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Chapter 211

When Lisa went to work the next day, an unexpected guest came to the company.

It’s Stella Jiang.

She lost her previous arrogance this time, probably because she was betrayed by her agent and failed to oppose the black Lisa, instead, her old bottom was picked out.

So she was wearing sunglasses when she came, and she was a low-key ordinary person, and her makeup was not as strong as the last time.

She waited in the reception hall for a long time. No one came, so she came directly to their office.

A group of people were busy working around the big round table. Cyril Cong was still sleeping on her stomach, but Pharaoh raised his head and put his glasses on. Gave her a glance.

However, when he saw Stella Jiang, Lao Wang moved his eyes back again, and there was no disturbance. Stella Jiang glanced around them, and no one paid any attention to him.

The little moon next to him is a female man with a straight temper.

As for Fangfang, who didn’t even bother to look at this kind of woman, everyone just thought she didn’t exist. Stella Jiang felt that she was humiliated, but she never thought that when she first recorded the show, she had given Lisa such ignorant humiliation. .

She lowered her voice and shouted, Lisa.

Lisa pointed to himself, you find me Stella Jiang gritted his teeth, yes.

Lisa smiled, sorry, but I have nothing to discuss with you. Stella Jiang didn’t expect Lisa to reject her so bluntly.

Her entire face was pulled down, and her voice followed up. What do you mean Lisa didn’t say anything.

The people in a studio ignored her. Stella Jiang was anxious, and walked directly to the place of Lisa. When you got up, you never saw the attitude of asking others to pay back.

Lisa sneered and let go. Stella Jiang’s eyebrows are upside down, Lisa, I came to you to give you face, don’t be shameless Lisa has a good temper, the little moon girl is not so good at talking, just shoot the case, we fu(k!ng please come again Acting as a demon directly calling the security to invite you out Stella Jiang did not expect that Little Moon would dare to tear her face so brightly, the whole face froze, and then shouted, how do you want Fangfang to look at her lazily, you think Why do you want to buy the navy black on Weibo? Stella Jiang is getting more and more aggrieved, as if to cry out, do you know how difficult it is for me? The green dinosaur didn’t design the program at all.

He grabbed a handful of melon seeds and turned to look at Stella Jiang.

He squinted while licking the melon seeds, crying, keep crying, if you don’t feel happy, you can lie on the ground and sprinkle. cry. Stella Jiang was choked by what the green dinosaur said, and the little moon laughed and applauded there. Whoever bought the navy first had never seen anyone who bit him and beat him up. You said outside that our game is brain-dead, and we have to buy the navy to destroy the reputation of Lisa, and we are not allowed to fight back or say that we are not allowed to fight back. Stella Jiang is here today because she didn’t want to make things big, but she didn’t expect it The people in the studio just didn’t eat hard and soft, so they gritted their teeth. You are so many people, many people, many people think this is the best joke he has ever heard this year.

Lisa is so powerful that you don’t care about it at first. , But you have to buy the navy, you have to black her, and life attack her. Can you blame Fangfang for holding her hands on her chest.

She has the backbone and the ability to not do anything. Don’t set up a torii if you do.

I also respect you as a cousin. Stella Jiang stood in the studio for ten minutes, wiping tears and stepping on high heels. When I left, the look in his eyes was so hateful, it seemed to be able to devour Lisa.

As soon as she left, a bunch of people put down their work and started to laugh.

After laughing, the green dinosaur said, these days there are really everyone, and even dared to come to the door, but we laughed at Lisa, your mouth is too poisonous.

They scolded people and cried. Cyril Cong raised his head from the table, raised his eyelids and looked at Lisa, who was here just now Stella Jiang.

Lao Wang stared at the computer screen, he might have come to beg for peace, but the attitude was too weak. We didn’t give her face. Cyril Cong murmured vaguely and went to sleep again, and finally woke up slowly in the evening, turned on the computer, and started to deal with the things at hand.

