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Chapter 781

Robbing me?

Liu Na was stunned!

Only ten billion?

My goodness!

What a tyrant is this person to say such a thing?


“Are you interested?!” Abe Zhang asked.

“I…” Liu Na hesitated, she couldn’t speak clearly.

She thought that in Abe Zhang’s house, there were at most tens of billions.

So just now, I spent more than 1 billion photographing three stones so fiercely.

But what is it now?


Abe Zhang spent tens of billions of dollars, so he was so calm and gentle!

In an instant, Liu Na felt the gap between herself and Abe Zhang.

“I, I don’t have that much money, I, now the working capital, I can spend up to 200 million yuan.” Liu Na’s voice became quiet.

“It’s okay, you don’t need to pay the money, as long as you have

Interest is enough, come and invest, you can help me do it!

Share, give you five percent!

what do you think!


“Abe Zhang laughed. This stock?! Five percent, that’s 500 million! Liu Na was shocked again. “I.

Me, are you serious?

“Liu Na felt that she had misheard, how could she meet such a good person?! That’s no wonder, Lu Youwen said that she would work with Abe Zhang for the rest of her life. Abe Zhang, the boss, is really good! “Of course it is true.” Yes, you have prepared a specific plan these few days, tens of billions, I will hit your account tomorrow,” Abe Zhang said. “Tomorrow?

Are you afraid that I will run away with the money?


“Liu Na doesn’t know what to say, she has been stunned by Abe Zhang’s words. “You are a smart woman, and I can give you 10 billion, which shows that there is no shortage of this 10 billion.”


“Abe Zhang is halfway through. Liu Na understands, “I understand!”

“She really understands. How can people who can put out 10 billion to do business worry about running away? They can’t run away?! You have money to spend, but you have to spend it. , I will study with you.

“Abe Zhang said. “Then, Lu Youwen doesn’t deal with this matter?”

“Liu Na asked subconsciously. In terms of the plan, Lu Youwen has absolutely no problem. “Lu Youwen now manages a plaza, a hotel, a construction site, and a pharmaceutical factory to handle. I have other things for her to do. Busier than you, so bet on the stone, you have to take full responsibility!

“Abe Zhang shrugged. Lu Youwen’s abilities don’t stop there. Abe Zhang wants to expand her strength in a short time! Liu Na envy sees Lu Youwen. Following a boss like Abe Zhang, this is absolutely lucky. Lu Youwen thinks it’s okay, she still Being able to manage more things, Abe Zhang wondered, should he find help for Lu Youwen, or find another person? After all, his business empire needs too many talents. “Then I know,” Liu Na understands. “Okay, these three stones will be handed to you after the industrial chain is completed.

“Okay, Zhang… Mr. Zhang!


Liu Na lowered her head. It was hard to tell, but she is now an employee of Abe Zhang. “Don’t call me, Abe Zhang, just call me Abe Zhang,” Abe Zhang has no habit of this. “En.

“All right, everyone is hungry, find a place to eat.”

“Abe Zhang is still very happy today. He has made hundreds of millions of dollars. The business map is also rapidly expanding. Lu Youwen and Liu Na have no objection. Lu Youwen drove. Abe Zhang smiled, “Liu Na, you don’t need to be so rigid. Feel free to do it, everyone is friends, there is no need to be like this,” Where can Liu Na let go? This one in front of me, but the super rich is absolutely worth hundreds of billions

The second generation!

The 200 million in her hands is like a poor person in the eyes of others, and it is not at the same level at all.

Can she be informal?


Liu Na lowered her head, Abe Zhang didn’t say much, anyway, she was not too familiar, she couldn’t let it go!



Suddenly, Lu Youwen stepped on the brakes!

Liu Na sat behind without wearing a seat belt, and suddenly leaned forward under the sudden brake.

However, Abe Zhang reached out and supported her.

Liu Na blushed into an apple.

Because Abe Zhangshou accidentally ran into her.

She doesn’t lose her temper easily. Abe Zhang didn’t mean it, but she was kind.

“Liu Na, are you okay?!” “It’s okay,” Liu Na blushed and shook her head. For a moment, she was already restrained to the extreme.

