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Chapter 801

I was actually very early I like you! “Dad, why did you call me?

It’s okay, just three people died, I can solve it!

“Song Tianhao said as soon as he got on the phone. “Song Tianhao, what did you do to Lao Tzu?”


“This voice is angry! “Dad?

Why are you scolding me?


Song Tianhao was speechless. “I still want to beat you?”

Oh, how did I give birth to your silly sh*t?

I have come to my door to buy Lao Tzu’s company!


“Dad, are you kidding me?”

Song Tianhao was in shock. His eyes were as big as eggs, and his eyes were moving, staring at Abe Zhang. “Husband, what did Dad say?”

“Seeing his husband’s face full of shock, Ma Fang thinks something has happened?” “Smelly boy, am I kidding you?”

“Dad, even if someone buys our company, you don’t have to do this, we just don’t want to sell it.

Song Tianhao whispered. “Not for sale?”

Those who come here know everything about our father, and any one of us can kill us, dare you not sell it?


” “what?

Dad, is what you said true?

“Song Tianhao was shocked! “I don’t have time to joke with you, you quickly lose money to others!”


“Song Tianhao’s chin was almost astonished, “Dad, was it Abe Zhang who bought our company?”


“Do you still know?”

Don’t you hurry up and apologize to others?

You killed me!

Come back, see if I won’t kill you!


Song Tianhao’s face was dull! “Husband, what’s the matter?”

“Ma Fang felt more and more bad. “He, he is really the boss here, he, let people buy our company.”

“Song Tianhao suddenly became extremely complicated! This has a handle, and it is in Abe Zhang’s hands! “What?

Abe Zhang is really rich?

“For a moment, Ma Fang fell into horror. How could it happen? When Abe Zhang was studying, he was so poor, how could he have that much money? Or Abe Zhang was originally a rich second generation, just pretending when he was studying? It’s bitter. “Wow, he really bought Song Tianhao’s father’s company, it’s amazing!


“I will follow him afterwards!”

“The onlookers are excited! The dead are paying so much money, what are you worried about! “Abe Zhang, you let our house go, I’m sorry, I.”


“Song Tianhao felt that there was yellow lotus in his throat, which was extremely bitter. “I let you go. I just bought your family. Oh, yes, I forgot to tell you. Then I will be careful when doing business. I will let people stare at you.


“Abe Zhang said with a shrug.

Song Tianhao was shocked, “No,” “Hurry up and lose money, or you won’t be happy. It’s okay to cause something to your family,” Song Tianhao was shocked, “Go, bring six million in cash!” Husband!!!” Ma Fang was at a loss.


Song Tianhao slapped her face.

Ma Fang’s beautiful face was red and swollen, and Ma Fang clutched his cheeks, “Husband, you hit me…” “Don’t you go? I’ll wait and see if I don’t kick you to death!” Song Tianhao was about to beat him.

Ma Fang was frightened, and ran to the car manager, driving to get the money.

“Abe Zhang, wait a minute, the money will arrive soon, I hope you let the family go, please!” What can Song Tianhao say?


“If you lose money honestly, isn’t it over? You just want to cause such trouble, don’t you see?” Song Tianhao was full of regrets, alas, alas!


It turns out that I’m the real pen!


But in this world, there is no regret about taking medicine.

Lu Youwen asked people to send the money, and Ma Fang also drove the money, four million per person!

With tears in their eyes, the workers finally followed a good boss!

After handling it, the construction site will be suspended for one day today and will continue tomorrow.

Song Tianhao got into his car listlessly, Ma Fang ran over in small steps and gave Abe Zhang a note, “Abe Zhang, in fact, when I was studying, I silently noticed you, just buried it in my heart. I haven’t said that I like you. This is my WeChat. You can contact me at any time, anytime.” Ma Fang’s words are obvious, and there is no problem in taking her to open the house now.

“Not enough?” Song Tianhao called from there.

“What are you doing so loudly? It’s so noisy.” Ma Fang scolded him coldly, and was gentle with Abe Zhang, “Abe Zhang, remember to add me WeChat, you just need to post, I will be free at any time…” Ma Fang passed impatiently .

Abe Zhang glanced at the note in his hand and threw it in the trash can.

What Ma Fang said, when he was studying, he liked himself?

How could Abe Zhang believe it?

