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Chapter 5 Hot Spring Mountain Entertainment Club

Sheldon walked out of the box.

Good buddy Vern and Kristine chased them out.

“What are you doing! I didn’t say that your gift is not good!”

Kristine said anxiously.

Vern also said, “Sheldon, don’t leave. You can leave after eating here. You are leaving. We are boring here!”

Sheldon smiled: “You guys have fun here, Brother Hui, Kristine, I really have something to do, but you believe me, I will not cheat!”

Sheldon didn’t know whether they believed them or not.

Speaking of it, I blame my sister, which has a minimum consumption of 300,000 dollar, for pitting herself in disguise.

Although both Vern and Kristine persuaded, Sheldon left in the end.

“Is this poor?”

When Kristine and Vern returned to the box, Dawson asked with a smile.

Vern: “Dawson, can you change your bullying? It depends on Sheldon’s bullying, right? Is he not miserable enough for you to cheat?”

Vern couldn’t bear it anymore.

“Hehe, I’m ashamed of myself, who asked him to take a broken bag to trick Kristine, and give him the Urbane Hitch Collection Edition, this poor life is really going to pick!”

Shelly shook his head with a wry smile.

However, after Sheldon left, he walked on the street blankly.

Sheldon dreamed of being rich when he was not rich, but now, he is rich, but he doesn’t have any special feelings.

And now it’s not bad, spent more than three hundred thousand, didn’t even drink saliva, and was despised.

Just when Sheldon was thinking about going somewhere to deal with it.

The phone rang.

It was from my sister Alicia.

Sheldon: “Sister!”

“Little Sheldon, what are you up to?”

“I’m not busy…”

“Then you do me a favor,

Sheldon: “???”

“That’s it, you should know Roston Business District? It was invested and developed by my sister when she returned to America four years ago to see you. Now, because she needs to sign a renewal contract with the local area, she can’t go back!”

“At that time, the names of the development investors belonged to our siblings. The same applies to your signing. Go and renew the contract!”

“Hey hey hey… Alicia, did you hear what your sister said?”

Of course Sheldon can hear it.

It’s just that at this time he was completely confused.

Roston Business District?

That is one of the major characteristics of Roston City.

There are many shops in the Business District, and the business is very hot.

Not to mention anything else, let’s just say that at the top of the Business District, there is a place called Wenquan Mountain Entertainment Club, which is built on the hillside. It is a place often visited by the wealthy of Roston City.

Listen to my sister, the whole Business District belongs to my own home?

“Sister, are you real? We opened the Business District?”

“Damn! After talking for a long time, you thought I was joking with you. I drove it myself, because I couldn’t open so many industries in one breath, so I used your ID card, half of you!”

“After a while, you will go to the Heaven Brick Residencia to find a manager named Chapman. I’ll tell him that the name is the same for your second boss!”


“Okay, okay, that’s it, I have something to do, hang up first!”


Sheldonld the phone and was stunned for a long time.

What a place the Heaven Brick Residencia was, before, he couldn’t even think about it.

But now, Sheldon still took a deep breath and drove to Roston Business District.

The Heaven Brick Residencia integrates dining, entertainment and accommodation.

It is a backer manor, below is a Business District built on the hill.

Sheldon raised his head and walked in…

“This gentleman, please stay!”

Unexpectedly, as soon as he entered, Sheldon was stopped by a few beautiful waitresses.

“Sir, have you reserved a seat at the villa?”

A waitress looked at Sheldon and asked.

They are responsible for the reception work in the front hall, and they are used to seeing many big people come.

Now I see Sheldon in a brand-name clothes.

Although the voices of the female receptionists were polite, the contempt in their eyes was already strong.

“I didn’t book a seat, I’m here to find someone!”

Sheldon said.

At the same time, he glanced at several waitresses, and was secretly surprised, how else would Roston Hot Spring Mountain Entertainment Club be the fairyland of Roston City.

These five or six receptionists looked like college students who had just graduated with great temperament.

It’s like a model, it needs to have a look, and it needs to have a figure.

“Find someone? Who are you looking for?”

Just listening to Sheldon’s words, several beauties frowned at the same time.

At this moment, there is a sense of indifference in the tone.

“I’m looking for Chapman, the boss here!”

Sheldon also noticed the look in their eyes, but he still told the truth.

Several beautiful women glanced at each other.

Looking for Mr. Chapman?

I’m afraid this poor boy, don’t you know who Li is always?

Is it something you can see if you want to?

And they can almost conclude now that this poor boy wants to come in and meet the world.

After all, the Hot Spring Mountain Entertainment Club is so famous that many people cannot enter it because they can’t afford it.

Usually there are people like him who want to come in and visit by looking for someone.

However, it must not be put in.

They are beautiful college graduates. At this moment, although Sheldon is not ashamed of D Silk’s behavior, they also try to maintain a gentle attitude:

“Mr. Chapman, we always need to make an appointment in advance. If you don’t have an appointment, please leave!”

Sheldon can see it, these waiters regard themselves as visiting!

I was thinking about calling my sister to inform Chapman.

“Ms. Carla, what are you doing? I just found out that anyone can enter the Hot Spring Mountain Villa!”

It was a young man with oiled hair and gorgeous clothes who was walking in with a glamorously dressed woman with heavy makeup.

Looking at Sheldon contemptuously, he smiled at the headed female receptionist.

“Phelp, didn’t you say that this is the most luxurious place in Roston? Why are there such people here?”

The coquettish woman asked.

Some people are like this, and they can’t show their abilities without sarcastic words.