Lisa went to the kindergarten to pick up Christian early when she got off work. Unexpectedly, at this time she saw Christian fighting with a girl, as if arguing.

I don’t care about your mother.

Christian roared, it was impossible.

Lisa was taken aback.

She rarely saw Christian’s appearance, so she could only go up and ask, what’s the matter, have you quarreled with the children? Christian said boringly, there is nothing to say, Mommy is going.

The little girl behind her whispered to him, classmate Tang shut up Christian seemed to have the thorns all over his body erected, his pretty little face was full of anger, and he looked back and glared at him, you don’t deserve to say this, he turned around and grabbed Lisa’s hand, Mommy, let’s go.

This attitude change made Lisa feel surprised. When will Christian be so angry, how many thoughts does the child hide even she doesn’t know. When he went home, Christian was thinking about things all the way, obviously absent-minded, Lisa opened. When the car arrived home, he also jumped out of the car, not very emotional.

This is not at all like the sunny and clever him before.

Lisa asked him suspiciously, what are you thinking about what happened in the school.

Christian didn’t say a word.

The two people walked forward and entered the elevator.

The moment the elevator door was closed, they slowly ascended.

Christian raised his head, his eyes were as dark as midnight, and he was so similar to Elbert, together with those eyes.

At that moment, Lisa seemed to see through Christian’s eyes a whole distant and silent mechanical galaxy, and all the star fragments fell into the black hole of the universe and melted into his eyes.

He was silent and awe-inspiring, with the maturity and depth that his age should not have.

He must have encountered something, knew something, but did not say.

Refused to say.

After a long time, the young man held Lisa’s hand and his stubborn body propped up half of the world. No one had expected that in the days that followed, the five-year-old boy used his thin shoulders to lift a piece in front of Lisa.

The broad but steadfast figure is as calm as a mountain in wind and rain.

He said, Mommy, it’s okay, with me, no one will bully you in the future.

This sentence turned out to be an oath that promised a lifetime. On the other side, in an old warehouse. With his hands tied, Bialla Anhad obviously experienced countless tortures.

He was tied to a chair, and his body was covered with cold water.

She was awakened from a coma with a basin of cold water, she saw the black bodyguard in front of her, and yelled like crazy, let go of me. You treat me like this, the thin young man will not let you let go of me, your dogs.

If she had lost her elegant expression in the past, she pretended to be innocent and innocent like a child in front of everyone, but only at this moment, the evil and viciousness under her eyes could no longer be hidden.

She shouted, who would allow you to do this? My little boy will kill your little boy The black bodyguard sneered, Shao Shao put you in the detention center. Didn’t that mean protecting you? You fell into our hands, but it didn’t end well.

It’s impossible that Brother Ye put me in the police station because he didn’t.

Thorough evidence, so the law cannot punish me. You smuggled me out.

He will definitely find that you will die miserably.

The bodyguard in black came forward and picked up her hair forcefully.

It’s better for me to compare who we are The end of the game is a bit more miserable.

An as pale, and struggling desperately like losing his mind.

Let go of me Elbert will not let you go.

He will definitely help me. We have snatched you from Elbert for three days, these three Tianli Elbert must have received the news, but he didn’t send anyone to follow us. Do you know what this means? The man in black kicked her on the ground with the stool behind him, Anru vomited a mouthful of blood.

The lower abdomen has severe pain, it is impossible that he must believe that I designed to murder his son, and hope that people believe in you as a woman, should you say that you feel too good about yourself, or should you say that you are deceiving yourself and you can’t see the reality at all? Stepping on her chest with another foot, Elbert does not follow you, it means that he has acquiesced in our actions, maybe it is still short of decisive evidence to put you in jail, since you can’t find it, it is better to indulge you and be taken away by another group of people , It’s better to die, and save him the strength to clean up you, as he shook his head desperately, the collapsed reason swallowed all her thoughts at this moment, her tears and saliva flowed out, the whole person sobbed fragilely, the impossible me Having been with Brother Ye for five years, he can definitely forgive my impossible. You really like to dream. Do you think Elbert loves you? The man in black looked at her with a look of stray dogs on the side of the road. What Elbert likes is your face that is similar to Sarah An. You shouldn’t do anything wrong, that’s too Take yourself seriously, use your identity to weigh the position of Elbert’s son Anru screamed loudly, then twitched all over, don’t touch me, don’t touch my brother Ye will not harm me, he will definitely come to save me She seemed to be mad, she kept screaming hurriedly, as if she was terrified.