As for the beautiful Ma Fang, the figure is very good, much better than the average Chinese woman.

But Abe Zhang looks down on it!

Will Abe Zhang want a woman who has been played by someone like Song Tianhao?


Abe Zhang was not hungry to this point.

Lu Youwen heard Ma Fang’s words, such an active Ma Fang, most people can’t resist, Abe Zhang was unmoved.

Lu Youwen is smiling.

“What did you say to Abe Zhang?” Song Tianhao said coldly.

“Nothing.” Ma Fang was indifferent.

“Nothing? Do you think I’m stupid?” “You think it, you don’t know that Abe Zhang is richer than you, don’t you know?” “You, you want to betray me?” Song Tianhao was furious.

“Betrayal? I don’t like you, so how can I betrayed?” Ma Fang sneered, “People go up!

I met Abe Zhang again. It was a fate given by God, and I want to seize it.


“Slap! Song Tianhao slapped her, Ma Fang slapped him angrily, the problem on the construction site was resolved, Abe Zhang and Lu Youwen said seriously, “I may be going out for a while!”

“Are you going out again?”

To the United States?


“In Lu Youwen’s heart, he was subconsciously sad. It has only been a few days since I came back! “Not to the United States, but in China, go to a place to train yourself.

“How long does it take?”

“I don’t know, fifteen days will be enough, slow, it may take more than a month, at this time, it is still the same as when I went to the United States, you don’t need to notify me of everything.

You are the master.

“Don’t worry, you can go with peace of mind!”

“Abe Zhang is really relieved, this time I go to the place my mother said, and come back as soon as possible! Abe Zhang also knows that his mother has mentioned this matter at this time, and he obviously felt that You Shiwen’s revenge is about to begin. Zhang When he drove away, Lu Youwen sighed sadly, and said, “Be careful, I will work hard until you come back.

… “Abe Zhang, you want to go out again?”

“Murong Qing lay in Abe Zhang’s arms. Only a few days ago, Murong Qing couldn’t bear it. “Well, you know what I am doing now. I have to improve my strength.” Abe Zhang didn’t want to leave either, but he left for the better. The future. “I support you.

“Murongqing couldn’t bear it, but Abe Zhang came back to change this time. This kind of commitment also gave her one of the sources of security. “I’ll wait for you to come back!”

“Murongqing said. Abe Zhang’s Compassionate Heart of

Chapter 802

Abe Zhang stayed with Murongqing for a day. The next day he left, went to find Gina Mo, and Gina Mo still did nothing. Chat for one night! The third day! Abe Zhang told Beatrice that he could go. Liu Na called and reported the progress, and Abe Zhang told her directly that it was enough to find Lu Youwen. Lu Youwen’s ability, plus Liu Na’s ability , I will give myself a surprise when I come back! When I come back, I have the strength, then when I build my own business empire, I don’t have too many worries. However, Beatrice said that she was dragged by things and sent it to I gave Abe Zhang an address, let Abe Zhang go there and wait for Beatrice first. Abe Zhang must be fine. He is not a kid. He can go too! Simply pack up and Abe Zhang went to Beatrice’s address, also in China It’s near the edge of the country. It can be said that it’s very close when you go abroad. Wherever you go by plane, you can see when you get off the plane. There are some foreigners outside, and Abe Zhang didn’t come here to play. Just take a taxi and find a place to live. , I have to wait for Beatrice to come over!! Abe Zhang put his luggage and went out to find a place to eat, when he had nothing to do

When I suddenly saw someone watching.

Abe Zhang was too lazy to pass, but when he saw someone lying on the ground, Abe Zhang knew that someone had an accident.

I took a closer look and found that an old man was lying on the ground. He fell on the ground with a bloody head and couldn’t get up.

Many people watched, but no one dared to help.

Abe Zhang had nothing to do with him, so he squeezed in. He was moved with compassion!

Everyone is old.

“Thank you, I’ll take this old man to the hospital.” Abe Zhang picked up the old man and squeezed out of the crowd.

The onlookers were surprised and shook their heads.

“Oh, the young people nowadays are so courageous.” “Isn’t they, what if they are ruined? This young man has a good heart, but something may happen!” Everyone can see that the old man has fallen into a coma. , So hold it to the hospital, what if you die halfway?

