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Chapter 796

You have changed. Xiang Lalan is suddenly bitter, and suddenly recovered from the shock. She doesn’t know how to express it. The first time I faced a person and hesitated, “Abe Zhang, I was just now.


“She suddenly thought of a question. If she wasn’t Murongqing’s mother, would she have to kneel for three days like Feng Wuxi?? Xiang Lalan was afraid! “It’s okay,” Abe Zhang shrugged. She is Murong. Qing’s mother, Abe Zhang will definitely not see anything with her. “Abe Zhang.


“Murongqing is grateful to Abe Zhang. “It’s okay, go eat!”

“Xiang Lalan is suddenly complicated! I have missed it.

, This Abe Zhang, I don’t know that this is too much stronger than Feng Wuxi, who has no bones and is still kneeling now!


The three of them went to dinner, Feng Wuxi lowered his head, looking at Murong Qing with no face.

The person he likes leaves with other people, he has no other way except that he can do nothing!

Abe Zhang glanced at him, and he was quite interesting!

Otherwise, Abe Zhang had just asked Snakehead to take someone to Feng’s house to visit him. For Feng Wuxi’s obedient sake, he knelt for three days and Abe Zhang would let him go.

But, if you don’t kneel enough, Abe Zhang will naturally deal with him!

Look at him!

His life is in his own hands!


“Master Feng, he’s gone, you can get up, he doesn’t know…” someone onlookers said.

Why doesn’t Feng Wuxi want to stand up and leave?


His legs are numb.

But he dare not!


“You all go away, I will kneel for three days!” Feng Wuxi endured the pain.

No way, it’s better than death to waste a pair of legs?

He knows how to choose!


“Kneel for three days? Master Feng, who is he?” The onlookers were shocked!

“A person I can’t afford…” Feng Wuxi said regretfully.

Everyone was stunned!


It’s finished.

Abe Zhang followed them home, mainly because Abe Zhang still wanted to help Murong Qing. Murong Qing owes so much money now, when will she pay it back?

Having had a relationship with Murongqing, Abe Zhang didn’t want her to work so hard.

“Abe Zhang, you and Xiao Qing will live in this room today.” Xiang Lalan still can’t let go. Although, I just had a meal with Abe Zhang. Abe Zhang is approachable and friendly.

But as long as she thinks of Abe Zhang’s super rich second-generation status, she is still afraid, afraid that if Abe Zhang breaks up with Murongqing that day, will she settle old accounts with her!

Murongqing was a little embarrassed.

Although, I have been with Abe Zhang twice, but.


“Aunt Xie.” Abe Zhang smiled.

Xiang Lalan went back to her room wisely, she didn’t dare to look at Abe Zhang more, because Abe Zhang’s invisible aura was really too strong.

“Sister Murong, come in!” Abe Zhang smiled slightly.

Murong Qing came in shyly.

Thinking of her bravery when she was together for the first time, Murong Qing took a breath and rushed towards Abe Zhang.

“Sister Murong, I will lend you money so that you can pay off your debt,” Abe Zhang hugged Murong Qing.

This woman is too strong.

Recalling when the two people first met, Abe Zhang would laugh out loud.

Murongqing wanted to refuse, but couldn’t refuse Abe Zhang’s gentle tone, “Well, just borrow it, I will definitely return it to you!” Murongqing vowed!

She is not joking, she will definitely pay it back!

What Abe Zhang said was just a statement. What money does he want Murong Qing to pay back?

Murong Qing is her own woman.

“Why don’t you pay it now?


Abe Zhang smiled slightly. “Abe Zhang, you are bad, but I like it.”


“Murongqing blushed. …… Liu Na is in shock at this moment, what is she doing at this moment? She hasn’t recovered herself, she is actually taking over a jewelry store owner, more than one hundred branches!!! She took it. When Abe Zhang called, she couldn’t believe it! It was too fast, and actually bought more than a hundred stores?? This speed is really fast, the next day the boss went back to prepare, after Abe Zhang asked Beatrice to estimate, it was better than the market Ten percent of the money was credited to the boss’s account. Suddenly received so much money, the boss must have said nothing, and transferred it directly! It’s been busy in the afternoon, and Liu Na finally took over, “Abe Zhang, what are you doing? You bought it?


