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Chapter 239

I don’t know what Cong’s purpose is for bringing my son to the jungle, but he is my son of Elbert’s dearest relative, Christian, who is my son’s dearest relative, Christian, was shocked by these words, leaning on Cyril Cong faintly trembled. Cong Zheng turned his head and looked at Cyril Cong, his voice was low and deep, Nizi, what else do you want to refute? The son who snatched someone from the family said he was his illegitimate child. No wonder the Bo family wanted to call the door with murderous intent.

How could he stand Cyril Cong’s face pale, and he couldn’t say a word of explanation.

In fact, he never admitted about the illegitimate child.

In the last video, he played a play with Christian to dismiss the woman named Qin Shanshan, but who knew the woman turned around and told his mother Lin Qiao the news , So Lin Qiao believed that it was true, took Christian away forcibly, forcing him to return to Cong’s home, Cyril Cong did not explain, and stood there without saying a word. Cong Zheng knew this was because they lost their sense in the jungle.

He grabbed one side of the glass and smashed it on Cyril Cong’s forehead accurately.

The glass was so powerful that it smashed on the spot, and the fragments splashed, scratching Cyril Cong’s eyes with blood.

It was dripping, and the wound was only a few millimeters away from the eye, but Cyril Cong didn’t blink, and he took it abruptly.

This matter is indeed responsible for him, some explanations he didn’t want to bother to say, but he dragged Christian into the water, it was he who hurt him. Cyril Cong turned to look at Elbert, and the man walked into him step by step.

He put down Christian and said to him, go to your father’s side.

Christian looked back at Cyril Cong, tears came out, his little uncle is naturally sensitive, he must have noticed something, maybe he already vaguely knows that Cyril Cong has no blood relationship with him. Elbert didn’t speak, and took his little hand.

Christian unexpectedly did not resist, and glanced at Elbert. People have to learn to distinguish good from bad. Elbert really helped him by coming forward at this time, so Christian said thank you.

Then Cong Zheng glanced at Cyril Cong who was still bleeding and laughed hard.

The shameless unfilial son hadn’t gotten down yet.

His biological father asked him to kneel down. Cyril Cong gave a low laugh, not knowing who he was mocking.

If I don’t, I’ll hit until you break both legs Jiang is still hot, Cong Zheng’s aura is particularly fierce, cold-blooded, and even with Elbert was shocked by his killing intent.

Isn’t Cong Zheng indifferent to his son like this? Lin Qiao has no longer what he used to be.

Tough, wiping tears and came to Cong Zheng’s side, sir, Shan’er is not obedient, and I have a share of mine. Cong Zheng even scolds his eldest wife together, if you don’t have the brains My son is my grandson, and my Cong family’s face will fall to this level today.

A woman still wants to get over the waves. Did you fu(k!ng treat me when I was dead? Lin Qiao’s face was pale, sir, what you said was trying to punish my heart.

I’m all for your good. Cong Zheng actually let his subordinates directly hold Lin Qiao, regardless of the presence of outsiders, and regardless of whether this is his wife who married home, and let him drag Lin Qiao down, Lin Qiao cried Now, sir, you can’t treat me like this.

I sneered at you with all my heart.

To me, or to Mrs. Jungle’s position, Lin Qiao’s eyes were blood red and his voice was choked.

He turned to look at Cyril Cong, Shan’er. , You help mother, talk to your father, you can’t just watch, but Cyril Cong is indifferent, he has had enough of this ridiculous family drama.

He, no one wants to help.

He doesn’t even want to have anything to do with them.

Christian’s body trembled, and Elbert stretched out his hand to cover his eyes.

He said, don’t look.

Elbert, I’m fine.

Christian endured his own fear and said, I want my uncle to be well.

The only thing Tang said was to keep Cyril Cong at night. Elbert clenched his fist and released it, finally looking up at Cyril Cong.

I won’t care about this matter with you for the time being. Cong Da is the master, and Bo will not be involved in your housework. No, no, the dog is dull, and even troubles your young master and scares him.

It’s our Cong family’s fault.

The most important thing for Cong Zheng in this life is face.

In front of outsiders, he must maintain his integrity.

He said that if you take the time to come to the cruise festival at the end of the Jungle month, it is better for me to entertain him personally. Elbert nodded, and my son liked Master Cong, so there is no such thing as being frightened. Next time we meet, I hope Cyril Cong can come together.

This is to protect him. Cong Zheng didn’t think about why Elbert would speak for someone who had robbed his son, but there was still a fierce emotion in his eyes, and he said, I will accept Elbert’s heart.

If it’s all right, I will take me first. My son went back and had a misunderstanding, the gate of the Cong family, Bo must pay to fix it for you himself.