“Lu Youwen, what’s the matter?” Abe Zhang asked with a shrug.

He has good physical fitness, even if he brakes suddenly, he will react when he holds it with his hands.

“You have a bulldozer.” Lu Youwen suddenly wondered, why is there a bulldozer on the road!

What’s happening here!

Abe Zhang saw his eyes and sneered, “Lu Youwen, you sit behind and drive, I’ll drive!” “Okay!” Lu Youwen heard Abe Zhang’s serious voice. He didn’t understand what happened. It must be something wrong.

The two changed positions.

“Is anyone jealous!” Liu Na also has experience in this area.

Abe Zhang’s performance just now was amazing, more than 2 billion, surely it is normal to cause others to red eyes?

“En, but it’s okay, I guarantee the safety of you two!” Abe Zhang stepped on the gas pedal, booming.

After the violent engine roar, the car rushed out like flying.

What if there is an excavator in front of it?

There is grass next to it, so you can still live.

Liu Na, Lu Youwen can fasten seat belts. They have never encountered this situation!

Thrilling and nervousness are their mood at the moment.

“Really, this kid is good at car skills? Chase me!” On a Land Rover, a man with glasses sneered and disdain.

A rich second-generation, a little car skills, is it abnormal?


Well, since you want to play, then have fun with you!


Seven Land Rover rushed out, they were like crazy beasts, roaring and chasing after!

“Hit, give me his tire!!” The man in glasses laughed grimly!

He was excited about this task, because after it was done, he had a reward of eight million!


His men were shooting, and the bullet hit the tire, rumbling, the tire punctured!


The car shook violently and almost overturned!


Seven Land Rover surrounded the car, and the big guys in the car laughed at it. It’s simple!

This single money is easy to make!

“Brothers, come down to me, Boss Guo, let us do a little bit cleaner!” The man in glasses smiled slightly.

Everyone in the car got off, more than twenty people!

Look at me!

Ah, many people!

There are so many of them!

“Liu Na’s face turned pale in fright, and Lu Youwen’s face was not very good, but she was still calm, “Abe Zhang, or let’s give them the stone.” Life is still a lot more important. simple!

You two will wait for me in the car!

Abe Zhang opened the door and went out. “Don’t go out!”

Abe Zhang, you will be dead!

“Lu Youwen was shocked. With so many people outside, Abe Zhang can still survive?” “It’s okay, I forgot to tell you, I can fight now.”

“Abe Zhang laughed.

Chapter 782

Don’t be brave! Abe Zhang said that he can fight very well?? Lu Youwen, Liu Na is speechless! If you can fight again, you can beat seven or eight people alone. Outside now But there are dozens of people, so many people, how to fight? The simplest, two fists are hard to beat four hands! This is a Valkyrie, right? “Abe Zhang, don’t be aggressive, give them the stone, life It’s important, no life, how can you build your business empire?


“Lu Youwen pulled Abe Zhang. Allowing Abe Zhang to go out like this would undoubtedly cause Abe Zhang to die!? She would never be able to turn a blind eye to her. “Don’t worry,” Abe Zhang shrugged. “Don’t worry, young and vigorous, here In the face of powerful strength, it is also vulnerable!

“Lu Youwen emphasized. “Uh!

“Yes, Abe Zhang, give them the stone, life is most important!”

“Liu Na also began to speak. Today I met a boss like Abe Zhang, she didn’t have time to be happy, and didn’t want to see Abe Zhang being beaten to death by the crowd. Not worth it! Generation, there is a better life, how can you die here?! “Haha, these three are still in discussion!

Hey, the other two are still big beauties, they are all top-notch bodies!

“Boss, that’s so beautiful, I like it!”

“Do you like it?”

Come to the boss first?

Do you understand the rules?

“The people who came by were all allocated. The man in glasses looked at Lu Yuwen and Liu Na with fiery eyes! He had seen too many women, but Lu Youwen and Liu Na, the two, still made them shine. Ah! So beautiful! “I didn’t expect to meet two big beauties besides making money today, hahaha, brothers, if I eat meat, everyone will definitely have soup!