“I’m so curious! Abe Zhang buys things so casually. In two days, he spent more than 10 billion to buy more than 100 stores! Abe Zhang didn’t have much details, to put it simply, Liu Na Even more shocked!! Sure enough, the super rich second generation is so simple to do things! More than 10 billion flowers, simple! The world of the rich is so casual, will it be boring?? “Industry chain To speed up, I will let someone manage the shop, and you will handle it over there!

“Abe Zhang said. The sales side is okay. Now that the supply is done, it shouldn’t take too long to occupy China’s jewelry market. “Yes, I will work hard!”

Abe Zhang, you want to give me a chance!

“Liu Na worked hard. She will also be like Lu Youwen, and she is deeply trusted by Abe Zhang!! “Chance, I give you!”

See if you can’t help it.

“Abe Zhang appreciates the staff who rushed in. Liu Na has such a look at the moment. “I will!”

“Liu Na went to work with surprise! I definitely can’t let Abe Zhang down! Lu Youwen Pharmaceutical Factory is rushing to refurbish, and Lu Youwen’s efficiency is so fast that Abe Zhang is satisfied. I believe that within a few days, the production line of the pharmaceutical factory will It’s really easy to make money when you come out. Quickly grow your own strength! “President Li, Master bought a hundred Daojia store. As a jadeite sales store, the industry chain of gambling on stones is also being established in an orderly manner, as well as a pharmaceutical factory. ……” Beatrice is reporting to Tina Li. Tina Li is pleased that Abe Zhang came to China and did not disappoint her, and the progress is great! She has to be fast too. She recently discovered that You Jia’s movements are great!! This shows that You Shi Wenzhen can’t bear it anymore, this is a dangerous signal. “Let Abe be careful!

Let him let go of doing it, any investment will do!

To be the richest person, investment must be varied.

“I see,” Tina Li was talking to Maya Tang here. Maya Tang hasn’t returned to China, she is still waiting. “Maya Tang, I think you can return to China.

“Tina Li said. The situation is over.

It’s urgent.

“En,” Maya Tang couldn’t wait anymore, she was eager to see Abe Zhang.

Maya Tang went to clean up, Tina Li paused for a few seconds, “Maya Tang…” “Aunt Tina, you said.” Maya Tang had never seen Tina Li look so solemn.

Like an enemy!


“Youjia has always been a hidden family. What’s more, this time is controlled by the unlimited potential You Shiwen. It is even more difficult to tell, so… I want to tell you that if one day I die, you tell Abe and let him continue. My own thoughts.” Tina Li was calm to the extreme.

To deal with Youjia, we must hold a mortal heart!


Will Tina Li die?

Chapter 797

Tina Li’s expectations!

Tina Li is not sure about it!

I will definitely die, because this is the process of birth, old age, sickness and death.

But how to die, will you die under Youjia, or under Wanjia!

For the first time, Tina Li hesitated!


You Shiwen’s growth is so great that it is almost the same as Tina Li back then. Tina Li knows how terrifying this is!

In addition, the extremely clever Nora Wan’s eye-catching and moody moods are all huge crises.

Whether it can be resolved, Tina Li, who has always had a good sixth sense, is not sure this time.

She only needs to make sure of one thing now, that Abe Zhang is her only son, and she wants to make sure that Abe Zhang died of old age, not being killed.

“Aunt Tina?” Maya Tang was shocked!


She knows that Tina Li has always been a confident, but not underestimated person, so he hesitated this time?


Maya Tang also understands that the strength of the hidden family is really unimaginable!


Because a secret family that has been developed for thousands of years and passed on for dozens of generations, and Tina Li, who has developed for more than 20 years, how big is the gap between this?

Everyone can see it!

If Tina Li’s family is also passed on for thousands of years, and also for dozens of generations, then what’s the secret of the family?


It’s just that time waits for no one.

Where does Tina Li have so much time to grow up?

