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Chapter 806

Mother’s prestige!

In Wumen, it was almost the same as Abe Zhang imagined, with a sense of age, but the training method was very modern.

Among the martial arts, those who enter are all elites, so Abe Zhang has already seen a lot of people when he came in, both men and women, men are strong, and women have a particularly good line.

Because of exercise, a woman’s body is a perfect body comparable to Europe and the United States.

Very seductive.

Liu Li took Abe Zhang into it. There are many houses in Wumen. Abe Zhang suspects that this house may have been passed on for thousands of years. I don’t know how many generations of talents have been trained to go out!

Abe Zhang is excited when he thinks about it. How can he go out after graduation when he comes here?


Beatrice did not say, nor did Liu Li.

In her opinion, Abe Zhang and a few others who came in together are not qualified to graduate!

“This is the place where your freshmen live! Take a break today, remember, don’t make trouble for me! Or get out!!” Liu Li is very strict!

“Yes!” “Abe Zhang, why don’t you answer?” Liu Li stared at Abe Zhang with a pair of beautiful eyes. The majesty came out, step by step, forcing Abe Zhang to retreat!

Abe Zhang has already entered Wumen, and of course he is not afraid of others.

“Abe Zhang, are you deaf?” Liu Li was extremely majestic.

The other four students looked at Abe Zhang like a pen.

Is this fool sick?

Talk back to the teacher?


“I’m not deaf, I’m going to rest, coach you want to be together?” Abe Zhang asked with a shrug.

“You want to die?” Liu Li was annoyed, this guy actually molested herself?

“No! I see the coach, you want to see me? Then I don’t mind.” Zhang

Ce shrugged.


Several female students laughed, Abe Zhang is so courageous!

Liu Li was irritated to the extreme, “Abe Zhang, I will stare at you!” “Whatever!” Abe Zhang didn’t want to rest, but went to see Teacher Qiu Shui that Beatrice said.

Beatrice said that with this teacher Qiu Shui, you can learn more.

Liu Li angrily left.

“Hey, Abe Zhang, you are so courageous, do coaches dare to molest?” a twenty-year-old beauty laughed.

“You don’t mind, I can tease you too.” Abe Zhang shrugged.

“Hmph, the toad wants to eat swan meat!” She dismissed it. How could she be the offspring of a big family and be eaten by an unknown boy?


However, after she finished speaking, Abe Zhang had already left.

“Sweet, don’t be familiar with him, he is just a villain of opportunism!” said the beauty’s companion.

“I know, I didn’t treat him as a good person, he was exhausted, he was asleep!” “However, that villain Abe Zhang also lives in this room, will he take advantage of us to sleep in the middle of the night and do bad things to us? Huh?” “He dare! If I dare, I will destroy him!!” Tiantian said fiercely, and made a choking motion.

“Haha! Then he dare not want to be a woman?” Several girls laughed, disdainful, Abe Zhang is not their opponent either.

They actually fought the white wolf to come in with a punch, but what is Abe Zhang?

Opportunistic, like the average timid woman, reluctantly entered by hiding.

This gap is obvious!


If Abe Zhang dared to do anything to them, they would definitely make Abe Zhang cry and call his mother.

“Where is Teacher Qiushui?” Abe Zhang entered the maze, feeling like he had entered the temple, Abe Zhang was speechless too!

Asked other people, and they didn’t say anything, one by one was so grim.

Abe Zhang walked for a long time, but there was really no way he could go back.

It was dark when I came back, and there were a few steamed buns in front of a simple bed, nothing else, which was rather shabby.

Abe Zhang knows that this is for training and further study. Of course, it doesn’t matter if he eats or eats.

“Don’t mess around, I warn you!” Tiantian scolded vigilantly!

Abe Zhangbai glanced at her and closed his eyes to sleep.

The next day, Liu Li came to let Abe Zhang and the others run with a weight of 50 kilograms!

ten kilometers!

Abe Zhang already had dozens of catties on his body, and he didn’t mind heavier.

Carrying fifty kilograms of things, the first one ran away.