This can’t afford to die?

They shook their heads and sighed!

Abe Zhang is willing to stop when he sees that there are no taxis nearby, he can’t carry the old man to the hospital, right?

Abe Zhang’s physical fitness is good, but this old man can’t bear the bumps caused by Abe Zhang’s running, right?


He happened to see a BMW car, Abe Zhang could only run over here with the old man, thinking that it was all men, Chinese people, would he always help?

The big deal is to pay.

“Hey, this old man fell. You take me to the hospital and I’ll give you…” “Fool, get away!” The BMW owner yelled, “Do you want to die and drag me? What if this old man dies? Are you in my car? Get away!” “Thank you for sending it, I’ll give you the money!” Abe Zhang was speechless.

“You have money? Haha! It’s not in the black bag you are holding, right?” The BMW owner laughed.

Abe Zhang just ate something, but it was packed in a black bag and not finished.

“I…” “Come on, you got into trouble yourself, you solve it yourself, don’t hold us, you just said the money you just said deliberately? You want to get us into the water? Don’t be nosy if you don’t have the strength!” The BMW owner eased his expression.

He saw it just now, but didn’t dare to come over.

Looking at the old man in his arms, Abe Zhang was full of pain and couldn’t wait any longer. He took out 10,000 in cash and shook a few times on the side of the road. Finally, some taxis stopped.

Abe Zhang hugged the old man and sat in, “Go to the nearest hospital!” The driver’s eldest brother glanced at Abe Zhang and the unconscious old man, and said suspiciously, “Young man, what are you?” After all, they don’t look alike!

“I helped by the roadside!” Abe Zhang said.

The driver’s eldest brother was shocked. He gave Abe Zhang a thumbs up, but at the same time expressed sympathy. He sighed, “Young man, be careful not to pay for it!” Fortunately, the driver’s eldest brother immediately sent Abe Zhang to the nearest hospital.

Abe Zhang yelled for a while, saying that the most expensive ward, please the best

The doctor gave first aid, and a nurse pushed the sick car over, and then Abe Zhang paid seventy to eighty thousand yuan, not much, at least the old man was able to survive.

It can be considered a good thing.

He sat outside the rescue room and waited. Fortunately, the delivery was timely and the old man came out of the rescue room.

But still in a coma, the hospital has contacted the elderly’s family members. Abe Zhang could wait, thinking about going back to sleep. After a while, a woman with a temperament in her early thirties ran over in high heels anxiously and came to see After a few glances, Abe Zhang said, “Hello, it’s you who sent my father here! To express my gratitude! Please accept this!” She let go, and took out a card from the delicate bag. Pass it with both hands.

Abe Zhang shook his head, “No, it’s a trivial thing!” Abe Zhang moved compassion, not for money. Besides, this little money is not attractive to Abe Zhang at all.

Abe Zhang will continue to wait for Beatrice to come over!

The woman frowned, she didn’t want Abe Zhang’s, she denied it in her heart, she didn’t want money, what would she want?


“Hold on, you can’t go!” A man came over indifferently.

The aura is not ordinary, and he is also a master of fighting. Abe Zhang muttered in his heart that his mother had been here before, indicating that this place is a Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, and it is true.

“Why?” Abe Zhang asked.

“My grandfather hasn’t woken up yet, and things haven’t been cleared yet, so you can’t go?!” The man’s tone was undoubtedly instructed by Abe Zhang.

Abe Zhang frowned, “What do you mean?” “It’s nothing, when my grandfather wakes up, how can I change it? What should I do? Thank you, you will not lose a copy, the person in charge, you can’t run away!” What do men and women say.

The woman glanced at Abe Zhang for a few moments, and said nothing. When she went to the ward, everything was dominated by men.

Abe Zhang was stared at by this man for fear that Abe Zhang would run away.

Abe Zhang is upset, he obviously did a good deed, but he was treated like this?

Abe Zhang regretted moving compassion.

Is it uncomfortable to go shopping and sleep by yourself?


“What’s your name?” the man asked coldly.

Abe Zhang shrugged, “What’s up with you? Get out of here!” “Hmph, do you want to leave before things are clear?” The man sneered, his eyes cold.

“What if I want to leave?” Abe Zhang’s eyes became cold, and Abe Zhang regretted doing this for the first time.

