His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 49 – 50

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Chapter 49

Lisa Tang’s body trembled, and Milda Cen’s mother Milda Cen said indifferently, Madam, I can’t bear this poem.

Tang Christian also stopped by Lisa Tang’s side and looked at Milda Cen with that kind of wary look.

That look made Milda Cen’s heart suddenly chill.

This little grandson seemed to be helpless with the many complaints of the Bo family.

The smile came, the smile was so complicated that Lisa Tang could not even tell whether she hated her or was guilty.

She said that the grievances of adults have nothing to do with children.

Jia, I don’t ask you to have any results with my son, but he is indeed Ye’er’s son. Can you teach him to let him put aside a little It’s really touching that this mother keeps talking about Elbert Bo.

So why did everyone ask her and never see what she did wrong Lisa Tang blushed her eyes abruptly, raised her head and laughed sharply at her, sorry, madam, the grievances of adults have nothing to do with children. But I was the only one who was born in prison, and had nothing to do with Elbert Bo, so there was no grudge. Milda Cen walked down and asked her to take the things in Lisa Tang’s hands.

She did not resist, and handed the snack bag to her, and said to Tang Christian, Mommy brought you the Pipiru story you love to read, and Snacks you like to eat. Wow, Tang Christian was very excited, and didn’t even bother with the complicated look on Milda Cen’s face.

I’m so happy. Mommy, can you come to accompany me more.

Lisa Tang pressed his hand on top of his head and trembled a bit. Mommy was busy with work, but I’m sure if I have time. Will come to see you. Behind him, Tang Braden stepped forward and smiled at his little nephew, it’s okay, uncle will take you out to play.

Humph, no uncle.

Tang Christian pursed his mouth, his facial features are so similar to Elbert Bo, I want mommy. Milda Cen looked at their family playing at the door, feeling like an outsider. My grandson can’t grow up anymore.

Thinking of this, Milda Cen finally said again, Jia, in fact, if you have time to stay here for a while, this is her biggest concession.

In order to let Tang Christian integrate into the Bo family as soon as possible, it is better to let Lisa Tang come and take care of him.

A period of time. But when Lisa Tang heard it, he just laughed faintly.

The voice seemed to be disdainful when he listened carefully.

I am sorry to live in this house, madam.

If it weren’t for the only thing, I would feel sick if I stayed for a second. .

Such direct words made Milda Cen pale, Jia, you are complaining about mom. Don’t mention anything.

Lisa Tang interrupted Milda Cen sharply. Madam, Elbert Bo and I were divorced five years ago. We cut our righteousness, don’t use family affection.

And the old love of the past to kidnap me.

I can’t bear the hatred in her eyes, and I can’t bear the hatred in her eyes, so that Milda Cen didn’t even dare to say the next words.

Lisa Tang let go of Tang Christian.

It seemed that she was leaving. Milda Cen caught up with her.

Although she was well maintained, she was Already in old age, this appearance made Lisa Tang slow down, looking back at Milda Cen with red eyes. Milda Cen knew that Lisa Tang was taking care of herself, so she caught up with her and shouted, Jia, you and Ye’er, is it possible, madam, don’t force me anymore.

Lisa Tang never looked back.

After she came back, she refused to call her mother from beginning to end.

In the past, her daughter-in-law was always the pride of Milda Cen.

Lisa Tang raised her head, and Tang Braden held her hand by her side and turned to reply to Milda Cen for her. Madam, our Tang family brothers and sisters cannot afford your kindness. Don’t do useless work.

Chapter 50

When Milda Cen heard these words, she was stunned and asked with a sad face, did your brother mean what you meant by Lisa Tang did not turn his head, madam, my brother’s words, they are enough to represent me Mood.

They went out and met Elbert Bo and another woman head-on. When they saw Lisa Tang and Tang Braden walking out of their Bo’s house, all four of them were stunned.

The woman next to him changed another, and Lisa Tang sneered in his heart. Yes, when did Elbert Bo lack women? Even when they got married, Elbert Bo always changed women like clothes.

I don’t know where Fiore Cheng’s self-confidence thought he was an exception, and he could stay with Elbert Bo for a long time. When Elbert Bo saw the cold Lisa Tang, she frowned slightly. Why are you here in full doubt.

Lisa Tang laughed self-deprecatingly, probably to blame her for appearing so silently, dirtying his vision, Lisa Tang automatically gave way to them, I came over to see Weiwei. Elbert Bo did not speak, but the woman next to him did. Younger Bo, who is this your nanny? Tang Braden, the nanny, clenched his fists at once.

This insult is really obvious, but Lisa Tang turned a deaf ear.

I don’t know if it is.

It doesn’t matter, but I have had enough. Fed up with the insults brought to her by the group of women around Elbert Bo over the past few years.

Lisa Tang smiled lightly, and ignored her as if he hadn’t heard it, but this indifferent look made the woman next to Elbert Bo seem to have been provoked, and she directly called her to wait, this aunt.

She called Lisa Tang Auntie. When Elbert Bo stopped drinking, Stella Jiang’s internet celebrity heard Elbert Bo calling her name and turned her head, pouting her lips and acting like Xiao Shao.

This aunt of the cleaning lady ignored her and she was uncomfortable.

This meant that she was implying that Elbert Bo would serve her.

Seeking justice from the beginning to the end of the Lisa Tang, but the eyes are really indifferent, the aura actually made Stella Jiang a little guilty, and he said at her, is it just a bad guy, what kind of attire is just enough, Tang Braden can no longer let his sister Suffered a little bit of grievance, shouted to stop her, do you have any quality as a human being to open your mouth and clean your wife, my sister, did she say a word to insult you? Stella Jiang rolled his eyes.

It turned out that it was my younger sister, so anxious.

I didn’t know that I thought that your brother and sister’s voice hadn’t fallen.

The Lisa Tang who was opposite directly raised a slap and fell heavily on Stella Jiang’s face. Elbert Bo was shocked and shouted angrily.

Lisa Tang, what do you do, he came up to catch her after yelling, Stella Jiang who was beaten also reached out to catch her, Tang Braden directly stopped in front of Lisa Tang, Stella Jiang shouted like a shrew, you bitch, you dare to hit me Face, do you know who I am? You dare to hit me Lisa Tang standing behind Tang Braden, his eyes are as cold as ice, you insult me, it doesn’t matter, I have a high vision and don’t take you seriously. But you even insulted my brother.

I’m sorry, I’m just protecting you from your fu(k!ng stinky biaozi Stella Jiang doesn’t hesitate to say anything, and you dare to come to me if you’re fu*ked up by others, do you know who I am? What Elbert Bo followed to Lisa Tang, Lisa Tang, an apology was an apology, and she asked her to apologize.

Lisa Tang smiled beautifully, Elbert Bo, you are so pitiful.

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