His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 1990

Read Chapter 1990 of the novel His Vengeful Ex-Wife (Translated Version, Tang Jing Character) free.

Chapter 1990

Wei Xin knew exactly what medicine Gu He was selling in the gourd. He just realized that Fu Shuman, who is now a foreigner, could not help his career, so he turned his head and started to face Han Qing. Yan launched an offensive.

It is said that women tend to be inflamed, and the way this man wants to climb up is really ugly!

When Wei Xin left, he was so angry that he got into the car and hit the gas pedal directly. Han Qingyan was like a dropped toy, standing at the door incredulously, looking at the most trusted person in the past. In this way, he changed his face and decided to leave, but he didn’t react for a while.

When I recovered, Wei Xin’s car was already far away, leaving Han Qingyan and Gu He stupidly standing in the large garden at the door of Han’s house. After a long time, Gu He spoke first, “Don’t talk to you either. Wei Xin is angry, maybe he has encountered something wrong recently.”

Listen to this green tea tone, how empathetic you are to say yourself!

Han Qingyan did not respond positively to Gu He’s remarks, only saying, “I also call someone to send you off, Gu He.”

Gu He was a little anxious, “I’m here to find you, Yanyan… Could it be because I came to the door like this and made you quarrel with Wei Xin, so are you angry? That’s all to blame, I’m really sorry.

Han Qingyan just turned to look at his subordinate, and called the driver, “Send the second young master of Gu family back.” The subordinate responded, and then walked to Gu He’s side, as if waiting for him to move. Get on the car.

The two words of Gu Jia Er Shao made Gu He feel a bit painful. I don’t know since when Han Qingyan called him, she has already used such an official name. Could it be that she…was suddenly awakened?

No, no, if Han Qingyan has no feelings for him, how could he let him come to the door? It must be Wei Xin’s actions that disturbed Han Qingyan’s mood. Gu He panicked inexplicably and watched Han Qingyan. If he wants to send himself away, how can he stop there?

“Yanyan, believe me, Fu Shuman, I really have already said it…” The previous engagement between Gu He and Fu Shuman seemed to be in front of his own eyes. In a blink of an eye, he said that the engagement had been cancelled.

Han Qingyan could no longer understand the sincerity of the man in front of him, perhaps Wei Xin was right, she could no longer be a fool.

So Han Qingyan said indifferently, “Gu He, please calm down for a while. Maybe we have all misunderstood a lot of things. I asked someone to send you back and will not see each other for the time being.”

Han Qingyan refused to meet Gu He in the past . At the time, Gu He always felt that he must still have a chance, but this time, she said about the big scene, but it made Gu He feel that he and Han Qingyan seemed to be impossible.


She… Does she like Captain, Wei Xin?

How could it…

In the past, she only used Han Qingyan as a plaything, as her spare tire, but now when she really rejects herself, Gu He actually feels a kind of unprovoked pain, as if she lost her most promised victory. Something that I couldn’t lose while holding it collapsed all at once.

Gu He stood there and didn’t move. The people watching up and down, said respectfully, “Second Young Master Gu, the car has already driven you to the door. Do you drive back by yourself, or our driver will

drive him back for you.” He drove him away. , Han Qingyan was really driving him away.

How could this happen…

Gu He panicked and hugged Han Qingyan from behind, “Yangyan, have you changed? Why did you treat me like this…”

“Sorry, I was wrong, don’t do this. Indifferent to me… Yanyan…”

Gu He was really upset this time, he tried to save Han Qingyan, “Don’t drive me away, okay? You give me a chance…”

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