“The glasses man laughed excitedly. Today’s business is not a loss! Even if you don’t give a few million, Lu Youwen and Liu Na are enough for the two best beauties. “Brothers, give it to me!”


“The man with glasses can’t wait! His other brothers were so excited when they heard that there was soup to drink, and their eyes lit up. Liu Na’s face was pale, and she was panicked by the look of this pervert. So many people, this Don’t you have to be tortured and die here? Lu

Yuwen’s face is not good anymore.

“So, this group of people will not let us go if they give the stone!” Abe Zhang already knew.

It is men who like beautiful women, not to mention, in the case of encountering such beauties as Lu Yuwen and Liu Na?


“Abe Zhang, let’s run!” Lu Youwen forced himself to calm down.

“Don’t run away, just wait for a while, a while!” Abe Zhang stepped forward!

“Abe Zhang, Abe Zhang will die!! Too many people,” Liu Na couldn’t help shaking.

She hadn’t encountered such a situation before. If she died, she would survive through gritted teeth, but it would be unacceptable for Liu Na to be insulted to death by so many men.

Lu Youwen didn’t answer. For some reason, Abe Zhang’s calm appearance just now gave her a sense of security in this dangerous situation.

She couldn’t understand it herself.

Where does this sense of security come from?


“Trust Abe Zhang!” Lu Youwen said.

All they can do now is to believe in Abe Zhang!

Because they have no power to bind chickens.

Liu Na smiled bitterly, and she didn’t believe Abe Zhang, what else could be done?

No more!

Alas, I didn’t expect that I had a good future, and I would die here.

“Lu Youwen, I don’t want to be insulted to death, so wait a minute, you kill me, no, we two solve each other at the same time! In this way, before death is also clean!!” Liu Na was bitter to the extreme.

“En.” Lu Youwen agreed. She is intact until now. How can she be insulted by these people?

“Don’t blame Abe Zhang, he will do his best!” “I don’t blame him, I only blame myself for a bad life!” Liu Na sighed, worried?



Lu Youwen said nothing.

“I said, who asked you to come here?” Abe Zhang asked with a shrug.

“A dead person, there is still a need to know?” The man with glasses grinned.

“Solve him for me, let’s eat meat and drink!” “Oh!!” They were so excited!

“Well, don’t you tell me, then I will ask you later! Hey, are you really going to fight right? I can give you a chance, and now leave obediently, I will save you all! How about this deal?” Abe Zhang asked Everyone on the scene.

But in exchange, everyone laughed!

“Hahaha, shameless pen!” “Is this a new way of begging for mercy? You want to let us go. What kind of shameless people can say such things?” They ridicule!

“Well, you guys want to die, so I don’t have any objections, then, let’s start with you!” Abe Zhang’s eyes were cold!

“Haha, do you still want to start with me? Lao Tzu killed…” However, he hasn’t finished speaking yet!


Somehow a fist was already close to him!

He was dumbfounded and caught this

Unbelievable speed, in one second, this fist had hit his chest!


Broken bones!




He flew out, just like garbage!


The man lay on his back and twitched, “You, you…” With blood in his mouth and slurred speech, he left with an unwilling voice.

For a moment, there was no sound here, mocking?


No more!


No more!

It is because of Abe Zhang’s punch!

Lu Youwen, Liu Na was stunned!

They couldn’t believe the scene they saw just now. It was too fast. How did Abe Zhang appear in front of this person and hit him with a punch?


How did it appear?


“Abe Zhang, he is so amazing!” Liu Na is completely unable to control herself. This is even more exciting than the movie!

“I don’t know, he can really fight!” Lu Youwen beautifully looked at Shuosuo.

At this moment, Abe Zhang’s sculpture-like body was imprinted in her mind.

“You? What’s going on? Are you dead?” The glasses man was shocked.

What is the concept of flying a person with one punch and killing another person?

It’s horrible!

Everyone was immersed in shock!


“Ah!” “Ah!” “No, don’t hit me, don’t hit, ah!!!” Boom, boom.