“Well, I know what I am doing, you go back to China first!” Tina Li seemed calm.

Maya Tang was silent for three seconds. She was powerless and went to pack up and leave.

She knew that listening to Tina Li’s words at this moment was the best.

Maya Tang knew that Tina Li was buying more time for Abe Zhang to develop. You Shiwen and Nora Wan were all aimed at Abe Zhang!

After Maya Tang left, Tina Li was calm. She called Beatrice, “Beatrice, go to my room in my night hotel and take out the box under my bed! Give the contents to Abe!” “President Li? “Beatrice didn’t know that Tina Li still put something under the bed.

“I had a hunch that something was about to happen, so I asked Abe to see where I learned to fight…” Tina Li said.

“Young Master Cheng

Can it stand it?

“If you can’t bear it, you have to bear it!”

From beginning to end, Nora Wan’s Wanjia, but there is no real powerful person yet!

If the strongest of the Wanjia appeared, this.


“I fought against Nora Wan’s bodyguard last time. That man is not Tina Li’s opponent, but as the world’s first family, there must be hidden masters who have not appeared! This kind of master, what strength, Tina Li? She hasn’t met before, she doesn’t know very well! It’s really time to turn her face! If these people come to Tina Li, then what is Tina Li afraid of? At that time, Tina Li might be excited to tell the truth, because she has been for many years. No real power is used. But if you go to Abe Zhang? How can Abe Zhang resist? Don’t think Nora Wan treats Abe Zhang very well now, but a woman like Nora Wan has too much desire to control, once Abe Zhang touches When she reaches the limit of her tolerance, then the next thing she faces is the crazy revenge of Wanjia, the world’s first family!! How long it will take Nora Wan to polish her patience, Tina Li can’t know for sure! But Tina Li doesn’t need to think too much about it. Almost! “I see, I will give things to Master!

“Beatrice will go and get it right away.” Tell Abe, I went in for 15 days and came out. I hope he, as my son, can have the same time as me. The specific time, Abe decides by himself, but absolutely The sooner the better!

“Tina Li expects. In addition to her own talent, Tina Li’s strength to this day is also an important reason. Abe Zhang went to school to study before, but that was just the basics! Now Tina Li lets Abe Zhang Where you go, that is the real devil training! Want to come out, difficult, not difficult!! As long as you come out, you will be a super first-class fighting master! Real world fighting, Abe Zhang will definitely be able to rank when he comes out No! At that time, Tina Li will be completely relieved of Abe Zhang!! “Cer, there are some things that I can’t help you. You still have to do it yourself, don’t let me down, mom always believes in you!

If you can earn a few people inside, then…” Tina Li’s eyes are full of expectation and gratification… “Master, this is what Mr. Li asked me to give you,” Beatrice found Tina Li What I said was a piece of jade pendant. There were two words “fight” on it! Abe Zhang was surprised, “What is this?

“This is similar to the school the young master went to last time, but it is much better than the school last time. Mr. Li also stayed there for a few days!

“Beatrice doesn’t know too much. Abe Zhang suddenly realized that this is almost the same as the current Continuing Education Institute. Abe Zhang now has a basic fighting skills, and if he goes to school for further studies, it is indeed possible for Abe Zhang to be in time. , Fighting strength,

Take it to the next level!

“It turns out that my mother has also been in,” Abe Zhang shrugged, “Where is it?” “Master, you arrange the time. After confirming, I will take the young master in!” Beatrice said.

She knew that Abe Zhang had his own plan recently.

This has to wait until Abe Zhang’s mind is free from distracting thoughts, and progress more quickly.

Abe Zhang was silent for three seconds, “Well, I know.” Just a few days later, and after returning to study, his strength shouldn’t be much worse than his mother, right?


Abe Zhang is also looking forward to it!

Among the people Abe Zhang is now in contact with, his mother’s fighting strength is absolutely number one!

Youjia’s strongest bodyguard is not his mother’s opponent!


However, just as she said when she first met Nora Wan, if the bodyguards of Wanjia came out of the rankings, my mother would not even be able to make the top 100, how much water does this sentence have?