“This is not for you! I let you stay, you have to stay, let you go, you can go!” The man approached step by step.

Abe Zhang shrugged, without changing his face, “You want to fight me?” “No, you are not qualified to fight me! Stay obediently! Don’t force me to do it!” The man scorned, Abe Zhang looks like a college student. He can hit a hundred one by one.

“Don’t force me to do it!”

Abe Zhang is angry!

Chapter 803

must be low-key, Abe Zhang has always not offended me, I do not offend!


This time I moved a heart of compassion, and kindly saved a person, but I didn’t expect this kind of treatment!

Abe Zhang is angry!


“Huh, kid, I advise you to be smart! Fight with me and kill you every minute!” The man laughed.

He is full of aura, but a master of fighting!

The Abe Zhang in front of him is really not qualified to let him do it!


Abe Zhang’s eyes are chilling!

The two are at war!

It’s about to happen!


“Okay, Wang Kang! Grandpa is awake!” The woman who had just entered the ward came out.

“Did Grandpa hit him?” the man asked with an unhappy expression.

“No, grandpa said he fell.” The woman shook her head and looked at Abe Zhang again.

She had such a slight accident, Abe Zhang actually saved her grandfather, and didn’t even give him money. Now there are very few such men, right?


The man snorted, “You just need to deal with him and send him away with some money.” After that, he entered the ward and said nothing to explain the misunderstanding just now.

In his opinion, Abe Zhang is not qualified to let him explain more, even a single word is not qualified.

“My brother misunderstood what happened just now. I’m sorry, my name is Liu Li. You should put this money away!” Liu Li still took out the card just now.

“Sorry? I saved people, but you were beaten up first?” Abe Zhang said coldly.

He is angry today!

Regret nosy!

“What do you want?” Liu Li frowned, her tone cooling down a bit.

“What do I want to do? I saved people, you have this attitude?” Liu Li’s pretty face turned cold, “Then I asked you, what do you want? Isn’t it enough?” “Your so-called reward Just give it to yourself, I don’t need it!” Abe Zhang leaves, stays longer, Abe Zhang will slap her!

Liu Li’s face is ugly. In this place, no man has dared to speak to her like this, don’t forget it, something ignorant!

She entered the ward, and her grandfather had fallen asleep again.

“Where was that kid just now? How much did you send him?” the man asked.

“He didn’t want it.” “Pretend! Didn’t want it?” The man smiled disdainfully, “Forget it, such a person, don’t pay attention to it, by the way, Wumen enrollment, how many people do you recommend? “No!!” Liu Li was worried.

“Didn’t the master ask us to recruit a few potential fighters?” The man was speechless. “Yes, young people nowadays are all pretending to be that kid just now. It is really difficult to find a few disciples. “Yes,” “Only to finish as much as possible,” Liu Li had no choice but to do?

The young people’s physical fitness is so poor nowadays, they are struggling to resist bag rice

How to find the seedlings for learning fighting?

It’s impossible!

“Yeah, isn’t there a job fair tomorrow? Look at the number of people coming to the scene. If there are no people, then you can only find a few garbage from the scene to count.” The man was speechless!

What is the physical fitness of garbage now?

Liu Li agreed, and that’s the only way to do it.

… Abe Zhang went to eat a fast food and went to sleep in the hotel. In the middle of the night, he received a call from Beatrice.

“Master, tomorrow you go to the Black Night Farm, there is a job fair for the selection of Wumen, you will go to Wumen, let me tell you, the fighters in Wumen are like clouds, you must keep a low profile and go first! “Sister Li, I see.” Abe Zhang was stuck.

The higher the hands, the more low-key, because there is a simple truth, why did you enter Wumen by yourself?


To learn a lot of fighting skills!

More opportunities for exercise are not to reveal their strength. Real masters are dismissive of revealing their strength.

“Master, in Wumen, there are a few powerful teachers. These are all traditional Chinese fighting teachers who perform murderous skills! Mr. Li suggests that you recognize Qiushui as a teacher. Mr. Li said that this teacher is very talented in fighting. Gao! She has been specializing in this area, so it is best to follow her for a few days! However, I will go to Wumen tomorrow to talk.” Beatrice said a lot in detail.

Abe Zhang heard everything and went into Wumen to find Teacher Qiu Shui.

