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Chapter 6 My faith is my life!

When he looked up again, a broken little finger was exposed in his field of vision.

Lisa Tang’s right hand was not perfect with five fingers.

Her little finger was cut off, solitary and piercing.

At that moment, the enchanting and handsome man finally failed to restrain his voice, and said in pain, what happened, Lisa Tang laughed like a madman five years ago, like a madman, with a shocked expression reflected in his eyes, this Isn’t it a gift you gave me personally Elbert Bo, I have eaten enough of the suffering you gave me in my life, please lift your precious hand and let me go, please lift your precious hand, let me go, Elbert Bo stepped back a few steps, weakly Released the hand holding her and looked up at her incredulously.

There was no love in those fragmented eyes, only hatred was left.

The hatred that had been carved into the bone marrow burned like self-immolation in her eyes.

The pain spread up unpreparably, just as if he stretched out his hand to grab something, but failed to catch Shuai into pieces in the next second, this kind of tingling that could not be prevented began to spread densely throughout the body.

He was thinking about putting her in jail and making her regret it in her life, but why did she become like this? Who was violent to her in prison? Who ruined her pride Elbert Bo just looked at Lisa Tang like this, suddenly A fierce fear filled his mind, he was afraid that he would never understand the woman in front of him again. Obviously they had been married for five years, but why, he was so unfamiliar with her, Elbert Bo naturally didn’t understand. For five years, Lisa Tang had been mad and stupid and lost her reason.

Those five years of despair caused her to die countless times. When she turned into a complete joke and raised her head again, Lisa Tang’s eyes were nothing but terrifying hatred. Elbert Bo left Lisa Tang’s house as if fleeing, and when he slammed the door, he stood at the door, hunched back and grabbed his collar forcefully, breathless, as if about to suffocate. Why did Lisa Tang be like this? What happened to her in those five years is obviously he was happy to see, but why is Lisa Tang’s body slipping through the door, leaning on Tang Christian, silent pain. For a long time, she snarled depressively, as if to roar through her soul.

All the eagerness to move under the calm wind and waves swept toward her with a more violent attitude at this moment.

The dark days seemed to be clamoring for her to be involved.

Lisa Tang trembled, and Tang was leaning on her. But he stretched his back straight. Do you want mommy to drink milk? Lisa Tang closed her eyes, tears falling.

After a crazy night, I originally thought that Elbert Bo would not come to bother them again, but the next afternoon, something that Lisa Tang was unprepared for happened.

Chapter 7 The sin deserves it, and the hate is deep.

Tang Braden called and said that he had not picked up Tang Christian in the kindergarten.

The dean said he had seen someone pick him up.

According to the dean’s description, that person is definitely not wrong.

Lisa Tang turned over and got out of bed, stumbled open the drawer, and stuffed the medicine she hadn’t taken for a long time directly into her throat.

She retched a few times and took the pills abruptly.

He swallowed it empty, then wiped the tears from his face and stood up again. With bright hatred in her reddish eyes, she reached out and grabbed the clothes on her chest, her fingers trembling constantly. Don’t be afraid. Elbert Bo, you robbed my last faith.

I desperately tried to fight with you.

Tang Christian was picked up by Elbert Bo at three o’clock, and then he was taken directly into the Bo’s mansion, Elbert Bo’s mother Milda Cen I was stunned when I saw him.

The old woman murmured, and tears fell.

Are you the grandson of our Bo family? Tang Christian didn’t say a word.

The sadness in Milda Cen’s eyes looked true, but he didn’t want to respond. Who are your parents and who are my mother are not important to you.

Tang Christian smiled.

The five-year-old child is nearly demon-minded.

It doesn’t matter who my father is. Elbert Bo just stopped the car and came in, when he heard Tang Christian’s words, he kicked the door with anger. What do you mean by Tang Christian, literally. Milda Cen could see that this child resented a lot, especially to the Bo family, and she didn’t dare to step forward and hug him. Just looking at him, how is your mother doing? Tang Christian smiled sweetly, eating in prison. National food, so my mother has a worry-free life. When Elbert Bo heard it, he caught fire, carrying Tang Christian up, and sneering at him with whom he learned to talk like this. Did Lisa Tang teach you to say that? Um, Tang only has no fear on his face. Who taught me to say that? People tell me so.

Saying that my mother had been in jail, and that my mother had killed people, to count it, you also said it in front of my mother yesterday. Elbert Bo stabbed in his heart, put him down fiercely, and gritted his teeth.