Abe Zhang is not clear at this stage.

But Abe Zhang knows that since Wanjia is the first family, there must be too many Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon masters among them. How many people can his mother rank in?

Can I go in?

Abe Zhang didn’t know all this.

Only knowing things, no matter how powerful other people are, and improving your own strength is the kingly way!


Therefore, Abe Zhang will definitely go to the place where my mother suddenly let herself go!

“The young master, you determine the time yourself. Just tell me when you go!” Beatrice left.

Abe Zhang put away the jade pendant, this place, ordinary people will definitely not be able to enter, this must be introduced by someone, is this in that ravine again?

After all, last time, but in the forest!


When Abe Zhang thought about this, Lu Youwen suddenly called, and Abe Zhang was shocked to answer.

“Abe Zhang, where are you?” “Murong Qing’s side,” Abe Zhang was with Murong Qing last night, only Murong Qing did his own thing in the morning.

“It’s not good, something happened!!” Lu Youwen said.

Chapter 798:

How did you work on the construction site?

“What happened?” Abe Zhang was surprised!


Lu Youwen’s ability is strong, and there is absolutely no problem in handling things. When she can’t solve it, she won’t call and say something is wrong.

Hit, it means that this matter is serious!


“You’d better come over and talk about it, on the construction site, on the phone, I can’t tell it clearly!” Lu Youwen said, she was in a panic!

Lu Youwen has always been calm!


It must have happened unexpectedly, but there are still big problems!

“Okay, I’ll come right now!” Abe Zhang hung up and left the room and drove to the construction site.

This construction site was visited once after Abe Zhang bought the land last time.

Also never came again!

Knowing that something went wrong in his place, Abe Zhang drove at a speed, which is called a fast!


Drove to the construction site,

Abe Zhang discovered that a lot of workers were surrounding a place with a construction period of six months. The construction site was already on a scale. It was not a high-rise building that was originally built, so the completion period was not too long.

But suddenly something happened, isn’t this a delay in the construction period?


Abe Zhang is speechless!

What happened at the critical moment?


Abe Zhang stopped at the door and ran inside!


But at this moment, behind Abe Zhang there was a very harsh car hum, and it suddenly sounded like a complete noise!

A fighter like Abe Zhang felt uncomfortable in his ears.

“You mother doesn’t look at the road when she walks? Do you have long eyes on your ass?” On a BMW X6, a young man in a suit cursed Abe Zhang.

Abe Zhang frowned. It was true that he was in the way of others. It was his mistake. Abe Zhang silently stepped away without saying anything.

“Go away! Get in the way of Laozi again, I will kill you!” The young man in a suit spit out the car window and spit it on Abe Zhang’s shoes.

Abe Zhang’s eyes are chilling!


“You, are you Abe Zhang?” At this time, a surprised voice came from the co-pilot.

The voice Abe Zhang felt a little familiar.

He looked inside the car deliberately, it was a superb beauty.

Long hair, suspenders, charming clavicle!


Abe Zhang remembered, this is his squad leader Ma Fang in the first year of junior high school!

In this way, he recognized Ma Fang, and Abe Zhang recognized the young man in suit.

At that time, Ma Fang fell in love early and was chased by Song Tianhao, the rich second generation of the school, and kissed Ma Fang in public. At that time, the school was well-known.

Unexpectedly, the two are still together now, this is really true love!

Ma Fang has become the best beauty from the strong monitor at that time.

Maybe she fell in love too early. She was the same age as Abe Zhang, but she had the charm of a young woman.

“Ma Fang.” Abe Zhang looked at Ma Fang’s face and ignored the saliva on his shoes.

“It’s really you, how have you changed? What’s wrong, you don’t go to school? Dropped out of school and went to work on the construction site?” Ma Fang said with a smile, his expression mocking!

“I…” Abe Zhang explained casually.

“You read that right? At this time, the most famous pauper in your school, Abe Zhang?” Song Tianhao was surprised. He had met Abe Zhang before, just a silent pauper, ugly and skinned. It’s still dark, it’s the one in front of me… IC, how come this kid has become a little more handsome?