It’s fast.

Liu Li frowned, “This kid is not too strong! You guys are not hurrying up?” Tian Tian and the others were speechless, they could only obey the order, carrying 50 kilograms of things and running.

When Abe Zhang was running deep in the mountains, he saw a separate house on top of a mountain. It looked a bit interesting, like a place where women lived.

I just don’t know if it’s Teacher Qiushui.

Abe Zhang plans to go around this evening. Time is waiting for no one. Abe Zhang wants to learn as much as possible, and then graduate successfully. You must know that his mother left after 15 days in!

“You are all rubbish! Only ten kilometers away, so tired?” Liu Li was annoyed.

Tian Tian and the other girls were tired, Abe Zhang was panting, but Abe Zhang must have pretended to be.

To carry a weight of ten kilometers, it is not too difficult for Abe Zhang to be trained by the devil, not to mention that Abe Zhang basically maintains three hours of training every day in the United States.

This test is endurance!

Liu Li stared at Abe Zhang with contempt at first, ignoring directly, and then sweet a few girls.

“You girls are too disappointed,” Liu Li said coldly.

“Coach, it’s not that we are not upset. It’s too heavy and too far. How can a girl stick to it?” Tian Tian was almost tortured and crying.

A few kilometers is fine, but ten kilometers is really not good!


“Huh, it’s a lot. This is how I came here. I can’t even run ten kilometers. What are you doing here?” Liu Li was annoyed. “I told you that there are a few geniuses in Wumen. The first one is the current coach of Wumen Qiushui. She is 100 kilograms and the time to return from ten kilometers is much faster than you!” “Ah, it’s terrifying!” Abe Zhang’s eyes moved. Teacher Qiushui is so powerful?


The reason came out. My mother asked herself to learn from her, and it was also because of this.

“Are there any women?” Tiantian grumbled.

“Yes, this is earlier than Coach Qiushui, faster than Coach Qiushui, and the load is 120 kg!” Liu Li inevitably admired!

“Wow, that’s so amazing! Who is she?” “You probably haven’t heard of her before, her name is Tina Li!” Liu Li said.

Chapter 807

is like a neurosis!

“Who is Tina Li? I have never heard of it!!” “Yes, I have never heard of such a powerful person? Can he run fast with a weight of 120 kilograms? Is this possible? Joking Come on!!!” The sweet girls shook their heads, their faces filled with doubts.

Ordinary people’s extremes can’t do this, right?

Still a woman!

Abe Zhang laughed. My mother went out in fifteen days. This speed is also record-breaking in Wumen!

As a junior, Liu Li must know her mother’s reputation!

Coupled with my mother’s low-key, it is a legendary existence.

Abe Zhang felt proud in his heart.

“How could it be a joke? Tina Li’s speed, at that time, in Wumen, except for the people who founded Wumen, it has been reached for dozens of generations. No one else has reached it. How could I remember it wrong?” Liu Li said coldly After a while, she sighed, “This Tina Li is really a legend

People in China, they left Wumen in fifteen days, and they can be said to be the strongest students in Wumen history!

” “what?

Go out in fifteen days, it’s amazing!

“That’s right, it’s still our woman, too good, I want to learn from her!”

“Come on, this kind of person, a fighting genius once in a century, is useless no matter how to study, no one has that abnormal physical quality.

“By the way, coach, how old is Tina Li you said?”

“Tian Tian asked. “I haven’t seen it. I heard rumors that she was in her twenties when she came. Now it’s almost 20 years. It should be in her early forties. She must be married, but she just didn’t know her. Her child is male or female… With her physique gene, the child born must have the same abnormal physique as her!

“Liu Li said. “It must be a son, a powerful woman, usually a son who has a child!”

Tiantian said. “Yes, I don’t know about that, but if it’s a son, according to the normal age, Tina Li got married and had children in his twenties.

Her son should be close to twenty years old, right?

Generally speaking, the physique will definitely inherit Tina Li’s abnormal physique. Maybe he is still young and blue. At this age of twenty or so, I don’t know where to learn to fight. The talent is undoubtedly good!