Have you learned something from your mother, come and find it unhappy for me, so you send me back.

Tang Christian looked at him, you want to use me to threaten my mother, but doing so will only make us hate you more.

Hate you more Finally said it, admit it, they just hate him, and this hate has penetrated into the flesh and blood and has become a habit.

As long as it is the place where Elbert Bo appears, Lisa Tang will panic and want to escape.

So for five years, she moved from the original Freinvilla to Boxten just to escape him Elbert Bo.

I don’t know why the fire broke out and many things fell. Milda Cen sadly persuaded him, Ye’er, don’t sneer Elbert Bo. With a cry, walking upstairs, Tang Christian sat on the sofa below with a blank expression on his face. Father and son looked exactly the same when they were angry. Milda Cen called his servants to clean up, while sitting beside Tang Christian, said distressedly, is it scaring you? Tang Christian shook his head, no. But the eye sockets were slightly red, which was obviously frightened. What is your name? Milda Cen is very fond of this kid, so she wanted to ask her name.

Tang Christian looked at her. My name is Tang Christian. Wei is by the side of his heart. My mother said that the word represents only and hope. Milda Cen didn’t dare to ask about the current situation of Lisa Tang, but Tang Christian actually mentioned it, and she continued to ask carefully, your mother and my mother don’t need to worry about your wife.

Look at him, a five-year-old child is close to the demon, even when he uses the honorific title, he looks so alienated.

I’m afraid it will be difficult to get close in the future. Milda Cen thought of a suitable way to speak, Tang Christian, in fact, your parents didn’t need to tell me back then, I know.

Tang Christian took her directly, and they all said it was my mother who committed the crime and that my mother had killed someone, so the crime was deserved, and I understand it. We just deserve it. We just deserve it.

He clearly said that he would drive himself into hell, but even Milda Cen’s heart hurt.

This child hates them.

Tang Christian ignores that he hurts the old woman’s heart like this, turning his head and looking out the window.

The night is heavy, and the dawn is not visible.

Chapter 8 The Bo Group is different from the past.

When she woke up the next day, Lisa Tang packed up that she was going to Elbert Bo’s company.

She painted herself with a light makeup, put on a thin windbreaker jacket, and stepped out on the small high heels. When going out, Tang Braden called her, are you all right by yourself? Lisa Tang took a deep breath, the wind was blowing, and her hair was flying, she said, I’m fine . Brother, I will call you anytime if I have something to do, so you can travel safely.

Tang Braden confessed a lot there before he hung up the phone.

After a long time, Lisa Tang looked up at the road, with a trace of determination in his eyes, stepped on high heels and stopped the car like this, and started heading to the Bo Group. When the time came, Lisa Tang got out of the car after paying the money.

This time happened to be the time for white-collar workers to go to work. Many people came in and out at the company’s door. When Lisa Tang came down, they all went to look at her.

A tall and slender figure, a thin windbreaker jacket, flying in the morning breeze along with the action, and the sun will bring her graceful figure to a layer of gold.

The woman who walked into the door had a beautiful face, especially her eyes, which were like tempered steel, cruel and cold. With her thin lips pressed tightly, her white face with tension and coldness, she hurried to the front desk.

The lady at the front desk was so shocked by her aura that she was stunned for a long time before saying, I would like to ask you who you are looking for Elbert Bo.

She just called the name of the Bo family in their mouths.

The front desk was stunned, but the lady wanted to see Mr. Bo and needed an appointment.

Hearing this conversation, someone whispered behind her.

She actually came to see Elbert Bo.

Hush, keep her voice down.

Seeing her walking so vigorously, there must be a backstage. Maybe she is Elbert Bo’s secret lover. Elbert Bo’s secret lover Elbert Bo’s favorite is not Sarah An. Sarah An’s heart was cut with a sharp edge.

Lisa Tang’s face turned paler, but she also smiled more shockingly, she said, tell me my name , Elbert Bo will arrange to see me directly.

The front desk was about to ask, this lady is so emboldened, who on earth is, a voice came from behind.

Hey, why did you turn your head here in Lisa Tang, and you happened to see Jiang Xie, who was driving Maserati to greet him that day.

He was squinting and walking in with a smile. With a pair of peachy eyes, he saw Lisa Tang standing at the front desk and went up to fight.

