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Chapter 786

what kind of man?

Why is Murongqing’s phone number empty?

Abe Zhang was worried that he was surprised. Murong Qing must have been hit too hard recently, so he cancelled his phone numbers.


Why bother?


Abe Zhang is speechless!

I called Beatrice and asked her to find out where Murong Qing was.

“Master, wait a minute!!” The call was hung up, and within ten minutes, Beatrice called. “Master, I have already sent you the address. Murongqing is in his hometown, not far from Master…” En.” Abe Zhang rest assured, Beatrice always works at a high speed.

Abe Zhang looked at the address and went to where Murong Qing was!

… “Xiaoqing, what do you want?” A middle-aged woman who still has the charm, roared at Murong Qing!

“Mom, I didn’t think about it, I want to be quiet!” Murong Qing sighed.

“When do you want to be quiet?” When you started doing business, I didn’t agree with you. What kind of business is a girl’s family? At that time, I honestly found a good family to marry. You are now a child It should be seven or eight years old. Facts have proved that my thoughts at the time were not wrong at all. Now that’s okay, your business has lost. All of the money you made these years has been lost. You still owe 300 million! You have to pay it back. When!!” Murongqing’s mother, Xiang Lalan is really bitter.

She was worried.

“I will pay it back slowly, and it will be over! I have my own plan!” Murong Qing is busy with her own work, she has taken a new job and is doing design.

She is doing three jobs at the same time, and she will definitely pay back the money.

This is the bottom line she insisted on keeping in business for so long!

If a person has no integrity, she has no conscience. She will not do such a thing. Even if she loses more money, no matter how hard she is now, she will find a way to close this money!


“What’s your plan? Don’t toss it, you need to toss it as a woman? I have already thought about it with you. The Feng Wuxi who grew up with you, he is willing to help you pay off all the money. In addition, give a gift of 10 million. You marry him!” “Mom! Don’t mess with me, okay! I’m very annoying!!” Murong Qing was angry, wanted to lose his temper, but couldn’t be angry with his mother. come out.

“What are you bothering you? Are you bothering me? Don’t be too slow, Feng Wuxi

You are coming here, you will go to dinner with him later,” Xiang Lalan ordered. She has accepted the gift money. So, today’s meal must go! “Mom, can you leave me alone?

I already have a boyfriend. Is it appropriate for you to let me get up and meet other people?


“What about your boyfriend?”

Where was he when your company owed money?

Where was he when you sold the house?

Where is he when you still owe so much money?

I didn’t see anyone, what kind of boyfriend is this?


I only see it now, Feng Wuxi has been busy for you and will help you deal with it!

Do you know he is your boyfriend?

“Xiang Lalan is annoyed! Murongqing has always said that he has a boyfriend, but what about this so-called boyfriend? When his own woman, the most difficult time, she hid and became a turtle? What are you doing? Look at it? “Mom, don’t say anything, he is in the United States and he is very busy!


“Murongqing is angry and has a headache. She really takes her mother and has nothing to do. She always likes to make her own way. Abe Zhang has gone to the United States. There must be a big thing to do. How can she call him and let him? What about returning to the United States? This is absolutely impossible. Murongqing feels that she can never be a burden to a man!! Therefore, no matter how much she loses, she also chooses to bear it silently. This is her own mistake and must bear the consequences. !! “busy?

Xiaoqing, don’t lie to yourself, okay?

No matter how busy he is, you have encountered such a big thing now, and you have not said a word until now, and you haven’t even made a phone call. What is this?


“He is busy!”

“Xiaoqing, you shut up!”

Is he the president?

How busy is it?

Did you get busy until you knew that something happened?

Xiaoqing, he did it on purpose, such a person is not a man at all!


“Xiang Lalan is annoyed. What kind of man is this? Rubbish! “Mom, don’t say anything!”

I beg you!

“Murongqing can’t help it. She wants to get out of the house. She will never eat this meal.” “Don’t beg me, you keep saying, you have a boyfriend. Okay, tell me, what’s his name?” Up?


“It’s Abe Zhang, twenty years old!”


“Xiang Lalan is deeply disappointed,” the person you are talking about is not your boyfriend at all. I still don’t know you?


