His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 319 – 320

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Chapter 319 There is another mystery behind the truth.

This meant that Lisa had something to eat, at least for Christian, she would also get better.

Lisa didn’t speak, but still took Messy Lin’s mobile phone and ordered a bowl of porridge.

Messy Lin helped her make up some light dishes, and then placed the order.

That evening, I went to school to pick up Christian from school.

Then the father and son came to the ward, the young and the young, and they seemed to have agreed half of what they had encountered in the jungle, as if it had never happened. , For fear of stimulating Lisa again. When Lisa saw Christian, his face obviously smiled, and then when he saw Elbert behind Christian, he shrank again.

This rejection was not obvious, but it was enough to sting Elbert.

He stood outside the door, let Christian go in first, and then he went in slowly.

Lisa ate the takeaway, and her face improved a bit. Tonny Jiang said that her mood has become better in recent days than before. Don’t let Elbert again. Do something that makes her nervous. Elbert remembered that Cong Zheng’s words came from his ear when he took Lisas away before, making him cold and thin. You have never thought that the Lisa you hold in your hand is not that Lisa Elbert didn’t go into that sentence. What did he mean? He had already broken off all cooperation with Jungle. Unless he made an apology that satisfied him and Lisa, he would do his best to suppress Jungle.

A Elbert is not terrible, but Elbert and a group of friends around him are terrible.

They are almost the pillars of the entire Freinvilla.

As long as Elbert said, the jungle will never find a second organization that dares to take over them. But Elbert’s doing this also has a bad consequence.

If it really provokes the jungle, the beasts who slaughtered in the sea of blood might really choose to have a deadly duel, maybe. One day I was involved in a terrible shooting, and then the fish died and the net broke. Elbert carefully observed every move in the jungle, forcing them to be too tight, and fearing that Lisa would be threatened.

A call from Marven Su before that made Elbert feel more puzzled.

He said that Cyril Cong’s dna database had been manipulated artificially.

He was indeed from the jungle, but there seemed to be someone deliberately on it. Drive Cyril Cong out, making Cong Zheng question Cyril Cong’s identity.

And he found that Cong Zheng had checked the dna of Lisa.

Marven Su asked him if Lisa is involved in the jungle The matter involved was bigger and related to the Tang family five or six years ago.

At that time, the Tang family was not bankrupt.

It happened to be a glorious time, but with the Lisa’s imprisonment, the Tang family also broke down.

The family’s parents didn’t know where they fled.

If Lisa’s identity is wrong, the Tang family’s couple must be involved. Elbert felt that the doubts in front of him were getting deeper and deeper, and he solved a case of Lisa’s missed murder.

After returning her innocence, he pulled out another bigger and deeper mystery behind it.

All starting points point to the Tang family back then. What did the Tang family have experienced? Braden is dead? Did he also carry the mystery like Lisa.

Suddenly Elbert began to feel the creeps.

If it is true, then someone has tried to Lisa countless times, and the same will happen.

Some people have attacked Braden countless times.

If Braden’s death was not accidental, Elbert’s pupils would have shrunk a little bit if it was secretly planned.

It turns out that there is a hand behind the Tang family’s throat.

Chapter 320 Back then, the jungle, the forces behind it.

Realizing these possibilities, Elbert felt a chill slowly crawling up his spine. Once he had missed so many clues because of his arrogance, now these cases are back in his field of vision. , He felt a little shocked. Perhaps some conspiracies have existed since then, and he has been ignoring it until now that he has rediscovered the clues that were dusty.

That night, Elbert went to find Daniel Ye.

Recently, Daniel Ye had a bad temper because of Jia Qi’s affairs. Because the last time I saw Han Rang, Jia Qi wanted to follow Han Rang and Daniel Ye found Jia Qi. Qi’s thoughts later hit her by mistake.

After that slap, Jia Qi still had hatred in his eyes when he saw Daniel Ye now. Daniel Ye felt very irritable, he was angry that Jia Qi wanted to run away, and even more angry that he was impulsive like this because of another man.

He also wondered if he had acted too cruelly by himself, but he was uncomfortable with a pair of piercing eyes on Jia Qi.

She dares to look at him with such eyes for a wild man.

It is really eating leopards.

His, even if he didn’t want it, even if she was really dead, the ashes were his Elbert. When he went to find Daniel Ye, he happened to lose his temper with Jia Qi again, and the woman shrank on the sofa and cried silently.

It was messy.

It was obvious that Daniel Ye, a scumbag, had done some bad things again. Elbert went into the office and sighed and sighed. Daniel Ye looked back and saw him, and said, go to the second meeting room outside to wait for me.

The second meeting room is a private meeting room, unlike other meeting rooms that are as spacious as other meeting rooms, which are used for private conversations. Daniel Ye turned around and wiped the dirty areas on his body, then threw a piece of used paper in front of Jia Qi, sneered, next time you can try to open your teeth and dance claws in front of me, Jia Qi, how many sharp claws and teeth do you have? , I can knock them down one by one. Jia Qi was holding onto the clothes, trembling helplessly and weeping, Daniel Ye turned his face irritably, but couldn’t see her like this.

Then he strode out of the office door and left Jia Qi there alone.

After the door slamming sounded, Jia Qi suddenly hugged his head and cried loudly in this room with fairly good sound insulation. What can I do? When Daniel Ye came to the second meeting room, Elbert was sitting there, wearing a sweater and jacket.

How did he look like an idol little fresh meat? It didn’t match his usual serious and cold appearance. Daniel Ye squinted, you changed. Elbert sneered, sat down, and said business. Yo. Daniel Ye lit a cigarette and put it in his mouth, and then the smoke was filled with smoke, he looked at Elbert’s eyes, Elbert, you have changed. Elbert really wanted to roll his eyes.

I asked you for some help, don’t say what they have. Not help. Daniel Ye smiled and refused, unless you get something that interests me. Elbert also laughed, unpredictable, I happened to have a cooperation with the Han family in Baicheng next door, do you want me to rely on it. Daniel Ye broke the power again and exploded with a swear word, wishing to press the cigarette on Elbert’s face. You fu(k!ng came prepared. Elbert did not deny it, still carrying a noble and cold smile. Got it, you big Buddha, let’s talk about it. Daniel Ye curled his lips. Did something happen to Lisa? Elbert’s eyes narrowed and his eyes were cold.

I need information on the rise of the jungle.

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