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Chapter 473:

Palmer’s Wrath
After Wei Qingshu separated from the southwest, Sheldon asked him to follow Zuo Zhongtao to the southwest border.

Don’t stop following yourself.

Because the Wei family is now a barrier for itself.

It is also the only barrier.

If the Wei family is exposed again, and he kills four people from the Palmer Family in the southwest, it is estimated that the Palmer Family will not even have a place to hide.

Even though he couldn’t kill himself, the Palmer Family had a huge power, and if he wanted to deal with it, he didn’t even think about it.

Therefore, every step Sheldon took, he had to think carefully.

After Anton Shannon left.

Sheldon went straight to the Villa at Yunding Mountain.

Sheldon lay on a sturdy branch in the mountain, resting with his eyes closed.

It was not until late night that Sheldon opened his eyes.

At this moment, Yunding Mountain Villa is already brightly lit.


Drop a satchel.

Sheldon jumped down from the tree.

Open the satchel and pull out a black trench coat with a hood from it.

When Sheldon put it on, it even covered his face.

Then he headed towards Yunding Mountain Villa.

“How? What did the people sent to the southwest say?”

A young man lying on his side on the sofa in the living room.

Aside, several men stood with their hands behind them.

In front of him, there were a few people standing in a hurry.

“I haven’t found any clues yet. The Delia Family was wiped out in the fire, and there was no physical body. I have not seen the whereabouts of the two young masters, Mo Qing Motian!”

“What a bastard, our Palmer Family has a noble blood. How can those ordinary people compare to Mo Qing Motian? He is my right arm. If he had an accident in a place like the southwest, it would be the biggest insult to our Palmer Family. , Check it out for me again!”

“Yes, Shao Mo!”

Everyone went.

Shao Mo closed his eyes: “Roston, it’s such a good place, haha, when the Palmer Family completely swallows the Cooper Family, I can use Roston as my base. This place is really perfect! “

Mo Jian secretly said in his heart.

Da da da!

Suddenly, there was a faint sound of footsteps outside.

Someone is coming here.


One of his subordinates’ eyes narrowed slightly.

Then the door of the main hall was opened.

Then he was startled: “Huh? Who are you?”

“Is Mo Jian here?”

The person in front of him was a man in black wearing a black cloak, with only one pair of eyes out.

And its voice is old and strong.

Gives a weird feeling.

But in fact, if you are careful, you can find that this person’s skin is much whiter and tender, and he looks like a young man.

“Who are you? What can I do?”

And Mo Jian stood up and asked while drinking red wine.

The blade in front of him looked extremely extraordinary, and Mo Jian was also careless.

“I’m here to let Master Mo Jian go to a place with me, you come with me!”

The man in black said.

“Hehe, just rely on you, do you know who I am, do you dare to let me go to a place with you?”

Mo Jian sneered.

And several of Mo’s subordinates were also furious.

Then he hit the man in black directly with a punch.

A lot of force was used.

But it felt that the punch hit the man in black, as if hitting a big mountain.

The arms were numb with shock.


Several people shook wildly.

And Mo Jian’s eyelids twitched slightly.

“court death!”

Those people were angry again.

This time he worked hard and attacked the man in black.

But the man in black is faster.

It directly stuck the necks of the first two.

A move of the wrist.

The two men spurted blood, and their necks were directly twisted.


Then he raised the knife again, and neatly resolved several Palmer Family members who had come up under the siege.

“Huh? Who are you?”

Mo Jian shook his entire body and stood up directly.

This person is extremely energetic, and the methods are even more skillful and terrifying. Except for his father, Palmer, Mo Jian has never seen anyone with such strength.

At the moment, I was very shocked.

Obviously, standing in front of him is a master no less powerful than his father.

“Don’t ask so much, come with me!”

The man in black said.

“Okay, since you have spoken, Senior, it is my destiny to be a junior, but can you tell me the name of Senior, so that I can mention it to my father in the future, so that I can know whether Senior is a friend or an enemy?”

Mo Jian’s eyes narrowed.

“No, you will know soon!”

Immediately, the man in black shot directly.

He clasped Mo Jian’s shoulders, and then pulled his arm, and heard two crisp sounds.

Mo Jian’s arm meridians were all broken.


Mo Jian roared in pain.

After that, the man in black kicked Mo Jian’s knee again, and his leg bones were broken.

“You… do you know whose son I am?”

