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Chapter 791

This is the most expensive!

With Abe Zhang’s mysterious smile, Feng Wuxi sneered without hesitation, disdain to the extreme, “Are you blind or deaf? Haven’t I already bought the most expensive thing in this store? It’s more than 50 million. Yes, there are more than 30 million people, I think you are pretending to be deaf and dumb!!” Xiang Lalan’s hands are shaking, she really wants to hit her slap!

How could there be someone like Abe Zhang?


What’s the most expensive thing in this shop?

What the hell is it?


Murong Qing’s beautiful eyes turned, and what was the most expensive one?

“It seems that you only have this vision. What are you buying the most expensive in this store? Ignorance is terrible, and low vision is terrible!!” Abe Zhang shook his head lightly.

“Huh, you said I was ignorant?” Feng Wuxi was annoyed. He said he was ignorant?

Feng Wuxi is about to beat people!

Abe Zhang walked up to the store manager!

The store manager also dismissed Abe Zhang. Just now, Abe Zhang bragged, saying that there are three kings.

Green, and said there are big diamonds, she just wanted to laugh!

The person who was full of lies, as the store manager, she wanted to call the security guard, and went out with Abe Zhang!

This kind of garbage man is not a customer at all!


Feng Wuxi actually ignored Abe Zhang so much, he already clenched his fists!

Her mother!

Ignore this young master?


Tired of life!

“What are you doing? Just say what you want to buy, don’t linger here! What’s more, let me tell you that the most expensive things in our store have been bought by Young Master Feng just now!” The store manager looked contemptuously.

“Your boss?” Abe Zhang asked lightly.

“What do you want to do? You want to see our boss? To be honest, you are not qualified yet! You are qualified as Young Master Feng, you? Get out if you don’t buy it! It’s really annoying, the first time I saw a customer like you! “The manager scolded angrily!

“See your boss, buy the most expensive thing in your store!” Abe Zhang looked numb.

“Are you sick? I’ve passed it. The most expensive thing in the store has been bought by Young Master Feng. Are you deaf?” The store manager was furious!

“Xiaoqing, I can’t listen anymore, is he silly?” Xiang Lalan was disgusted to the extreme.

If such a person becomes her own son-in-law, she will definitely go crazy!

“Mom…” Murong Qing sighed!

My mother has too many prejudices against Abe Zhang.

Abe Zhang is very good!


“I am not deaf, you are deaf,” Abe Zhang shrugged.

“What did you say?!” At this moment, the store manager was angry.

“You are not only deaf, do you still understand? As a store manager, you don’t know what the most expensive thing in a store is, you can really quit your job!!” Abe Zhang said indifferently.

The shop manager laughed, and she smiled angrily, “I’m resigning? Just kidding!!” “I’m not kidding, I’ll let you leave soon!” Abe Zhang said coldly, “Also, you still don’t know the most expensive in the store. What is it?” “What did you say?” The store manager’s eyes changed, looking at the clown.

“Feng Wuxi didn’t buy the most expensive one, but your store understands the most expensive one?” Abe Zhang said coldly.

The shop is quiet for a moment!

Three seconds later, roaring with laughter!


“Haha!! He is really crazy, I understand what he means, he said he wants to buy this store! Haha!” “Oh, this store is really the most expensive! But well, can you afford it?” Feng Wuxi smiled. He doesn’t know how to describe Abe Zhang. Who is this person?

Xiang Lalan’s slap is already out of control!

Murong Qing was surprised, bought this shop?


“I said how wicked you are to say this? Do you know how much my shop is? There are hundreds of millions of goods in it alone, close to one billion. Can you afford it? Our boss will Sell ​​it to you? You haven’t woken up yet?” The store manager was annoyed.

A lot of jewelry in this shop is of high value. The turnover of this shop is very good and it is very profitable. What’s more, my boss is a chain jewelry store and it is impossible to sell!

This idiot in front of him actually let his boss out?

This is really a long time to see!

If you tell the boss all about this, the boss will definitely laugh to death.

