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This Chines novel dealing with the life story of the female lead known as Irene will take you on her life journey. The detailed ups and downs of her life are here for your engaged reading.

Her Eternal Mr Right Complete Chapter Links

Irene’s life slumps into misery and agony after her husband cheats her. Due to some health complications, she was unable to bear the generation fruits in her belly. After staying with the husband for three years of marriage, she failed to give a progeny to the family.

Chapter 01 – 100

Chapter 101 – 200

Chapter 201 – 300

Her mother-in-law despised her for her this inability. The consequences of the lack of this made her life already miserable enough. But after the separation, the lows were just lingering around grasped her soon.

She found that the mistress at their home was pregnant with her husband’s child. Out of frustration and anger, she pushed the mistress who faced a medical emergency immediately after.

Her Eternal Mr Right Novel Read Online

Whatever he was doing behind her back, Edric her husband showed her affection and impressed her with the display of love. But after the accident in Her Eternal Mr Right, his attitude towards her changed dramatically.

What is written in the book of fate for this poor girl next? Will she ever get her happiness back? Will she be able to win acceptance from society with that stigma? What she faces as the consequence of her actions?

Read the full novel from the chapter links provided here and enjoy the story for free. Find out what is coming for her?

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