You don’t like a man younger than you at all. Now how can you accept a man who is so much younger than you?


You are lying to me!

“Mom, I didn’t. I used to be a man who didn’t like the ego, but now, I like it because of him!”

“Murong Qingmeimu Shuoshuo. Yes, she was particularly annoying at that time, but after Abe Zhang saved her several times, she changed her concept. Like it, it doesn’t need to

The constraint of age is the most important feeling.

“Do you think I will believe? Don’t lie to me, you are my daughter, don’t I know what you are thinking? Xiaoqing, can you think about it for me? I raised you up to now, you want I am fifty years old, will I still follow you to fight against hundreds of millions of debts?” Xiang Lalan said, her eyes were red, and she kept tearing.

“Mom.?” Murongqing sighed, feeling sad and guilty, “I didn’t let you fight with me!” She absolutely didn’t mean it, she already has a plan, and Murongqing has this strength, she believes she can definitely make a comeback. .

“You’re my daughter, don’t I look at you so tired? Will I bear it? Don’t tell me, marrying Feng Wuxi is the best way!!” “Mom, I won’t listen to you!” “Then you let your so-called boyfriend come out. Stand up! What’s the matter? Stop talking? You are in front of me now. Call him, hurry up?” Xiang Lalan said more and more angry.

“He’s busy! Alas!” “What are you busy with? My own woman is going to be crushed, so he will be a turtle? Huh, what kind of man are you looking for? Not a man! I think he is just a poor ghost , When you have money, you will please you, now you have no money, and you have slipped away… Feng Wuxi has already come to pick you up, you change your clothes!” Xiang Lalan walked out.

“I won’t change, I still have to work!” Murong Qing was furious, her personality was meant to be strong, and she would never compromise when she was forced to do so!


“Okay, you don’t want to, are you? Then, without Feng Wuxi’s help, the two of us will definitely carry hundreds of millions of debts. At that time, I worked to die, and I could not finish it. I might as well die now…” she With that said, his face was full of grief and anger!


Chapter 787

let him show up!

“Mom, don’t you do this, okay!?” Murong Qing collapsed to the extreme.

Originally, after her company went bankrupt, she was under great pressure. Now, her mother is still pressing herself so much. This is a death force!


Where can Murong Qing stand it?

“Xiaoqing, do you have the heart to let your mother suffer with you?” “You give me time, and I will get up again!” “Xiaoqing, don’t think about it, don’t you want to think about how much money you owe? Can you get up again? It’s absolutely impossible on your own! The only possibility is Feng Wuxi! He can help you! Help you pay off all your debts! This is the only way for you to get up again, do you know “Mom!” “Auntie, Xiaoqing…” Outside the door, there was a magnetic voice.

Murong Qing’s face fell cold.

Xiang Lalan was pleasantly surprised, “Xiaoqing, look, Feng Wuxi is here, your so-called boyfriend!! Change clothes soon!” After she finished speaking, she went to open the door.

At this time, a high

A handsome man, gentle and elegant, full of British temperament.

He is indeed a handsome guy with a 100% return rate!

This is the real masonry king!

Rich, status, good-tempered.

Xiang Lalan knew that when he was a child, Feng Wuxi had been chasing Murongqing. At that time, Liang Xiaowu guessed, but now, Feng Wuxi has not given up!


Xiang Lalan, the mother, is moved, this is true love!

My own daughter, marrying such a man will definitely be happy!


“Auntie, hello!” Feng Wuxi’s smile is very friendly, this kind of temper is really good!

“Hello Xiao Feng, Xiao Qing has changed clothes in the room, wait a minute!” “It’s okay! Xiao Qing, don’t worry, take your time!” Feng Wuxi smiled slightly.

Wait patiently and well.

“Feng Wuxi, don’t wait, I won’t go out with you today!!” The door opened and Murong Qing said straight out.

“Bad girl, what are you talking about?” Xiang Lalan was annoyed, why can’t Murongqing make sense?

Feng Wuxi is so good, this is a man of good standards, Xiang Lalan feels that if she is twenty years younger, she would want to marry a good man like Feng Wuxi.