“Let your boss come out, I just tell him, everything has a value!” Abe Zhang said.

“Shut up! People like you want to see our boss? You dream of going to you! Talk nonsense again, I will let the security blast you out! You leave, our store does not welcome you! You go!” Dismissal order is issued!


“Hey, Abe Zhang, right? I’m really curious, how do you buy it! Let me


“Feng Wuxi ridiculed, “I know the owner of this jewelry store. Just like my family, he has tens of billions of assets and hundreds of chain stores. Want him to buy you the store?”


“Then you are optimistic!”

“Abe Zhang shrugged, took out his cell phone, called Beatrice, and hung up in ten seconds. “Okay, you look forward to it!”

What a really rich person is like!

“Abe Zhang said coldly. “Haha, I’m watching it!”

But what do you show me?

Who did you call?

“My sister, asked the owner of the shop to call.

“Abe Zhang said. “Haha!”

Why bother?

I have this too, can I give it to you?

“Feng Wuxi sneered to the extreme. “No, my sister Li has already called him, and he will come and talk to me soon!”

Abe Zhang glanced at Wuxi. “Pretend!”

Do you know where our boss is?

“The manager is annoyed. “I don’t need to know, he will come back even if he is in other countries after the call, and you, prepare to pack up!”

“Abe Zhang said lightly. The store manager despised, “Oh, let me pack things, what are you?”


“Now the owner of this shop!”

“Abe Zhang shrugged! The store manager condescended to the extreme! “Oh, you are amazing!”

Let the boss come here casually, you are really capable!

“Feng Wuxi sneered, he walked to Murongqing, “Xiaoqing, you see it, this is your so-called boyfriend, acting like a clown!”


” “shut up!

Abe Zhang said that he can buy this place, he can definitely!


“Murongqing is indifferent! Feng Wuxi’s heart is irritated, why are you still talking to this spicy chicken? Are you blind? “Really?

You believe him so, I’ll wait and see!

“Feng Wuxi turned his eyes, and said Xiang Lalan, “Xiaoqing, don’t you feel ashamed?”

He wants to pretend, let him continue to pretend to be alone, let’s go!



Your prejudice against Abe Zhang is too big!

“Murongqing couldn’t control it. “Prejudice?”

Is a normal person, would say such things?

Xiang Lalan was annoyed. “Auntie, look at it, this shop, I can buy it right away!”

“Abe Zhang said. When he came out, it caused a ridiculous laughter again. The people in the store looked at Abe Zhang’s gaze, just looking at the clown! Full of contempt!

Chapter 792

No, you are wrong!” you shut up!

Pretend to be on my head?

Xiang Lalan angrily scolded!! “I didn’t pretend!”

There is no need to pretend to you!

Abe Zhang shook his head. “Not yet?”

Okay, how long will it take the owner of this shop to come over!


“Xiang Lalan sneered, angered! “Not far here!”

Abe Zhang’s cell phone rang, he answered and nodded. “Well, I see.

“The phone hangs up! “Auntie, soon!”

He happened to be nearby just now!

Abe Zhang said, Beatrice found the boss’s phone number and contacted it. It’s that simple.

Xiang Lalan didn’t want to go any further!

“Are you still pretending? The security guard, blast him out!!” The manager scolded angrily!

Several security guards here!

They also heard and saw what Abe Zhang did just now, really a clown!


Feng Wuxi didn’t bother to look, how boring he was, wasting so much time with a beam jumping clown.

“Who wants to see me?” Suddenly, a man strode in from outside!

Forty or fifty years old, wearing sportswear, especially casual, look like a rich person?

“Boss!!” The store manager immediately changed his face, and ran over with a smile, “Boss, why are you here?” Feng Wuxi was astonished. He really called the store owner to come over?

He understands, what kind of harassing call is this!

Jewelry shop owner, come over so angry to get angry?

Needless to say, it must be so!

Murong calmed down and fell into shock… Xiang Lalan was expressionless, her opinion was the same as that of Feng Wuxi. The reason why this boss appeared was because he happened to be here. He received a call and came to Xingshi to inquire!