The leading female receptionist Carla apologized to the son and said, “I’m really sorry, son Li, we will deal with it as soon as possible!”

Phelp sneered: “That’s good, I will invite a group of friends from other places here later. Our villa is the symbol of Roston. Don’t lower the grade for no reason. Let me say a few more words, Miss Carla. Angry, my dad and your boss, Mr. Chapman, know each other and have eaten together!”

Speaking of President Chapman, Phelp’s face was respectful.

The woman in his arms heard that Phelp was so well-connected, she also knew Mr. Chapman, a great figure in Roston! Already worshipped.

Even the beautiful waiters beside Carla secretly sent Qiubo towards Phelp, hoping to attract Phelp’s attention.

Carla nodded hurriedly: “Yes, Lord Li!”

After speaking, he looked at Sheldon sternly.

“Please leave, don’t delay our business, or I will call security!”

“Okay! I’ll go out and make a call first!”

Sheldon took a breath and walked out, taking out his mobile phone as he walked.

“Damn! It’s kind of pretending! It looks like!”

Phelp said something coldly.

“Don’t be offended by Young Master Li, this happens occasionally in Hot Spring Mountain!”

Carla said with a smile.

Phelp nodded, “Sure, my friend is here when I turn around, how about a few drinks from Miss Carla?”

“Let’s take a look at that time! Shao Li.” Carla smiled reservedly.

Phelp squinted at Carla and nodded, then took his wallet and walked to the front desk to open the room first.

And a group of beautiful waiters looked at Carla admiringly, “Sister Yue, do you know Shao Li, too?”

Carla took care of the haircut with pride: “Of course, if we graduate from college and don’t go to work, what’s the point of being a waiter here? Of course, I know a few more rich people like Malcolm!”

“Have you seen the coquettish woman in his arms? That’s a second-tier star… Malcolm’s family is engaged in real estate and has a net worth of more than two billion!”

“Wow! No wonder his father was able to get acquainted with our boss Chapman in Roston Business District, Mr. Chapman. It turned out to be such a high net worth!”

The waiters looked at Phelp’s back, all obsessed.

“Heh, let alone President Chapman, I really can’t remember. The poor SheldonD silk was looking for President Chapman just now. President Chapman is now discussing business with the leaders of the city and the chairman of the Roston Chamber of Commerce. This stuff came out funny. What…” Carla smiled contemptuously.

While smiling, she was about to go over and talk to Phelp again, but she looked up.

I saw that poor Sheldon who had been driven out came in again.

“Why are you back again?”

Carla’s face was startled.

The waiters also looked at Sheldon contemptuously…

Chapter 6 I met an acquaintance

at the same time.

In the most luxurious noble box in the villa.

A middle-aged man with sword eyebrows and heroic eyes, full of majesty, is socializing with a group of valuables.

He is naturally the general manager of Roston Business District and Chapman, who is also the richest man in Roston.

It just made everyone a little surprised.

Mr. Chapman just answered the phone, just like something, his hair straightened up for an instant, and then he rushed out frantically.

“What’s wrong with Mr. Chapman?”

Everyone does not know why.

In the front hall, Phelp, who had not yet entered, saw Sheldon coming in and couldn’t help but help Carla out.

“Ms. Carla, just call the security guard. There is no other way to deal with this kind of hillbilly!”

Phelp smiled coldly.

Carla nodded, and then several security guards approached Sheldon.


At this moment, Chapman rushed to the front hall as quickly as possible.

With a loud roar, everyone was stunned!

“Li…Mr. Chapman?”

Carla and the others were in awe.

And Phelp was also very respectful at once: “Hello, Uncle Chapman, my name is Phelp, and my dad is Jogray. At the last business reception, you met me…”

Phelp hurried forward to say hello.

Unexpectedly, Chapman didn’t even look at him.

He walked straight to Sheldon.

And they pushed Carla away rudely!

“Are you Sheldon?”

Chapman asked respectfully.

Sheldon nodded: “I am.”

“SheldonXiao is always yours?”

“She is my sister!”

Sheldon said.

Chapman immediately bent over ninety degrees respectfully.

“Hello, Sheldon! I’m Chapman!”

? ? ?


This scene stunned Carla and the others.

Phelp’s eyelids jumped fiercely.

President Chapman actually bowed to this hillbilly?

Who is he?

And Sheldon was also dumbfounded. He knew that his sister was the boss of this Business District, but he didn’t expect that his sister had such great prestige that this general manager could treat him like this?

To be honest, Sheldon is still not used to the life of the rich second-generation family!

And it’s incredible to see that this Business District is owned by my own home!

“Ahem, President Chapman, my sister said, let me come and sign something!” Sheldon also politely said.

“Sheldon, it’s a contract renewal. This Business District, including this villa, is half owned by the boss and half by your name. His subordinates have long wanted to visit, but the boss has urged him not to let it!”

Chapman wiped the sweat from his forehead.

Sheldon was so polite to him, it really made him overjoyed.

But Carla and Phelp were completely dumbfounded.


The entire Business District is owned by other families?

This poor Sheldon is the real boss behind?

“Huh! Who stopped Sheldon just now?”

Chapman turned his head at this time, and coldly swept the crowd in the front hall.

The identity of the boss Alicia is very special, and Chapman is able to live now, it is completely promoted by Alicia.

Now, the second boss is here, and he was almost beaten out.

If Mr. Sheldon Xiao knew about this, he wouldn’t have Chapman to return to before liberation overnight?

Carla flushed and lowered her head hurriedly, not daring to speak.

