His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 331 – 332

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Chapter 331 Mysterious man, don’t hide.

Marven Su was shocked by the hatred in his words.

The mixed-race man did not speak, but patted Christian’s back lightly.

I don’t know much about it, but Wei, your mother must have her.

The reason is hidden from you. When Lisa concealed the news by herself, how much did she bear? Christian also naively and ignorantly asked about Braden’s news over and over again.

At that time, it was as if she was in the heart of Lisa. With countless knives, he did not speak, but remained silent.

Half an hour later, Marven Su drove Christian downstairs to the hospital.

The night darkened.

Christian carried the things Marven Su had just bought for him from the mall, and stood at the gate waving Marven Su, Uncle Su Goodbye.

Marven Su blew a whistle before he left, do you know it obediently? Listen to your mommy.

Lisa is only you, kid. You are her only spiritual support now.

Seeing Marven Su going away, Christian turned and walked towards the elevator, but when he passed the front desk on duty, the young man’s footsteps stopped and he suddenly turned and looked back.

It was still empty, and the hospital in the middle of the night looked a little horrible, especially the inpatient department, it seemed that there was no breath of living people, as if they were playing a horror game.

Christian’s heart was hanging.

In the empty hospital hall just now, he clearly heard other footsteps besides himself.

It was very light, but there was indeed a black hole in the hospital hall, which seemed to be in a cold hell, dark Christian stood there, with cold sweat oozing out of his palm, and said, don’t follow, I’ve already seen you.

Recently, I always feel that there is another wave of forces trying to squeeze into their lives in every possible way.

Christian inherited Elbert’s vigilance and sensitivity.

His sixth sense was correct.

There were indeed people watching him and Lisa’s every move in secret. .

He doesn’t know whether this group of people is good or bad, but hiding in the dark is definitely not something that can see the light.

Christian frowned, won’t you come out? Don’t wait for me to come personally.

He was actually bluffing, in fact, he didn’t even know where they were hiding. But for the enemy, they also didn’t know whether Christian was aware of it.

Take a gamble.

Sure enough, a few seconds later, there was a crisp sound of footsteps not far away. Compared with the previous deliberate slowing down and following Christianshen, it was already quite upright.

Christian turned his head almost at the same time, looking in the direction of the sound source.

At this look, he was stunned.

In front of them stood two tall and handsome men, one with cold and hot, one with frivolous eyebrows, and the other with indifferent features.

They were dressed in black and white clothes, and they turned their hats behind their sweaters to cover most of their faces.

The three people looked at each other like this, silently looking at each other.

Christian obviously didn’t expect that the people who had been with him for a day would be like this.

He thought at least he was the kind of fierce underworld people, but the two in front of him were obviously not inferior. Why did you follow me? Christian frowned and asked the first question.

The one who didn’t speak still had a cold face, but the man next to him laughed with a playful smile.

Looking at Christian’s face, if I said it was just fun, do you believe it? The voice is a bit familiar.

Christian sneered, do you think I’m the kind of kid who can cheat.

The man opposite was stunned, you are a kid.

Chapter 332 survey data, not far away.

Christian took a deep breath and talked about business. What was the reason for looking for me? The man on the opposite side was really just for fun.


Christian’s sneer was exactly the same as Elbert.

I was not so naive enough to really believe that you were following you unkindly.

It was just a momentary intention to find it fun.

It’s over.

The lively man on the opposite side murmured to the people around him, this stinky boy has a super IQ. Bingshan man finally spoke, don’t you still believe the facts? I don’t think that man squatted down holding his head and approached Christian, Christianmeng.

Step back a few steps, the man grabbed him and let me take a good look at you.

Christian curled his lips. What on earth did he want to do, my apprentice? Did you not recognize me? Tod is heartbroken, I am your master, I have come to see you from all over the world, but your six relatives don’t recognize Christian. With big eyes, you are Tod.

The man raised his eyebrows and curled his lips, like a fake replacement, here, this one is my assistant, called ven, I have always been curious about your identity, so I came here secretly You, the famous Internet hacker master Tod looked up and down at Christian, I didn’t expect that you are really a small one.

Christian’s face is bulging, he is a bit dissatisfied, what’s the problem with my young age? Tod sighed with emotion, I always thought you were a fake baby voice, but when you appeared in front of me, I realized that it was true that netizens on the Internet should be cautious when meeting.

After finishing talking, he hugged Christian up, oh my dear apprentice, let me have a good look at the master, are you really that thin son? Christian was almost out of breath by the warm embrace of Tod.

Struggle hard, let me go, I’m going to find my mommy. Your mommy Tod eyes shine. You look so good. Your mommy must be very beautiful.

Take me to see no way.

Christian simply refused. From him Jumped down in your arms, Master, I was pleasantly surprised when you came to see me. Next time, don’t pretend to be a bad person and follow me.

I’m really nervous.

Haha, you Master, I’m also testing your vigilance.

Tod rubbed his chin and looked at Christian, not bad, not bad, your kid will grow up in the future, he must be a genius.

Christian continued to curl his lips, you can go back, I have to go up and accompany my mommy.

This time we returned to China, it happened that something happened and we had to stay in China for half a month.

Tod is wearing a hoodie, leaning against the shoulder of ven next to him, the handsome man’s smiling eyes narrowed into a slit, I will send you our hotel address when you are free, please come to us at any time, master please You eat.

A word is settled.

Christian said goodbye to them and opened the elevator door until the elevator door slowly closed, and Tod, who was smiling, suddenly put the smile on his lips.

The man frowned fiercely, completely different from the original frivolous playfulness.

He had thoughts in his eyes, as if he was wondering about something.

How could this happen to the children of the Tang family. Does he think of something like this, his eyes lit up, and he said to ven. , I’ll check Freinvilla’s dna database tonight

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