That’s good.

If this boss comes over, he can slap Abe Zhang in the face.

“I received a call, who is Abe Zhang?” the boss asked.

“He.” The manager sneered at Abe Zhang. “Boss, this man is a neurotic and he said he wants to buy your store. Are you ill?” The boss took a look at Abe Zhang and walked over, “You Want to buy my store?” “Yes! I buy it!” The store manager rolled his eyes, still pretending!

“Why should I sell to you?” “Because I have money!” “Rich? How rich are you?” The boss laughed, and appeared sarcastically.

Feng Wuxi ridicules more, rich?

What a ignorant person!

“Your store, I just estimated it, together with the goods, about 700 million yuan!” This is what Abe Zhang paid attention to just now.

“Yes, there are so many, but what does it have to do with you? I won’t sell it to you at all! So, there is no need to talk about it. You can leave here while I am in a good mood.” , The boss blasted him away, wouldn’t he feel embarrassed? Alas!!!” Speaking to Lalan, it’s true!

Murong Qingmei watched. She was curious. She knew this boss, and he was not well-known. How could Abe Zhang buy a store from such a person?

“A few of you can’t go up yet?” The store manager lowered his voice and ordered several security guards.

Several security guards passed by, and the boss came this time. He had to perform well in front of the boss.

Abe Zhang still looked indifferently, “You are playing with jewelry. A few days ago, you hadn’t heard of it. Three pieces of emperor green appeared.


“The boss frowned, “Yes, there are three pieces of emperor green appearing. This is what my friend said. It appeared in an auction and was bought by a young man…” Such a big thing, he was a jewelry store. Even if he did not participate in the auction, he knew it immediately afterwards! Because it was so rare, it can be said that the chance of three pieces of emperor green at one time detonated their jewelry circle. He learned about this After the news, I really want to meet this person. Why is his vision so vicious? He has been making jewelry for so many years, and he has never met such a person. “I’m not young?

“Abe Zhang asked suddenly. The boss was astonished and questioned to the extreme, “You mean you bought it?”

“Yes, it’s me.”

“Do you think I will believe it?”

“Of course the boss doesn’t believe it, so why? Let yourself believe it in one sentence? How can a person with a vicious vision be as mediocre as Abe Zhang?” “Believe it or not!”

I…” Before Abe Zhang finished speaking, the boss received a call, “Hey, Snakehead, why don’t I answer the door call?

I have something to do with you recently!


You are nearby, all right, come here!

The phone hung up, and the boss glanced at Abe Zhang, “Go!”

Wasting my time!

“He walked to the door, the staff in the store laughed, the manager despised, Feng Wuxi, and Xiang Lalan were all laughing! This is a kind of sarcasm, to Abe Zhang alone!! Look, after so long, the boss can’t stop it. You! The store manager stared contemptuously, “I said you blushed?

Didn’t you say to buy our boss’s shop?

Why don’t you buy it?

“Your boss doesn’t like him, how can he buy it?”


“Feng Wuxi smiled. Abe Zhang looked at the two of them, and the store manager ordered several security guards to blast Abe Zhang out. At this time, a man came outside. After seeing the boss, he was suddenly surprised, “Snakehead, what’s wrong with you?” ?

Li Tian is gone, why are you doing this?


“Don’t tell me, I encountered something, I followed someone again,” said Snakehead. “You followed someone?”

Are you kidding me?

Don’t you do it alone?

Did you bring dozens of brothers to do it alone?

Stop joking with me. Are you free these days? I want you to help me collect debts…” “No time, I really followed someone.



“The boss is interested, but he rarely sees the expression of a snake head. It is really the expression of a new brother. “You should have heard that there are three pieces of emperor green in the auction over there.

“Of course I know, why?”

You mean, you followed the young man who took three pieces of emperor green?


“The boss was suspicious for an instant. “Yes, I followed him!”

” “Why?