“Liu Li sighed and said. If ah, she can receive such a student, it will be enough to make her face in the martial arts. Unfortunately, she doesn’t know. Abe Zhang smiled, really, she must have inherited the old Mom’s abnormal physique, otherwise, how come you have been in combat for less than a year and have the strength of this kind of master fighter? However, Liu Li said that her physique might surpass that of her mother. It’s hard to say, Zhang In his own opinion, definitely not. Inheriting Bacheng is not bad. Abe Zhang’s heart is full of joy. As expected, reincarnation is a technical job. Abe Zhang is still very lucky. “What are you laughing at?

It’s not you!


Tiantian despised Abe Zhang. “You see that he is still smiling like that, really shameless!”

What others didn’t know thought it was him!

“That’s right, Tina Li is such a powerful senior, a record-breaking senior, if he gives birth to a son like him, Tina Li will not be angry?


“Of course, Feng Shenglong, why is he a bit dragon?”

“Hahaha, one, dragon?”


“Tiantian girls laughed more and more. Who made you Abe Zhang’s improper smile? What’s the matter with you about Tina Li’s son? I laughed amorously, just like crazy. Liu Li is not at all crazy. Look at Abe Zhang. If Tina Li’s son is as rubbish as Abe Zhang, he runs ten kilometers out of breath and is too tired to stand up. That would be a waste of waste.

Tina Li’s genes.

Therefore, Abe Zhang is only envious.

It is impossible to be Tina Li’s son.

Besides, they just analyzed it randomly according to common sense. Where does Liu Li know about boys and girls?


But she hates boys. If she has a baby, she must have a daughter.

Abe Zhang shrugged, not familiar with these women.

If they say they are Tina Li’s son, they won’t believe it, so why waste their time?


Liu Li is out.

Before leaving, put down the conversation and run every day for three days!

Abe Zhang has no problems at all.

The sweet girls screamed.

“How good would it be if Tina Li were my mother? I inherited her abnormal physique, let alone running 10 kilometers, even 20 kilometers is no problem, now absolutely no one can beat me!” “I think too! It’s a pity that my mother doesn’t have the power to bind chickens, so I just think about it, alas, I really envy Tina Li’s children… By the way, sweet, are all powerful women giving birth to sons?” “Mostly! Because Powerful women are strong, most of the children born are sons, around 20 years old, I don’t know if Tina Li’s son is handsome, how much talent does Tina Li inherit?” Tiantian fantasized.

In her mind, she admires all powerful women!

Because she is also inspiring to be a powerful woman.

“Hearing the name Tina Li, I think she must have a good temperament, and the son he gave birth to must be handsome, haha, I have no chance to be Tina Li’s child in this life, but he can be the wife of Tina Li’s son. Isn’t that also called a mother? Amazing mom, don’t you walk sideways in the world? Haha,…Hey, Abe Zhang, you are endless, what are you laughing at? Are you talking about?” A girl was extremely angry, because Abe Zhang couldn’t bear it. Live in a silent laugh.

“Yes, is it you? What are you laughing at? I really don’t understand you, you go out!!” Tian Tian was annoyed.

This is a whisper between girls.

“You guys talk slowly.” Abe Zhang couldn’t hold back. Why are these girls so gossip?


“Hmph, it’s annoying to watch him laugh, so shameless! The laugh at this time is to imply that Tina Li’s son is him?” “Why is there such a coincidence? Besides, Tina Li’s son is just his virtue? I don’t believe it! A few girls said angrily. In their opinion, Abe Zhang must have been born in an ordinary family. Would someone like Abe Zhang be the son of Tina Li, who broke the record?

God is blind.

Chapter 808

Qiushui coach night, Abe Zhang came out.

Abe Zhang disapproved of Liu Li’s training method, and he had to look for Teacher Qiu Shui whom his mother said.

In terms of talent, Liu Li has already introduced it, after my mother.

It shows that Teacher Qiu Shui is amazing!