Mo Jian’s eyes were red, and he didn’t expect this person to be so ruthless.

“Follow me to a place!”

The man in black said coldly.

Then he raised Mo Jian, which was like a dead dog.

Pointing to the room again, another subordinate who was so frightened, “You, carry him all the way to me! Let’s go!”

The man in black threw the immobile Mo Jian to the fellow, and then took them directly out of Yunding Mountain.

However, when walking out of the door, Sheldon glanced at the other corner of the villa intentionally or unintentionally, and smiled slightly at the corner of his mouth.

Then took the two people all the way down the mountain.

After Sheldon disappeared with the two figures.

A corner of the villa.

Climbed out of a man with blood on his face.

He clutched his chest, his face pale.

It was the person who was injured when Sheldon went up the mountain just now.

It is also the only living mouth.

He took out his cell phone with difficulty and dialed a number.

“There is something wrong with the Third Young Master. Please inform the Second Elder and send someone over quickly. This person is a top expert, and should also be a member of the mysterious hermit. He is probably over 60 years old. He has taken the Third Young Master!”

This person reports.

“What? A member of the hermit? You think of a way, follow up, I immediately notify the second elder!”

The people over the phone say nothing.

He hurried to a secret room.

“What are you talking about? Jian’er was taken away? Who is so bold?”

But when Palmer heard the words, his eyes opened wide, furious.

“I don’t know, but the subordinates of the Third Young Master reported that the man was more than 60 years old, and his strength was no longer under that of the Second Elder. The Third Young Masters are not opponents at all. They grabbed the Third Young Master and went all the way to the Yungui region!”

“Yungui area? Who will it be?”

Palmer’s mouth twitched.


With a loud anger, Palmer smashed a stone table.

“No matter who it is, let me find out, I will definitely not forgive him!”

Palmer was angry.

The subordinate said: “Second elder, do you think it was the Cooper Family that made the shot?”

“No, first, Donald currently doesn’t have the courage, and second, even if he has the courage, he does not have this strength. I am afraid there is something strange about this matter!”

Palmer calmly analyzed.

Then raised his head: “Now, let the notice go down, and immediately remove the forces that suppressed the Cooper Family, let them rush to the Yungui area as soon as possible, and be sure to find Jianer for me!”

“Jian’er, you can’t have an accident!”

Palmer sighed in his heart…

Chapter 474

The Mysterious Girl on the Bus
After one night.

Negston Cooper Family.

“Patriarch, good news, good news!”

The butler hurried over.

Donald was reading in the study. As the housekeeper came in, Donald rubbed his eyebrows and put down his glasses.

“What good news?”

Donald asked.

“It’s Palmer. In the past six months, Palmer has been against the Cooper Family everywhere, especially the Mo Jian, but we just got the exact news that Mo Jian has disappeared!”

“Huh? Mo Jian is missing?”

Donald couldn’t help standing up.

To be honest, even though Mo Jian is the third son of Palmer, he has built up a force in the past six months and has been against the Cooper Family everywhere.

Although Donald didn’t put Mo Jian in his eyes.

But the fly is small, but it is disgusting.

It did exhaust the Cooper Family.

It was a knife stuck in the Cooper Family.

And now, Mo Jian is missing?

“Yes, not only were they missing, but most of Palmer’s men and horses were also evacuated. They left clean last night. This time, our Cooper Family can take a good breath!”

The butler said with joy.

Donald also nodded with a smile.


The housekeeper frowned again: “Mo Jian is Palmer’s most beloved son. He is in an accident now. I don’t know if Palmer will anger our Cooper Family or even suspect our Cooper Family?”

“will not!”

Donald threw down the book in his hand, “Palmer is not a fool, Mo Jian is very skilled, Mo said that our Cooper Family can’t move Mo Jian at all, even if it does, we don’t dare to take Mo Jian in this situation. How is it, Palmer knows this in his heart, and now, Palmer has removed the troops again. Obviously, they have a big problem on their side!”

Donald smiled.

I was finally relieved.

“The Patriarch is right, the subordinates are worrying too much!”

The butler smiled.

“However, Mo Jian could be taken away easily in Roston. If you want to come here, you must be a master of masters, Afu!”

Donald suddenly looked serious.

“Patriarch, you say…”

“I’ll give you a secret mission, that is, to investigate this matter for me at all costs. It is best to know the whereabouts of this master. If we can invite this master to help our Cooper Family again, Palmer The difficulty may be solved, remember, at all costs!”