The aura is also different.

But what about handsome?

I must have stopped studying in junior high school, dropped out of school and found a career in society, working on the construction site, making some money, and willing to dress up, so I look different.

But it’s also a dry construction site!

“Yes, really, why did he suddenly become so handsome?” Ma Fang’s eyes lit up


She thought she had made a mistake just now. Abe Zhang was at a different time when she was studying.

At that time, Abe Zhang was studying, and the cheap clothes on her body were so poor that she was in a class, how could she not remember?

But today is Abe Zhang so handsome?

Could it be the reason why I had never seen him face to face before?

Possibly, people in society will be dressed a little bit, but unfortunately it’s just a worksite, moving bricks.

There is nothing to do, just a little bit of money, you can’t make a living for a lifetime!

“Where is he handsome? Just so.” Song Tianhao was upset, his girlfriend praised other men for being handsome like a nympho, he must be jealous.

“Really, he was blinded by this face, and the construction site was scrapped.” Ma Fang shook his head, somewhat regretful.

“He has such an education, why don’t he work on the construction site?” Song Tianhao smiled.

“I’m telling you, this guy was very poor when he was studying, and he seems to be only 500 yuan a month for living expenses. Also, this guy had a crush on me before.” “Have a crush on you?” Song Tianhao was even more upset. “Then what are you staring at this kid?” Ma Fang blushed and turned into an apple. She didn’t expect that she could not help but watch Abe Zhang one day. How did this guy change so much?

Ma Fang was unexpected.

Alas, looking at Abe Zhang’s handsome face in secret, Ma Fang was thinking about a question. You had to take the initiative at the beginning. I might agree to you because of your good looks. It’s a pity… It’s right to take care of you, have you suffered with you?

Construction site boy!

“Nothing, Abe Zhang, you are not diligent, if the construction site is doing well, come to my husband’s construction company! Give you a chance to work!” Ma Fang said.

“No need! What are you doing here?” Abe Zhang asked.

On his own construction site, Lu Youwen has always been dealing with it. Just now Ma Fang mentioned the construction company, and Abe Zhang suddenly realized that his construction site was contracted by Song Tianhao’s construction company?


Yes, otherwise, why would he drive into the construction site?

That’s a coincidence.

“What does it matter to you?” Song Tianhao was upset!


His construction company contracted here, in order to meet the needs of the boss and meet the needs of the boss. Just now, there were three workers on it who were not wearing seat belts and fell to death. He came to deal with this matter.

People died on the construction site, but in serious cases, work should be stopped.

Don’t let too many people know about this kind of thing.

“Abe Zhang, are you on the construction site? Don’t go around without you!” Ma Fang also coldly said.

“Husband, let’s get off the car and deal with it. If the boss of this project comes over, there will be a problem,” Lu Youwen has always been in contact with them.

She also knows that Lu Yuwen is in charge, and the real boss has never been here.

Show up.

This construction site is very large, with an investment of several billions. That is the big boss. Song Tianhao’s second generation of small and rich people is really incomparable.

If the boss of this project wants to be angry, he can terminate the contract with Song Tianhao’s company.

That must be a heavy loss!

After all, it is their employees’ own problem.

They squeezed into the crowd. Abe Zhang saw blood on the ground from the gap in the crowd. Abe Zhang was stunned and sighed. It turned out that it was a dead man on the construction site…

Chapter 799

Why are you doing this?

Those who work on construction sites are all hard workers, and all they make are hard money.

Three died at once, which means that the pillars of the three families are gone. No wonder, Lu Youwen has not encountered such a thing, of course it is not easy to handle.

Abe Zhang called Beatrice.

“Hey, Sister Li, three people died on my construction site. Please help me check the families of these three people!” “Yes, Master, I will check it! Master wait a minute!” The phone hung up and Abe Zhang squeezed Into the crowd.

It is not the first time that Abe Zhang has seen a dead person, but it is the first time such an accident has occurred.

Abe Zhang has mixed flavors, this kind of thing must be conscientious.