Abe Zhang moves in the crowd. Every step he moves, a person must vomit blood and fly out. How can they stand it, Abe Zhang’s power!

To know.

Abe Zhang brought a special ring of dozens of kilograms!

The power of a punch is hundreds of catties!

People can’t hold it!

In less than a minute, all people lying on the ground were basically motionless. Only a few were moaning and dying. They regretted that they had a chance to live just now, but they didn’t catch it!

Actually still laughing!

Regret now, it’s too late!

“You are left, I think you should tell me who asked you to come!” Abe Zhang moved his wrist, revealing a mouthful of white teeth.

Chapter 783

The man with spectacles was paralyzed on the ground in fright. He is also a mercenary discharged from the U.S. Army. There is no problem with him hitting twenty people alone, but he has to go through a bit of battle!

No one beats a person to death like Abe Zhang, right?

This gap is obvious!


This is fear!

“No, don’t come over!” The man with glasses panicked!

He took out the gun, the moment he pulled the trigger!

Abe Zhangfei came out with a dagger!

Hit him on the wrist with a gun!

This is the speed of lightning!

“Ah!” The dagger was given by Alice, so it flew over and shot through the bones.

The man in glasses screamed!

The bones were shot through, and he couldn’t hold the gun in his hand!



The gun is on the ground!


Abe Zhangfei kicked over!


The man screamed again and was kicked by Abe Zhang without the strength to fight back.

He lay on the ground and screamed, “Ah, don’t kill me, I tell you, I tell you!” Fear overwhelmed him, where did he want to get it, there were so many people just now, and now, he is the only one fighting alone!

“Oh, why didn’t you just say it?” Abe Zhang shrugged.

“Spare! Boss Guo asked me to come over! He said he would kill you and get back three rough stones!” “Oh? Boss Guo? I don’t know. Who?” Abe Zhang asked Liu Na.

She was amazed the whole process.

One punch can actually kill a person?


What kind of power is this, she still can’t figure it out!

“Boss Guo is the boss who just vie with you for the final piece of rough stone,” Liu Na said.

“Oh!” Abe Zhang didn’t have much impression.

“I already told you who it was, you let me go!” The man with glasses coughed violently. Abe Zhang kicked him to death just now.

“Let you go? Why are you so innocent? Take me to find him, and I will let you go.” Abe Zhang said with a shrug.

“Ah!” The man with glasses is scared!

What does it mean?

Is this to avenge those two bosses?


“I don’t want to, then I have to die!” Abe Zhang showed two rows of white teeth.

The man with glasses trembled, “I, I bring it!” Abe Zhang’s smile made him shudder. He believed that as long as he shook his head, Abe Zhang would not hesitate to shoot at her!

He wants to live!

The only possibility is to be obedient!


“Oh, pretty smart! Lu Youwen, Liu Na, follow me in the car!” Abe Zhang said.

The car I bought for Lu Youwen last time has been scrapped just now. Lu Youwen and Liu Na have no other cars, only the Land Rover sitting in this man with glasses.

“Yeah!” Lu Youwen understood, where did her sense of security come from? Abe Zhang’s hidden strength!

She had never thought that this super rich second generation was so good in fighting!

This is going to be the best in the world!


“Don’t froze, get out of the car! This car won’t drive anymore,” Lu Youwen regretted and felt distressed. This was the car Abe Zhang gave her. She had always cherished it so much, but she didn’t expect it to be scrapped today!

“Oh!!” Lu Youwen sighed.

The sluggish Liu Na got out of the car, Abe Zhang grabbed the man with glasses in his hand, lifted him up, and left the car!

“Drive…you two sit in the back!” Abe Zhang took the rough stone from the car and put it on the Land Rover. Four people got on the car!

The man in glasses drove to the agreed place in fear!

Inside a villa!

The two bosses are laughing. This is normal. One person can divide more than one billion in a while. Shouldn’t this be happy?

“Why can’t the snake head come?” “Don’t worry, the snake head sits too much to do this kind of thing, so he took two

What will happen to more than a dozen people in the past?

Just wait for the money!

“But, it’s been too long!”


