His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 329 – 330

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Chapter 329 Watching the changes, someone is following.

He seemed to be unable to believe it, thinking he had missed it, but hesitated at the window and found that it was indeed Christian and Marven Su.

Two faces, one large and one small, were smiling and talking.

Marven Su would paint on Christian’s workbook for a while, and then stretched out his hand to pinch Christian’s face.

And his son, who had always resisted himself, was rubbing against other men unscrupulously.

The two talked and laughed happily, not even noticing the thin night passing by on the road outside. Elbert watched for a while, felt that it was boring to ask for it, and left.

The man originally came to this dessert shop to pack some cakes and send them to Lisa and Christian, but now it seems to be meaningless. When Elbert arrived in the underground parking lot, he passed the trash can and threw a bag of freshly bought desserts in his hand, as if he was venting some unwilling anger.

Then he walked around to the front of the car and pulled the door, quickly started the car, but didn’t step on the accelerator.

He sat in the driver’s seat, clinging to the steering wheel, his expression trance and pain.

Marven Su and Christian worked together to write a family diary, and they helped to draw a family portrait together.

Christian looked at Marven Su’s style of painting and praised him.

Have you ever studied painting before? Marven Su didn’t lift his head.

The family arranged me to be proficient in all kinds of piano, chess, calligraphy and painting, but I was all half-hearted, and when I learned half of it, I confronted them and then stopped learning.

Christian giggled, it’s no wonder you are scornful.

Marven Su helped Christian pack his things, and then asked, are you full yet? Let’s go to the hot pot later.

Christian and Marven Su are always very relaxed when they get along, smiling, I want spicy food. When Marven Su laughed, his blue eyes were like a sea, he said, okay.

An hour later, Marven Su and Christian arrived at the door of the hot pot restaurant with large and small bags in his hand.

He said that the bullfrogs in this restaurant are delicious. My mom likes bullfrogs very much.

Christian walked forward, feeling that his whole person was being pushed hard, he staggered two steps forward and almost fell to the ground. Fortunately, Marven Su was quick to hold on to his hand in front of him, and subconsciously asked, what’s wrong, is it just an accident? Christian glanced back and felt that he saw a familiar figure, but when he observed it carefully, he didn’t notice it.

Strange Marven Su noticed that Christian was not online, patted the back of his head, and went in.

Christian was led by Marven Su, and he glanced back again, and he was still an ordinary crowd. Coming and going, they were all strange faces, and they were quite normal, and they didn’t feel weird just now. But there is always a feeling of being followed.

Christian frowned, quietly thought up, and followed Marven Su in. Not far away, there were two handsome men hiding in the crowd, and one frivolously said to the other with facial paralysis, “Did you see it? He didn’t expect it, but it was true.”

I don’t live anymore.

The boy who is such a small and frivolous Elbert’s son takes a few steps back, then who is his father next to him? It should be Elbert. You fart, people with blue eyes, and Elbert is a mixed blood. Mom is also mixed.

The frivolous man narrowed his eyes slightly, stayed still, watched the change.

Chapter 330 Uncle’s accident, who did it?

Christian and Marven Su ate this hot pot meal for two hours, and then the Wang Nianjiao couple spread their stomachs on the sofa and stared at the hot pot soup base that was still tumbling.

Christian hiccuped, and took a deep breath before breathing out.

I am so full that I am also Marven Su.

I collapsed on it like an uncle. My two legs stretched out under the table.

I didn’t eat for hundreds of years. When we go shopping, I will send you back to your mother.

Christian smiled, you have bought enough things for me.

It doesn’t matter.

Marven Suyang raised his hand and bought a few sets of clothes for you, nothing more.

Christian held his chin and looked at Marven Su, did you really want to chase my mommy Marven Su took it without even thinking about it, yes, especially, thinking about it every day.

Christian sighed. My mommy has lost her memory now. You can try it when she remembers you. My original plan was to take advantage of your mommy’s gesture, and then pursue it.

Marven Su poked boredly with his chopsticks, but unfortunately, your mommy rejected me. My mom also rejected Elbert.

Christian blinked her eyes, she had no intention of falling in love at the moment. What you mean is actually implying me, maybe I still have a chance in the future.

Marven Su also followed Christian’s wink, wait for your mommy to leave the hospital.

I heard that her mental state is not very stable.

Speaking of this, Christian suddenly became a little serious, Uncle Su, there is something, I want to ask you for help.

Marven Su was stunned.

The awe-inspiring in Christian’s eyes was a bit difficult for him to resist as an adult. What thoughts are in this kid’s heart? I want you to check my uncle, Braden.

Christian stared at Marven Su’s eyes, where did he go.

Marven Su’s face changed, don’t you know that Christian’s eyes were a little dodgy.

Specifically, he knew that his uncle Braden hadn’t appeared for a long time, and he knew that Cyril Cong was not himself.

The real little uncle, then where did the adults hide Braden? Christian is a little anxious.

I can’t find news about my little uncle everywhere, you know, Marven Su’s expression obviously knows something. But Marven Su couldn’t say it.

He understood that Lisa had concealed the truth about Braden’s accident from Christian.

After all, this kind of cruel thing was known to the child, and he would definitely not be able to bear it.

Looking at Marven Su’s forbearing expression, Christian thought of the worst result.

He is so smart that after crossing out all the possibilities, there is only the last impossible.

He has no uncle anymore.

Christian’s eyes were red on the spot, and his lips were trembling.

The boy’s eyes were distressed.

He asked, did my uncle have something wrong.

Marven Su sighed, stood up, walked to Christian’s side, and reached out to the little boy Hold it in his arms, Wei Wei, your mother is hiding something from you, because he is afraid that you will be hurt.

Christian is shaking in Marven Su’s arms.

He said that the child who had done it learned the news of his uncle’s death.

Helpless, but raised a pair of hateful eyes and stared at Marven Su, every word, is it Elbert?

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