As Song Tianhao’s contractor for this construction site, Abe Zhang will also pay as much as he pays, although it is not about Abe Zhang.

“Husband, it’s too late for these three people to die, can’t you be careful?” Ma Fang was annoyed.

The dead will lose money!

Seven hundred thousand one?


“You die if you die, it doesn’t matter! Well, Lao Wang, you and the three of them are all fellow villagers. If you ask their family to pick them up, I will give them 300,000 yuan each!” Song Tianhao said.

Ma Fang was stunned, but his husband is so powerful. What kind of compensation is 700,000 yuan? It’s not his family, just 300,000 yuan is enough!

“What? Only three hundred thousand, are you too dark?” “One life, at least seven hundred thousand!” “We have been following you for a while, how can you be so blackhearted?? “On the construction site, there are usually fellow villagers. When they hear the boss say this, they are all anxious. Who is there?


Suddenly died, the pillars of the family are gone, what should the young and old at home do?

Three hundred thousand is enough for what?


“What are you arguing? If you don’t wear a seat belt, you can blame me if you want to die? My mother has lost 900,000 in vain. Who can I talk to to reason?” Song Tianhao was angry.

“Hey, the boss can’t say that, but you asked us to rush to work, you still said, as long as the speed is up, the quality is up, don’t you care about the others?” “Are you crazy? I will let you die now? , Are you going or not? Use your mind, the seat belt is not fastened, they are looking for death on their own, I gave them 300,000, and they have done their best! Who else said that, just get out of me!” Song Tianhao



“Will you not come like this?” Lu Youwen’s eyes chilled.

How can it be life so cheap?

The compensation should be no less.

This is a normal procedure, how can it be so much less?


“Manager Lu, I am also unlucky. They don’t wear seat belts themselves. What does it matter to me? I am also a victim!” Song Tianhao knew that Lu Youwen could not offend, and he was polite!


“Anyway, you are not doing it right!” Lu Youwen has suffered and knows the hardships of working on a construction site.

When people die, the normal loss of money is so much less, this is the last dignity.

“I think it’s nothing, you should do it, let them know, go somewhere else, don’t bother me!” “Hey, what do you say?” “When you asked us to come to this construction site, but we hit Tickets have been booked, and there was an accident, 700,000 per person! Now that something has happened, your words don’t count?” Song Tianhao’s words made a thousand waves!

Aroused indignation among workers on the construction site!


“What doesn’t count? I will pay 300,000 yuan. If you want it, you will be obedient, and if you don’t, you will get out!” Song Tianhao was confident.

His dad is a bit strong.

This kind of thing is easy.

“You are so black-hearted!” “My three fellows are worthless to die!” They are helpless, what else can they do?

Song Tianhao was very proud, and he wanted to be fierce.

Lu Youwen was angry.

This person is so outrageous that he has found such an irresponsible construction company!

“Husband, you are great, there are millions left, I want to buy a necklace for the money saved!!” Ma Fang said with joy.

“No problem!” Song Tianhao shrugged.

How good is it to buy a necklace for your wife?


Why pay these people?

“Song Tianhao, you are so dark!” Abe Zhang squeezed in from the crowd.

“What’s the matter with you? Abe Zhang, this place is not your turn?” Song Tianhao was annoyed.

“Abe Zhang, are you sick? Who told you to talk at this time? Shut up, you!!” Ma Fang was furious.

“Three hundred thousand is too little, two million each!” Abe Zhang said!

“Oh, who is this person? Our construction site?” “I haven’t seen it, but he was right!” Abe Zhang’s words received their support!


“You really dare to say, two million? Believe it or not, I spent money to kill you? People like you. Just give a person fifty thousand and you can stab you to death! Be interesting, get f*cked!!” Song Tianhao said angrily.

“Go away!” Ma Fang pushed Abe Zhang to leave.

Abe Zhang is a master of fighting, how could it be pushed by a woman who doesn’t know how to fight?


“Two million, one point can’t be less!” “Do you think who you are? A poor ratio, you are forced to pretend to be a good one, right? Pharaoh, who asked you to allow him to come into my construction site?