“One of the bosses was very dissatisfied. “Haha, Snakehead is also a man. After seeing Liu Na’s superb quality, don’t you just enjoy it on the spot?”


“I C!

I have forgotten Liu Na, I have wanted her for a long time, and it is actually cheaper for the kid with the snake head!

“Haha, I like the woman next to that kid, her figure is extremely hot!”

It’s a pity that I have forgotten this too. If I let Snake Head bring these two women back, wouldn’t it be more profitable and cool?

The two bosses regretted, but they soon drank and celebrated in advance. Suddenly, a voice came in! “Two big bosses, are you so in good spirits?”

Still drinking?

Are you waiting for me?

The two big bosses were shocked, because two people came in at the door, the man with white-faced glasses, and Abe Zhang who was intact! “Huh?”

How could he be alive?

The two big bosses were in shock, they couldn’t help themselves! Shouldn’t Abe Zhang be dead? “What’s the matter?”

Snakehead, you took so many people, all of them were taken?

“Why don’t you say in advance, he is so powerful?”

My brother, more than twenty, was all beaten to death by him!

“At this moment, the man with glasses is really annoyed to the extreme! If he knew Abe Zhang was so powerful and gave him 100 million, he didn’t dare to chase Abe Zhang! “What?


Punch someone to death?

“The two big bosses were stunned! This is the devil? People, how can they be beaten to death with one punch?” “Okay, I don’t bother to watch your two big bosses, Snakehead, go and kill them for me. I will let you go!

“Abe Zhang said with a shrug. “Huh?”

“The man with glasses is stunned! The two big bosses are terrified! “Three minutes, kill them, is it simple for you?”

“Fear overwhelmed the spectacle man, his face was gray, and he rushed over with a chair! Boom! This is a mahogany chair, stiff, this time, a boss slumped on the ground with a broken head, his face blank The spectacle man was once again. The boss lay down on the ground in fear and screaming. “Ah, don’t kill me, grandpa, grandpa, I was wrong, I was wrong!

“If you are wrong, you are wrong. Anyway, I won’t forgive you and kill him!”

“At the end, Abe Zhang said indifferently! The spectacle man carried the bloody chair and smashed it! Ah! The screams continued! There is a lot of blood on the ground! The terror is spreading!!! I regret it, but where can I regret it? , I killed both of them!

“The glasses man is terrified. “Oh, I see it!”


“Abe Zhang told him. The spectacled man came over in fear and threw himself on his knees. “Spare my life.

It’s your dog!

Give me my life!



“To be a dog?”

Okay, get up!

“Abe Zhang shrugged, yes, now he is indeed a man who wants to establish himself. Otherwise, how to resist You Shiwen’s revenge!! The glasses man is ecstatic, “Really?


“Yes, as long as you are obedient and can’t treat you badly!”

“Abe Zhang said. The man with glasses who has gone through life and death is about to cry, “Thank you, I am a snakehead starting today, and I will follow my orders!”

You are a dog!


Chapter 784

is too rich! Outside the villa, in the Land Rover! Silent! Lu Youwen, Liu Na is waiting for Abe Zhang. “What will he do with Boss Guo and them?


“Liu Na felt incredible! Abe Zhang came here with murderous aura! “I don’t know, we don’t need to know.”

“This is Lu Youwen’s answer. No matter what Abe Zhang did, Lu Youwen decided for a long time and worked with Abe Zhang all her life. Liu Na was astonished. She understood why Abe Zhang trusted Lu Youwen so much. Because Lu Youwen trusted him, and vice versa. Abe Zhang also trusts her! This is a delicate relationship. Liu Na envy, when will she and Abe Zhang form such a delicate relationship between boss and employees? “Come out, Abe Zhang is out!

Lu Youwen was completely relieved. In fact, in her heart, she couldn’t help but worry about what would happen to Abe Zhang. Her own explanation, she thought it was reasonable, that she didn’t want to lose a good boss!! “Master, what’s your order!”

“The man with glasses lowered his head and asked. He had already experienced death just now. “Card number!”

” “what?

Master, me.