Not like you


“He, I tell you, if you meet him, don’t fight him, he is the scariest person I have ever seen!”

“The snake’s head turned pale involuntarily,” I tell you, I have dozens of brothers, you know?

“Yes, of course I know which of your brothers helped me collect debts last time.”

“The boss said, Snakehead’s brothers are good and cruel! “All of my brothers were killed by him, more than 20 people, less than a minute!


“The snake’s head turned pale with horror! “Huh?



“The boss is stunned.” Are you kidding me?


” “No!

“Snakehead shook his head, what is he kidding? The boss is unbelievable, the expression of the snakehead is scared, is this true? “No?

There will be such a scary person?

Killed all your brothers and shot three pieces of emperor green?

… By the way, what does that person look like?

“The boss didn’t look inside the shop at all. He was already startled by Snakehead’s words. But suddenly, Snakehead’s gaze was shocked, “Lord, Master, why are you here?”


Chapter 793

No, no! The owner of the jewelry store was stunned, Lord, master?? Who is the owner of the snake head? His heart trembled, and he turned around and found that the snake head had been changed all of a sudden. The face opened, and for a moment, the respect was extreme, “Master, why are you here?


Snake head pointed at one person, yes, Abe Zhang who was smiling but not smiling! The boss was dumbfounded! Shocked! He had known Snake Head for many years, and knew that Snake Head was a veteran mercenary. He brought a group of people and did anything without fear. Thing! He has cooperated with Snakehead several times, and every time Snakehead has done something very beautiful for him. He knows the strength of Snakehead, but now he is so polite to one person? Called the owner? This is almost a blow to the boss. Now, he is dumbfounded! Also, Snakehead just said he followed a person who killed dozens of his brothers and took three pieces of emperor green… Yes, this person in his shop??? , A cold sweat broke out from behind the boss! The people in this shop, I just admitted that it was him, but I didn’t believe it… His cold sweat came out more! It has spread all over his circle, this one was taken Three pieces of emperor green people are absolutely super rich second generation!! Otherwise, how can someone be so bold, spend a billion, and take three pieces of rough stones that no one is optimistic about at a super high price?! He dare not do this Do it! Once he loses, he feels distressed too! Even… There is amazing news in the circle, two big bosses similar to himself died after the auction that night… Who killed it? No one in the circle of friends dared Ok, because this is an explosive thing! It caused a friend for a short time

Panic in the circle!

But someone came out. It is a reasonable analysis that the two bosses became ill-tempered and jealous. They found someone to kill the young man who took three pieces of emperor green, but he was killed by this young man… Rumors appeared in the boss’s mind. The more he wanted to gather, the more sweat he got behind his back!


is it him?


However, this person is actually in his own shop at this moment. He just wanted to buy his own shop, and he was still refusing it just now… The boss turned pale.

The store manager, Feng Wuxi, Xiang Lalan was shocked!

They don’t know this snake head, but what is called a master?

what does this mean?


Murongqing was shocked, what happened to Abe Zhang?

In the end, how is Abe Zhang?

“Come here and buy things.” Abe Zhang shrugged.

“Ah? Buy something? Master, what do you want to buy? I know the boss here, and I asked him to give it to you!” The snake head waved to the boss.

The boss was dumbfounded, dumbfounded.

“Send it? No, I want to buy it, he doesn’t want to.” Abe Zhang said.

“Unwilling?” Snakehead was shocked, and he came over, “Old Ke, what are you doing? Why don’t you want to buy things from my master?” “He, is he really the one who took three pieces of emperor green?” The boss said bitterly.

“Yes, it’s him!” The boss was even more bitter.

“Old Ke, don’t blame me for not telling you. Boss Guo asked me to kill him that night. I took more than 20 brothers and he solved it in one minute…” “Ah?” The boss was shocked to the extreme!

He looks so young, how can he be so powerful!

“You think it over yourself, I won’t say much, but you offend him, you have to be careful!” “Me?” the boss said bitterly, “What do you mean? He will kill me?” It can be a minute , Killing so many brothers, killing him, isn’t it simple?