“Song Tianhao snorted coldly. Abe Zhang appeared at the construction site he had contracted, so he must be a worker at his own construction site!! Ma Fang laughed at him, he turned out to be a worker at his husband’s construction site. Do you have this strength?? There is no self-aware junk stuff! “He is not from our construction site!

“Lao Wang looked at Abe Zhang again, shook his head and didn’t know him, and the other workers also shook his head and said that he didn’t know him. How could he not know someone at a construction site, but he didn’t look up all day?? Abe Zhang’s face is too raw. “Oh, No, are you still talking?


None of you stay here!

Pharaoh, let someone blow him off!

“Song Tianhao was furious! Pharaoh didn’t move, he was particularly dissatisfied with Song Tianhao’s handling of this, why is he still obedient?” “I am here, no one can let me go!”

“Abe Zhang is approaching step by step! Who can let Abe Zhang go on his own construction site and his own project? “Haha, no one will let you go?”

Are you kidding me?

Who do you think you are?

Song Tianhao laughed. A poor girl who dropped out of school still had the face to say such things. He was eye-opening! Ma Fang dismissed and despised, “Abe Zhang, why didn’t I see you pretending like this before? Pen?


Why don’t you blush when you say this kind of pen?

“Hurry up, this is the construction site I contracted. There is no place for you to stand!”



“Song Tianhao came over to evade Abe Zhang. Abe Zhang stood still, how could he be able to push it? Song Tianhao was annoyed, this horrible pen was really for the construction site, and he couldn’t push it. “This is the construction site you contracted, but it’s true. Don’t you know, you contracted my construction site?

“Abe Zhang said lightly. Forget

Chapter 800

You are so kidding!

Is the site I contracted for yours?

“First of all, Song Tianhao’s natural expression is ridicule! He knows how big the investment on this construction site is, he knows roughly that the land is worth more than 100 million yuan, let alone the investment on this construction site. Without a net worth of 3 billion, this Can a place be taken down? Such a rich person would be the Abe Zhang who dropped out of school and came to the construction site?? Ce, I didn’t expect you to be so vain!

Can you speak such shameless words?

“Ma Fang was contemptuous and disappointed. In this meeting, she had changed so much to Abe Zhang, instinctively a little favored in her heart, because Abe Zhang has a very good figure, and her strong arms give her a hormonal feeling. After all, women are too. Lascivious. Abe Zhang is in figure, but he is much better than Song Tianhao. She is moved by this. How can she say that she has been with Song Tianhao for too long and is aesthetically tired.

But this kind of favor was wiped out by Abe Zhang’s shameless remark just now.

It is a shameless typical!


“Yes, it’s mine!” Abe Zhang stepped forward!

“Go away, you!” Song Tianhao scolded angrily, wasting time!

“Abe Zhang, you are too shameless! Go away!” Ma Fang couldn’t stand it!

“You don’t believe it? That’s okay, I will terminate the contract with you!” Abe Zhang said.

Song Tianhao has no bottom line. What good construction sites can such a person make?


It is best to cancel the contract as soon as possible.

It is no problem to find other construction teams.

“Haha! You still pretend to look good! Still canceling the contract with me? Why don’t you go to heaven?” Song Tianhao laughed.

“Abe Zhang! Come on!” At this time, Lu Youwen came out of the crowd.

Song Tianhao frowned. Lu Youwen was the manager of this project. He knew that because Lu Youwen had been negotiating with him, Lu Youwen actually knew Abe Zhang?

Even Ma Fang was shocked.

“En, terminate the contract with him, you go to another construction team.” “En, I’m sorry, I…” How did Lu Youwen think that Song Tianhao is such a person, even this kind of money is less, really inhuman!

“Don’t blame yourself, you don’t know.” Abe Zhang shrugged.

“Manager Lu, is he really the boss of this place?” Song Tianhao was skeptical.

Lu Youwen’s performance told him that Lu Youwen and Abe Zhang knew each other, and the relationship was pretty good, right?

If Abe Zhang is really the boss of this place, why would Lu Youwen, the manager, call Abe Zhang directly by his name?