When Abe Zhang was running during the day, he saw a house on the mountain

, Mostly from Teacher Qiu Shui.

Abe Zhang ran up.

“How about those rubbish?” Liu Ge asked.

Liu Li sighed and shook her head, “No, no, I will definitely be scolded by the master this time, alas, it is too difficult to find a talented student now!” “Is that Abe Zhang also rubbish?” “Yes, only ten Kilometers are tired, not as good as a few female students. Alas, I regret letting him in.” Liu Li was extremely annoyed.

It’s okay not to let Abe Zhang come in, and she is not so upset.

“Then tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, just find a reason to let him go. If he is ignorant, I will hit him!” Liu Ge said coldly.

“Well, brother, are you still asleep?” Liu Li returned to her room.

Liu Ge smiled.

Liu Li was speechless, “Brother, don’t think about it, that Qiu Shui is too high in Wumen now, she doesn’t like you at all, why bother to humiliate herself?” “Sister, you don’t understand! Qiushui is so beautiful, and it fulfills my fantasy of a woman, I must get her in my life!! I will go again tonight, or I can’t sleep.” Liu Ge excitedly looked forward to it.

“Oh! Qiu Shui’s vision is too high, even you don’t look up to her brother,” Liu Li looked at her brother and planned to fall to a tree to death. She had no choice but to do it!


“I’m going!” Liu Ge ran out excitedly.

Liu Li was speechless. She looked up at the window, the house on the mountain.

“Qiu Shui, you can’t look so high, my brother is already very good, you don’t know how to promote it!” Wow!


When Abe Zhang was running, he suddenly heard movement behind him, and Abe Zhang found a place to hide.

“Is it him?” It was Liu Ge who ran over, and Abe Zhang muttered to himself, “He also came to look for coach Qiushui? It’s not good intentions at this late hour!” Abe Zhang considered whether to go up, and sighed. , Decided to continue.

Abe Zhang ran up.

He deliberately slowed down a lot. The two of them went up the mountain one after the other, and Liu Ge, who ran in front, didn’t find Abe Zhang at all.

Abe Zhang shrugged, it was normal, he was stronger than him!

The acuity is good, so it was discovered by Liu Ge, who is of average strength, it is really strange!


When he arrived at the door of the house, Abe Zhang knew what this teacher Qiu Shui must be?

The kind of reclusive people who have no desires, or a woman who lives on a mountain, isn’t she close to a nun?

“Coach Qiushui, this is Liu Ge, can I get in when you open the door?” Liu Ge called at the door.

Abe Zhang secretly laughed, this is the weasel giving New Year’s greetings to the rooster, he is upset and kind.

“No! You go down the mountain!” Abe Zhang was stunned, the voice was so nice.

Young, really a fighting genius!

Liu Ge was annoyed, and on the surface, “Coach Qiushui, I have come

You have seen me many times!

I’ll leave as soon as I meet.



If you don’t say it the third time, the face is for yourself!

“Liu Ge was extremely angry. He couldn’t beat Qiushui. Otherwise, he would have rushed in and came to an overlord to bow. Still begging like this!? “Go!”

“Liu Ge clenched his fists and could only go down the mountain. Suddenly, he came up with a plan that he had existed for a long time! He smiled grimly and thought, Qiushui, you are more extreme than me, even if you see me Liu Ge , I wouldn’t do that either! Hmph, wait for it!! Liu Ge went down the mountain. “You too!

“In the room, the voice went straight to Abe Zhang. Abe Zhang was surprised, she found herself? When she looked up, she was speechless, and there was a camera facing her. Abe Zhang was hiding well just now. I didn’t expect all the actions, early I was seen in the house by others. Abe Zhang felt embarrassed. “Coach Qiushui, I am a new student in Wumen, my mother asked me to come and find you!

Abe Zhang said. “Go!”