Feng Wuxi smiled stagnantly, “Xiaoqing, you…” “I don’t like you, I don’t like you since I was young, so I won’t go out with you! I won’t go out with you today! I won’t be with you today, I won’t be tomorrow, and I won’t even be! , Murongqing felt that he must speak absolutely!


“Xiaoqing, shut up!” Xiang Lalan was angry, eyes moist, Murongqing couldn’t see the look in his mother’s eyes, “Mom, don’t push me, someone I like can help me solve everything… …” “Then you let him appear! Where did the head-shrunk turtle hide!” Xiang Lalan roared to the extreme!

She hates iron but not steel!

My daughter, when was she so stupid?


“He is not a tortoise, he is very busy in the United States, I don’t want him to help me, I don’t want to be a burden to him!” Murong Qing said every word!

“You!” Xiang Lalan was angry, “Don’t speak for him. If you don’t show up, you just shrink your head! Xiao Feng, don’t mind, Xiao Qing is like this, she will figure it out…” “It’s okay. , I have liked Xiaoqing since I was a child, I know her character, and I am willing to continue to wait!” Feng Wuxi said sincerely, “Xiaoqing, don’t think about anything else, now he can’t help you, I can, it’s okay, let me first It’s the same for helping you…” “I don’t need you to help! Let’s go!!” Murong Qing didn’t want to listen to a word.

Since childhood, she hated Feng Wuxi and always smiled. Such a person has no anger. This suppresses the anger in her heart. Once it breaks out, it is very scary.

This kind of person is the performance of Chengfu too deep!

Abe Zhang is different, happy and angry

There are sorrows and joys, Abe Zhang, in his heart is pure and kind, this, as a woman, Murong Qing’s sixth sense feels particularly clear.

“Xiaoqing, only I can help you. Now, let me do something for you?” Feng Wuxi sighed in disappointment.

“Xiao Qing, are you confused? Now only Xiao Feng can help you, who else can?? Don’t mention your boyfriend, where is he hiding? Don’t count on him, Xiao Feng is what you should count on Yes! What else are you considering?” Xiang Lalan was really impatient.

Your own daughter, if you don’t choose a good man, you must choose a bad man?

What kind of taste is this?


“I didn’t think about it, I will solve it by myself, I don’t want anyone to help, including you!” Murong Qing wanted to return to the room.

“Murongqing, if you don’t go out with Xiaofeng today, I will die in front of you!!” Xiang Lalan was crying.

Is she easy?

It’s not easy at all.

She wants to save her daughter out of the fire pit, so she has to wait for the tortoise that hides?


This is crazy!


“Mom! Don’t do this!” Murong Qing was in pain.

She loves her mother too much, because Xiang Lalan raised her.

Neither she nor Xiang Lalan found out, and Feng Wuxi sneered softly!

Finally waited until today!

After Feng Wuxi learned that Murongqing’s company had closed down, he was extremely happy.

This time I can finally retaliate against Murong Qing.

You know, since childhood, Murong Qing has been rejecting him!

He had had enough. This time, Murong Qing lost so much money. This was a great opportunity, because no one would spend more than 300 million for a woman to fill in Murong Qing’s holes!

he can!

Also the only person willing!

Besides him, are there anyone else willing?

Absolutely not!

After Xiang Lalan forced Murongqing to agree, then his revenge would begin.

He wants to get back the shame of being rejected over the years again and again!


“What can I do? Tell me! I don’t want to carry so many debts with you anymore. Can’t you think about me if I raise you so much? How old am I?” “Mom!!” Murong Qing cried , She knew that she was ashamed of her mother, the company failed, and her mother was worried, but.




“I’ll call him and he will help me!” Faced with Feng Wuxi, who she hates, she chose to compromise, but not with Feng Wuxi, but with Abe Zhang!

“Help, you can’t even get through his phone, right?” Xiang Lalan was annoyed!

What kind of magic is her own daughter!

Feng Wuxi was sneering, who would use more than 300 million to fill the hole?


That’s him alone!

He is not worried at all, someone will help Murong Qing!

Murongqing took out her mobile phone in front of the two of them. Her original card was useless.

Yes, now she uses another number to call.

She dialed out!