And Phelp on the side was surprised and asked: “Uncle Chapman, you are not mistaken, are you the owner of this Business District?”


Chapman slapped when he heard the words, “Asshole, what did you just say?”

“Uncle Chapman, I didn’t say anything…”

Phelp, who was slapped in the face, covered his mouth full of grievances.

He has money in his family, but compared to Chapman, it’s a fart.

“Come on, blow this person out of me!”

Chapman ordered the security guards.


A group of security guards immediately came up, pushing Phelp and the second-tier star out.

Shame! Phelp is too shameful today!

Sheldon watched from the side, but did not stop.

He didn’t expect that this Chapman looked very loyal, but he was so domineering.

Sheldon also thought, if only one day he could be so domineering!


Followed Chapman all the way into the villa.

Through Chapman’s introduction.

Sheldon also understood that Chapman and his wife were just open-door shops selling buns.

Sister Alicia was also poorly raised.

At that time, the elder sister who had no money was about to beg for food. It was Chapman and his wife who gave her a job.

Later, when her sister’s poverty period ended and she had possessions, Chapman took off all the way to her current position.

How about Chapman being so respectful to their Cooper Family!

Next, Sheldon went to sign the contract. As expected, most of the shops in Roston Business District registered under their own names.

It is not an exaggeration to say that you are the owner of Roston Business District!

Sheldon never dreamed that he was so powerful!

Then, Chapman set a table for Sheldon.

From morning to now, plus going to Kristine’s at noon and not eating a bite, Sheldon was indeed starving.

When he was almost eating, Chapman smiled and said:

“Sheldon, you eat first. When you are finished, you can visit your major industries. This is the order of Mr. Sheldon Xiao, so that you can familiarize yourself with your family’s industries as soon as possible and get rid of the influence of poverty. come out!”

As he said, a careful thought flashed in Chapman’s eyes.

“Sheldon, let me leave you alone!”

After speaking, he walked out, then made a phone call, and said only one sentence: “You all come up!”

After that, he went downstairs very interestingly.

But he said that Sheldon didn’t know what this Manager Chapman was doing. He was almost starving and took Australian big abalone as dry food.

When I was eating happily.

The door of the box suddenly opened.

Afterwards, Sheldon saw five or six women walk in.

Isn’t it just Carla and those beautiful waiters.

At this time, the expressions they looked at Sheldon completely changed.

Carla’s eyes showed a flattering smile:

“Sheldon, I’m really sorry for what happened just now!”

“Sorry Sheldon!”

The waiters were also worried.

“What are you?”

Sheldon wiped his mouth.

To be honest, although they were in the lobby just now, they despised themselves, but Sheldon didn’t mean to slap them in the face.

I just want to finish things for my sister as soon as possible.

Then left.

Now it seems that Chapman has scolded them all.

“The six of our sisters are here to accompany Sheldon. As long as Sheldon forgive us, we are willing to sacrifice whatever price…”

Carla enchanted.

The beauties who work as waitresses in Hot Spring Mountain undoubtedly have only one purpose, that is, to catch a golden turtle son-in-law, and thus enter the rich family.

Don’t say Mr. Chapman deliberately arranged for them to come up to make amends at this moment.

Even if they didn’t mean it, Carla and the others couldn’t help rushing forward.

What is a rich man?

The young man in front of him is the real big and young, and he is the big and young from the bottom! ! !

Sheldon couldn’t hear what they meant, and he was shocked.

I go, six?

This is too…

And in Sheldon’s stunned space.


Just when Sheldon was struggling to find a reason to let them go, suddenly the phone rang.

It was my sister.

This made Sheldon calm down: “Several ladies, let me go out first!”

Afterwards, Sheldon ran out.

It turned out that it was my sister who asked about her signature and told Sheldon to get out of the influence of poverty and so on.

Anyway, said a lot.

After hanging up the phone, Sheldon thought of the scene just now, and couldn’t help smiling in his heart.

Sheldon is twenty-two years old. He is really a gangster. It is false to say that he is not very attractive.

Although she was in love with Marcella before, Sheldon loved Marcella very much and respected her ideas, so nothing actually happened.

Thinking of Marcella, Sheldon’s heart suddenly ached.

If Marcella knew that she was rich now, would she change her mind?


Thinking of the past with Marcella, the two people holding hands in the cafeteria, library, park, etc., walking around and fighting.

Sheldon’s enthusiasm has gone down a lot, his first time, can’t he explain it like this?

Sheldon finally decided that he would not go back, so he called Chapman and said that he had gone out by himself.

After leaving the villa, I walked to Roston Business District.

Those who come and go are all well-dressed young people or bosses.

This Business District is its own! Sheldon, you can’t be too inferior!

Sheldon reminded himself.

And at this moment.

A voice suddenly sounded in my ear:


Sheldon looked back and saw Kristine and Shelly at the door of a KTV called Emperor KTV.

And the roommate of Dawson.

“Oh, Sheldon, it’s really you! Didn’t you say that you went back to the dorm? Why did you come to the Business District! Humph! Just lie to me!”

Kristine saw Sheldon and ran over and said angrily.

Chapter 7 Emperor KTV

Sheldon scratched his head awkwardly.

He actually wanted to avoid Kristine and the others.

Especially Shelly, she hates herself so much, she doesn’t bother to post her cold ass.

“Dawson suggested that we come to the emperor on the Business District to play. If you run again this time, we will not be friends!”

Kristine said.

She is the kind of girl who is big and big, and she doesn’t think so deeply.