Coach Qiushui has no room for negotiation! “Hey, my mother is…” Pop! The door was opened, and a beautiful woman with the highest quality came out!! She was one meter tall, skinny jeans, hot white The T-shirt will be perfect and sexy to the extreme! This is Coach Qiushui?? Abe Zhang looks dazed, too beautiful, and on the same level as Maya Tang and Olena Jiang. “Coach Qiushui, my mother is…” Whoosh! Coach Qiushui It’s already down the mountain. What are you doing down the mountain at night? What Abe Zhang can do is follow the mountain. After a while, Abe Zhang thoroughly understood. My mother asked herself to find the reason for her learning. Her speed was too fast. Abe Zhang can’t catch up with her! Follow along and lose it. Fortunately, it’s down the mountain and just run down. But, Abe Zhang stopped and there was movement! “Qiu Shui, you finally came out to see me,” Liu Ge, who didn’t go down the mountain, was excited. Qiu Shui’s appearance is a man who would fall for it, since Liu Ge first saw her. She is the only one who has been dreaming about him!! He wants this perfect woman, No matter what method is used. “I said, go down the mountain!

Coach Qiu Shui said coldly. She was so clear and clean that Abe Zhang was stunned to see from a distance. This kind of woman, when she is fine, she must be specialized in various types of fighting and learn from her. It must be fine. “Qiu Shui, what do you want? What kind of man?


“Liu Ge was annoyed. “Fighting geniuses can come into my eyes, you are not!”

Coach Qiu Shui shook his head, his indifference to the extreme. Liu Ge was annoyed, “There is no fighting genius at all, and there is no such thing as a fighting genius in the current physical fitness!”

“All he saw was rubbish, and no one who became famous was a fighting genius. “This is you

What I think is definitely there.

“Qiu Shui said.

Chapter 809

is hit hard with a punch! Coach Qiu Shui’s point of view, in fact, is normal, and there is nothing wrong with being right. She is a fighting genius among women. Isn’t it normal to find a male fighting genius who is right? But as Liu Ge said, fighting genius is too rare, there is no one in a million! Coach Qiu Shui hasn’t counted whether there is any. Maybe not. Then she will be single for a lifetime. “Go!”

Coach Qiu Shui said coldly. Liu Ge had a sullen face. He was rejected by Qiu Shui too many times. His patience has been burned out. He couldn’t beat Coach Qiu Shui, so he could only do another method that he kept in his heart for a long time. It is bound to get coach Qiushui!! Liu Ge knows and leaves! Abe Zhang, who came after him, saw this scene and touched his chin, “What happened to Coach Qiushui?

Down the mountain so late?


“Abe Zhang thinks, is something wrong with Wumen?? Otherwise, why would a senior figure like Coach Qiu Shui go down the mountain in the middle of the night?? Maybe, it’s really an accident, it’s not like Abe Zhang who just entered the door. Understand! Coach Qiushui has moved away quickly! Actually he is still in front of Liu Ge who went down first! Liu Ge is so angry that he has no other way at this time! Otherwise, he would have bowed hard! Oh!? “Who?


Hiding there?


Get out of me!

“Suddenly, an angry Liu Ge heard Dongming in a bush. His viper eyes had been irritated by Coach Qiu Shui just now. At this time, a punching bag appeared? Why would he not seize this opportunity? “Who? , Sneaky.

come out!


“Liu Ge stepped forward and saw a figure in the grass. He smashed it with a fist. He grinned and said, “Toast and not eat or drink!”

get out!


“Boom! Liu Ge’s eyes are like lanterns, because his fist punched out so quickly, a person rushed out from the crowd, he didn’t see who this person was, but!! This person appeared, and his fist was already banging on his cheek. Ah!!! Liu Ge screamed and was stunned by a punch!!! Plop! He fell on the ground unconsciously like a dead pig!!! Abe Zhang retracted his fist and touched his chin, his eyes chilled! He didn’t want to make a move, but this Liu Ge finds himself and wants to fight? What’s more, there was a conflict before, how can that Abe Zhang be able to bear it?! This Liu Ge is not bad, but the response is too bad. Abe Zhang shook his head. It’s an opponent! Last time in the hospital, Abe Zhang should have taught him a lesson! I thought it would be great to come out of Wumen? It would be cheap to knock him out with a punch.