Shouldn’t you call the boss?


“Of course, I work under him.” Song Tianhao stared at Abe Zhang immediately, still full of suspicion, “Ma Fang, didn’t you say that this guy is a poor pen?” “Yes, he is a poor pen, husband, You are not in the same class with him, you don’t know, he, he was so poor when he was studying, I never saw him wear good clothes, I never saw him buy snacks, how could such a poor person be The boss of this place?? It’s impossible at all!” Ma Fang disdainfully said.

When I was studying, I was so poor and obviously not the rich second generation. How long did I drop out of school?

So much money?

That’s even more impossible!


So Abe Zhang just pretended to say it deliberately.

Song Tianhao was silent for three seconds and nodded, “Well, I don’t think so, but this Lu Youwen treats him…” Lu Youwen doesn’t need to help Abe Zhang for nothing, right?


“It must be the two of them knowing each other.” Ma Fang analyzed.

“That’s right!” The doubt in Song Tianhao’s heart suddenly disappeared, there is no need to doubt!

“Abe Zhang, don’t pretend, it’s boring! Get out of here!” Song Tianhao smiled.

“It’s you who should get off. Song Tianhao, I will terminate the contract with you!” Lu Youwen said coldly.

Song Tianhao

I was stunned and irritated, “Lu Youwen, dare you! You figured it out clearly, Abe Zhang, this pauper is just your friend, you need to talk to me like this for him? Let your boss know, you’re ready to clean up Get out of it!” “That’s right, it’s not big or small. I think you’re a silly pen. Once the contract is signed, you terminate the contract when you say you cancel it? How old are you? With a pig’s nose and green onions, what kind of elephant are you pretending to be!” Ma Fang cursed the shrew.

It’s so angry!

“Lu Youwen, forget it, no need to terminate the contract, what about the company that acquired him?” Abe Zhang shrugged and changed his mind.

Your own business empire is being built. It must be a professional construction team. In fact, you can also take this opportunity to start building.

“I looked at his dad’s company. The strength is good, and the project is done well. So when I left, I chose to cooperate with them. If it is acquired, I think it is ok,” Lu Youwen analyzed.

“Haha, are you going to buy my dad’s company? Are you overlying? My dad’s company has a market value of one billion, you…” “It’s only one billion, what are you proud of here? I don’t see it!” Zhang Policy shrugged.

Song Tianhao is angry!

What is a billion?

do you have?

“Sister Li, are you free? Yes? Well, now I used to buy a company for me. I don’t know the name. The boss and son of this company is Song Tianhao. Well, I’m waiting for you.” Abe Zhang shrugged.

Beatrice is also an expert in negotiation. The boss of this kind of company is not enough for Beatrice. It happens that Beatrice is nearby and can go there quickly, according to Beatrice’s speed.

Song Tianhao, Ma Fang looked at each other!

“Is he really the boss here?” “I think it’s possible, you can see that he is a good person when calling, he is not a big boss, there is really no such aura!” The onlookers whispered.

“Hey, Abe Zhang, are you still on the phone? You pretend to be pretty decent! It made me almost believe it.” Song Tianhao laughed.

“Are you going to buy my dad’s company? Do you have money?” “Yes, just wait,” Abe Zhang shrugged, “Lu Youwen, if you ask someone to get six million in cash, we will also pay for it. After all, it is not easy for them.” “Well, don’t you tell me, I also have this plan.” Lu Youwen did it right away.

“Wow, this big boss is really good, so much better than Song Tianhao!” “If he really bought Song Tianhao’s father’s company, I will follow him!!” “Me too. Only with a good boss can you be guaranteed. !” The workers became excited.

Song Tianhao was annoyed and ate something inside and out.

“Abe Zhang, why haven’t you bought my dad’s company? Don’t you know where my dad’s company is? I’ll tell you, do you want it?” “Husband, just like him, maybe Money? Just put the pen


“Ma Fang disdain. Song Tianhao laughed, yes, he was scared just now, he wanted to talk, and suddenly the phone rang, he saw that it was his father’s phone.

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