Even withered! That time, the Yang family’s vitality was greatly injured!”

The old lady said angrily.

“But, isn’t the Li family quickly destroyed?”

Sheldon suddenly raised his head and said.

The old lady was startled.

From the expression in Sheldon’s eyes, he suddenly found a hint of something different.

“Grandma, I want to say one thing today. What happened back then was not entirely dependent on my mother, so don’t you have the slightest responsibility? Besides, thirty years in Hedong and thirty years in Hexi, you just think that Chen The Near East is a poor boy from the countryside, he has been around for more than 20 years, is he still?”

Sheldon said, “Grandma, please rest first, and I will see you again in a few days!”

After speaking, Sheldon got up and left.

As for the old lady, it was really unexpected today.

This is the first formal conversation with Sheldon.

She only discovered that Sheldon was not as conscientious and weak as she seemed on the surface.

Moreover, in the child’s words, is he implying something?

After the steward sent away Sheldon.

Only came back to take away the gift from Sheldon.

As usual, as long as someone gives gifts, what they give, and who gives them, the butler will carefully record it.

However, when the butler opened, he was stunned for an instant.


He widened his eyes, then he held the gift in both hands and knocked directly on the old lady’s door.

“Chairman, look at this gift from Master Sheldon!”

The butler said excitedly.

“this is?”

The old lady looked at it and asked in surprise.

“If Ah Sheng sees it well, this seems to be the Tianshan Snow Lotus that was auctioned by Mr. Tang from Yanjing some time ago. If it is paired with the Thousand-Year Ginseng given by Sheldon today, it will definitely get rid of all diseases and prolong life. !”

“What? Tianshan Snow Lotus?”

The old lady widened her eyes and trembled.

“How could Sheldon get such a precious thing?”

The old lady was surprised.

Butler Ah Sheng lowered his head, thought carefully for a while, and said:

“Chairman, there is something I don’t know if it should be said or not!”

“Say it!”

“When I observe Master Sheldon, it seems that he is not just an ordinary person. He gives me an aristocratic temperament. Moreover, the conversation of Master Sheldon just now makes people feel that he is extraordinary. And most importantly, have you considered, That mysterious Cooper Family, Sheldon…”

Speaking of which.

The old lady was even more surprised.

“You mean, Sheldon, Sheldon?”

Butler Ah Sheng pointed to the Tianshan Snow Lotus sent by Sheldon.

The old lady gave a chuckle in her heart.

“How is this possible? You have seen Donald’s virtues back then, rely on him?”

The old lady has difficulty setting up the passage.

“This is exactly the chairman I want to talk about. In the past few years, the Yang family’s business has been getting worse and worse despite a lot of troubles. In fact, there is a problem within our family. The internal gangs are assigned, especially after your decentralization, the internal fighting is serious! And it’s not the first time that Grandpa Yang Yuting has caused a major disaster for the family!”

“However, the Yang family’s business has not collapsed. A few years ago, I have felt that if someone secretly helped our Yang family, every time we were able to overcome the danger! There was no major problem.”

“Furthermore, in the past few years, our Yang family’s archenemy, the Li family, such a powerful family, went bankrupt overnight. The Li family’s young and old were missing. What happened that night has been It’s a mystery!”

Butler Ah Sheng said more today.

I didn’t say it before, because I was afraid that the old lady would be angry.

but now.

The old lady frowned.

Reminiscent of this birthday banquet, the one-billion-dollar gift from the Cooper Family and Sheldon.

She let out a long breath.

His expression suddenly turned sad, and he didn’t say a word.

In a blink of an eye, the next day came.

“Perl, how do you plan to celebrate your birthday tomorrow?”

Sheldon looked at Beckham.

“In these years, I haven’t had a birthday too much!”

Beckham said.

“Okay, this year is different, your cousin will give you your birthday!”

Sheldon smiled.

Beckham nodded moved.

But, Beckham has always had a question for his cousin.

She spoke now, but swallowed again.

“What’s the matter? I want to ask how my cousin met Xinfeng Group?”

Sheldon smiled.

Perl shook his head.

Said: “Cousin, I want to ask, you have graduated for so long, did you find me a future cousin? You are in such a good condition, why I never saw you call your cousin or something?”

“I think that sister Myla is very beautiful, and she is very nice!”

Perl is very careful and is watching.

Sheldon smiled bitterly: “I don’t know how to tell you about this, but Beckham, I want to ask you, do you hate people who missed appointments? If it’s your boyfriend, make an appointment with you, and then he How would you feel if you didn’t go?”

“Of course it’s disappointment, and it will be very sad. Actually, no matter how cold a girl is, they really value dating most. For a date, they will prepare for a long time… If they miss an appointment, of course they will be particularly disappointed. !”

“Why cousin, you missed your appointment?”

Chapter 434

Cousin Wants to Surprise You
Sheldon pondered for a long time, and touched Beckham’s head and said, “Cousin will tell you slowly in the future. By the way, tomorrow for your birthday, I will tell you in advance. My cousin will prepare a big surprise gift for you. Oh!”

Sheldon said with a smile.

“Ah? What kind of gift?”

Beckham stuck out his tongue and asked.

“Just wait and see tomorrow!”

Then, Sheldon went back to the room.

Seeing his cousin, Beckham suddenly felt that his cousin was a little lonely.

Yes, although he has always played the role of a caring big brother in front of him.

But the attentive Beckham also discovered that his cousin was actually not happy in his heart, and he was very preoccupied.

In particular, the cousin did not know what happened to the cousin.

Cousin didn’t say anything, and Beckham didn’t plan to continue to ask questions.