The boss is self-aware!

“I don’t know this, but he is a super rich second generation. Your worth is not enough in front of him! It’s easy to fix you! Lao Ke, sometimes, knowing the current affairs is nothing!” Wet his clothes, “Then I will promise him?” “Go!” The boss ran over, “You want to buy my shop? Okay, I’ll sell it to you!!” As soon as this word came out, the audience was in an uproar!

“Boss, what did the boss say? He is going to sell this shop?” “Why?” The manager was in an incredible way!

Feng Wuxi was shocked, Xiang Lalan was shocked, why this boss suddenly changed his mind!

“Aren’t you unwilling just now?” Abe Zhang shrugged.

“Sorry, I made a mistake just now, you want to buy it anytime,” the boss said kindly.

At this moment, he realized why Snake Head was so polite to Abe Zhang.

Closer, Abe Zhang, he felt

Now, the oppression from the bottom of my heart.

This is definitely the feeling that the super rich second generation can give people!


“At any time? All right, you make an offer!” “700 million, no, no, 300 million, 300 million for you!” The boss sweated coldly!

Feng Wuxi was shocked!

How could the value of this store be only 300 million?

He actually sold it to Abe Zhang at a loss?


He really couldn’t figure it out.

“I will not take advantage of you, I will give you 700 million,” Abe Zhang said, and he is not a robber.

“What’s more, I don’t just want to buy your store!” What is Abe Zhang’s thinking?

Liu Na has established an industrial chain, so it needs to be sold in stores. It is not easier to buy all of his stores directly.

“Huh? What do you mean?” The boss sweats more coldly.

“All, I want to buy all of your stores!” The boss was stunned, “All stores? I have one hundred and nine!” “I want three hundred! I will let someone estimate the value of your store tomorrow. All, and then I will give you a purchase price that is 10% higher than your market value!” The boss was shocked, and immediately changed his face, “What? Are you willing to be 10% higher?” More than 100 stores The investment is different, the total amount of goods is about 5 billion, and the other is some stores, which are estimated to be about 15 or 6 billion!


In other words, if it is 10% higher, it means giving yourself 1.5-6 billion more?


The boss is pleasantly surprised, is this a pie in the sky?


Is there such a good thing?

“Yes! Buy, I will definitely satisfy you!” Abe Zhang shrugged.

“Okay, I’ll sell it! All the stores will be sold to you!” “Yes, I will make an estimate tomorrow!” “Boss Ke, he is joking with you, don’t take it seriously!” Feng Wuxi sneered over, the owner’s shop How much is it worth, how could he not know?

More than 10 billion, Abe Zhang has so much money to buy it?

It’s impossible!

The boss frowned, “Master Feng, I think you should pay more attention to what you say!” “Attention? You were bluffed by him, I won’t!” Feng Wuxi came step by step, “He doesn’t have that much money to buy…” He didn’t finish his words, and he slapped him in the face!

Feng Wuxi was shocked, “Boss Ke, are you hitting me?” “No, you don’t hurt me! You are an ant in front of Young Master Zhang, do you know??” the boss said coldly!

Chapter 794

Kneel for three days!

Feng Wuxi was in shock!


The owner of the jewelry store slapped him, enough to stun him!

At this time, she actually said that she was an ant in front of Abe Zhang?


Of course Feng Wuxi was furious!

“Ke, what did you say?” When did Feng Wuxi get slapped in the face so publicly?

“Ignorance, it seems you are really ignorant, what do you think is your money for closing the house?


In the eyes of Master Zhang, nothing counts, you know?

Master Zhang is going to buy my jewelry store, why?

You still want Master Zhang to take over your house as well?

“The boss laughed. Feng Wuxi was shocked, his mouth trembling, “What are you talking about?”

He wants to buy your jewelry store?

Or all?

Where does he get so much money?

“He knows that the owner’s worth is about the same as that of his own family closure. If Abe Zhang can acquire the owner’s jewelry store, it means he can also acquire their family closure! How is this possible? “Ignorance!

