His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 117 – 118

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Chapter 117

Elbert was irritated by Lisa’s mocking eyes, and then she took the initiative to K!$$ An Ru’s face in front of Lisa.

Bialla Anhas never been K!$$ed by Elbert, and now she seems to be close. When it was a big surprise, the corners of his mouth couldn’t stop rising, Yu Guang still looked at Lisa constantly, probably because he wanted to see her reaction. But Lisa’s eyes were as cold as looking at a passerby. Elbert and An Ru’s behavior of you coming and going would only make her feel sick to the point of nausea. Other than that, the dead heart is no more waves. Elbert took Bialla Andirectly to another room in the presence of Lisa, but when Bialla Ansaw everything in the other children’s bedroom, she understood.

It turns out that Elbert’s child was born to Lisa.

She has been guessing, and now this guess has finally been confirmed.

An Ru’s fingers tightened quickly, her eyes flashed with killing intent, this child, she could not keep watching Bialla Anand Elbert’s figure disappearing into the depths of her sight, the door of Lisa’s room was pushed open again, but this one came in Yes, it is a small figure is Christian.

Christian rushed into Lisa’s arms, mother, is Elbert being fierce to you again? Lisa smiled and tidyed Christian’s hair. Mom was not sad. My mother has been fierce by Elbert too many times.

Christian is still young and doesn’t know how to describe injuries, so he can only use his few vocabulary to describe Lisa’s being injured by Elbert.

He grabbed Lisa’s hand, Mommy, don’t be afraid, we can be together again soon Up.

I believe too.

Lisa also held Christian’s little hand.

I don’t know why she always felt that Christian’s eyes were a little strange today.

She also wondered if it was an illusion.

The child had too many things in her eyes that she couldn’t understand. But Christian laughed quickly and dismissed Lisa’s thoughts.

Then I will sleep here with my mother today.

He never called Elbert’s father again.

He always used the name Bo young son, alienated and born.

I don’t know if it’s outrageous, Elbert actually left Anru at home.

Anru was naturally delighted.

He deliberately dropped a pair of underwear on the bed when he took a bath. When Bo night walked in at night, his eyes fell on the s*xy underwear on the bed.

However, the man quickly turned away his eyes indifferently. For some reason, he had recently lost interest in such things.

Is it because of Lisa that he has been too depressed recently Elbert shook his head, and an Anru voice came from inside. Brother Ye, people seem to have forgotten their underwear. Can you help me get them in? This passage is put in the ears of any normal man.

The invitation was induced, and Elbert didn’t understand it, but the man’s eyes didn’t have any ups and downs, he hooked Anru’s underwear, opened a gap in the bathroom, and then stretched a hand in.

Bialla Anstared at the hand that Elbert had only reached in. Was Elbert not understanding her suggestion or was not interested in her at all.

Bialla Antook the panties from Elbert’s hand, and stretched out her fingers in Thin Ye’s palm hooked, like a cat scratching it. Generally speaking, no man can resist this kind of action, but Elbert still retracted his hand silently, closed the door, and did not even want to come in and take a bath with her.

Chapter 118

Bialla Ancan’t help but start to wonder about her charm, what’s wrong, even if Elbert didn’t touch her, her eyes still have feelings. Originally, Elbert stayed overnight, she thought she could really have something to do with him, but I didn’t expect Elbert to be so indifferent. Didn’t Elbert want to touch her for five years? She didn’t believe it.

If he didn’t, he would put her by his side for five years and do what he did to spoil her. Because Lisa was at home, Elbert would be like this.

It would be nice if Lisa was not there.

If Lisa and her son did not exist, it would be fine.

An Ru’s killing intent became more and more violent.

She put on her underwear, then put on a thin pajamas, and looked at the mirror to act messy.

s*xy hairstyle, then opened the door. Elbert was just taking off her shirt, and seeing Bialla Andressed so enchantingly, the man’s movements stopped, and the hand that reached out to unbutton the button became stiff, and then continued. Before she could react, she strode into the bathroom and closed the door. One pass.

This indifferent speed made Bialla Anstunned.

Then he thought, it was impossible.

It must not be the case. Elbert walked into the bathroom so quickly because he was stimulated, so he felt a little relieved and went to bed.

Lie down, put on a seductive posture, and then turned on the phone to pass the time. When the sound of water in the private bathroom of the room finally stopped, she immediately retracted her attention and waited for Elbert to come out.

The man came out, still with that exquisite and handsome face.

Bialla Andied on his fascinating eyes at the beginning, but after five years, there will be no waves in those eyes, just like what happened after the death of sister.

Things can no longer bring his interest. When he looked at her, he always carried only a kind of nostalgia, a kind of nostalgia for peace.

Bialla Anknew that she could get along with Elbert for so long because of this face similar to Sarah An, but after five years, she very eagerly hoped that she really got him, but Elbert would not give anything except hugs every time.

As if he never needed anything. But it was obvious that Lisa was pregnant, she went to check it, and the child was Elbert.

The child shed when she didn’t do it, which made her satisfied. Why can he act on Lisa, but not on her. Why is she inferior to Lisa? Bialla Anlooked at Elbert who was sleeping next to him, stretched out his hand to hug him, pressed his body against him, and yelled in confusion. Normal men couldn’t resist the voice of Brother Ye. Elbert responded in a low voice, reached out and patted her on the back, saying like a parent coaxing a child, go to sleep, good night. Just like that, Bialla Anwas not reconciled, took advantage of the darkness, pressed the back of Elbert’s head, and K!$$ed it casually.

At the moment when he noticed that his warm lips were close, Elbert’s ears banged, and then the man quickly pushed Bialla Anaway, but before he had time, the K!$$ still fell on his lips.

In an instant, what flashed through his mind was a picture of Lisa trembling helplessly under him, and the skin exposed in the air was white that made his soul tremble. Elbert has a fever all over the body. Pushed away by Elbert, Bialla Anreluctantly continued to stretch out his arms around Elbert’s neck, as if made up his mind, and leaned in.

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