“Hey…” “Abe Zhang is me!” “Murongqing…” “Well, can you do me a favor?” Murongqing couldn’t say anything!


In this case, I still have to say it after all.

“Wait, I’m at your door now, you can open the door for me!”

Chapter 788

he tricked you!

“Abe Zhang, what are you talking about? Are you at my door?” Murong Qing was stunned.

Why would Abe Zhang be at his own door and told himself where is Abe Zhang his hometown?



How did he know?

Xiang Lalan and Feng Wuxi were also astonished as they looked at the door.

“Huh, it’s at the door, is it possible?” Feng Wuxi smiled.

Xiang Lalan frowned, her daughter’s boyfriend is outside the door at this time?

Are you kidding me?


Isn’t he in “M Guo”?

Will be here?

How did this kind of liar chase his daughter?


Xiang Lalan was really annoyed, his daughter was too unbelievable!



“Yes, I’m at your door, almost here.” “Abe Zhang, are you kidding?” Murong Qing’s beautiful face is full of seriousness!

She understood that Abe Zhang’s mother was so powerful, it would not be difficult to send someone to find her place!

But, when did Abe Zhang return to China?

Why is it so sudden!

Did you find that something happened and came back on purpose?

Women just like crazy thinking, and Murong Qing is the same at this moment, no matter how strong a woman is.

“Of course not. Come out for a while. I am a little confused.” “Okay! I’ll come out!” Murong Qing ran out in surprise.

Xiang Lalan was annoyed, “Xiaoqing, do you believe him?? How could he be outside? He is playing you!” Feng Wuxi is still here, and Murongqing actually went to pick up other men. Where did Feng Wuxi put it?


She received a gift of 10 million yuan from Wuxi!


“Mom, I believe him, he said that at the door, it must be better than at the door!” Murong Qing was unwavering!

Since the two had a relationship, Murong Qing believed in Abe Zhang!

Believe unconditionally!


Abe Zhang said that he must be at the door!


Murong Qing ran to the door and opened the door!

Xiang Lalan is really annoyed to the extreme, “Xiaofeng, don’t mind, Xiaoqing is like this, she will give up on that man! Don’t worry! I support you anyway!” “Auntie, you have this Just a few words,” Feng Wuxi smiled.

Although Murong Qing said that he would not listen to Xiang Lalan’s words, if Xiang Lalan was really forced to die, Murong Qing would definitely listen!

So what else is there to worry about?

No more!

“I said no! He just tricked you on purpose, daughter!!” Xiang Lalan was annoyed and went out

Murongqing was disappointed that he didn’t see Abe Zhang, and there was not even an outsider at the door.

Feng Wuxi laughed more, come on!

The more disappointed Murong Qing is, the happier he is!


“Mom, Abe Zhang will not lie to me, he said he will be at the door, and you will wait!” Murong Qing explained.

Even if she didn’t see Abe Zhang at this time, she was still willing to believe in Abe Zhang!

The reason why Abe Zhang hasn’t appeared is because the entrance of the community is too complicated and there are too many buildings. Abe Zhang came here for the first time and it was too normal to get lost. He should have lost his way in the community.

“Xiaoqing, are you going to piss me off? What about the person you are talking about? Where is he?” “He is…” “I want to see people! Where are the others??” Xiang Lalan was annoyed!

Murong Qing couldn’t answer, because he didn’t see Abe Zhang either.

“Why do you choose a rubbish? Give up a good man like Xiaofeng? Look at him. When you are in trouble, he doesn’t appear, disappears, disappears when you are in trouble. When you are now carrying a huge debt, he will still play with you. What is it? Xiaoqing, tell me, what is this?” Xiang Lalan really hates iron and steel!


What is the magic of my daughter?


Trust him so much?

“Mom, listen to me, he’s nearby, I’ll go out and look for it!” “No! You can’t find it if you go! Why waste time?” Xiang Lalan scolded!

“I’m going!” Murongqing stepped out the door firmly.

Run outside.

Suddenly, a person appeared, and Murong Qing was overjoyed, “Abe Zhang, here, here!” Tears came out of her eyes. It was a reason why she hadn’t seen Abe Zhang for a long time!