Click him.

Abe Zhang made a clean punch just now, leaving no traces!

Abe Zhang left!

After chasing down the mountain, I didn’t see Coach Qiushui. Abe Zhang saw it was early in the morning, and of course he didn’t mean to continue, so he went back to sleep.

Tiantian and their girls are already asleep.

They are also open, their pajamas are novel and a bit seductive!

They slept like dead pigs. Abe Zhang touched them, but they couldn’t wake up!

But, Abe Zhangrtainly couldn’t do such a thing.

Abe Zhangbai looked for a while before falling asleep with his eyes squinted.


“Impossible, impossible, I, I was stunned by a punch?” Liu Ge woke up from the grass.

He found that his cheeks were swollen out of shape, his legs were not obedient, and he couldn’t get up. He had to call his sister Liu Li.

“Brother, what’s the matter with you? Qiu Shui did she beat you?” Liu Li was annoyed when he came over overnight.

My brother can’t get up even sitting on the ground, his face is like a pig’s head, this must be made by Qiushui!

“No, there is someone else!!” Liu Ge was lifted up with a hideous face.

“Who? Brother, didn’t you see who this person is?” “No, but it’s definitely a man. I punched him. Before I hit him, he was the first to hit him with a punch. I can’t hide. …” Liu Ge creaked his teeth.

What a shame!

Liu Ge felt ashamed that he was killed in a second.

“What? Is there such a thing? Brother, even you can’t pick it up with a single trick?” Liu Li was in shock for an instant!

What kind of strength is this?


There are not twenty people in Wumen who can do it!

who is it?


“Yes, his speed is too fast. I didn’t have time to see who he was, so I was knocked out. With a one-stroke move, this man is an absolute master of combat, and his strength far exceeds me.” “Is it right? How many other men in the door?” “No, absolutely not!” “Who is that?” “I don’t know. But I will find out who this person is! Dare to hit me? I will let him know, this What is the price of a punch!!” Liu Ge was extremely angry!

Liu Li knew that her brother was beaten, of course she was also angry!

Definitely find this person!


“By the way, brother, is it a new student recruited by some other people?” “Liu Li, are you saying I was killed by a student with a punch?” Liu Ge was even more angry.

“No, you said that you are not an acquaintance of Wumen, so I will analyze the others…” “Never be a new student!” Liu Ge is firm!

how is this possible?

Will you be killed by a student in seconds?


Chapter 810

Survival in the Wild “Well.” Seeing her brother so excited, Liu Li couldn’t say much.

I also feel that my brother is right.

A student, not at all

Maybe kill his brother with one punch!

Being able to kill his brother in a second means that he will also be killed by this person with a single punch!

How scary is this?


When Liu Li stepped into the fighting business, she had never encountered a situation where she was killed by a spike.

Liu Li was afraid subconsciously. She scanned her beautiful eyes and was a little worried. Suddenly someone rushed out and stunned her with a punch.

“Brother, let’s go back first!” Liu Li helped her brother back.

Liu Ge is more than angry, isn’t it, such a shameful thing, if other people in the martial arts know about it, then it’s worth it?


Liu Ge has a good face, this is definitely not good!


Liu Li took her brother back, Abe Zhang’s punch was swift!

Liu Li heated the eggs for a long time before the redness on her cheeks subsided.

“Brother, take a break first. I will train those students. The day after tomorrow, I will have a competition with new students!” Liu Li was helpless.

She was discouraged when she thought that the students she collected were so rubbish.

I will definitely be jokes by other coaches in Wumen. What is the joke?


Training must be stepped up!



“You go!” Liu Ge lay down to sleep.

It is indeed necessary to train. Usually this kind of competition is like a freshman meeting in school.

It’s just, ah, this punch made him blow his head now.

Liu Ge touched his head, dizzy and terribly uncomfortable!

“Brother, your head still hurts?” “Well, that guy must have punched seven or eight hundred jin, can it not hurt?” Liu Ge was upset!


