President Substitute Wife Complete Chapter Links

Here we will share President Substitute Wife Complete Chapter Links from the beginning to end. If you are interested in reading online, the complete novel here is the way to do that. Learn and explore the full story of the president and his bride.

We have changed the names of the major characters in this novel. Meanwhile, the rest of the storyline and the plots remain unchanged. This has been done to give worldwide readers a relatable reading experience.

President Substitute Wife Complete Chapter Links

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This novel brings the story of a girl who suffers from the first day of her birth. Though she was born to a rich family, it was not in her fate to enjoy these riches and affluence. Due to the negligence of the hospital staff, her body was replaced with that of another.

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She grew up in an orphanage. After much struggle through life, finally, she managed to have a happy reunion with her family. Yet, this proved to be short-lived happiness for this poor unfortunate girl. This is because of multiple reasons.

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The family she has returned to is not the one she is used to. Here she finds herself as an alien—a square peg in a round hole. Moreover, the family does not seem to find bonding with her either. Thus out of a totally new life to a stranger one, her days are not going well.

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One way to find herself some solace is to try to appease them at every moment possible at every chance. Thus one day, she is asked to marry someone, a complete stranger. This is because her look-alike sister has suddenly started a relationship with someone else.

She was engaged with this powerful president, committed to him for years. But now she is not. The family cannot afford this transgression. Thus the long orphaned daughter is made a bride, the wife of the president.

Yet, the smart CEO cannot be tricked. He knows the truth. How will he react to all this story of deception? To find that out, we have shared the novel for you here.

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  1. This is a very intresting story. Th woman suffered too much but had a very pleasing ending. Am happy that they got together in the end. Love always endure


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