Another reason is that Abe Zhang really returned from “M Guo”!

After coming back, I actually came to find myself!

Murongqing was moved, but she was lost again. How to say, she was bankrupt, and the gap with Abe Zhang was getting bigger and bigger. How could she be with him?


What status?

Abe Zhang smiled and said, “Sister Murong… you are so hard to find here, I just turned around and I was a little confused!” “Really?” Murong Qing said moved, she suddenly discovered Abe Zhang’s aura Actually changed.

What baptism has it gone through?


What did Abe Zhang meet in M ​​Guo?

In such a moment, too many questions appeared in Murong Qing’s mind.

“Yeah! This is auntie? Hello, auntie!” Abe Zhang saw that he looked like Murong Qing and Xiang Lalan.

Of course it was obvious at a glance that the two were mother and daughter.

“I’m not good!!” Xiang Lalan refused!

what is this?

What is this Abe Zhangtu?

So young?

At first glance, Xiang Lalan denied Abe Zhang. It must be a poor ratio without money!

This kind of temperament is simply incomparable to Feng Wuxi!

There is too much difference. Feng Wuxi is the temperament of a young master. This Abe Zhang, like a construction site, has so dark skin!

For what?


Wuxi saw Abe Zhang and he smiled. Why?

Abe Zhang’s image is not satisfactory!

How can this kind of person compare with yourself?

“Um, auntie is uncomfortable!” Abe Zhang smiled.

“Very uncomfortable, after seeing you!” “Mom, what did you say?” Murong Qing was really annoyed. Now that Abe Zhang has come, is it not enough?


“I don’t like him, let him go! What can someone who can’t find the road have any promise?” Xiang Lalan was extremely angry!

too poor!

“Mom!” “Auntie, this is Murongqing’s boyfriend, what are you dissatisfied with, just tell me!” Murongqing was surprised, what did Abe Zhang say?

Is he his girlfriend?

is this real?

“I am not satisfied with everything! Aren’t you in M ​​Guo? What are you doing in M ​​Guo?” Xiang Lalan doubted that Abe Zhang didn’t believe it when she went abroad. She must be looking for a place to hide in China. , And then said I went abroad.

“I’m busy a lot. I opened a casino in M ​​Guo, and I plan to do other things,” “Casino?” Xiang Lalan was angry.

“Yes, M Guo is now one of the biggest casinos.” Murong Qing was shocked, and Abe Zhang went to M Guo. Is this going to do business?

Actually opened M Guo’s largest casino?


“Are you laughing?” Xiang Lalan was annoyed.

“Oh, casino, then you are quite rich!” Feng Wuxi laughed out, and he saw that Abe Zhang is just a pretender. How much does it cost to open a casino in M ​​Guo?


It’s not hundreds of millions of dollars, so it won’t come down at all!

He kept saying that M Guo’s largest casino!

Such shameless words, just open your mouth!

“It’s okay.” Abe Zhang shrugged, and Feng Wuxi smiled, okay?

One hundred percent, this Abe Zhang is just an act of coercion, and he wants to dismantle him!

Chapter 789

is playing with you!

“I said you are pretty good, how much did your casino cost?” Feng Wuxi asked with a smile.

“My casino is quite big. The decoration is about 100 million US dollars. The house was found by my mother, and it was built before my mother. There must be more than 100 million US dollars. Then, the floor, my casino’s The floors are all paved with gold…” Abe Zhang said like a few treasures.

“You! Don’t say it!” Where can Xiang Lalan still hear?

The renovation cost hundreds of millions of dollars?


What does this look like?

Also paved the floor with gold?

What a brain-disabled person to be able to boast such a cowhide?


Murongqing was stunned. According to what Abe Zhang said, this casino is at least one billion U.S. dollars.

Abe Zhang actually opened such a big one in M ​​Guo?

How long will it take to return to the original?

“Auntie, let him go on and read it, it’s very interesting.” Feng Wuxi was really laughing.

Still investing so much?

is it possible!

Xiang Lalan’s disgust is extreme!

“That both

Although your casino is so big, how much water flows every day?

“This, there must be hundreds of millions of dollars.