The screams were sharper than the first, ah shut up someone kicked her mouth and kicked her two teeth away.

Spouting a mouthful of blood mist, the bloodshot crawled down the corner of her mouth.

Someone raised her face with the toe of the shoe, and dared to bark again, making you dead now.

Chapter 212

Bialla Anwas twitching all over, she shook her head desperately, desperately trying to escape, but the shadow in front of her got closer and closer to the night, swallowing everything.

Lisa met Elbert after a week.

It just so happened that at a ribbon-cutting event in the company, Lao Wang was holding Fangfang, the little moon and the green dinosaur stood together, Lisa and Cyril Cong were dressed like a pair, and shuttled through the crowd.

The little moon looked at the green dinosaur, Aaron, you pack up and look like a dog. With single eyelids and a straight nose, it is just like Oppa in a foreign idol drama.

The green dinosaur said quite narcissistically that some girls still had a crush on me in high school. Fangfang rolls her eyes on one side, come on, my high school is the same as you in high school, and when my sister was the president of the student council, you were still in Pidian Pidian as a kid.

The green dinosaur pulled his face, how long ago it was, don’t you mention whether it’s alright, Lao Wang and Little Moon both laughed, talking about Little Moon’s house, Lisa is quite puzzled, Moon, then is your full name called? Blue Moon Blue Moon Laundry Detergent, the choice of the National Diving Team, Little Moon’s face is green, I don’t understand why my parents gave me this name, or don’t mention my surname, let’s continue to discuss what Aaron makes for others Is it okay for my little brother? Aaron was so angry that he rushed to fight with the little moon. You like to expose that Lao Wang didn’t win the world championship and was scolded by fans as the first dish in the national service.

Lao Wang screamed Innocent people who eat melons can be dragged into the water. Why are they transferred to me? I can also be shot while lying down. Cyril Cong and Lisa are laughing desperately on the side.

It turns out that you have known each other long ago. Wealthy people have a circle. Even if you don’t know each other, you will definitely know some friends, just like a circle of friends.

Lisa never thought that the people in his studio were so low-key, and he never publicized the conditions of his own home outside.

A few people were playing and making trouble.

After looking at the time, it was almost time to say hello to friends in the media. Fangfang is familiar with the media. Most of the people invited today are partners of his father’s entertainment company, so she and Lisa wake up. , These reporters are all my own. You can clarify those things on the Internet by the way.

Those things that are going to go viral.

Lisa Chong Fangfang nodded, a little grateful, thank you.

Thanks what. Fangfang has a very proud chest.

After entering our studio, the family will certainly help her. For Stella Jiang’s kind of little bitch, I can hit ten of them, yes yes.

The suits Aaron and she wore were of the same color, and the two seemed to have chosen carefully.

Let’s go, it’s time to walk on the red carpet, Lord Queen. Fangfang took Aaron to greet the media, Lisa also walked over with Cyril Cong, Lao Wang and Little Moon were in the back, the crowd saw Rocky’s face full of murderous intentions, if not for the people behind him , He was about to rush up. Young Master Lan, take a moment, it’s live broadcast on the whole network.

I can’t bear that is my sister. Who is the man next to her? Sister control can’t help it, kill the fu(k!ng boss.

That’s the boss of their studio.

It is said that he was the e-sports player of the world champion.

The subordinates helped explain that the second lady is working in the game studio.

