His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 317 – 318

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Chapter 317 I hate Elbert, I hate it to the bone.

At this time, the data on the computer monitor suddenly changed drastically.

Through the thin night of glass, I saw that the consciousness in her brain seemed to be awake for a while, which was washed away by this problem.

Hate Lisa was like falling into the darkness, and a voice around her asked her over and over again.

Is there anyone you hate or hate? Hate Lisa stretched out her hands to her, but it was so dark that she couldn’t even see where her hands were. Does she hate anyone? Faces flashed in her mind, those lost memories were about to move again, and the consciousness that had originally blocked them couldn’t control them.

In the next second, like a moonlight treasure box that was suddenly opened, those memories rushed into Lisa’s mind every minute. Blood, wounds, pain, and betrayal, she covered her ears, but her ears were full of wailing memories, sharp, screaming, bruised. Why do you want to explore my past Why do you want to cut off my heavy disguise Why do you want me to remember Don’t come here, don’t come close to save my life Lisa is like a newborn in the dark, she cries over and over again, deep in thinking The center of consciousness.

She hugged her brain, her brain was in severe pain, as if she had experienced a catastrophe, Lisa sobbed, lost her language ability, and only instinctively growled. Whose face struck Lisa’s mind in the depths of hatred, her whole body was twitching, but from the perspective of real life, the Lisas in their eyes by Elbert were just asleep without expression.

She just now All the pain is just the inner self in her heart.

The subconscious was struggling fiercely, but she herself still just leaned on the chair so quietly, her whole body was covered with ducts and wires, with the sound of the machine running, her eyelids trembled, but she still did not wake up. Doctor Hu breathed a sigh of relief.

It seems that the problem just now touched the heart of Lisa’s pain.

They continued to hypnotize, and then the low voice still hit the eardrum of Lisa. Who do you hate? Lisa in the dark runs endlessly, falls down, climbs up, she covers her ears, but with the whistling wind, those memories engulf her, Lisa roars, helpless help, I don’t want to listen to me Look don’t make me remember, I don’t want to know who you hate Hate her hate the world, even hate herself for her incompetence, her weakness, her lack of courage to die Lisa hugged herself, depression turned all her anger into self-blame, she fell into a deep In the sense of self-loathing, I felt that this world was incompatible with her, and everyone tried their best to make her die.

It’s her fault, it’s that she shouldn’t be alive, it’s fine if she goes to die, it’s fine if she doesn’t exist, whoever you hate for turning her into a monster, everyone in the room at that time saw the original depth The woman who was hypnotized and did not make any struggle suddenly trembles her eyelids. Everyone thought she was thinking too much in her brain to wake up, only to realize that she was not.

She was hypnotized, but when she was mentioned about whom she hated, she left two tears and wept silently.

That kind of pain can’t be covered by hypnosis, she murmured, I hate Elbert

Chapter 318 The origin of misfortune, there is no way to find a way.

From her deepest heart, from her most primitive brain instinct, the existence of the two words Elbert is the origin of all her misfortune.

Lisa murmured unconsciously, I hate Elbert Elbert and I also hate myself Messy Lin saw Elbert across the glass window with a worried expression, but at this moment all turned into shock.

After the shock, there was a pain in the man’s eyes that was not enough to describe the cramps and bones.

He would be hurt by such a woman, Lisa was hypnotized, but he still remembered Elbert.

How deep is this hatred? Even love can no longer surpass the height.

The four words of hatred into the bones were never just talked about. Elbert faced the glass wall and looked at the silent tears of Lisa inside.

She was not awake, but her face was full of pain, but there were expressions of pain.

At that moment, Elbert felt that all his psychological defenses had collapsed.

He especially wanted to rush in and tell Lisa, “Don’t do this, OK? Let’s start again, OK? Give me a chance to compensate you.”

But Lisa is no longer the Lisa of the past.

She is now standing still, shrinking herself into a ball on the spot, sealing her heart, and severing ties with the world. Elbert would rather go back in time and go back to the previous Lisa.

At that time, she hated him, at least it was still alive, like a sharp blade, but now Elbert wandered outside the door for a long time, and then the doctor helped Lisa out, and the woman was there. Doctor Hu fell and stumbled forward with her support, but her eyes did not open, and her brain was still asleep. Elbert looked at her eyes sore, stepped forward and helped, let me come.

Messy Lin looked at the tear marks on Lisa’s face and felt distressed.

He took out a pack of napkins from his pocket and opened one to Elbert.

He said to him, “Elbert, wipe the napkins for Miss Tang.

He wiped away the tears very gently for Lisa, and then he picked her up and strode towards the ward.

Messy Lin looked at their backs from behind, and only felt that the journey was as long as a lifetime.

Lisa leaned on his chest without any struggle, breathing smoothly and sleeping deeply.

And when he put her on the bed in the ward, and then went to help her cover the quilt, his hands were trembling.

Messy Lin knows that Elbert’s heart is more painful than anyone else now, but what should I do? The saddest thing in this world is not to make up for something wrong.

Instead, he wanted to make up for it, but basically, when Lisa woke up the next day at noon, the medicine Tonny Jiang and the others prescribed made her fall asleep until twelve. When he opened his eyes, Messy Linzheng Sit while eating instant noodles.

Messy Lin saw that Lisa was awake, he swallowed his face and sucked in, then swallowed, nervously, Miss Tang, you nodded Lisa when you woke up, why did you look at me with such a strange look? Messy Lin shook his head, no, You think too much.

Are you hungry? I’ll give you takeaway. Elbert was busy with company affairs recently, so I asked Messy Lin to guard her. Now that Lisa woke up, Messy Lin sent a message to Elbert, and then began to help her order takeaways.

I don’t want to eat anything, not hungry Lisa is already thin enough, but at this time there is still no sense of hunger. Even if the spirit does not collapse, the body will collapse first.

Messy Lin sighed, Miss Tang, let’s eat some, and school will be over after the little master.

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