Hundreds of millions of dollars?


You dare to say it!

“Feng Wuxi laughed sarcastically. “Is there anything I dare not say?”

I opened the business on the first day, and I won 10 billion dollars myself!

“Abe Zhang shrugged. Murongqing was in shock! So many wins on the first day?! Oh my God! Ten billion dollars! This is more than before she went bankrupt, and she made so much in one day? “Haha” , I really laughed at me, what kind of casino can make you win so much money in one day?

US dollars?

It’s still coins!

“Feng Wuxi smiled. His ridicule has reached the point of hideousness. Win 10 billion a day? What is this concept? Let alone the world, is the whole universe number one? This kid brags. Can’t blow? It’s too unprofessional. “U.S. dollars, not coins!

“Abe Zhang shrugged, “You haven’t reached my level. It’s normal if you don’t believe it!”


What is your status?


You really make people laugh to death when you talk, let me tell you, my family’s money, you can’t even think of how much!


“Several tens of billions?”

“Abe Zhang asked. What a big tone!! Xiang Lalan can’t listen anymore, so calmly saying tens of billions? What kind of shame is this? “Yes, tens of billions!”

This is real money!

“Feng Wuxi stepped down. This was a condescending look with sarcasm, “You, don’t pretend to be in front of me!”


I really slap you in the face, you don’t even have a chance to fight back.

“Well, only tens of billions?”

That’s not enough money that I won that day!

Abe Zhang said. “Really?”


“Feng Wuxi grinned and said, “Then your casino business is really good, since you are so rich, then I play with you, dare you dare?


“This is a playful look. “What are you playing?”

“Abe Zhang shrugged and asked indifferently. What does he dare not do? You can play as much as you want! “You agree or not!”


“Well, come with me!”

Auntie, Xiaoqing.

Come here too!


“Feng Wuxi snapped his fingers, and a car in the distance came. A Rolls Royce. “Get in the car. You have never done this kind of car!”


“Feng Wuxi smiled. “I drove!”

Abe Zhang casually drove a car over. “Oh, what a car!”

“Hey, it’s at the gate of the community.”

“A Mercedes of more than 300,000 yuan?”

Are you driving here?

“Feng Wuxi smiled. “Yes, it’s not bad.” Anyway, it’s all in the underground parking lot of his mother, and it’s all in his own home. Of course, Abe Zhang drove a car out at will. There is nothing to pay attention to. Have a good car but never made a luxury car. Of course you think it’s good, Auntie, Xiaoqing, you can get in the car!


Wuxi invitation.

Today, he decided to slap Abe Zhang in the face so that Murong Qing would give up on Abe Zhang.

It’s very simple, just remove his lies.

Xiang Lalan stared at Abe Zhang impatiently!

She got in the car.

Murongqing didn’t say a word and got into Abe Zhang’s car!

Xiang Lalan is annoyed, what a dead girl!


“Xiao Feng, don’t mind! Xiao Qing is like that?” Xiang Lalan worried that Feng Wuxi would be angry.

What is angry about Feng Wuxi?

Murongqing will soon be disappointed with Abe Zhang!

Then he will fall into his arms!

“Auntie, how can I be angry!” Feng Wuxi closed the car door and snapped his fingers!

His driver drove!

“Xiao Feng, how are you going to play with him?” “Auntie, it’s very easy to play! This kind of clown, I will expose him to Xiao Qing, let Xiao Qing see his true face in disguise, I think Xiaoqing will change his mind.” “Then I can rest assured, I just heard him bragging, I really want to give him a slap to let him go!! A casino wins 10 billion a day? Why doesn’t he say to win 100 Billion!” “Hehe, don’t be angry, Auntie, it’s not worth it. I listen to him as a joke.” “It’s really uncomfortable to listen to him. Anyway, he has refreshed my shameless recognition. Got it.” Xiang Lalan is really hard to say, how did his daughter get tricked by him?


The discerning people are all fake when they hear Abe Zhang’s words!

My daughter actually believed it firmly.

This is crazy.

“Hehe! Auntie, you’ll watch it later, I’m going to slap him in the face, he has nowhere to hide!” Feng Wuxi said fiercely.

