His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 91 – 92

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Chapter 91

You can still laugh that Stella Jiang saw Lisa’s indifferent look, and she felt a little guilty. What did this woman’s heart do? Wouldn’t she feel ashamed of being humiliated in front of everyone? But why, the more irritated She felt that she was insulted more and more because Stella Jiang clenched her fist.

Looking at Lisa’s hand on the table, her little finger was lonely broken off.

The damaged appearance made everyone ask questions from the bottom of their hearts. What is the woman in front of her? To the extent they can bear it, they are making fun of her, but it seems that they are also being mocked. Stella Jiang gritted his teeth, stepped forward, and stomped on the back of Lisa’s hand.

Let go of the stop and Elbert’s yelling sounded at the same time as there was a female voice outside the door. Jia Qi was shocked when he came in.

He was just going to send Mr. Daniel back home. Why would there be such a situation when he came back here? Jia Qi felt pain in the Lisas that people were pressing on the ground.

He stepped forward and gave Stella Jiang a big push, and then involuntarily said that Stella Jiang was slapped on her face for the second time.

She covered her face and stepped back. Confidence looked at Jia Qi who came back. You hit me, hit you, hit you, and you still have to choose a day. Under all eyes, Jia Qi lifted up the Lisa on the ground.

The woman’s body was crumbling, her face pale, but she smiled at her, why are you here? I just sent Mr. Daniel down. You Jia Qi took a napkin and wiped the wine that was poured on her face, and then looked at everyone, why, did her Lisa kill and set fire? A large group of you bullied her. Doesn’t Marven Su’s conscience hurt? Marven Su was stunned by Jia Qi’s words, and conditioned to respond, “Is such a woman worthy of our pity? Jia Qi’s eyes are red as you say it is like Lisa, and Jia Qi’s pity is so rare.

Marven Su, turned his head to look at Stella Jiang, Stella Jiang, that slap just now was considered light, I was used as a gunman, I don’t know yet, Bialla Anis Elbert’s heart, so good, you sleep with the same man and help others Exercising, it’s really a sister’s family and a K!$$ Stella Jiang’s face is pale, and she turned her head to see Bialla Anin disbelief.

Bialla Antold her that she was just Elbert’s sister, so she didn’t deal with her.

The pitiful expression on An Ru’s face was about to hang, and he couldn’t help but scold Jia Qi as a bitch in his heart. Jia Qi didn’t care about fear. With Ye always supporting her, even Elbert didn’t dare to move her at will.

So the woman helped her friend up. Unexpectedly, Lisa pushed her away.

She stood firm by herself.

Step by step, her slender body was like a silhouette, clearly shaky, but she was about to fall every time.

Stand firmly in seconds.

She looked at Elbert vigorously and slowly stared at him. Elbert met her eyes, and he saw the majesty that the whole world was gradually destroying in that eye.

The woman just stood straight in everyone’s sight, making everyone involuntarily hold their breath.

I held my breath and wanted to wait for her to fight back. But she smiled, only smiled, and then treated all their insults as a joke, a joke that was so faint. When she turned around, she didn’t say a word, but at that moment, they clearly noticed the heartache when Lisa disappeared from the end of the field of vision.

They were still stinged by her sneer on her lips, and they hadn’t recovered for a long time.

In this world, drunk and drunk, all the men in the private room became prisoners of Lisa with that smile.

Chapter 92

Lisa walked alone in the long and narrow corridor, first walking, then sprinting, and then running wildly, until he rushed out of the terrifying metal building clamoring with various electronic music, until the figure was swallowed by the night again.

She seemed to try her best to run at the end of this unmanned darkness.

All the irony rose up at this moment.

She laughed, panicking and frantically laughing.

A man followed her footsteps behind her and gave her a hand.

Hold on.

Lisa did not look back. But the man’s voice was firmly stuck on her back, as sharp as a steel needle, and the tingling was densely spread all over her body at this time.

She turned her head and couldn’t bear it anymore, slapped Elbert’s face with a slap. What a ridiculous man.

After beating and cursing, Lisa chuckled lightly, then took out his cold hand and poked Elbert’s chest lightly.

This action was like a sledge hammer digging into his chest until the blood flowed across and the heart counted down. Word by word, the woman interrupted all the retention and explanations that Elbert had to say.

She seemed to understand what a man did when he came out, but what’s the use? This kind of gentleness can’t offset the life of him over and over again.

It’s better to die in Lisas like using language as a weapon to dismember all the defenses of the night.

She says.

The old grudges between you and me have not yet been settled, and you don’t need to mention the old feelings I have for you. From then on, Elbert, I loved you once, just as a joke, forget it.

At that moment, Wan Jian pierced through the heart not enough to resist the severe pain in Elbert’s heart.

Lisa stretched out her hand to stop the car and got into the taxi in the next moment.

She was clearly poured with alcohol, and she was clearly embarrassed in front of everyone, but when she stood up again, she still raised her chin, as proud and expensive as she was. Five years ago, everyone, everyone just turned into a faint ridicule in her eyes.

The car left quickly, as if someone was rushing away. Watching Lisa leave him, Elbert subconsciously stretched out his palm.

He once held her wrist, but now, there was air in his palm. Nothing at all.

It’s not like that, the former Lisa wouldn’t show that kind of look at him, that kind of indifferent and mocking look when he left, as if nothing was left between them. When he realized this idea, Elbert suddenly laughed.

Has there ever been anything between them? Lisa loved him so deeply, loved him so much that it was once possible to carry everything for him, such a strong love, such an unswerving love, how many damages and destructions did it take to transform into what it is today The feeling of indifference with pain and hatred, as if to lose something, was especially intense.

At this moment, he attacked Elbert with a swift attitude, and the man was forced to pale a little by this feeling, and he raised his head subconsciously. Go to see the road that is already empty.

The night breeze blew, and with someone’s sigh, he headed towards the darker corner of this city that never sleeps.

Lisa was sitting in the taxi, passing by the street lights on the side of the road.

The lights flashed across her face in bursts, making it difficult to see clearly.

At this moment, the woman squeezed her fingers.

Although she was shaking, her eyes were amazingly bright, just like a dying person’s last glimpse of the world, her eyes ignited like a flame. Elbert, you only relied on me to love you. From then on, you hate if you don’t love, and you die if you don’t hate.

In this world, who has ever thought of a good end?

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