“The man with glasses is stunned, he is Abe Zhang’s dog, there is no need to give money!! “Card number, done, I won’t treat you badly!”

I give you money to train me for talents. Many industries need standard security. You can find these people for me!

The more you do.

” “Yes!

Don’t worry, you will be satisfied!

” “card number!

“The man in glasses said, he thought Abe Zhang would give money, at most thousands of dollars, but when he received a message, he was stunned, “50 million?


“Yes, these fifty million are your start-up capital. I need a lot of people who can fight. You can find it for me!”

Other money, you use it yourself!

“Yes, don’t worry!”

Thank you host!


“The man with glasses is ecstatic. Although he has become a dog, he has followed a good master! “Okay, you go!”

“Abe Zhang was also tired, and he wanted to take the two of them to eat supper and sleep to rest. “Yes, master!”

“The man with glasses left!! Abe Zhang drove Lu Yuwen, Liu Na left! I went to find a place to have supper. I didn’t bother to let Lu Yuwen go home and drove there.

Mom’s hotel.

Arranged a room for them!

“This is Abe Zhang?” Liu Na was shocked!

A five-star hotel, this one is too luxurious!

A row of Rolls-Royce cars, this pick-up, this hotel, can’t get off every four or five billion.

“Mother Abe Zhang.” Lu Youwen only recently learned about this.

But it’s normal. Abe Zhang is the second generation of super rich. There must be a rich mom!

Liu Na took a breath, why?

Very simple!

As soon as she entered this hotel, she knew that the management mode of this hotel is absolutely world-class!

what does this mean?

It means that there is definitely more than one five-star hotel like this, several possible, dozens of them are possible!


Too rich!

Liu Na has been stunned!


They went to the room separately, Liu Na lay on the bed. She had stayed in too many five-star hotels, but none of them could give her this sense of satisfaction and enjoyment!

She had a dream, this is a beautiful dream!

As a woman, in the largest hotel in the world, she wears a wedding dress and swears an oath with a man in front of family and friends!

She saw this man!

She was shocked, it was Abe Zhang?


Liu Na woke up, completely at a loss, this kind of dream?

Liu Na slapped herself, what did she think?


However, she thought about it, her face was red, so rich, a woman would like it!

I am also a woman!


Abe Zhang casually found a room to sleep.

The next day, Liu Na got up early and started planning, and Lu Youwen was going to the pharmaceutical factory too.

Both of them are busy, Liu Na can’t be anxious here, but as long as there is a clue, the industrial chain can be established soon.

Lu Youwen can’t be rushed here either, just methodical!

Abe Zhang is missing an assistant now!

Therefore, I am willing to find someone like Lu Youwen to help me again!

However, how come Lu Youwen is Abe Zhang’s first hero!

Finding this kind of person is more difficult than finding a project, after all, talent is the most rare!

Abe Zhang has asked Lu Youwen to buy a car by himself. Lu Youwen is busy and says he has no time.

Abe Zhang had a phone number from a 4S shop before, so he called directly to send a car over and transfer money!

When Lu Youwen saw the new car, his beautiful eyes were red, as if there were sparkling sparkles.

“Master, there is already news about Murongqing!” Beatrice came over to find Abe Zhang that day.

“Where is she?” Abe Zhang asked, unable to wait.

Abe Zhang couldn’t describe Murongqing, and the two had already had a relationship.

miss her?

After Abe Zhang returned to China, he definitely thought.

“In Beihai City!” “What is she going to do in Beihai City?” Abe Zhang didn’t understand. Isn’t she going to invest in this place?

Why is the place transferred?

“Mur Rongqing’s business investment failed, she encountered a big problem,

So I went to Beihai City.

“This is what Beatrice found. “I see,” Abe Zhang is going to find Murong Qing here. You can also see if she has any investment projects there. “Sister Na Li, I’ll drive to Beihai City!”

“Okay, master, be careful on the road!”