“That’s so heavy!?” “Well, oh, in Wumen, there is a master hidden? This is something I and Ben didn’t expect, go! This time, we can’t be too embarrassed!” “I see. .” Liu Li went to Abe Zhang.

“Who are you? You fainted with a punch, and you still want to run? I, Liu Ge, will definitely find you out!” Liu Ge was extremely angry!

… “Did anyone go out last night?” Liu Li asked coldly. Although the person who killed her brother with a punch, it could not be these rubbish, but Ning Quewulan, in case of these rubbish, know the clue?

“Without a coach, we all slept very early!” “By the way, Abe Zhang is out!” Tiantian pointed to Abe Zhang. How did this bastard come back last night?


Did you do anything to yourself and other people?


Liu Li narrowed her eyes, “Abe Zhang, what did you go out for last night?” Abe Zhang shrugged, “I’m bored, I can’t sleep and go out for a run. Isn’t this OK?” Liu Li looked disgusted, she wouldn’t have thought of being able to kill her brother with a punch. Yes, it was Abe Zhang who came in by opportunism!

Just go for a run?

“Running? What’s the use of running? We can’t even beat us!” Tiantian hummed disdainfully?

“Okay, let me tell you that the day after tomorrow is a new student in Wumen

In a freshman meeting, if someone can win the first place in the freshman meeting, then he can make a condition!

“Liu Li knows that there is no chance for the trash in front of me. However, I still have to say what I should say. “What are the conditions?”

Tiantian and they were pleasantly surprised. “Whatever you want!”

There are leaders in the martial arts, if you can win the first place, the conditions can mention what you want, whatever you want.

“Liu Li became impatient. What’s the use of asking such details!! Can you win the first place?? It’s hard enough to get into the top 30! Abe Zhang’s eyes are bright, then you can use this request to let Coach Qiu Shui be your own coach. Then the day after tomorrow, Abe Zhang will definitely win! Coach Qiu Shui is so repulsive, so he can only use this method. Is the first one?? Abe Zhang’s eyes are shimmering! “Let’s talk nonsense, one of you can get into the third. Ten, I am thankful, for the day after tomorrow’s competition, today and tomorrow will be the devil training!


Go to another mountain with me!


“Liu Li said coldly. Speeding up is only possible when in danger. So Liu Li plans to take Abe Zhang and a few of them to go deep in the mountains for two days and grow up in danger, which might be useful. There is no other way. Abe Zhang, Tiantian, they prepared, simply packed up some things, and went into the wild forest of another mountain with Liu Li. This time they ran for about 30 kilometers without a load, and reached the deep forest. It’s in. Abe Zhang lived in the deep Amazon forest for a few days. He has a lot of experience in this kind of wild survival. “I warn you, there are many beasts in this forest. Pay special attention to cooperation!

Don’t act alone!

Liu Li said coldly. “Instructor, we don’t want Abe Zhang to come in!”

“Tiantian raised her hand and said! Liu Li hated to stare at Abe Zhang a few times, “How do you choose?”

Now you can go back or go on, but if you die inside, I am not responsible.

“Abe Zhang shrugged, “It’s okay, I’ll go in alone. I will come out this time tomorrow, right?”

“The day after tomorrow, of course, I will come out at this time tomorrow. Go back and have a good rest, with energy to compete. “Yes, but you have to think about it. With your strength, you have to live alone for one night. The probability of survival is too low. Up!

“How low?”

I stayed in Amazon for a week. Didn’t I survive?

“Abe Zhang has gone in alone after he finished speaking. It doesn’t matter if you don’t team up with him, Abe Zhang doesn’t have any extravagant expectations. Training alone is fine. “Bringing, still living in Amazon for a week?”

The environment there is so bad that you can’t get out if you are not experienced people!

“I also heard that there are cannibals inside, so he can live one more time


I don’t believe it!


Tiantian and the others contemptuously expressed their opinions. Liu Li sneered and survived for a week? I don’t know how to brag? Really rubbish!

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