However, as a cousin, Beckham thought to herself that she always had to do something for her cousin.

The easiest way to get people out of the shadows is undoubtedly to distract the cousin.

Cousin doesn’t seem to have many friends to play with in Yanjing.

At the moment, Beckham is already thinking about it.

Soon, the next day came.

Today is Beckham’s birthday.

I originally planned to book a restaurant in advance.

But early in the morning, I received a notice from the family.

Today, the Yang family will hold a celebration banquet for the project landing, requiring all senior executives of the same family to arrive.

A celebration banquet similar to this kind of project contract, except for decades ago, the Yang family has not hosted it again.

So this time it was exceptionally grand.

It was more solemn than the 80th birthday banquet of the old lady.

This time, all the guests who could still be invited were invited.

Beckham dare not go.

I had to arrive with Pedro early.

As one of the project leaders, Perl and Yang Ye arranged at the door as a welcome guest.

“Yeah, Chad, congratulations, I have become the project leader!”

“Yang is a young man, he is young and has a purpose, yes, the hope of the Yang family’s future lies in you!”

“Mr. Chad, that’s not right, you should call Mr. Yang, congratulations!”

This time, many VIPs came here after hearing the news.

After all, five large-scale projects have been signed. Really, with this operation alone, the Yang family is no longer what it used to be.

As the biggest hero, Beckham stood aside and was left out in the cold.

“Haha, Perl, don’t think that you have signed so many projects, you will be able to take the position, tell you, with me Yang Ye, you will always be under me, forever!”

Yang Ye looked at Perl with a cold smile.

Perl did not speak angrily.

“By the way, Perl, today seems to be your birthday, right? Haha, it seems like it’s impossible!”

Yang Ye smiled again.

Perl glanced at Yang Ye fiercely.

After a while, the old lady led the family members out.

“Bei, I think you have a cold expression, what day is it? You see, so many distinguished guests come, this expression does not welcome others?”

At first glance, Perl’s face was wrong, and the old lady was a faceless person, and she couldn’t help but reprimand.

“Grandma, you may have forgotten that today is Perl’s birthday. For sure, she was called by you to greet the distinguished guests. She was not happy for not having her birthday!”

Yang Ye said.

“Yeah! It turns out that today is Beckham’s birthday, I said, that’s really embarrassing, family affairs, our capable Beckham never had a birthday!”

Guo Ru added a sentence in time.

“I do not have!”

Perl hurriedly argued.

The old lady frowned, “Regardless of whether you have it or not, if you are standing outside with Xiaoye as the person in charge, you must have an attitude. Look at what Xiaoye does, and then look at you!”

“Perl, your elder aunt said that you lack the experience of being an executive. I thought you could adapt quickly, but it really made your eldest mother right. You can’t cope with things on some occasions!”

“Well, you don’t need to be a reception here. Go inside and see where you need help. Just go and help!”

The old lady said something serious.

Just take the family members to look elsewhere.


Yang Ye sneered.

“Yang Ye, don’t be proud, your mouth is too bad, you will get retribution!”

After Perl said something, he was about to leave.

Suddenly saw my cousin coming.

And there was a small six-inch cake in his hand.

Perl finally had a sense of solidity in her heart.

“Cousin, why are you here?”

Beckham said happily.

“I’m going to order you a cake, you have your birthday today!”

Sheldon raised the little cake in his hand.

“Hehe, it’s really from the country, whoever eats cake for his birthday, vulgar!”

Yang Ye smiled contemptuously.

“I like to eat cakes, what’s wrong?”

Perl said.

“Too lazy to care about you!”

Yang Ye snorted coldly.

“Hi! Beckham!”

At this time, a car stopped in front of Yang’s house.

Four or five girls of the same age as Beckham came down. They all looked very good, and they were all tall and tall.

“Mei, Yang Yang, are you here?”

Beckham waved his hand.

They are all Perl’s good college classmates.

Today the old lady said that the more people who come to the family celebration party, the better.

Therefore, some juniors in the family also called some of their friends.

For example, standing beside Yang Ye at the moment, there are several of his male classmates accompanying him.

“It’s so lively, Beckham!”

Four or five girls came over and said with a smile.

“I’m fine anyway, let’s go, with my cousin, let’s walk around!”

Hehe, Perl calls his roommates and classmates to come, which also has another meaning.

That is to let the cousin know more friends.

Also lest my cousin be lonely.

Although I don’t know what happened to my cousin and my cousin, what if my beautiful classmates met my cousin?

After all, who can tell things like fate!

“O’ao, this is your cousin, who is very sweet, holding a small cake, knowing that it is your birthday, I bought it for you, right?”

Although a few girls said quite well.

But, they couldn’t hide the slight contempt in their eyes.

After all, they are also powerful in Yanjing’s family.

Usually, as long as it is a friend to give gifts on birthdays, those who are less than five thousand will go elsewhere, okay?

And now, her cousin actually bought her a six-inch cake.

I heard Perl said that her cousin is very nice, and the family is from the county town.

At the moment, it is inevitable to contempt.

Looking back at the side of another handsome guy.

There were three or four handsome guys who were tall, handsome, and dressed up especially fashionable.

Naturally, it attracted the attention of these girls even more.

“Beauty, how are you? It just so happens that we are here for the first time at Yang’s house, how about going around with you together?”

Several handsome guys said.

The beauties ignored Sheldon and looked at a few handsome guys with a smile, “Okay!”

And Yang Ye also smiled and said, “You are so embarrassed to go with a few beauties, so let me arrange a family, let the family take you, you guys, you must accompany these beauties!”

“Wow, wow!”

The beauties said cheerfully…

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