Her Bossy Yet Naive CEO Complete Chapter Links

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Her Bossy Yet Naive CEO Complete Chapter Links

In this novel of Her Bossy Yet Naive CEO, you will read about the life of a girl. She has married a man. This man is so elusive that he did not meet this girl once. She has not seen him in her lifetime. Yet she is officially married to him.

It is not possible to stay aloof to the thoughts that cross her mind about the appearance and nature of this man. She believes he is an old, fat, bald man. In search of answers, she bumps into a fortuneteller.

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This soothsayer recommends her to bear a child. This, as he confides, will solve her problems. The reason, she finds logical. Maybe her husband is infertile and evades her.

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At a very early age, the young girl got married. She has no idea and experience in affairs and dating. Though, she was infatuated with a man, who was snatched away from her by her stepsister.

The only idea is the school seniors approaching girls. To get a child becomes her only purpose in life. Thus one night she goes to a nightclub. Here, based on her incomplete knowledge, she puts her hand on a handsome man’s shoulder.

The story from her ahead is very intriguing. Find out what happens from here onward. Read the full novel online for free. Just tap on the list of complete chapter links below.

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