Unexpectedly, Sheldon’s embarrassment was not in the same world with them.

Of course, this refers to the past.

Seeing Sheldon not speaking, Kristine hurriedly said, “Let’s go and play together. I know you are afraid Dawson will say you. Don’t worry, if he dares to target you again, I will call him face!”

Sheldon smiled.

If she refuses any more, Kristine probably will be really angry.

Well, let’s play together.

Kristine took Sheldon to the door of the Emperor KTV.

Sheldon looked at it. This is one of the properties under his own name. Sheldon didn’t dare to say before, but now, he can invite this guest.

“Yeah! Sheldon has also come to Roston Business District? Do you know the road? Do you know where the fun is? I can introduce you to it!”

Just came over to say hello to the chief shepherd and the others.

Dawson said without a smile.

“Dawson, shut up! What am I warning you?”

Kristine shouted coldly.

Dawsonxie smiled: “Okay, I know, besides, I am also kind, Roston Business District is where the rich come to consume, Brother Sheldon wants to come to see, I will introduce him, it is really for him it is good!”

Shelly glanced at Sheldon at this time.

I think it’s shameful to stand with Sheldon and people come and go on the street.

He hurriedly said, “Okay, let’s go in first, Dawson, have you booked the box?”

“It’s booked. I asked a friend of mine to book it for me. According to common sense, the emperor should be full at this point!”

Dawson said something like a host: “Come with me!”

Then led a group of people into it.

Sheldon came to KTV for the first time, and it was quite luxurious.

And the box Dawson chose was even more luxurious and spacious, and there was also a big fish tank with glittering golden Brovane.

After entering, the beauties sat down separately, while Sheldon sat with the head of the house Vern and the others.

At this time, Maiba began to appear, singing in turns, so lively.

The beauties underneath were chatting and chatting, while Shelly had his legs cocked and his white calves swayed.

“Here is Brovane fish?”

The bored Sheldon stared at the Brovane fish in the fish tank curiously.

He has read from books before that this kind of Brovane fish is popular in the West Brestle and Vendvil areas.

Just looking at it, it seems to be different from the kind of Brovane fish you see!

So Sheldon asked Vern on the side.

Vern nodded: “This is the common difference from West Brestle. It is the Brovane fish from Malaysia. It is very valuable and only found in large families!”

At this time, Dawson listened to Sheldon and Vern and they chatted about Brovane Yu.

You know, he contacted this box.

At the moment he smiled and said, “Why, Sheldon, you even recognize the Urbane Hitch brand, don’t you recognize this precious Brovane fish?”

Fortunately, when he heard of Urbane Hitch, Shelly frowned again.

This D wire…

Gerard, who has been following Dawson, smiled at this time: “Haha, there are no fake Brovane fish, otherwise Sheldon would definitely recognize it and would buy it!”

“This kind of fish is not only a Brovane fish, it is also called auspicious fish in Negston, and it can bring good luck to the family.”

At this time, Shelly spoke.

“Ah, Shelly, I can’t tell, what do you really know, too knowledgeable!”

Dawson immediately gave Shelly a thumbs up.

“Of course, who is our goddess Shelly, how can it be like some D silk, a soil bun!”

The roommates beside Shelly said contemptuously.

“This box is expensive, isn’t it? Your friend is so good?”

When Shelly looked at Dawson, he was already astonished.

She has a very good impression of Dawson now. If Dawson’s anger is gone, and he becomes more mature and stable, she will be qualified to be her Shelly boyfriend.

“It’s okay, this box is only a private room with more than 4,000, which is a drag, or else no amount of money will be ranked!”

Dawson smiled triumphantly.

Then he suddenly remembered something, patted his head and said, “By the way, I have forgotten if you don’t tell me, I will tell my friend once I have said it.”

After speaking, Dawson made a call.

Sheldon was by the side, except chatting with Vern.

Basically, he remained silent.

Although Kristine had the idea of ​​having several dormitories for his birthday this time, it was obvious that the effect of this friendship was all in the dormitories of Dawson.

Not to mention Dawson, that Gerard is about to get along with the girls in Shelly’s dorm.

At this moment, the door of the box opened.

A boy in a small black suit and bright leather shoes walked in.

He has fair skin and is tall.

The whole person is very temperamental at first glance.

“Brother Harold, you are here!”

When Dawson saw the people coming, he immediately greeted him.

“Ricky, how is it, is this box still satisfied?”

“You must be satisfied! Who is Brother Harold!!!”

Dawson said cheerfully.

Gerard and they all yelled Brother Harold respectfully.

“Ricky, don’t just talk about it. Tell me about your friends!”

At this time, Harold glanced at the beauties in the box, especially Shelly, who was excellent in appearance and temperament, and stayed for a few seconds.

“Oh, I forgot. Let me introduce you to everyone. This is Harold. My hairpin is from the university next door. My family catering. The Taste Point on Roston Business District belongs to Brother Harold! A monthly income of tens of millions! Let’s take this box, Brother Harold just one sentence!”

Dawson said proudly.

Hearing this, Shelly and the other girls couldn’t help raising their heads and staring at Harold.

Taste Point?

I go!

You know, all those who can open restaurants in Roston Business District are six-star.

Making money is like running water.

Shelly also looked towards Harold, his beautiful eyes flowed.

“Haha, don’t listen to Ricky’s nonsense. My house is just a small business. As for the emperor KTV, the manager knows my dad. From now on, everyone comes to play and just say hello to me!”

Harold shook his head with a wry smile and said.

“Brother Harold, do you have a girlfriend?”