Rocky was so angry that his hair was about to stand up, so what was he doing with his gun around my sister’s waist? Looking back, it looked plain again.

How do I feel someone staring at me, old Wang muttered. Walking on the red carpet with Cyril Cong, Lisa and him shuttled in the crowd, repeatedly meeting women deliberately leaning on Cyril Cong, and then said hello shyly, Mr. Cong. Cyril Cong usually doesn’t laugh, but now he has to laugh from time to time due to the big scene.

Although he laughs like a sneer, he feels that the corners of his mouth are almost stiff.

Lisa couldn’t hold back on one side, and let out a chuckle. Cyril Cong pulled his face, what are you doing? Lisa and him went to sit on the sofa bench, and the waiter next to them brought them two cups of coffee.

Lisa said thank you.

Then continue to look at Cyril Cong, you are different from my brother.

She was very sincere in her words, and Cyril Cong narrowed her eyes slightly.

Are you nonsense? I’m not your brother.

Lisa was choked by what Cyril Cong said, and it took a long time to say, yeah, you are not him. One day, Christian will have to accept this cruel fact.

Braden treats people kindly, smiles always sunny and gentle, he is like a big brother next door who is always full of vitality, kind and generous, from a well-known family, with a poem and a fascination. But Cyril Cong only had a face similar to him, and there was nothing in common other than that.

He is like all the characters of Braden are reversed, indifferent and numb.

Lisa looked at Cyril Cong for a long time before sighing.

It has been a long time since Braden left.

The tomb is also next to Jia Qi. Both of them are very important people in her life, but because they are so important, they are losing.

At that time, it was so painful. Cyril Cong felt that Lisa was thinking of bad things, and he didn’t go to say more, just casually said that since some things have been lost, just guard what you have now. But Lisa just chuckled.

She was afraid.

In the end, she didn’t even hold onto the thoughts that were left in her hands. Elbert walked out when the crowd was busy socializing.

At a glance, he saw Lisa and Cyril Cong sitting on the sofa in the distance.

They were dressed in dresses, skirts and suits.

They were talented and beautiful. Jealousy slowly spread from his heart at this time, until it filled his entire heart, and Elbert realized that there were some things that could not be parted completely. For example, the possessiveness of Lisa.

He stepped forward, and Lisa felt that someone was staring at him through the crowd coming and going. When he raised his head, he fell into a pair of dark eyes like night.

Ten thousand years at a glance.

There was bloody love and hatred in the gap of memories at that moment. Five years ago, she loved him and lost herself. Five years later, she hated him and hated it so shockingly.

She was stung by Elbert’s eyes and stood up from the sofa, her expression on her face, very defensive. Elbert laughed at herself, she actually prevented him from doing so. Cyril Cong tilted his head, and Yu Guang glanced at Elbert.

The man did not make any other expressions.

He still looked like the sky fell and still had facial paralysis.

He just watched Elbert approach and said, Elbert, let’s relive the past.

Three words are extremely mocking. Elbert squinted and smiled.

He just met and said hello.

Lisa calmly stretched the distance, thin and good.

She obviously didn’t want to get entangled with Elbert. Elbert also noticed it, so she stopped and looked at Lisa from a distance.

Lisa thought Elbert was very strange.

At the beginning, he was eager to use all means to get her out, but now that she has gone, he tried his best to get her back. Man, it is always so hypocritical. Only when you can’t get it, you will be cheap. Cyril Cong also got up from the sofa and put out his arms to make Lisawan.

Lisa smiled and said to Cyril Cong, thank you. Cyril Cong glanced at her indifferently, and said nothing else, just seeing the interaction between the two, Elbert felt sour. Once she was the only person in her heart, but then she walked far away, letting her fly with the sky wide and the sea, and she was no longer just his personal possession. Elbert lowered his eyelids and wanted to go up and talk with Lisa, but his courage disappeared at this moment.

He looked.

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