“I know.” “That’s good, Master, go to bed early, good night,” “Well, good night!” Abe Zhang shrugged, hung up the phone and went to sleep.

Beatrice muttered to herself, “Good night…” The next morning, Abe Zhang drove to the dark night farm that Beatrice was talking about.

At the scene, there are still many luxury cars. This is obvious. Many rich second-generations need to be able to fight themselves, so they will be much safer.

This is actually an enrollment, but you need to be proficient in the assessment, and you will know how to assess it after you enter.

Abe Zhang shrugged and went straight in.

There were many people at the scene, there were many men, and many women. In fact, women who could fight were of superb body. The women who came to the scene were all of the perfect body.

Abe Zhang was waiting at the scene. Many people were bragging about how good they were. Abe Zhang sneered in his heart. He had to talk to his mother with a low key. Only by keeping a low key can he learn more.

“Shhh, that beauty is in good shape,” “Of course, fighting, she must exercise, she can’t be in good shape?” “Hey, I saw another pauper coming over, and I saw him coming by car just now. There is not a car, and there is still a face here…” A lot of people are talking, Abe Zhang was speechless, and he was actually talked about.


“Quiet, quiet!” People came to the scene, Liu Li from yesterday, and her brother Liu Ge.

The two of them were dissatisfied with the people who came now. It seemed that they were all rubbish with little strength.

“Oh, only choose a few better ones from these rubbish.” Liu Ge was helpless.

“Everyone is standing now, and then the Wumen assessment will be carried out!!” Abe Zhang frowned, it was them?

Yuanjia has a narrow road!


Chapter 804

is all rubbish!

“What is the entry test? First! Physical strength! Second, endurance, third, reaction!” Liu Ge said loudly!

He is worthy of being a master of fighting, and his voice came out, and there was no sound anymore!


“The sound is so loud and full of air!” “Sure enough, you deserve to be a master of the martial arts!!” Someone exclaimed!

The aura is very important, and a word that makes the scene silent is not something that everyone can do.

There are many rich second generations at the scene, and they are all quiet.

In any case, they are here to improve themselves and learn to fight. Now they must not offend the examiner!

Abe Zhang shrugged.

physical strength!



These are really the most basic criteria for learning fighting, and Abe Zhang knows it all!

At that time, long-distance running was recommended for three hours a day without interruption. Now the special metal ring worn on Abe Zhang’s finger weighs 20 kilograms!


In other words, Abe Zhang was training anytime and anywhere, he didn’t take it to sleep, and he has been wearing it until now!

Abe Zhang’s stamina, physical strength is nothing to say!

I’m used to carrying dozens of kilograms!

Abe Zhang was still thinking about when to add another 20 kilograms to his body!



This is the basic quality of a person, but Abe Zhang has a talent for fighting, not to mention his responsiveness.

However, my mother said, do things low-key, Abe Zhang will remember!

Just being able to enter this martial arts school, so Abe Zhang intends to suppress his strength!


“So, don’t talk nonsense. I’m too lazy to score three assessments. One time is enough. If anyone can stay under my students for a minute, they can enter the martial arts! White wolf, it’s up to you!” Liu Ge While speaking, a burly man came up!

A fierce face!

The people who came here looked at each other.

Liu Ge, Liu Li already sat down without much interest and talked to each other. How many qualified people might be in discussion?

Look at Liu Ge, up to five people!

Too bad!

“No way, the physical fitness of young people is too bad now, how is it like us back then?” Liu Li was speechless, she was also a master of fighting.

From her eyes, it was swept away, no one can make her see it, so she can only take second place.

There is no alternative.

“Is she just doing nothing? Didn’t plant it?” Liu

Song is angry!

“What, one minute? It’s too much to underestimate us, I’ll come first!” A red-haired young man shrugged and stepped onto the field!

But he didn’t finish a word, the White Wolf looked indifferently, and his fist threw out!



The red-haired young man screamed, fell five meters out, and fainted after falling to the ground.

At this moment, everyone was shocked!

One punch and fly alone!

“This kind of rubbish, don’t come in, waste my time, okay, next one!” White wolf clasped his chest.

No one dared to do it.

Some of them have learned to fight, but they are not as good as this white wolf!

I can’t hold it with a fist, I can imagine how heavy this punch is!