Hello, yo, come to Elbert Bo’s When the front desk saw that Jiang Shao in the next city knew this lady, she hurriedly put her up, everyone was shocked. What kind of identity is this person? Even Jiang Shao knew Lisa Tang walked into the elevator and faced Jiang Xie.

Thank you very much. Don’t thank me. Fredric Xiesmiled and waved his hand.

I also came to see him for something, but you should go first. Besides, there were originally shares in the Tang family here, so it is not too much for you to join your own company. You know exactly what I investigated in the past.

Lisa Tang’s voice was mocking, I don’t know if he was mocking Fredric Xieor mocking himself, but it was a pity that it was not mine after all. Fredric Xieglanced at Lisa Tang and said to her, was it true that Elbert Bo sent you in when you went to jail five years ago? Lisa Tang didn’t speak, just smiled faintly. But that smile hurts too much, as if the people in the abyss now don’t see the slightest hope. Fredric Xiestopped questioning.

The elevator opened automatically when it reached the twentieth floor.

The two walked out of the elevator together, which attracted the attention of the people in the corridor. Elbert Bo happened to be sitting in the office waiting for Jiang Xie. When he saw him opening the door, he was still following others behind him, so he started to tease you as a goddamn. Now when I talk about business, I only bring women when I see the person behind Jiang Xie.

His face suddenly changed. Why are you here? There is also the Tang family’s hard-earned money in the Bo family group. Why can’t I come to Lisa Tang with a trembling shoulder, but I tried to hold it back, and my eyes were red and looking at Elbert Bo.

The man sits in the middle of the office with a face like a monster, with deep features and a deep outline. Few people in the entertainment industry can compare his appearance, not to mention how outstanding he is for the busy public.

In this city, countless women want to climb onto his bed.

Lisa Tang thought she was lucky.

It was his wife who later learned that this was her saddest time. Guarding a man who will never belong to you, it hurts so much. When Fredric Xiesaw that their situation was not right, he took the initiative to flash away and smiled dryly.

Haha, if you have something that has not been resolved, I will give you a concession before finishing talking and flashing out of the office and facing the secretary outside.

I ran for a wink, little beauty, would you like to have morning tea with me, will your president be okay for a while? The secretary Pidian Pidian was hugged and walked out, and he never thought about what would happen in the president’s office.

Thing. On the other side, in the office, the solid wood doors cut off everything outside, and the atmosphere in the noble-decorated room was chilled for a while.

Lisa Tang stood there for a long time before raising her head to look at Elbert Bo.

She was surprised if I came. Elbert Bo squinted and raised his eyebrows.

I thought you would not come. Yes, I also thought I would not come.

Lisa Tang smiled and smiled beautifully.

I want to escape far in my life. Ba had to meet you again, and now he would take the initiative to come to him. Elbert Bo, I am not ruthless than you.

Hearing these words, Elbert Bo suddenly became angry, and laughed.

That can only show that Lisa Tang, you are guilty.

Lisa Tang, you are guilty.

Lisa Tang didn’t say a word, his heart was astringent. Yes, isn’t she the one who committed the crime.

She gritted her teeth and said to Elbert Bo, I’m here to get my son back.

That is also my son. No, it’s just that my son Lisa Tang suddenly raised his voice.

I raised him for five years, from when I was in jail, to five years now, for five years, that period of darkness, if it weren’t for her to remind herself that there is still A lovely son, afraid that he will die in that cage sooner or later.

Tang Christian is her life.

It is the Ni Lin of her life. Even if Elbert Bo wants to snatch her, she will not give up Elbert Bo to see Lisa Tang like this, smiling more happily, but you can’t change a fact.

That is Tang Christian does have my blood, right? Lisa Tang smiled with tears in his eyes, you still want to recognize this son Bo Dashao, are you okay? Didn’t you hate me to death? You didn’t just want Sarah An alone to give it to you Are you giving birth to a child? The son of a murderer, do you want to take away the son of a murderer? Hearing these words, Elbert Bo suddenly became angry, and laughed.

Chapter 9 Accompany a wine, don’t regret it!

Elbert Bo was so excited by these words that her heart shrank, and she asked aloud, you have the ability to say it again.

Lisa Tang didn’t speak, but just looked at him with those eyes.

How much she loved him in the past, how much she hates him now.

She said, Elbert Bo, you sent me to prison for five years, five years.

I want to understand.

