His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 119 – 120

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Chapter 119

She seemed to be bewitched by something, and she hugged Elbert’s neck hard, but the man’s movements became more violent, and before she could resist, she was pushed hard to the edge of the bed.

In the dark night, Elbert opened a pair of eyes, and he said, An Ru, don’t test my bottom line.

An Ru’s heart suddenly cooled, and her voice was already choked.

If the light was turned on, Elbert could predict the aggrieved expression on her face. But the man did not show any movement.

He said that if you are not used to sleeping here, you can go back.

Bialla Anbegan to weep slightly.

It was Lisa.

It must be because of Lisa that Elbert resisted her so much or she had already got what she wanted.

The night was long and uncomfortable, but in another room, Because of Christian’s company, Lisa rarely slept well.

The mother and son woke up in the bed embracing each other, Lisa lovingly touched Christian’s face. But only, for you, I can give anything.

Christian knew that Elbert and Bialla Anhad spent the night next door.

He woke up in the morning and didn’t say anything.

He took Lisa to work in the kitchen.

The mother and son were interacting with each other to make breakfast.

They made two lovely and exquisite breakfasts.

Sitting at the table.

I started, Christian crisply yelled, there was Lisa, even at the Bo’s house, he was quite relieved.

The child thought he had received many elite education from Elbert, and even the rules of taking meals were quite standard.

Like a little gentleman, Lisa’s eyes were red when he saw it, and his son was so young, but he had to bear so many things. When Bialla Anand Elbert walked downstairs, they happened to see Lisa and Christian washing dishes together in the kitchen.

Christian was short, so they moved a chair and placed it next to Lisa, and the two were at the sink. When we wash up together, laughter can be heard from time to time.

The peaceful appearance of the years makes Elbert feel that the picture in front of her is an illusion.

The icy Bo family hasn’t had such a vitality for a long time.

And Bialla Anbeside him showed fierce eyes, staring at Christian’s small figure, his expression wished to tear Christian apart.

The existence of this child will definitely threaten her that Elbert has this child in her heart. When he grows up, Elbert will give him a lot of rights.

So those bad seedlings should be killed when they are still young.

Lisa and Christian looked back and saw Elbert and Bialla Anwalking down.

The mother and son didn’t seem to have seen them at all.

They didn’t turn their eyes.

They just passed by them like a passerby without any pause.

The moment he passed by, Elbert’s heartbeat missed half a beat, and he turned his head subconsciously, only to find that Lisa only left him with a fading back. Mother and son, this is because they don’t even want to communicate with him.

Bialla Anthinks this is a good thing.

The more they estrange from Elbert, the higher her success rate will be.

This afternoon, Christian insisted on letting Lisa take him out to play.

Lisa couldn’t hold him back.

The little boy came to Elbert, and My father, who hasn’t spoken for a long time, communicated with Elbert.

I want to go out shopping with Mommy.

His tone was like a subordinate asking for leave from his boss.

Looking at Lisa and Christian’s clasped hands, Elbert admitted that he was stabbed by the scene.

They were so nervous about each other, as if Elbert would definitely hurt them when he spoke.

Chapter 120

Countless thoughts flashed through his mind, but in the end Elbert spit out a few numbers, um, go.

He agreed that the sun came out from the west, but Elbert soon sneered again.

Although you can try to escape with him, he won’t have the same treatment as he is caught.

Lisa said that the heart hurts, and the woman’s face was pale, and she smiled at Elbert.

I would like to thank Elbert for his mercy today and let us go out to play. Elbert frowned, but before he could speak, Lisa was led by the cheerful Christian and ran out.

The little boy’s face was full of excitement. Mom, don’t be in a daze.

Let’s set off now.

He hasn’t been with himself for a long time The excitement on Christian’s face after his mother went out to play like this was like a slap on Elbert.

He never showed that expression to Elbert, it was really sad.

It took Elbert’s gaze on the mother and son who went out for a long time to take it back, but Bialla Anby his side moved his eyes and quietly took out his mobile phone and sent a message.

Lisa didn’t come out alone with Christian for a long time.

Christian grabbed her hand and the mother and son got into the taxi.

He asked, Mommy, can I play with uncle next time Lisa’s eyes blushed and he touched his face. ‘S hands began to tremble, but she said softly for a long time, yes.

Christian’s eyes are shining, great, I miss uncle very much Lisa raised her head and looked at the roof of the taxi hard to keep tears from falling.

She laughed hard, it’s okay, just get through it, her brother, who can bear it, if you are in the sky, do you feel the only miss you are alone, are you alone? The mother and son got off at a large shopping mall, Christian Dian’er Dian’er ran forward, Lisa was chasing behind her with a smile.

The combination of the quirky son and the elegant and generous mother drew countless people’s attention.

Lisa helped Christian grab the machine before grabbing the machine.

After two dolls, Christian yelled happily, his small faces flushed.

He hasn’t been so happy for a long time. Mommy, I want to go to the toilet.

Christian grabbed a few dolls in his arms and said to Lisa, let’s go to the bathroom.

It is good.

Lisa brought Christian to the door of the toilet and called Mommy. Mommy was waiting for you outside.

Hmm, Christian still refused to let go and went to the men’s bathroom alone with the doll.

However, five minutes later, Christian did not come out.

Lisa was a little anxious, but, did her stomach feel uncomfortable? Mommy came in and took a look at the empty toilet hallway.

Lisa realized that the major event was not good. When he walked in, he found that the two dolls that Christian was holding had fallen to the ground, but Christian’s voice was no longer in every men’s room.

Christian, Christian kidnapped and jumped into Lisa’s mind.

She was panicked.

A man came in and saw a woman in the bathroom.

She whistled. Beauty, come here to fight Lisa I grabbed him and yelled helplessly, have you seen my son about the height of his thigh, five or six years old, and the man who cares about what his son does has a fierceness in his eyes, and he moves forward viciously, that smelly The kid might still be alive, so why don’t we do something else now, the alarm bell in Lisa’s mind buzzed, and she just tried to struggle, and a big hand came over to cover her. Mouth, Lisa didn’t even think about it, and took a bite

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