Abe Zhang thoughtful!

From his point of view, this Wumen attack was so different from his mother, Maya Tang taught!

It seems that my mother introduced it well, this place can learn things!

Then Abe Zhang is going to get in!

“Is it all rubbish? No one dares to go?” Bai said grimly.

Abe Zhang looked left and looked again. When he wanted to play, someone came up, a young man with muscles.

“I’m coming!” The young man solemnly took the lead in attacking!

The white wolf is indifferent, “garbage!” Boom!

The young man was overwhelmed and was already blown away!

Like the red-haired youth just now, he fell to the ground and vomited blood to death.

“Ah, it’s horrible. Why is Wumen’s assessment so strict? Who can enter! None of us can enter!” “Yes, no one of us can take this punch!” These people panicked, helpless. Now, White Wolf is too strong, no one on the scene can pass the assessment!

“What kind of rubbish? It doesn’t take a minute. One punch, whoever can resist the white wolf without dizziness, can enter the martial arts!” Liu Ge was extremely angry!

He has presided over the assessment for so many years, and he has never seen such a cowardly young man at the scene, he is not bloody?


Still nobody moved.

Abe Zhang shrugged, forget it, do it by himself.

“I’m coming!!” Abe Zhang strode forward!

“Is this kid not afraid of death? A swollen face to fill a fat guy?” “Sure, look at him like that, let alone a punch, even half a punch can’t stand it! Human, the most terrifying thing is that he doesn’t know himself! Give up this kind of strength obediently, what else?” “He wants to die, what is our business? There are a few more shameless pens like this, can’t it consume the physical strength of the white wolf? When we are on, hehe. “High! I hope this shameless pen will not let us down!” They all thought that Abe Zhang was a shameless pen.

“Is it him?” Liu Li was surprised.

The man who rescued his grandfather yesterday, he actually wanted to enter Wumen?

“This rubbish!” Liu Ge sneered and laughed. Abe Zhang was rubbish in his eyes.

30% of his strength is enough!


“Liu Li is not optimistic about Abe Zhang, and she even hates Abe Zhang. Abe Zhang was so rude to her yesterday. You can just accept the money if you give it. What can you pretend to be?” Abe Zhang stepped forward, White Wolf Indifferently shook his head, “Punch!

Boom! He threw his fist out! A punch to Abe Zhang! “I guess, he is going to fly ten meters away!”

“I don’t think so, there is no one who knows himself, I think he will be beaten to death!”

“Others are watching the good show, and they all think Abe Zhang can’t take this punch.

Chapter 805

Playing Smart? No one is optimistic about Abe Zhang! The white wolf is burly, and Abe Zhang looks much weaker. This kind of physical disparity can already determine what the result of this punch will be!! Absolute punch flying and vomiting blood are normal! Abe Zhang faced this punch, his eyes chilled, this The power of the boxing is still great! Abe Zhang does not deny it!! And Abe Zhang’s current physical fitness, with a hard punch, there is no problem at all. But Abe Zhang didn’t plan to do this! Whoosh! When it was about to hit Abe Zhang, Abe Zhang dodged!! The white wolf punched the air!! After the audience was quiet for three seconds, there was an uproar!? “This kid actually hides?

I go, isn’t it a foul?

“I said how dare this kid go, I didn’t even think about it.

“Just his body, it’s not just looking for death!”

“White Wolf’s eyes narrowed! Liu Ge, Liu Li was so surprised. “This kid?”

Dodge the white wolf punch?

“It’s rare,” Liu Ge said. “It’s rare. Seeing his dodge speed just now, he has a bit of fighting skills, but he also took a surprise to escape the white wolf punch. Otherwise, it’s difficult!


“Liu Li shook her head, feeling that it wouldn’t be a big deal to hide. “I think so, his dodge is very poor, his steps are also chaotic, a bit of a layman, depending on his physical fitness, really hit the white wolf, either dead or injured!

This kid is clever!

Did this kid count, or not?


“Liu Ge asked. “Go ahead, let him enter Wumen, I will teach him personally, and see how long he can carry it!”

“Liu Li’s beautiful eyes Shuosuo. She doesn’t have a good impression of Abe Zhang?! Thinking that saving her grandfather would be great? Humph!!! “Okay!”

You passed!