In fact, it doesn’t matter whether I am innocent or not. What is important is you, and you have never given me any trust. When she spoke, her tone was quick and cold, like Elbert Bo was an insignificant stranger, and from a deeper level, she was desperately stabbing him.

Lisa Tang’s mouth was smiling and mocking, don’t tell me, now that we found that our old love was not there, there was a crack in Elbert Bo’s angry eyes.

He stood up and suddenly grabbed Lisa Tang’s neck. Under the icy gaze, his exquisite face was covered with ice, and he smiled cruelly at Lisa Tang, who taught you to talk like this, um, come out of prison, feel that your wings are hard? He strangled his throat, and when the air was taken away, she breathed quickly.

She said, Elbert Bo, this is what you taught me Elbert Bo shuddered and the blood flowed backward.

Lisa Tang laughed fragilely under his hands, you can rest a thousand hearts, as long as you return my son to me, I Lisa Tang, I will not appear in front of you in this life, even if it is dead, there will be no news of death. When the words hit your ears, Elbert Bo looked at her incredulously, and said in pain, what did you say Lisa Tang suddenly struggling violently, slammed Elbert Bo clamped her hand, she fell unsteadily on the ground, There was a muffled sound when her knees hit the solid wood floor, but she didn’t say a word, and then staggered to stand up in front of Elbert Bo.

She said, Elbert Bo, you have killed all my love for you, what else do you want from me? I have nothing to give you anymore, and the Tang family has been eaten up by you. Elbert Bo, I beg you, you have pity and pity me, are you pitiful, pitiful, I have few numbers, turned into a sharp blade, and stubborn his heart, like the sting that witnessed her being put into a police car five years ago.

Spreading to his heart, Elbert Botongren shrank suddenly, and his voice became dumb.

I should ask you what you want. When Lisa Tang raised her head, the emotions in her eyes were fragmented.

She had never thought that after five years of escaping, she could not escape the shadow of Tang Christian.

I love you, so I paid the price of a five-year prison, Elbert Bo, let me go, well Elbert Bo’s throat is sour, when he sees the expression on Lisa Tang’s face, his heart is upset, he pulls his collar hard, Ignore myself not to look at her face, whispered, want a son, yes. Go to go in the evening and have a drink with a client of me.

Lisa Tang raised his head incredulously, his eyes widened, and looked at him fiercely, Elbert Bo, you asked me to accompany Elbert Bo to sneer at her, why, don’t you want to return to the child? This is nothing Lisa Tang can do. Backed a few steps, murmured and shook her head.

After all, I didn’t have your words to finish her words.

She smiled again, even though the tears were still hanging in the corner of her eyes, Lisa Tang smiled at Elbert Bo, okay, since Shao Bo said so. , How can I not follow the truth.

Isn’t it just a accompaniment to get my son back, I will die, but Lisa Tang’s voice is close to Elbert Bo, and laughs in his ear with a shrill voice. Don’t regret what Elbert Bo seems to have in his heart. Emotions flashed by, but he couldn’t grasp it, so he disappeared.

Looking at the Lisa Tang in front of him, he was completely in a daze. Why do we meet again? This is the picture of drawing swords and crossbows. Five years ago, all love has been wiped out, and those desperate hates are left.

If it burns, how shocking he should be to hate her, she killed Sarah An, killed But why would she look at Lisa Tang with the same look in her eyes? You murderer, why did Tang Christian have a dull heartache, stepped forward and grabbed Lisa Tang’s collar severely, even a woman like you? Send it to someone else’s bed by myself, and I won’t blink.

Isn’t it? Lisa Tang chuckled, I experienced your cruelty five years ago, and it doesn’t hurt anymore.

After speaking, she opened her eyes and looked at Elbert Bo with that tired and numb look.

How much love, hatred and hatred can this broken body bear? I have been incomplete in my life, so I don’t mind breaking the jar and falling more thoroughly. Elbert Bo’s deep gaze contained a lot of emotions that she couldn’t understand, and she didn’t want to understand it either.

Those eyes locked her like the leader of a pack of wolves.

Lisa Tang felt that she had died countless times in his eyes.

She straightened her back and her shoulders were still trembling, so she slammed the door and walked out.

The people outside looked up and saw a beautiful lady coming out of the president’s office with disheveled clothes and red eyes, walking very fast, leaving a scent of seemingly non-existent when passing by them, and then the slender shadow walked away, everyone Guess who she is.