Abe Zhang has already gone to the underground parking lot and drove a car. When Abe Zhang came out of the hotel and headed towards Beihai City, he saw someone on the side of the road! Chen Qingqing! This happened in Olena Jiang’s house. Chen Qingqing of the matter, she was Abe Zhang’s blooming once. Gina Mo is unforgettable, and Chen Qingqing is equally unforgettable! Abe Zhang stopped by the roadside. “Qingqing!

“Abe Zhang gave her a house, and also gave her more than one million yuan, she was fine. Although she had to raise a younger sister by herself. Chen Qingqing was shocked and turned to surprise, “Abe Zhang!

You’re back?


“Yes! Chen Qingqing dropped out of school after Abe Zhang dropped out, absent-minded, how can she continue to study? With the help of Gina Mo, she has already started doing business. Not bad. She is an entrepreneur!!” Hmm, get in the car!

Chen Qingqing got into the car and became cautious, as if returning to that night. The atmosphere was changing. “Abe Zhang, how are you doing?”

“Well, okay, how about you?”

Abe Zhang felt emotional. To this woman, Abe Zhang was as unforgettable as to Gina Mo. He asked her for the most precious thing but didn’t give her anything. Abe Zhang was ashamed of her. “I am fine!”

“Chen Qingqing said, she suddenly felt that Abe Zhang has changed too much. He is no longer the stern big boy, and he is no longer the big boy who can have something with him… Chen Qingqing sighed, “Then you are busy.” …” “Wait, I’ll take you home.

“Abe Zhang said, Murong Qing is not in a hurry, so he can’t let Chen Qingqing leave.

Chapter 785

is too big a gap “Qingqing, take you home.”

“Abe Zhang said gently. To Chen Qingqing, Abe Zhang had a different feeling. What I can’t tell is that I don’t want to see her lost. She is the kind of quiet, well-behaved girl, very first love! “Well, thank you.

“Chen Qingqing agreed. She was moved, but she knew that the gap with Abe Zhang was too big, she did not dare to hope. Because she knew that even if he worked hard all his life, he would not be able to catch up with Abe Zhang. So, she was already there. During the period of time when Abe Zhang was away, I wanted to open up, and I didn’t expect it… Abe Zhang is the second generation of super rich, but what is he? Poor student, two people are not in the same world, what else do you expect? Abe Zhang drove, Chen Qingqing lowered his head, thinking about the time between the two. As a result, time passed quickly. After a while, the car drove to the community building.



Chen Qingqing is in a trance!

This place was bought by Olena Jiang before, and later bought by Abe Zhang, and then given to Chen Qingqing, Abe Zhang sighed!

“Qingqing, I will send you upstairs.” Abe Zhang wants to see if Chen Qingqing is living well. She is a frugal girl and she must be reluctant to spend money. Abe Zhang thought that at that time, she was compensated by others. It shouldn’t move at all.

Abe Zhang loves her very much.

“En.” Chen Qingqing became taciturn.

Abe Zhang sent Chen Qingqing upstairs. Chen Qingqing opened the door. Everything inside was familiar and unchanged. It was the same as when Olena Jiang lived at that time, clean.

She is a girl who loves to clean up.

“Abe Zhang, come in for a glass of water!” Chen Qingqing whispered.

Abe Zhang came in.

Chen Qingqing poured water over, “Abe Zhang, drink water!” Abe Zhang drank the water, “Is there anything I need? Money,” “No, you are good enough for me, you don’t need it at all.” Chen Qingqing shook his head. Abe Zhang’s goodness, she felt it.

She didn’t blame it at all, but regretted that the gap between herself and Abe Zhang was too great.


Abe Zhang put down the cup and hugged her, Chen Qingqing trembled.

“Be good, if you have anything, you must call me, you know?” Abe Zhang was afraid that Chen Qingqing would not say anything.

“Well, I will.” Boom, boom, boom!


“Hey, Chen Qingqing open the door, I’m so handsome, don’t you like me? Who do you like? Open the door!!” There was a voice outside.

Chen Qingqing was shocked.

This person, after seeing Chen Qingqing a few days ago, he fell in love with him. He insisted on chasing Chen Qingqing and knocked on the door every day!

“Qingqing, I am not here today. When you meet someone like this, don’t you plan to tell me?” Abe Zhang was angry again and sighed again.