This place, but his family is the richest!

Abe Zhang dare to compare with himself, this is looking for death!

“Well, dismantle him, let him go!” “Auntie, don’t worry!” In Feng Wuxi’s eyes, Abe Zhang is a rubbish. It is an honor for Abe Zhang to let Abe Zhang play with himself!

Abe Zhang drove along.

Anyway, what Feng Wuxi was playing with, he would just accompany him.

“Abe Zhang, what did you meet in Mguo? Today you are different from you before.” “This is a long story, tonight.” Abe Zhang smiled.

“Where did you say it at night? In the car?” Murong Qing’s voice became smaller unconsciously.

Abe Zhang was stunned, and smiled with a knowing smile, “Whatever you want!” “I don’t, whatever you are.” Murong Qing said, actually flirting with Abe Zhang?


After Abe Zhang smiled, his face became serious, “Sister Murong, I’m sorry, I’m not by your side for such a big thing that happened to you!” I’m broke!

Normal people can’t bear this kind of blow, so people like Murong Qing can bear it. If they are replaced by others, they don’t know what decadence is like.

“Don’t say that, you can come back

I am already very happy to find me,” Murong Qing Wenrun, yes, she is more than that touched. “Well, I come back and will help you make a comeback!

“No, I’ll do it myself, don’t interfere!”

“Murongqing can’t hear this. If Abe Zhang helps him, what is the difference between himself and the burden??

Chapter 790

What is Abe Zhang helpless! He knew that Murongqing would refuse. Forced to help her? Abe Zhang couldn’t do it. “Well, what you do, I will support you.

“Abe Zhang’s face is serious. Murongqing wants to be a strong woman, so let her do it well, which is her dignity as a woman! Abe Zhang can’t bear to deprive him. “Thank you!

“Murong Qingan was also moved. “Thank me for what?”

But when I’m going to play with Feng Wuxi, don’t stop it,” Abe Zhang’s eyes were cold. “No.

“Murongqing also wants to know, what exactly does Feng Wuxi want to play with Abe Zhang? But the essence is definitely related to money. “By the way, on the first day your casino opened, you really won so much money?”


“Murong Qing couldn’t help it, she wanted to know. “Well, I’ll tell you that,” “Okay.

“Murong cleans her ears and listens. Abe Zhang said everything. Murongqing was shocked. She didn’t know that Abe Zhang could play dice and won so much money! It’s incredible! “Here, about the matter over there, tonight. Say.

Abe Zhang shrugged. “At night?”


Murongqing blushed. They got out of the car and Feng Wuxi, Xiang Lalan was already waiting at the door, their faces were all impatient!! “Oh, play this?”

“Abe Zhang smiled slightly. He thought what Feng Wuxi was going to do, it was all about shopping! “Yes, shopping!”

The diamonds inside are very big, the most expensive one is more than 10 million, can you afford it?


How many can I buy?


“Feng Wuxi said with a grinning smile. I drive a car of more than 300,000 yuan and want to buy more than 10 million masonry and tens of millions of diamond necklaces? Dream you! “Go in and take a look first.

“Abe Zhang doesn’t matter. She shrugs. Xiang Lalan despises Abe Zhang. He’s here now, still loading? You can afford more than 10 million diamonds? Murongqing didn’t say anything. Four people went in. Master Feng!


The manager of the jewelry store smiled and even came over to welcome him in person! Feng Wuxi is a frequent visitor of their jewelry store. As the store manager, she must be greeted! “Well, I will come to see a good diamond necklace. You can come out with the best!

Remember, it is the most expensive!

“Young Master Feng, don’t worry!”

“The shop manager went to get it with a pleasant surprise. Today is big business again. As for Abe Zhang, who walked in behind, as the shop manager, she didn’t even glance at it. Feng Wuxi is enough, and other cats and dogs, she doesn’t bother to personally. The reception! “Master Feng, this is us

The most expensive diamond in the shop, this is a diamond necklace, 108 diamonds, worth 38 million!

This chain of necklaces are all handmade, with 318 diamonds, worth 50 million!


And this one is the best among jade!

Look, Master Xiang, how shiny is this jade bracelet?

This is worth eight million!