The back looks so familiar. Yes, I always feel like I’ve seen it before.

If she came out like this, could it be the president’s new love.

Tsk tsk, but she looked like she had finished arguing with the president.

That’s probably the kind of entangled 18-line little internet celebrity who thought she could fly onto a branch and become a phoenix. Don’t worry, don’t worry, Sarah An is the favorite of the young boy.

Lisa Tang said hello out of politeness, Fredric Xie. Fredric Xielet go of the secretary and smiled at Lisa Tang.

How did Jiang Shao think I was going to tell a story to Elbert Bo? Lisa Tang’s voice was faint, and it seemed that the wind would dissipate. When she went out, Fredric Xiegrabbed her wrist from behind. Why Lisa Tang turned his head and saw Fredric Xiejumped out of the elevator under the secretary’s stunned eyes, leaving her to sit on it alone, and when the door was closed, Fredric Xiesquinted at her and smiled like a smile Flower-like, little beauty, come see you next time, goodbye~ After saying goodbye, Fredric Xieturned to Lisa Tang and said, I changed my mind.

I should have looked for Elbert Bo, now it is better to look for you directly.

Chapter 10 She was in jail and was his ex-wife.

Fredric Xiestrongly requested to have a talk with Lisa Tang, Lisa Tang had to agree, he took her to a restaurant, and when he entered, a man sat there and laughed. Damn, when he left, it was one, and now it was another. , Jiang Xie, you’re not afraid of death due to kidney deficiency, old Fu, if you have bad eyes, I will give you an ophthalmology. Fredric Xierolled his eyes in disgust, who is this, do you know the man called Gillian Fu squinted his eyes and looked at Lisa Tang, lengthened the tone and said, looking a little familiar Fredric Xiedragged Lisa Tang aside Sit down, and then bluntly spoke, Old Ye’s ex-wife. by. Gillian Fu finally drank the coffee and almost squirted it out.

After holding it back, he swallowed with difficulty, glanced at Lisa Tang, Miss Tang was me.

Lisa Tang responded with neither humble nor arrogant voice, indifferent, but not lacking in momentum.

Are you okay? Five years ago, their good friends didn’t even expect the sudden change.

Lisa Tang was sent to prison by Elbert Bo in the name of a murderer, and there was no room for return. Only five years later, when he looked at the Lisa Tang sitting in front of him, Gillian Fu finally narrowed his eyes slightly.

I always feel that Lisa Tang has changed, but it hasn’t changed. What hasn’t changed is her cold and noble temperament. Even after five years in jail, she is still the amazing Miss Tang family. But what changed was her eyes.

Like a withered old man, lifeless and desolate.

It’s like he didn’t report anything to the world and hoped that Gillian Fu could finally think about it.

How could he still love the world deeply after being injured so deeply? He was silent for a while and found an opening remark, so Ashe, you take What did she come for? Fredric Xieglanced at Lisa Tang, cautiously said, I went to investigate you, that.

Is dawn your stage name? Lisa Tang dawn Gillian Fu finally yelled in a high voice, that absurd designer Tong En Lisa Tang, is it you Lisa Tang looked at them with a defensive look, his eyebrows were slightly frowned, sorry, no . Jiang Xie’s eyes widened in disbelief.

How could I find out that you were the one who was investigating? Maybe the investigation was wrong.

Lisa Tang lowered her neck, revealing a piece of fair and delicate skin, I am not dawn, do you need to find her? Gillian Fu finally pressed his lips and didn’t speak, but it took a long time to slowly say that our company wanted to find her for a project.

Lisa Tang said lightly, then I can give you her contact information.

The real Fredric Xiestill couldn’t believe it, but since Lisa Tang said that she could give her contact information, it shows that she is indeed not dawn. Could it be that the news was wrong? Gillian Fu finally had to continue, so I will trouble you. You can call me on the business card if you have something to do.

After he finished speaking, he took out his business card and handed it to Lisa Tang.

Lisa Tang accepted it happily, and then stood up.

There is nothing else, right? No, do you want me to give it to you? No need.

Lisa Tang lowered his eyelids, put his hand in the pocket of the windbreaker, and walked his slender legs towards the exit of the restaurant. Fredric Xie looked at her back and muttered, so cold, he was still so dragged after being in prison. Gillian Fu finally squinted his eyes slightly, took a sip of the coffee in his hand, and commented meaningfully that tranquility is not as good as hers.

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