Donald patted the table and said.

“Subordinates understand, let’s do it!”

“Wait a minute, go and invite the eldest lady and his wife Alan. It’s been a long time since the family had a meal. Today, have a family dinner!”


The steward saw Donald so happy, and he was even more happy.

The Cooper Family banquet, since Sheldon’s accident six months ago.

Never eaten again.

Even Yang Yuping has said that she rarely stays with Donald in the past six months.

He is used to shutting himself up in the study.

At this family dinner, Alicia and Marie also changed their minds when they saw their father so happy.

“Dad, what’s so happy? Isn’t it because Sheldon has gone?”

Alicia asked hurriedly.

Donald shook his head dejectedly: “Sheldon is still missing…”

Everyone looked dim.

“But today, it is indeed a good day. I have already received the exact news that Mo Jian has disappeared, and a tragedy occurred in the Villa at Yunding Mountain. All of Palmer’s men were killed!”

Donald said.

“What? Mo Jian is missing?”

Alicia stood up and smiled.

“Yeah, the mysterious master who took Mo Jian, didn’t know whether it was intentional or not. Anyway, he helped the Cooper Family a lot!”

Donald said with a smile.

“Then father, besides the Palmer Family, are there any other hermits?”

Donald shook his head: “This is not known. In short, we still urgently need such a master to help the Cooper Family. If we find this master, I am willing to use one-third of the assets of the Cooper Family as a condition! “

Alicia and others all nodded…

To the south of the west, Yunnan-Guizhou region.

On a bus to Yunnan-Guizhou Province.

At this moment, the bus has already moved onto a mountainous road.

The roads are barren and surrounded by mountains.

“I heard that there were a lot of robberies on this road!”

A little fat man looked dull on the road and said.

“Last time I watched the news, it is said that a group of robbers robbed a bus and all the people in the bus were killed!”

Seeing everyone looking at him, he said again.

“No? Why didn’t I see this news?”

A middle-aged woman asked nervously.

“Not long after the news came out, it disappeared. This kind of thing, it is impossible to propagate it randomly and create a panic!”

Said the little fat man.

“Hmph, even if there are robbers, we will kill many of us!”

A big man sneered.

“But, they have * in their hands.”

The little fat man said helplessly.

At this time, the people in the carriage stopped talking.

I was also very nervous by the little fat man.

Then the little fat man stopped talking, took out a bag of biscuits and ate it.

“Hmph, it’s said that there are robbers, and you are still in the mood to eat! You are so fat, people are the first to rob you!”

A woman dissatisfied.

“I eat to relieve stress. Only when the teeth keep moving, people’s mental state is the easiest to relax!”

Said the little fat man.

“true and false?”

“If you don’t believe me, try it! Now! Give you a bag of cookies!”

The little fat man was divided among several people.

“Me too!” Someone in the car laughed.

“No, my biscuits are precious, don’t you guys buy snacks? If you want, I’ll give you a pack of three dollar!”

The little fat man hugged his luggage.


Everyone in the car laughed. This little fat man is a biscuit seller, and everyone can see it.

But no one cared a few dollars, so they took out some money to buy some.

“Several people, you don’t talk all the way, are you hungry, why don’t you eat some together and relax?”

Little fat guy distributed all the way.

When I reached the middle position, I saw a person wearing a hat and mask, and I couldn’t tell how old he was.

And behind him, there are two very weak young people.

I thought it was a bit strange.

But the man in black shook his head at the moment.

“Make friends, I won’t ask you for money!” said the little fat man.

And the man in black turned his head out of the window.

What a strange guy.

The little fat man murmured.

Then he turned his head to the left side of the man in the black trench coat, wearing a leather jacket and leather pants, a bit like a beauty like the Black Widow in the movie.

This beauty has long hair, but her face is cold.

Closing eyes to rest.

“Beauty, do you have some?”

The little fat man said with a smile.

The beauty shook her head.

“This cookie is slightly sweet, just to relieve fatigue!”

The little fat man said again.

The woman may want to make the little fat man shut up, and immediately said impatiently: “Give me a bag!”

After the little fat man gave it to her.

I have been waiting for the girls to pay.

But when the girl opened the cookie and was about to pay, she suddenly remembered something.

Can not help but frown.

“I have no money!”

“What? You didn’t bring money? Who believes it, you don’t have three dollars?”

The little fat man was surprised.

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