Yes, your house is not a jewelry maker. You don’t know. A few days ago, Master Zhang spent more than 1 billion to take three pieces of imperial green, worth more than 2 billion…” The boss said, there is still incredible. How can you look so accurate! His vision is too poisonous. “What?

“Feng Wuxi was completely stunned!! “Also, you don’t know, do you know Boss Guo?”

He died under Master Zhang…” “Huh?


Feng Wuxi was horrified! He collapsed on the ground! He had heard about it, and heard that the two bosses died overnight. The net worth of these two bosses was similar to that of his own family! Abe Zhang is under him? Then he sealed his house… Fear made him pale. “Do you still think Master Zhang has no money?


“The boss asked.” Feng Wuxi was sweating profusely and shook his head violently, “No, I don’t think so!”


Xiang Lalan was stunned, why? What did Feng Wuxi hear, and how did he see Abe Zhang’s gaze in fear?” “Zhang, Master Zhang!

Feng Wuxi yelled to Abe Zhang when he got up. Brush!! In the jewelry store, the audience was in an uproar! Feng Wuxi, but a big elite, who has a lot of money, is so respectful to Abe Zhang at this moment? Xiang Lalan chin I’m almost shocked! “How come?

Is it?

Could he really buy this jewelry store?

Could it be… Is he really stronger than Feng Wuxi’s?

“Murongqing is not much surprised. She stared at Abe Zhang with beautiful eyes. Among them, Xiang Lalan was stunned, and the manager of this jewelry store was already stunned!! From her boss, she suddenly changed her face to Abe Zhang so politely. At that time, the store manager was shocked. Now, the rich man in her heart Feng Master, actually called Master Abe Zhang, and she was still sweating… How can she think about it? I dare not think about it! Did you call me that?

“Abe Zhang has no expression on his face. How dare this person still be interested in Murongqing? Abe Zhang can’t tolerate it!! “Master Zhang, I was wrong. I will never dare to do it again. Can you spare me this time?”

My dog ​​sees people low, I don’t know Taishan, please spare me once!

Master Zhang!

“Feng Wuxi panicked. When he thought of the two bosses who were similar in strength to his own family,

They all died in Abe Zhang’s hands, which means that Abe Zhang was just as easy to kill their family!

Can he not panic?


“Aren’t you trying to compare with me? It’s not over yet!” Abe Zhang shrugged.

“No way, I lose, I surrender!” How dare Feng Wuxi continue?

“It’s not like you. You were arrogant just now. Before I spoke, you gave up. I just got up!” “No more, I give up!” Feng Wuxi’s legs trembled, shocked to the extreme!

Abe Zhang’s aura oppressed him, and his breathing was uncomfortable!

All painful!

At this time, he completely believed that if Abe Zhang was not a super rich second generation who far surpassed himself, how could he have such aura?

You know, my father’s aura is not as good as Abe Zhang!


“Lost? Just lose one sentence?” “Master Zhang, please punish me, as long as you don’t kill me!” Feng Wuxi begged and trembled.

“Xiao Feng, what are you doing? You are also a rich second generation. Even if he is rich, you don’t need to be like this!” Xiang Lalan was deeply disappointed.

She is particularly optimistic about Feng Wuxi. She feels that Feng Wuxi is a rich second-generation generation who has a sense of responsibility and can definitely give her daughter Murong Qing happiness. But what does Feng Wuxi look like now?

The boneless cartilage head!

The same rich man, the same rich second-generation, is actually so low-pitched to Abe Zhang?

Is the bone so soft?


“Shut up you and her!! Oh, Murongqing has a boyfriend like Young Master Zhang, why didn’t you tell me?” Feng Wuxi thought at the moment, giving Xiang Lalan a few slaps!

You know that Abe Zhang is so powerful that he can kill even a boss about the same strength as his family, and give him a hundred courage, he dare not!

All are Xiang Lalan!

Let yourself kick the steel plate this time!

