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The Contract Lover Complete Chapter Links

The human mind never gives value to something that has come without any effort. No matter how precious it is, it will always be ignored and undervalued by us. The importance is realized only when it is out of our reach.

This is especially true when it comes to our relationships, be it a friend or a lover. When we miss a person too much due to infatuation or attachment, this condition can take away all the joy from our hearts and lives. At that moment we want that person back in our life at any cost.

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The Contract Lover brings such a story. It is the tale of a man who can have anything in the life he wishes for. The power and influence are such that he just points at a thing and it will belong to him. But one day, this rule will be trampled by someone.

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One day he meets a girl who is different from all those he has met so far in his life. He starts gravitating towards her, but she has got an attitude of her own. Soon, the desire turns into obsession, and at the same time, she gets out of his reach.

Not meeting on a good page, he found that it was too late for him to mend the fence. She from the very beginning made a negative image of him in her mind.

As a powerful man, he can do anything, achieve whatever he desires. Would he be able to get her? He can break the law and no one would point a finger. Can she escape his talons? Find out by going through The Contract Lover Complete Chapter Links. Read online the complete novel for free.

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