At this time, a roommate beside Shelly couldn’t help asking.

After asking, everyone in the box laughed.

Harold smiled bitterly and shook his head, and then looked towards Shelly: “Hello, beauties, nice to meet you!”

“Hello there!”

Shelly smiled reserved.

Then, Dawson began to introduce everyone one by one.

Until the end, Dawson looked at Sheldon who was silent in the corner.

He pointed to Sheldon and said, “Brother Harold, he is Sheldon!”

Harold was about to shake hands with Sheldon. Hearing this, his eyelids twitched:

“Huh? The guy who snatched his girlfriend from Chad, and Sheldon who gave Chad Enjsxe?”

Chapter 8 Huge Indemnity

Dawson sneered: “It’s him!”

At the moment, Harold’s expression became interesting. He had to shake hands with Sheldon, but he took it back.

Turning to pat Sheldon’s shoulder and said:

“Brother Sheldon, haha, I’ve heard of your name a long time ago. I have seen your ex-girlfriend Marcella. She is very beautiful. Here, I apologize to you for taking your girlfriend away from my brother!”

“By the way, if you come to Roston Business District to play in the future, just mention my name, and you will get 30% off if you mention my name!”

Harold apologized and said lightly.

“Brother Harold, it’s useless to mention your name, because this poor guy can’t afford the things in the Business District!”

At this time, several girls next to Shelly covered their mouths and smiled.

“So, I took the liberty! I used to hear Chad say that he fell in love with a girlfriend of poor Sheldon. I thought that his girlfriend would not be able to go, but when I went to your school that day, it was very beautiful, so I just I subconsciously think Sheldon’s friend is very rich!” Harold laughed.

“How is it possible, haha…” Dawson laughed: “At the beginning, Brother Harold, you gave Chad an idea and asked the beauty of Marcella to spend money, but Chad went back and spent half an hour chatting on Instagram, Marcella I agreed!”

At this moment, Sheldon’s roommate Vern was already full of anger.

Even Kristine was angry.

“What do you mean? Being rich is great?”

Vern stood up and shouted.

Harold’s eyelids twitched slightly: “Friends, it’s not about money. Now, whoever gives a girl the best love is worthy of having a beautiful woman! Let the beautiful Shelly say, am I right?”

Shelly has been paying attention to Harold’s temperament at this moment.

Harold is not surprised and has great demeanor.

Adding to the bad impression of Sheldon, she nodded slightly.

She has met Marcella, and Sheldon is not good enough.

“Do you think that the poor deserve to die? The poor are not human? If you have money, you can destroy the feelings of others? You can play with others wantonly?”

At this time, Sheldon, who had been patient, stood up.

He has red eyes and clenched fists.

Looking at Harold furiously.

They have been playing around and mocking themselves.

Sheldon wanted to endure it, after all, today is Kristine’s birthday.

But now, Sheldon couldn’t help it!

And Shelly looked at Sheldon in disgust. Not only was this man poor, but he was so unmeasured. Others said he couldn’t bear a few words?

Gerard on the side was angry.

“Sheldon, you fu*king dare to talk to Brother Harold like this, what are you doing?

In order to express himself in front of Harold.

Gerard picked up a wine bottle and threw it at Sheldon.

He didn’t hit Sheldon once or twice.

What’s more, in front of Harold.

“Sheldon be careful!”

Vern has quick eyes and quick hands, and hastily pulled Sheldon aside.

The beer crossed a parabola and flew straight out.

“Boom!” A sound.

The Brovane fish tank placed at the door shattered!


All fell to the ground.


Gerard was stunned.

His face turned pale.

Even Dawson and Harold’s eyelids twitched.

“Damn! This is a Brovane fish, especially expensive!”

Dawson glared at Gerard, with a hint of horror in his tone.

Gerard swallowed his saliva:

“Brother Dong, Brother Harold, I didn’t expect Sheldon to be forced to avoid it. I didn’t mean it, I really didn’t mean it!”

After speaking, Gerard stared at Sheldon fiercely.

“That’s right, Gerard, Sheldon, you can’t blame it, you’ll be hit by a hit, the big deal will give you money, what are you hiding?

Several girls were also terrified, no doubt, they all blame Sheldon who avoided it!

“what’s up?”

At this time, the waiter who heard the movement outside immediately walked in with the security guards.

The Brovane fish tank in the VIP box is broken.

The security chief glared at the crowd in the house:

“fu*k, who did it?”

Brovane Brovane, this is the Brovane fish in Malaysia. There are many things in it, mainly because it is too expensive!

Can be broken directly! It was when he was on duty.

The security chiefs are a little dumbfounded.

“Mcdonald, misunderstanding! Or should I talk to Fredrick?”

Harold took a look, took out a cigarette and leaned in directly.

Mcdonald raised his hand to block, “Hey? Harold, don’t get me wrong. You know the price of this Brovane fish tank. I can’t help with this. I have to contact the manager immediately!”

Soon, Mcdonald said to the walkie-talkie.

Before long, a man in his thirties and a group of people came over.

He is the manager of Emperor KTV, Fredrick.

“Fredrick!” Harold smiled.

Fredrick looked at the mess everywhere.

His brows frowned suddenly, “Harold, what did you do? Damn my place?”

“How dare Fredrick! It was a brother of mine who accidentally smashed the Brovane fish tank!”

Harold was polite.

Although Fredrick is just a manager, no one in Roston Business District knows that he is a thug of Chapman and Li’s confidant.

Even his father had to be polite when he saw Feihong!