Xiang Lalan was in shock, her body trembled with anger, “Feng Wuxi, you call me? I am your elder!” “Elder? You silly pen!” Xiang Lalan was dizzy with anger, “You, you, you …” “Master Zhang, you forgive me this time! What you ask me to do, I will do as long as you forgive me…” “Okay, you kneel for three days at the entrance of this jewelry store, I Just let you go!!” Abe Zhang said.

In the jewelry store, no one spoke, they all looked at each other!

Because of what?

Kneel for three days?

Aren’t these legs useless?


What’s more, kneeling, this involves the dignity of a man, Feng Wuxi is also a rich second generation at any rate, this will bear such a big insult?

This is simply driving a man to the extreme!

A dog who is anxious will jump the wall, let alone a big man?

But, next.

They are stunned!


Feng Wuxi cried with joy, “Thank you, Master Zhang, I will kneel, I will kneel immediately!!” Plop!

Feng Wuxi ran to the entrance of the jewelry store, he knelt


Xiang Lalan was about to be dizzy and stunned!

She never thought from beginning to end that Feng Wuxi, who was energetic at her home, said that he was going to expose Abe Zhang, but at this moment, he actually knelt!

It’s because of Abe Zhang’s words!

The people passing by the jewelry store were also shocked and came to watch!

They were surprised, what happened?

“What’s the matter? What is this young man doing on his knees?” “Ah? This is Feng Wuxi, he, how could he kneel down and kneel down to a strange young man?” “Unbelievable, I see, this stranger The young man from, must be much better than Feng Wuxi. Otherwise, he would kneel down obediently in Feng Wuxi?” When they discussed, they all looked at Abe Zhang.

“Who is this person?” “I don’t know, but it must be a super rich second generation…”

Chapter 795

Don’t fire me!

Who would have thought that there are tens of billions of Feng Wuxi and Young Master Feng in the house, who would kneel down in front of everyone?


No one thought of it!


There was a lot of discussion, looking at Abe Zhang’s gaze, it was rich and changeable, envy, jealous, and worship… too much.

“This kid really knows current affairs!” The owner of the jewelry store sighed!

He also didn’t expect that Feng Wuxi, who was usually hot-tempered, would kneel after being said in a few words by Abe Zhang.

This is even more representative. Abe Zhang’s strength is beyond imagination!

“Anyone who doesn’t know the current affairs can do it? If my master gets angry, let alone other, it is my master alone, and all the members of the Feng family can disappear overnight!” The snake head still has a lingering fear!

When Abe Zhang told him to kill the two Boss Guo, he would never forget the look in his eyes.

The owner of the jewellery shop trembled. Fortunately, he knew the current affairs, otherwise… The owner of the jewellery shop was scared, because he was inferior to Abe Zhanggou just now!


Abe Zhang really wants to be angry, and his fate can be imagined!


“Be obedient, three days, kneel for three days!” Abe Zhang shrugged!

“Master Zhang, don’t worry, I will definitely kneel for three days!” Feng Wuxi’s tears flowed out, what is kneeling?


I can survive, so happy!


Everyone was shocked again!

“Master Zhang, then I will go back and prepare for the handover!” The boss said politely.

“En.” It’s better to get it done quickly!


“Listen, from today, I am no longer your boss. From today, from this second, Master Zhang will be your boss!!” the boss said.

The employees of the jewelry store, the manager of them, were already stunned!

My boss has announced it himself, so it’s decided!


“Xiaofang, you will follow Master Zhang from today!” The store manager looked dull, “Boss, me, me

Just now.


“What did you just now?”

“The boss is suddenly serious!” “Well, I just…” the store manager cried and said. Even Feng Wuxi knelt in panic. He is a small store manager, in front of Abe Zhang, I am afraid that everything Doesn’t it count?? slap!! The boss raised his hand in anger and slapped the store manager!? “Are you crazy?

How many times have I told you, don’t look down on others, you just don’t listen, can you see Master Zhang?

I’m just an ant, are you or her a thing, tell me!