He was shameless, and a misunderstanding overwhelmed everything, including smashing the door. Watching Elbert take Christian away, Cyril Cong clenched his fists. Once he steps into the jungle organization, there is only a way forward and no return. Cong Zheng patted his shoulder fiercely, the voice was as cold as ice, making Cyril Cong chill from head to toe.

He says. Cyril Cong, my good son. Don’t blame me for being ruthless for the basket you stabbed.

Chapter 240

Lisa received Christian’s call half an hour later, and then went all the way to Bo’s house with red eyes, stumbled into the door, and a thin shadow rushed in and threw herself in her arms.

Christian’s voice is still a bit scary, Mommy Weiwei, you scared Mommy to death, you know Lisa touched Christian’s face, it’s okay, my uncle, my uncle Elbert squinted his eyes when he heard this name.

Smiled, Lisa, you even want your son to lie to your son, Cyril Cong is a substitute for Braden Lisa’s face is pale, you shut up but it is too late, Christian already knows everything, from contact to Cong Everything about the Shan family, now Elbert’s sentence hit the nail on the head, he knows everything, Cyril Cong is not his own uncle and has nothing to do with his real uncle Braden.

So where is his real uncle, why didn’t he come out? Why mommy To play with Cyril Cong to trick his little boy’s brain into being so smart, countless questions flashed through, and after all the possibilities were denied, the remaining impossibility was particularly shocking.

Christian’s lips trembled. Mommy, my uncle, Lisa wanted to explain, but she turned her mouth silent.

She was unable to tell the cruel fact.

She picked Christian and walked out of the Bo family’s gate. Behind her, Elbert called to her, Lisa, Cyril Cong is not a little uncle at all, the child needs the real father is my real father Lisa smiled. Even if Cyril Cong is not related to Christian by blood, he is much better than your real father. Ye Tongren tightens up.

He thinks that he can help her bring her son back safely to offset a little bit of her old hatred. New love is not worthy of old hatred, he forgot how Lisa was destroyed by him, and now he wants her to come back, it is as difficult as Dengtian Marven Su stopped the car, just to see Lisa holding Christian from the door of the Bo family with tears , He went up and shouted anxiously, Lisa Lisa raised his head, and he stepped forward.

In the cold wind, Marven Su unbuttoned his wide padded jacket, and then pulled it to both sides, covering both mother and son in his arms, with The clothes on both sides are wrapped.

Lisa couldn’t hold back, tears came out again.

In this scene, the knife generally split Elbert’s body.

Marven Su smiled and glanced at the little bit in his arms. Yo little bastard, just fine.

Christian burst into laughter, and he held up with Marven Su, hum, I’m the protagonist, so I won’t have any trouble.

They are all slapsticks on Elbert’s face.

The woman who once loved him deeply, now hides in the arms of another man for warmth, and even his son is so close to that man. Everything he had before, at this moment in a resolute attitude abandon him all.

Abandon him and rush to another person.

How much hope and warmth did he personally bury him? Elbert followed Lisa to chase out, but at the moment he saw Marven Su, he stopped abruptly.

The cold wind blows, making people feel cold.

At the beginning of the new year, he seemed to have experienced a disaster. Everything that was not valued by him at the beginning and was discarded by him has now become a tool for Ling Chi.

Together with the memories, he thinks and hurts again. Elbert thought, no one could ever hurt him like this, even without the strength to fight back.

If Sarah An was the Sarah An five years ago, Elbert did not dare to think about it, he did not dare to admit whether the weight of Lisa in his heart now surpassed Sarah An.

He didn’t even dare to check five years ago. Daniel Ye once said to Elbert with a smile one night, Elbert, you will always be the one most persuaded of Lisa.

He was right. Elbert didn’t stop investigating, but he didn’t dare to do it at all.

A lot of evidence is different from five years ago.

Although his investigation is as difficult as the sky, it is not impossible to investigate.

It is because he has no courage to take this step.

If Lisa is innocent, what should he do If the peaceful death is really just an accident, then how would he face the woman who ruined her entire life by herself? Will he regret it? He has regretted it, he can’t say it, dare not admit it I am cowardly and cowardly. But when facing Lisa, he became a deserter, constantly brainwashing himself. Five years ago, he did nothing wrong.

If he had wronged Lisa’s bloody love for him, it would be ruined in his own hands.

A few steps back in the night, the cool breeze passed by, shocking thousands of people.

At this moment, his heart is as cold as a ruin, and the truth of being hidden under the thick snow-capped mountains that has not changed for thousands of years may have faintly revealed the tip of the iceberg.

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