Gerard swallowed his saliva and stood up: “Fredrick, I was so angry just now that I hit him with a wine bottle. As a result, he hid and hit the Brovane fish tank!”

Feihong glanced at Gerard.

Immediately, he kicked Gerard over, picked up a wine bottle and directly blasted Gerard’s head.

“Damn it! You are so angry, I’m so angry!”


All the girls were terrified.

“What should I do about this? This Brovane fish tank was used to complement the decoration of this box. Originally, it should be doubled, 400,000 dollar. But now, for the face of Xiaofan, your dad will pay the original price. Two hundred thousand will do! Don’t say Feihong doesn’t give you face!”

After speaking, Fredrick put his hands in his pockets and walked out directly.

Naturally there are two bodyguards guarding the door.

“What should I do? Brother Dong Fan, I only have five thousand dollars!” Gerard stood up holding his blood-filled head.

Dawson had the final say: “I still have fifty thousand! Damn, that will be Abron’s pocket money next month.”

Kristine was furious.

But now, everyone celebrated her birthday after all.

It didn’t make sense that something went wrong, she didn’t care.

At the moment she said: “I have more than ten thousand!”

The dozen or so people in the box all got together. Even Shelly decided to put out more than 10,000.

In the end, I made up no more than 100,000 dollar.

“Think of a solution first, I’ll go to Fredrick to see if he can be accommodating!”

Harold said something and slipped out directly.

Accommodating ass. He didn’t want to take this wronged money.

The people in the box were in trouble directly.

“My birthday shouldn’t be celebrated! I just call my dad!”

Kristine stomped anxiously.

Shelly stopped her: “Kristine, how can this money allow you to take a big shot? Whoever gets in the first place is the main responsibility!”

After speaking, she looked at Sheldon.

“Sheldon, if you didn’t say that to Brother Harold first, would Gerard hit you? Why? You don’t have a hard temper now, how about your temper?”

Shelly said coldly.


A group of girls also began to agree.

Kristine said anxiously: “Please, don’t talk about Sheldon anymore, this money, none of you need to pay, I have a birthday, no matter what, I will pay the money!!!”

After speaking, Kristine began to call her home.

Although Vern, the head of the house, they wanted to help, they only cost more than 1,000 a month.

Sheldon is very angry now.

Especially Harold Dawson and Gerard.

However, Sheldon couldn’t bear to see Kristine doing this.

Although this store is his own, that Fredrick doesn’t know himself either.

It is not convenient for Sheldon to call Chapman in the box.

Right now, he said lightly, “I’ll go to the bathroom first!”

After speaking, Sheldon went out.

After Sheldon went out, Shelly’s eyes were almost widened:

“Let me go, my Shelly is such a big life, I have seen a counselor, but I have never seen such a counselor! Not even a girl, actually ran away?”

And Sheldon has now reached the bathroom.

On his own, the security will not say anything.

In the bathroom.

“Brother Zhenguo.”

“Sheldon! Just call me Zhenguo, what’s your order?”

“I have some trouble here…”

Chapter 9 Who Helped Us

Sheldon talked about it now.

Chapman was busy responding.

“By the way, Brother Zhen Guo, do you know someone named Harold? His family runs a restaurant in the Business District!”

At this time, Sheldon’s brows suddenly condensed.

He is not that kind of sinister-hearted person.

But this Harold made an idea to let Chad and Dawson take away Marcella, and also caused himself such a big humiliation.

Sheldon really wanted to know, if one day, if Harold and the others became moneyless, what would happen to them?

“Harold? I know that his dad is one of my subordinates, and that restaurant is owned by you! Did he offend you?”

Chapman became cautious.

After a while.

Chapman: “I know how to do Sheldon, don’t worry!”


Sheldon didn’t know what Chapman would do next.

Because even Sheldon himself didn’t know what was wrong with him.

This is the first time Sheldon has used his own identity to coerce others. Although he hates it in his heart, after the coercion, there is always a strange feeling of discomfort in his heart.

Sheldon didn’t think much about it.

After receiving the mobile phone, he left the bathroom and walked towards the box.

However, in the box, a huge turning point is ushered in at this moment.

Just now, Shelly, Kristine and the others were all on the phone, contacting friends they could reach.

Find a solution.

At this moment, Fredrick suddenly ran over.

Bow to the people in the box one by one, and apologize!

Naturally, there is no need to compensate for the loss of the Brovane fish tank.

Make everyone confused.

Until they saw Harold walk in.

Everyone suddenly realized:

“Brother Harold, is it you?”

Asked the girls admiringly.

Harold himself was still wondering. He actually hid just now, but when he saw Fredrick running towards the box in a panic, he followed in.

It turned out so.

Harold didn’t say that it was actually not himself.

Just smiled and said, “Fredrick and my dad are both old friends, no outsiders!”

“Wow! Harold is mighty!”

“Brother Harold is so handsome!”

All the beauties became fans of Harold.

Shelly looked at Harold at this moment, already looking sideways.

I love it very much.

After all, I am one of the owners of Roston Business District. In a place like Roston Business District, the face is too great!

At this time, the door of the box opened and Sheldon walked in from outside.

“Hmph, this coercion, when I saw nothing happened, I came back again!”

The girls stared at Sheldon and said.

Shelly was even more disgusted.

“Kristine, I’m very curious, how do you know this kind of person?”

Shelly snorted coldly.

Only then did Sheldon know.

Chapman handled things very quickly. Just now Fredrick ran down and solved the matter satisfactorily.

Of course it has to be resolved. After all, this is still its own industry.