No way, Chen Qingqing is such a girl who silently suffers.

Abe Zhang has no other choice.

“I’m sorry… he…” Chen Qingqing bit her lip in a panic, not knowing how to answer Abe Zhang’s questions.

“Remember, if you have such a thing, you must tell me, understand?” Abe Zhang felt sorry for her.


She is too sensible.

“Well,” “Wait for a minute,” Abe Zhang let go.

“Abe Zhang, what are you going to do? Others are tall and mammoth,” Abe Zhang had already walked out before she finished her words.

“Who are you? Why are you at my girlfriend’s house? Damn, what did you do to my girlfriend?…Boom! Ah, ah!” Plop!

Outside the door was an angry and screaming voice.

It took ten seconds to solve it, and there was no sound.

In less than a minute, Abe Zhang opened the door and walked in.

Chen Qingqing was shocked, “Abe Zhang, what have you done?” “Trust me, he will never bother you.” Abe Zhang felt distressed.


The kind of slumping at the door, thinking that a tall man can bully others, as everyone knows, Abe Zhang is too lazy to fight him, punching him in the head, this is at least a concussion.

You can become a fool.

Abe Zhang knocked him out and dragged him away.

Call Beatrice and let someone come over to deal with it. You can throw him to the Philippines.

Chen Qingqing was moved, “Thank you!” After waiting for a minute, Chen Qingqing felt what was moved and what was a sense of security.

Apart from Abe Zhang, no one has given her this feeling.

She is traditional in her heart, and her most precious thing is given to Abe Zhang, and then she will always defend Abe Zhang.

No matter what the result is, she will do it.

It’s okay to be single until she gets old. It’s nothing. Having a short memory is enough for her to spend her life. What else can Abe Zhang sigh?

After spending half an hour at Chen Qingqing’s house, the two did nothing.

I can’t help it!

Chen Qingqing cherishes time very much.

Having not seen each other for so long, the only thing she wanted to do was to hear about Abe Zhang.

When the two talked, Abe Zhang told Chen Qingqing about what happened to him in the United States. Chen Qingqing couldn’t help crying several times.

Because Abe Zhang said it was too thrilling!

She can realize the danger at that time!

At the end, Chen Qingqing reluctantly left, Abe Zhang left, and told her that she must call when something happens!

Chen Qingqing cried for a long time in the house, her eyes were swollen, and she stopped crying until her sister was about to come back.

It was a mistake to meet Abe Zhang, and one that Chen Qingqing did not regret… Abe Zhang sighed.

He was also reluctant to give up. What should he do with Chen Qingqing?




Abe Zhang didn’t think much about it. To go to the city where Murong Qing was, it was still a bit far to drive. There was no way. Murong Qing encountered difficulties. She didn’t know what she was doing at this time.

Abe Zhang is worried about her, because up to now, the women Abe Zhang has really had a relationship with are only three people, Chen Qingqing, Murongqing, and Alice… These three three women have their own merits, and Abe Zhang will never forget!

Unconsciously, when he arrived in the city where Murongqing was located, Abe Zhang went directly to her according to the clue provided by Beatrice.

Arriving downstairs in a company, Abe Zhang knew from Beatrice’s introduction that this building belonged to Murong Qing. However, at the moment Abe Zhang arrived, the building had changed its name.

Obviously, Murong Qing just sold her building. Hey, Murong Qing’s business has encountered such a big difficulty?

Why not ask yourself for help?


Perhaps Murongqing didn’t want Abe Zhang to see that she looked embarrassed after her failure!


Abe Zhang went to Murong Qing’s house, her company is gone, should there be one at home?

However, when he got home, Abe Zhang knocked on the door, and he also changed.


How much did Murongqing lose?

Will it be devastated?


Abe Zhang really couldn’t wait to find her. Abe Zhang listened to Beatrice and thought that Murongqing was not losing too much. He didn’t expect that the company was sold and the house was sold. How much would it become a debt?

Where should she be working to pay off her debts?


Abe Zhang became worried and called Murong Qing.

However, the phone number has become empty…

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