“The boss said coldly! The store manager was so scared that he sat on the floor, what is it? My boss is considered an ant, so what is he? Panic, regret, and suddenly let her faint!! I actually offended one. The one who started! “Boss, save me!

“The shop manager knelt and begged. “I can’t save you!”

Tell Young Master Zhang yourself!


“Where did he dare to save?” The store manager burst into tears and violently feared, urging her to climb to Abe Zhang’s feet, “Zhang.


Master Zhang, I don’t know Taishan, can you spare me?


“Abe Zhang was condescending, “I said, let you pack things, have you forgotten?”

“I will accept it, I will accept it immediately, but Master Zhang.”


I am afraid.

“The store manager panicked. Feng Wuxi has to kneel for three days. How long does she have to kneel? She can’t even think about it! “Please, I still have my parents to raise, don’t kill me, I’ll be a cow for you.” Horses are good!

The store manager cried to death. “I don’t want you, you pack up and go!”

I don’t need an employee like you in my shop!

“Abe Zhang is indifferent. The store manager shivered and dared not leave. She was afraid to leave. Abe Zhang would find someone to assassinate her. “Really, let’s get out of here, security guard, are you crazy?”

Don’t you blast her out to Young Master Zhang?


Several security guards, only then came to their senses, they were busy blasting the crying and pleading store manager out! “Get out!

It deserves to be so to Master Zhang just now!

The store manager was blasted out, and the outside of the store was all her pleading. “Then, Master Zhang, I will go first,” “Okay, you go!”

The boss left. “What are you doing in a daze?”

Just do what you should do. By the way, starting today, you will be the store manager!

“Abe Zhang pointed to an 18-year-old intern and said. This intern has just entered the industry, but he has standard service etiquette! Abe Zhang has taken a fancy to her and can train it! This intern was shocked, and the other employees were shocked. , Immediately changed his face, all envious! “Me?

Master Zhang, are you kidding?


“The intern was at a loss to the extreme. She only did this for a few days, but she studied management in college. “No, can you do it?”

“Yes, Master, rest assured, I will definitely live up to Master’s expectations!”

“The intern cried with joy. For her, it was a pie in the sky. She cried and became a store manager, which meant an increase in salary. Then she could earn money, and her parents would not have to work so hard. She can still pay her parents every month. Abe Zhang is satisfied! She started to work with employees, and the other employees sighed that Abe Zhang was so courageous that she actually let an intern Being a store manager, this average boss doesn’t dare to do this at all!! “Master, I came here…” Snakehead hurried over to explain. “Okay, you are busy with you, I will not interfere with you.

“Since Abe Zhang has accepted him, of course he will not care too much about him. “Yes, master!”

You are busy!

“Snakehead departed respectfully. “Abe Zhang.


“Murongqing came over. She knew Abe Zhang would surprise her today. Just now, she was really surprised! At this moment, Feng Wuxi was still kneeling at the door… “Well, or give it to these shops.”


“Thank you. You bought this. This is your business investment and part of your business. How can I ask for it?”

“Mur Rongqing firmly refused. This time Abe Zhang came back and changed too much. Buying here is definitely a business strategy. She doesn’t believe that Abe Zhang will buy more than 100 stores because of a dispute of spirit.” Buy his house, for you?


“Abe Zhang fingered Feng Wuxi, who was still kneeling at the door! For a moment, Feng Wuxi was sweating and trembling all over. “Forget it, I don’t want anything from you,” Murongqing still firmly refused. Feng Wuxi felt weak, just now Did you walk on the edge of the cliff? Abe Zhang was helpless, “Okay!

“Let’s go back first. By the way, go to eat first. Have you eaten yet?”

“Abe Zhang came from a long distance, naturally did not eat, he agreed. “Well, mom… what are you doing here?”

Go for dinner!

Murongqing found that Xiang Lalan still had a shocked expression. “Daughter, daughter…who is he?”

“Xiang Lalan said to himself. “Abe Zhang!


Also my…boyfriend.

“Murongqing bravely took Abe Zhang’s hand and said.

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