“Liu Ge is indifferent! Abe Zhang stepped aside. Bai Lang hesitated and didn’t say anything, but he stared at Abe Zhang for a few seconds, and then became indifferent again. “IC, this is all right?”

You don’t need to carry it hard, you can avoid it, then I will go!

“A young guy stepped forward with excitement! He was an athlete, still playing basketball, his reaction speed was super fast at that time, and he would definitely be able to escape this punch!! “Come!”


Zi excitedly said?


Other people on the scene are also eager to try. You don’t need to resist hard, and you can dodge. The difficulty is greatly reduced!

The Abe Zhang just now will do, and they will definitely do too!

Bai Lang narrowed his eyes and smashed it out with a punch!

“Haha, I flashed!…Ah!” Boom!


When the young man was avoiding, the white wolf punched him!

He can’t avoid, can’t hide!

He hit him with a fist!

He flew up like garbage, vomiting blood in the air, and fainted when he fell to the ground.

Surprised the audience again!


“My mother!” “Can’t hide?” “How did that kid hide?” They couldn’t believe it!

Abe Zhang can do it, why can’t they?

Abe Zhang was expressionless, these people thought it was easy to hide?

not easy!

The speed of a person’s attack is super fast, and hiding is actually more difficult than tough!

Because hiding, it means that the speed is faster than the white wolf!

How many people can do this?

“Come again!” The white wolf sounded.

Who would dare to come?


Finally, when Liu Ge spoke, some people dared to go up, but basically all of them couldn’t resist, and only three of them escaped!

In this selection, only five people passed the test in the end!

Also includes Abe Zhang.

“Well, everyone else can leave. The five of you can go back and rest for one night, and tomorrow you will meet in Wumen!” Liu Ge said coldly.

Abe Zhang shrugged!

The disappointment of other people on the scene dispersed, and many people were dissatisfied with Abe Zhang, thinking that he was lucky, and dodge unexpectedly, so that White Wolf did not pay attention!

By the time they use the same method, the White Wolf has learned from the past, and of course they can’t get through it!


The other four went back and three were injured.

“What’s your name?” Liu Li came over and asked.

“Abe Zhang!!!” “I tell you, playing cleverness is not long-term. Your dodge just now is very poor. If you are replaced by me, I can solve you with one move! Fighting requires basics, playing cleverness, can’t walk away Long!!!” Liu Li said coldly.

“You are right in everything.” Abe Zhang didn’t want to talk to her.

Now that he has entered the martial arts, Abe Zhang doesn’t want to control the others, and he doesn’t want to be in trouble?

The time plan in his mind is to stay in Wumen for up to twenty days for further study!

Because Abe Zhang has no other time.

Abe Zhang left.

Liu Li was angry, and she decided for the student.

Correct him!


When the next day arrived, Abe Zhang had already taken the car and came here again, with all his luggage, and the four people who passed by yesterday also arrived.

The four of them dismissed Abe Zhang, and still thought that Abe Zhang was incapable.

It is by surprise by playing tricks.

If you really want to fight, all four of them can hang on Abe Zhang. Thinking like this, they treat Abe Zhang even more.

Roll your eyes!

Abe Zhang has no excuse.

“Well, the five of you got in the car with us, remember, after entering Wumen, all contact will be severed!” Liu Li said coldly.

Abe Zhang is prepared!

Everyone handed in their mobile phones and took Liu Li’s car to Wumen.

Similar to what Abe Zhang thought, it was in the mountains.

This is the real further study!

Abe Zhang will inevitably get excited, and his strength will improve, but how long will he stay in it?

“Here, get off!” Liu Li was indifferent. Abe Zhang got off the car and saw that this Wumen was like an ancient temple. It was an antique building. Obviously, it had existed for many years. Like the hidden family, it must have been passed on for dozens of generations!

This is the birthplace of true Chinese fighting!



“I tell you, the five of you are all my students, and my requirement is to obey the order! Otherwise, get out of me right away!!” Liu Li stared at Abe Zhang.

She just wanted to target Abe Zhang!

“Yes!!” Abe Zhang ostensibly agreed with the other four. Liu Li felt comfortable in her heart. She was really a useless pen, just wait for me to fix you!

“Go in!” Liu Li shook her long legs and entered Wumen.

The five Abe Zhang followed in.

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