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Stealing Your Heart Complete Chapters Link

This is a novel that brings us the details of this poor and innocent girl. She has been living with her mother for the last eight years away from her county of origin.

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Almost a decade from now her father cheated on her mother and ousted them out of the house and brought his new girlfriend.

At that time mother was pregnant with a child. Later a boy came to this world. Unfortunately, the boy was diagnosed with autism and he suffered in this world further aggravating the situation for his sister and mother.

The two females of the family did odd jobs to keep the family going albeit in hardship. Fate decided to further test their patience and the family had an accident.

Already hardly making the ends meet what would they do to ensure life safety?

Stealing Your Heart Novel Read Online

Desperate situations demand desperate actions that one might regret later. In a panic to arrange money for the treatment of brother and mother the girl has to give away her most precious belonging to a rich man.

As she runs to the hospital with the money, the doctor informs her that her brother has already expired. This fact hits her hard, but she must endure and act bravely, because her mother is still alive and she needs her.

Thus, she compromises with fate and decides to move ahead. Soon her father appears after eight long years.

This time he is with a proposition. Now is the time for the girl to control her emotions and use her brain. An opportunity has opened but it is not without its risks and troubles.

Read the full story of Stealing Your Heart and find out how she maneuvers successfully and turns the tide in her favor.

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