But seeing the way everyone looked at him, Sheldon also understood that it seemed that they had misunderstood themselves, but thought it was Harold’s credit!


Ha ha, Sheldon felt it was unnecessary.

To be honest, he thought Shelly was pretty, but he was really pretty.

But now, he has no interest in Shelly at all.

The help this time is purely for Kristine’s face.

Besides, even if you explain it yourself, will anyone believe it?

Sheldon didn’t go to discuss this boring.

“Okay, okay, now that the matter is resolved, let’s play somewhere else? This time I invite you!”

At this time, Harold, who still didn’t know why, clapped his hands and said.

He looked at Shelly and the beauties around her.


A crowd naturally readily agreed.

Shelly also smiled reservedly.

Compared with Dawson, she felt that Harold was not only handsome, but also mature and stable. The most important thing is that today, Shelly can be regarded as seeing the benefits brought by the network.

Harold’s connections are really strong!

On the other hand, Kristine said, “We are still going out to play, it’s almost four o’clock in the afternoon, I think we might as well go back…”

Kristine was no longer in the mood after all the tossing just now.

Vern nodded, “Well, we’re not going anymore, let’s go play…”

In fact, several of Sheldon’s roommates were quite lost.

It was a good idea. On Kristine’s birthday, I had a social gathering with the beautiful women in Shelly’s dorm.

But now, it is obvious that Sheldon and their entire dorm are redundant in front of others.

“Hehe, that’s okay, you probably won’t be able to get in where we are going next, and all of a sudden, I’m afraid I won’t be able to bring so many people in, so it’s better not to go!”

Harold glanced at Vern and Sheldon. Said coldly.

“Ah? Where are you going? It’s not going to Harold’s hotel, right?”

The girls raised their heads.

Harold stretched out a finger and gestured, “No, Hot Spring Mountain Entertainment Resort? Have you heard of it?”

“Hot Spring Mountain Entertainment Resort?”

Shelly’s eyelids twitched slightly: “It is the leader of Roston Business District, where is the entertainment villa where the wealthy gather?”

Harold is right. Some people don’t even want to go there for the rest of their lives!

Shelly’s family background is also very good. Last time, his father had the light of a wealthy relative before he could go in and see!

Unexpectedly, Harold had such a skill.

“There are several beauties, I will get the car first and wait for you at the door!”

Harold waved his hand to everyone, then walked out.

Today, Shelly’s appearance really surprised Harold.

It was still the same thing he taught Chad to soak up Marcella, and he used money.

He believes that a girl who can’t come out without money!

“Kristine, don’t be so disappointed, you go too. Today is your birthday after all. Didn’t you say that you have to go to Hot Spring Mountain Entertainment Resort sooner or later to experience it? Now the opportunity is here!”

Shelly pulled Kristine’s hand.

“Yeah, we have never been to the Heaven Brick Residencia, Kristine, let’s go together, but today I was stunned by your light! It’s okay, with Brother Harold in the Roston Business District, he can take whatever happens. Now, you saw the energy of Brother Harold just now!”

Dawson also smiled expectantly.

And Kristine frowned:

“What I can’t figure out is this thing! Shelly, didn’t you notice that what happened just now was a little strange?”

Shelly frowned slightly: “Strange? What do you mean? You mean the Brovane fish tank?”

“Yeah!” Kristine frowned: “Everyone has seen it just now, how tough Fredrick’s attitude was before, and he didn’t give Harold much face in public, and Harold is like a little brother in front of him!”

“However, after ten minutes, Fredrick’s whole attitude changed drastically! He even ran over and bowed to us one by one. Don’t you think it’s abnormal?”

Kristine said this.

The whole box was quiet instantly.

Vern said, “Yes, I also find it strange. This Fredrick is not easy to provoke at first sight. Even if Harold’s dad is so good, Fredrick and his dad are on the same level. How could it be possible to come in a short time? Bow to us?”

“You mean, is there someone else who helps us?”

After Shelly said this, he also felt that what was just now a bit illogical.

Shicai, she only cared about admiring Harold’s temperament, and completely ignored this…

Chapter 10 Marcella’s Phone

“Huh, how could it be possible, besides Brother Harold, in this Roston Business District, who would have such great energy? Vern, you mean you?”

Dawson sneered at this moment.

Vern said in a spirited voice: “I didn’t say me, I just told my doubts. Just now, classmate Kristine Shelly and the roommates of classmate Shelly called friends. I mean, in case there are friends. Has already helped us, but we don’t know how to thank?”

“It makes sense!”

Shelly also looked solemn at this time.

“Let me see this. Everyone, please check the phone number you just made to see if Brother Harold helped us or everyone’s friend?”

Shelly’s mouth has already begun to intimately call Brother Harold.

After speaking, everyone started to call their friends to confirm.

Sheldon looked a little awkwardly from the side.

Do you want to tell the truth about the matter?

And taking advantage of Sheldon’s stunned effort, everyone had already decided.

That is, none of their friends have the ability to solve the matter just now.

“Hmph, let me just say it, it’s definitely not someone else, how can Harold’s energy be what you can imagine!”

Dawson glanced at Vern and them coldly.

“Okay, I don’t think everyone else guesses, now Brother Harold should be waiting for us at the door, don’t let him wait long!”

Shelly glanced at Vern and Sheldon.

Some contempt in my heart.

It seems that they are jealous of Harold’s ability to do things, so they say that.

Everyone has been coming to the door.


Harold had already parked a few luxury cars at the door with some of his friends and waited.

