His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 23 – 24

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Chapter 23 cooperation ended, offending people.

Lisa Tang woke up at dawn the next day.

She was going to the studio. Who knew that when she walked in, Tang Braden frowned and looked at her. What happened? Lisa Tang pursed her thin lips.

His brother’s appearance is rare.

The cooperation was terminated.

Tang Braden stared at her face, not just the original one, but the business purchase next month was suddenly cut off.

Lisa Tang’s mind was shocked, and when he came back to his senses, he screamed, “What’s going on is very simple, we have offended people.”

Tang Braden tried every word and tried his best.

That person has the ability to make all the manufacturers in City A afraid to find us to cooperate. Even some overseas companies thought his warning and dismissed the idea of co-branding with us.

Lisa Tang listened.

In Tang Braden’s analysis, a thought was formed in his mind.

It’s Elbert Bo, it’s really Elbert Bo.

He is using his right to tell them that Elbert Bo has been indulging them in the past few years.

If he wants to kill Lisa Tang, I don’t need to bother to find him.

Tang Braden is so angry.

Shaking all over, what did he want? Five years ago, our family was ruined, and five years later, Lisa Tang was forced to sit on the sofa in the studio, feeling like he was drained for a while.

After a long time, she raised her head, her eyes were full of defeat, and he wanted Tang Christian.

Tang Braden trembled all over.

In this way, he forced me to send Tang Christian to him.

Lisa Tang clenched her fingers unconsciously, but she didn’t want to give in, and it didn’t matter if she didn’t want to send her son to the scumbag.

Let’s look for it again, and maybe someone will help us.

Tang Braden walked to Lisa Tang and encouraged her, Lisa Tang, you are dawn, how could you be blocked by the design world.

There will definitely be someone who is fancy Lisa Tang nodded, red eyes, walked to the computer, come, we will look for it, some private independent studios may pick up our orders.

Tang Braden looked at her stiff back and sighed deeply. My sister is too strong, she will always look like the sky is falling and she will hold on. Many times, he feels powerless. Powerless to protect Lisa Tang, powerless to protect Tang Christian. When will this situation change? On this day, Elbert Bo was sitting in the president’s office.

Messy Lin was passing up the compiled report and said respectfully to him.

As far as we know, three companies have cancelled their cooperation with Miss Tang. Elbert Bo is sitting there , Seemed indifferent, but pretended to ask casually, what Lisa Tang’s reaction was, she did not respond.

Messy Lin was silent for a long time and still said it. We observed that after the contract was terminated, Miss Tang and the others did not seem to have any intention of asking for an argument for themselves.

The termination of the contract was regarded as a breach of contract by the other party, but they did not seem to want to do it for themselves.

Arguing for interests Lisa Tang’s inaction like this obviously angered Elbert Bo, his eyes widened in disbelief, and he repeatedly asked, how could the business be robbed and the cooperation stopped, and this would change to any studio.

They are all catastrophes, like being blocked, but why are they so calm Lisa Tang has the idea of wanting to die with him?

Chapter 24 Someone is looking for you, a child.

Elbert Bo thought so in her heart, the expression on her face was even colder, and she said slowly to Messy Lin that she likes to fight hard with me, so as she wishes, I have to see when she can hold on to Lisa Tangde. Knowing that all of his design works were taken off the Internet two days later, Tang Braden was trembling with anger.

I was going to find him to argue that Elbert Boyou was no longer just targeting them, but wanted to not even give them a way to survive.

Liu Lisa Tang has red eyes, brother, don’t be impulsive.

Isn’t this just for Elbert Bo to read the joke? How could he treat you like this? Tang Braden swept all the things on the table to the ground. You gave birth to a son for him in October , Was insulted by him and went to jail, how could he tremble with your Lisa Tang’s lips like this, no brother, we definitely still have hope that we can’t give up resistance, and can’t hand Tang Christian to him the next day when Bo night goes to work as usual , Just sitting in the office, Yelda Lin came in from the door, her eyebrows frowned, and few people said she wanted to see you. Who is it? It’s a kid.

At this moment, Tang Christian was standing at the door of the office, fighting the secretary outside for three hundred rounds.

I said I want to go in and find my dad. Who knows if you are a bastard outside.

The female secretary looked disdainful.

I have seen a lot of women who pretend to be Bo Zong. Now even children who pretend to be Bo Zong have come out.

Little boy, who taught you? Does your mother want to get hold of Elbert Bo? My mom is not rare about Bo Bo.

Tang Christian is a bit angry, his face is flushed, but I am really Elbert Bo son who looks a bit like Just because of this, he dared to pretend to be a fraud.

At a young age, the female secretary drove him out directly.

I didn’t beat the child, but you, a bear child, just owe it.

A cold voice came from behind who you said was the bear child, which shocked the previous female secretary. When she turned her head, she saw Elbert Bo standing there with a cold air on her face.

He helped Lin resign. On one side, he also looked at her with a cold look.

The cold sweat on the female secretary’s face is getting more and more.

The little child of the president deceived people that it was your son and I was my son. What’s wrong, I sneered.

It seems that my secretary is already very capable and dare to scold my son as a bastard. Will you step on me another day? Mr. Bo, I dare not fear that the female secretary started to tremble with fright, her face turned pale.

I didn’t know Mr. Bo at first, your lord has a lot. Don’t let me say it again. Now, let’s settle your salary. Elbert Bo sneered, and then never looked at the secretary again.

He stepped forward and brought in Tang Christian, who was locked out of the door.

Then, he squatted down in front of him and smiled at him as he turned from the stern attitude.

Laugh, I heard that you asked me Tang Christian to look at Elbert Bo’s face.

This is his father.

The two men, one big and one small, are like copies.

The Creator is really magical.

Sometimes the power of blood is so powerful. .

Tang Christian and Elbert Bo stood together, no one would doubt his identity, his face extremely similar to Elbert Bo was enough to prove everything. Yes, I am looking for you. Elbert Bo pursed his lips, and said lightly, it had something to do with my mommy.

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