“The manager introduced with all his strength. “Is this an emperor green?”

Abe Zhang asked casually. The store manager looked at Abe Zhang contemptuously, “This gentleman, do you know what jade is?”

The imperial green you mentioned is a very rare one. Our boss has been making jewelry for decades, and can’t get a piece of imperial green in a year. The value is amazing!

Can you afford it?


“Looking at Abe Zhang’s dress, I can’t afford it! He still has the face to ask the emperor green? What an ignorant layman. “I don’t need to consume, I have three emperor greens, worth more than two billion. , If you want a bracelet, just make it yourself.

“Abe Zhang shrugged. It seems that three pieces of emperor green, all made, should be able to sell more! “Sir, are you kidding me?”

Three imperial greens?


Do you know the value of Emperor Green?

Obviously you don’t know!

“The store manager said contemptuously. Three pieces of emperor green?! This will cause a violent looting! This is the big jeweler who has the ability to stock three pieces of emperor green! Don’t even think about other people’s dreams! Feng Wuxi grinned. Get up, this bragging is addictive, right?? I just bragged that there is the biggest casino, now I am bragging that there are three pieces of emperor green?? Xiang Lalan still can’t listen, it’s too uncomfortable. Murong Qing’s beautiful eyes are moving, three One piece of imperial green? Abe Zhang is still playing rock betting now? “I know,” Abe Zhang shrugged. I knew it. “You really know, you wouldn’t say anything. There are three pieces of imperial green. To be honest, you If someone hears this kind of words, they will laugh at you, so be careful!


“The store manager doesn’t want to talk to Abe Zhang anymore. I see a waste of time. Today’s biggest customer is Feng Wuxi, Master Feng! How can I waste time on people who are not important?” “Abe Zhang, which one do you buy?”

“Feng Wuxi asked with a sneer. The worst is the 8 million start, this shameless pen definitely can’t afford it! “Me?”

I didn’t like it. What kind of emerald? I have emperor green.

I definitely don’t. I also have a big diamond. “Abe Zhang still remembers that when he came back, Olena Jiang gave himself a big diamond. Isn’t that kind of diamond more attractive than this? “So you mean not to buy it?

“Feng Wuxi smiled. The store manager couldn’t listen anymore. He talked about emperor green for a while, and big diamonds for a while. This person is shameless enough. “There is no need to buy it.

”Abe Zhang

Still this sentence.

“What are you talking about? What about your big diamond? Take it out!” Feng Wuxi pressed harder.

Xiang Lalan laughed sarcastically, there was a fart!

“I didn’t take it with me.” Abe Zhang really didn’t take it. Three pieces of imperial green, in the mother hotel, the big diamond, was also in the luggage of the hotel, Abe Zhang must have not brought it out!

Besides, what do you bring out?


“Can you change an excuse?” Feng Wuxi sneered, “Just say you can’t buy it!” “Don’t buy it!” Xiang Lalan became impatient, “If you don’t buy it, what are you doing here? A waste of time!” I want to buy others,” Abe Zhang said.

“Others? What can you buy?” Xiang Lalan wanted to slap Abe Zhang, too shameless.

“Still considering.” Abe Zhang said.

“I can’t take it anymore,” Xiang Lalan didn’t want to listen.

“Wrap up, wrap up all three!” Feng Wuxi smiled. He snapped his fingers and took out a card. The store manager was overjoyed and bought them all?


It’s almost 100 million, this is really big business!

“Wait a minute, Master Feng, I’ll wrap it up for you!” The store manager personally packed.

After a while, it’s all right.

Feng Wuxi took the packaged box and said, “Abe Zhang, right? You don’t have any money at all!” Definitely not!

What I said just now is so good, when I actually buy it, there are excuses everywhere.

Xiang Lalan hummed impatiently, “Let’s go! What else to look at?” “I haven’t bought it yet!” Abe Zhang said suddenly.

“Oh, what do you buy? I have already bought the most expensive one. If you buy something worth tens of thousands of dollars, don’t buy it.” Feng Wuxi waited to give the necklace to Murong Qing!

“Are you sure you bought the most expensive one?” Abe Zhang smiled mysteriously.

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