“Kristine, are you going or not?” Shelly took Kristine’s hand.

“Shelly, I really don’t want to go anymore, wait until I have a chance!”

Kristine likes to go straight, she always feels that Harold is a little hypocritical and doesn’t like it very much.

However, Shelly couldn’t help but said that he had gone with their sisters first.

Then, they parted at the door of the Emperor KTV.

After they left, Sheldon glanced at Kristine and Vern.

His face is very disappointed.

It can be seen that they also want to visit the Heaven Brick Residencia.

But just now Vern and the others were choked by Harold for their own sake.

I’m in a terrible mood!

Sheldon secretly wrote down this incident, and when he found a good time, he led everyone to the Heaven Brick Residencia to take a look…

After another half an hour.

Harold’s big cart and a small car had already stopped at the door of the Heaven Brick Residencia.

Shelly and the others got off the car one after another.

“Stop, you can’t go in!”

Unexpectedly, before the front hall, he was stopped by a few well-trained security guards dressed in black.

“Ao? Brother Li, I’m Harold, you don’t even know me? My dad is Everette! Bring my friend over to play today…”

Harold put one hand in his pocket and smiled slightly, looking like something would happen.

“Haha, Shao Ning, your heart is really big, you have something like this in your house, and you still have the mood to come out and play? Don’t say that the villa cannot let you in today, I’m afraid that in the future, even if you are allowed in, you will not dare to enter. Up!”

Several bodyguards sneered.

Looking at Harold who was still pretending to be forced, his expression was contemptuous.

Even sympathy.

Shelly and the others stared at each other for unknown reasons.

And Dawson was looked down upon for the first time, and he was still a few bodyguards.

Right now he said coldly: “This is Harold! The Taste Point in the Business District belongs to Harold’s house!”

“Haha, I know, but it should be added, Shao Ning, you don’t know yet. Taste Point is no longer owned by your family since today, and your family’s other industries will go bankrupt today. Dad Everette should be busy dealing with the police, the business bureau, and the people at the bank now!”

Several security guards held their shoulders and said with a smile.

Harold swallowed, “It’s impossible, you lie!”

With that, he hurriedly took out his cell phone and called his father.

After dialing several times in a row, my dad connected.

Listening to the messy sounds at home, Harold asked what happened.


I saw that Harold’s face suddenly became pale and devoid of humanity.

“Impossible! Impossible! How can this be done?!!!”

After listening, Harold’s phone fell to the ground.

All the shops in their house were blocked because my father broke the law.

All bank accounts have also been frozen!

In other words, in less than an hour, Harold has nothing!

Shelly and others on the side obviously did not expect such a reversal.

Standing aside, very embarrassed.

“Impossible, it is absolutely impossible!”

Harold sat down on the ground, and his eyes became apathetic.

Now, are you poor?

And Shelly suddenly became extremely disappointed when he saw what happened to Harold.

I thought I finally found someone who is qualified to be my boyfriend, but now, it seems that I think too much!

“Dawson, aren’t you the person your dad knew above? Can you contact me and find a way for my family?”

Harold swallowed and was shocked by the bad news, making him completely out of ideas.

“Damn, where can I find a way!”

Dawson waved his hand: “Harold, I think you’d better go home and see your dad, no wonder my dad said, your dad is so neat, you have to go in sooner or later, it works!”

“Shelly, what should we do?”

All the girls had no idea. They wanted to come to the villa to meet the world. Who would want Harold’s family to catch up and go bankrupt at this time!

“It won’t help to stay here, I think we should go back!”

Shelly said something, and immediately took a taxi to leave.

A group of people also left one after another.

At this moment, Chapman was watching this scene on a loft in the villa.

Then he made a call:

“Mr. Sheldon, Sheldon only said to withdraw the Everette family’s investment in Roston Business District, but now, your family has been bankrupted by you, and you will never look up!”

“Hehe, my brother is too soft-hearted. It is not our Cooper Family’s style of doing things at all. He is so soft-hearted towards the enemy. I am really worried that after he takes over the Cooper Family in the future… Alas! Chapman, I give you a task to train my brother as soon as possible. A dude, a wealthy and willful dude!”

Chapman nodded respectfully.

Naturally, Alicia from the Cooper Family took the action of the Everette family.

No one knows better than Chapman that Sheldon has become a wealthy and willful dude. In fact, no matter how much Sheldon spends money, he has no bottom line.

He couldn’t even touch the Cooper Family’s vitality at all!

Because the Cooper Family owns one-third of the world’s property!

Ordinary people can’t imagine!


However, at this time, Sheldon and Kristine have returned to the dorm.

Vern and the others were a little upset, so they wanted to go to the Internet cafe all night.

Originally I wanted to call Sheldon to play the league. Although Sheldon liked this game, because eating was a problem in the past, where can I go online, so I never played it, just watch the forum.

In addition, Sheldon is a little tired now and wants to rest.

But just got out of bed.

Sheldon’s cell phone rang.

Just looking at the number, Sheldon’s mood became complicated.

It was from Marcella!

After thinking about it, Sheldon still clicked to connect.

“Sheldon, why didn’t you answer my call in seconds? What are you doing?”

Marcella’s feint voice came from the phone.

Hearing this voice, Sheldon thought of his past with Marcella.

The same is true for calling.

“Well, what are you doing?” Sheldon said coldly.

“Well, something, I remember, after we broke up, you still took a photo of me, you took it down and returned it to me, I am waiting for you by the campus lake, you come down, I tell you, do you want to come , I will jump down and drown!”

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